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You're Pretty But You Never Get Approached

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Javier Sanabria (1 day ago)
I don't approach Becuase the women I approach reject me horribly and lower my self esteem to the point I feel not worth a girls time or attention.
The Unholy (1 month ago)
I'm a dude, why am I watching this?
Gabby B (1 month ago)
Guys don’t approach me In person but I get hit on all the time online like guys sliding in my DMs. It’s frustrating :(
yasylis moore (2 months ago)
Thank you I never realized how unapproachable I am.
Karolina Herrera (2 months ago)
What if I’m always alone ? I just get stares . But I get self conscious because I’m thinking they might think I’m odd or something but at the same I feeel confident enough not to think that at times . I’m self conscious about this because I never have had friends because they all get jealous and competitive . But I don’t see it or why . So when people stare at me I think that they know or they think Something negative . How do I go about this? Or what do you think ?
Sophia Smith (2 months ago)
Neil (3 months ago)
Men have learnd certain things about women from their past experiences, that's another reason why they don't make the approach.
Rio2k (3 months ago)
I just naturally walk fast lol but I do walk like I’m always in a hurry
Mori Jin (2 months ago)
My problem with pretty girls is that I immidiately assume they have a bf upon laying my eyes on them because lets be honest here, most of the times there is a 99% chance that good looking girls are already taken. These girls get approached very often, sometimes on a daily basis therefore, they can choose who they want or do not want along the way. Because of this, I unconsciously end up lumping myself in the unwanted category which leads me to not approaching them. I know its not right to draw conclusions based on assumptions but from personal experience, I can tell this ends up being the case for the most part. Most pretty girls I see and approach already have boyfriends. This has led me to thinking twice before talking to any beautiful girl and sometimes this causes me to not even waste my time on them.
Mori Jin (1 month ago)
@Kristen why should I? I am not sure what I did to offend you but I guess that if you get this easily triggered then we all know who really needs a therapist.
Kristen (2 months ago)
@Mori Jin please seek out a therapist!
Mori Jin (2 months ago)
@Get me to 100 subs without me posting thats good it means you're an exception.
Mori Jin (2 months ago)
@Get me to 100 subs without me posting I understand that and like I said, that is only your personal experience and many other women's out there. But I speak from a general standpoint, attractive women are bound to get approach very often from all types of men. Sometimes they're mostly approached by the worst type of guys depending on were you live. Also, you have to consider that times are changing and nowadays many men are scared of approaching girls for the risk of being called creeps, harassers or any other insult. Millennials are starting to notice this change and are taking precautions before talking to girls. If you read the comment section you will find other men addressing this problem.
Mori Jin (2 months ago)
@Kristen It is essentially a mental safe zone but that doesn't mean I don't want to overcome it. Its actually the opposite, I could get out of it anytime If I wanted to, but why should I?! when I'm simply saving myself some time and energy. All I am saying is that based on my personal experience, most beautiful women already have partners so its harder for me to find one who is available. Now, If I really wanted I could simply go out everyday and talk to every good looking woman I see, but choose not to cause I know that the great majority are already taken. So I have decided not to gamble my time on finding that small percentage of beautiful women who will say yes to me with no guarantee that she will actually be a good woman. Instead, I have chosen to focus all of my attention on average looking women because pretty women are generally hardly available due to the large pool of men that approach them with the same goals.
ABYLUISA4 (5 months ago)
I get really uncomfortable when guys stare at me. Like they make me feel like I’m doing something wrong or I have something in my hair or teeth. But I guess I don’t.
Jermaine Jones (5 months ago)
Every pretty girl ain't worth approaching.
camilla de vivenot (5 months ago)
Dear guys. Stop working all the time. Go on an date
Honeecomb85 (6 months ago)
I do all the things he says not to do and I still get approached😒😒😒😒
Elaine Miles (7 months ago)
I don't know if I'm pretty but I smile all the time an I been single forever lol guess I'm not all that then
Bernita Pennick (8 months ago)
Nor do I get approached well I hope my crush will approach me at the Christmas Party this year
Bernita Pennick (8 months ago)
I go out by myself I have no friends
Game Changer (8 months ago)
that goes double for guys, if i see a cool guy with a group of friends i automatically get intimidated... even though i know hes just trying to boost his confidence, to me i feel like i cant enter his clique...
Clara (8 months ago)
the audacity of me to even click on this video is surreal
Indi Genius (8 months ago)
Roll solo
Deqa Abdi (8 months ago)
I never get approached. The guy who crushed on me never approached me and now we have tention between as. The relationship is ended before we even started.
Love loves you (9 months ago)
men go after bitches fast..with us good god loving Girls ....men dont like us...im deeply sad.
realbriana (9 months ago)
I have a really bad resting bitch face so it sucks
Terri Brown (9 months ago)
This might be a dumb question but how do you know if your pretty...
Gemini Light (4 months ago)
It has to come from within first.
Terri Brown (8 months ago)
They have
fleshtone44 (8 months ago)
Terry.....if you are pretty..then all your life...you will have had people say it to you.
yes beautyizhername (9 months ago)
I guess I get it now in the past I never understood this, all I got was stared at by men like they were deer caught in headlights lol but thankfully I'm married now so it's no longer a care of mine, even with my husband we were teamed up on a fun mission together on a cruise ship and just mutually clicked but if that had not of happened he admitted he would have been a lil intimidated to approach me... Thank God He set it up because I have a awesome hubby!
Niki Simone Gene (9 months ago)
i dont have friends and im always alone 😔 then yet no one approach me tf 😔😞
Akram Ali (3 months ago)
ill Hey girl 😏
krogaan (8 months ago)
good luck!
Niki Simone Gene (8 months ago)
+krogaan no friends means im smart enough haha lol, no bf 😞 then what i am?
krogaan (8 months ago)
your a stranger stranger danger :D ha hah ha
Niki Simone Gene (9 months ago)
@Rashell Thomas a big suk life 😒
Krystal T (9 months ago)
I don't want to be, only friendly.
carlosb1 (10 months ago)
It is not so much that we are afraid of getting rejected in front of many people, It is that in general people are more reluctant to talk to a person who is with other people. Especially in a situation where it is going to be a private conversation. You see this everywhere even in the workplace.
If she doesn't know those things then I don't want to approach her.
wbabe2012 (11 months ago)
Thank you for bringing it into perspective.
Vanessa Baltazar (11 months ago)
I feel like I am cute but I hardly get approached or even complimented by guys. :/
Henning Malland (11 months ago)
Think at a guy's perspektive you are cute and he is maybe approaching you and he is not your type there are a lot of women which are accusing males of everything FOR FUN !!!!!!! Also a lot of guys do not know how to behave around grils anymore because they have become so feminized them self by the school educational system telling them that they are toxic for being male. How can this guys build up confidence and self love which goes hand in hand. How would YOU be when somebody did that you !!!!! When you want a men get used to approach them by your self because a lot of men refuse to do it and those which will are often the players... Fight feminism and give men their own space where they can be together as men and enjoy being a man without the shaming of women.
j son (11 months ago)
Plot twist: what if a guy approaches you along with his 5 other guy friends. Is that not intimidating for a “pretty girl”
jam jam (9 months ago)
j son It is for any girl
Latoya Asmr (1 year ago)
Lol 😂 cause your pretty lol
TheSissy0506 (1 year ago)
How to know if you are a pretty girl or ugly for a guys?
Angelina 89 (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂 story of my life apparently most guys are intimidated to talk to me until they see me smiling then there more likely to smile or talk to me etc this is true 😂😂😂😂
Grand Old Soul (1 year ago)
interesting study i read was that men are more attracted to women who exhibit signs of being avaliable rather than a 10/10 which of course we all are attracted to . BUT if a girl is let's say a 5/6 add some makeup , a flirtatious smile and charming personality vs the 10/10 with a resting bitch face...who do you think is going to get approached?
Louise Jackson (1 year ago)
I was told guys are afraid of me cause I'm a strong and independent woman. I'm friendly and funny. What am I to do been single for 6 yrs never been asked on a date since my husband's passing. I kinda had to be strong and independent I had no choice. Then went thru cancer on top of all that.
Taysha Lawrence (10 months ago)
Louise Jackson I feel for you still. I myself am told my friends and family (the occasional strangers) that I am pretty yet I know i am fun and outgoing (evident from the laughs my fam & friends have with me) yet in social situations (particularly in work) know one wants to associate with me (but I have no clue why). Situations like these can be a confidence knocker (or shall I say beater) where people like us are left to feel alone and have to rely on our own devices. I know this is true because when I was younger (teen/young adult with extremely low confidence) I had the world of friends yet now because I have lost weight, learnt how to do makeup to suit me & believe in myself (#fixedmyselfup but not in a self righteous kinda way) they no longer want 2 know or chill with me anymore. My attitude has never changed (worsened over time) only improved (#goodvibes only) yet I have and still being isolated by what it seems everyone around me. Stay strong anyways...#youarestrong look at what you have overcome. I'm sure you will one day find yourself surrounded by like minded people like yourself who will appreciate then love you for the real you. Never change #knowyourworth and just remember nor everyone is a #naturaldiamond (evolved over time) most are #manufactured by #instafilters & #macmakeup (that they really can't afford) in other words a #CZ. I'd rather be a nature diamond shiny brightly pure and alone than be a replica a #clone found everywhere you look and go.
Mr. Pimp Slapahoe (11 months ago)
Louise ?
Briley Dixie11 (1 year ago)
Lol this cute guy told my mom i was pretty and asked my mom how old i was and she told him and and he said well its only a two year different and it was a party so someone smashed a cupcake in his hair so i helped him clean it off in the lake and yess we had bathing suits on
Adrianna Patterson (1 year ago)
New Subbie right now June 19, 2018. But, men like pretty girls, and if he isn't willing to approach her for fear of being shot down, this is the epitome of a man or men with security issues, or low self esteem. Soooooo, why would any pretty or not so attractive woman desire a man with no self confidence approaching her in the first place? Of men are too insecure to approach pretty girls, this is their problem; not the pretty girls' problem(s). These type of brothers need to grow up.
Kristen (2 months ago)
@Henning Malland oh hush. Quit whining and justifying your shortcomings. Feminism, regardless of how anyone may feel about it, is a reaction to male-dominated society (patriarchy) and toxic masculinity which negatively affects everyone in society. Real men know that there's a balance and how to balance their various positions in society and other interactions. So stop whining, cause it only gives feminism more power and credibility, you dweeb. Men claim they're the logical sex but all I see is a bunch of emotions you don't know how to manage.
Henning Malland (11 months ago)
No this type of brothers are told their entire life that they are inferior by the feminist BS and that they are toxi and should behave like girls. This has effects on a guy when he gets told that he is a worthless idiot and rapist by nature !!!!!! Then a lot of brothers are living with single mums and women are invading every space where boys had the chance to be with boys only which creates men !!!!!! Many men now are boys because they never had male rolemodel to become one !!!!! So do not be a hypocrite and look at what feminism did over the last decade.. Many guys also fear that they get sued for harrasment and so on. You women brought this on to your self those few which are daring to aproach you are often players ... Because they do not give a fuck and women are falling for them anyway..
Dingolay Star (1 year ago)
Thanks for the good advice, Isaac Hayes. Appreciate it!
ministertaylor77 (1 year ago)
eolhc (1 year ago)
not saying I'm good looking but I guess I look somewhat foreign bc I'm dominantly Chinese but I do any certain European traits such as a crooked high nose thicker lips but then no one even notices me I also have a slight boyish attitude / fashion sense but can get very girly...I know I'm not as feminine but that's just me...lmao
jam jam (9 months ago)
Maybe they think you're not interested in a relationship
bailey1950 (9 months ago)
eolhc you can ALWAYS change your appearance.
assassin x (1 year ago)
Now days you just can't do that it's all ways sexual harassment or something else that's why I don't date you just can't tell anymore.
Henning Malland (11 months ago)
That is a valid point bro but i had a woman falsely accusing me of stalking her and i do not give up. I have fun and laugh with women and what comes ,comes and when not ,not..
Acid Shot (1 year ago)
I can't be someone that i'm not.
Shaz B (1 year ago)
I don’t say this to be vain but I’m told I’m pretty all the time and I get gawked at by men every time I go out but I never get approached even if I make eye contact. I don’t think my resting bitch face helps but men are complicated lmao
Tessa Logan (1 year ago)
Arturo Barrios (1 year ago)
The sad true is that a lot of people will only wash their genitals and die alone.
Crown Jewz (1 year ago)
Louis CK Killed me wit that joke 😂😂😂😂
AuslaenderTV (1 year ago)
Arturo Barrios i promise, there was never a person who doesn't died alone.
JesusChrist5000 (1 year ago)
i hesitate approaching pretty women because 99 times out of a 100, they are taken and not interested.
Gibbon (1 year ago)
I have same feelings + i'm very shy
Janry xx (1 year ago)
This was 4 years ago.. and you don't look old in your video 4 hours ago.
Jesus Saves (1 year ago)
And if you still smile at the guy, but he still seems intimidating, what to do? 🙃
Mochi (1 year ago)
always thought it’s cuz of my resting bitch face
Morgan (1 year ago)
I don't get approached but I don't think im pretty... I've been told I'm ugly by a lot of guys so I probably don't get approached because I'm ugly
Miss Nolver (1 year ago)
Repent and Believe : Yes it is.
Repent and Believe (1 year ago)
Miss Nolver I've never actually heard men calling women ugly that's weird
Miss Nolver (1 year ago)
When I was a teenager (like 12 - 14 years old), a few guys said that I was ugly. I wasn't picked out for being attractive. But as I grew older, I gained a lot of confidence and I started to get lots of attention, credit and compliments, until this day and I'm a grown-up woman now. It's all about confidence honey...don't let other guys tell you otherwise! 🍀 Most of the guys who are telling women that they are ugly, are ugly themselves.
Repent and Believe (1 year ago)
laaa Morgan that's not nice for the guys to say I don't think that you all are ugly.
Heather Gingerr (1 year ago)
dear guys: we aren’t gonna turn u down, we’re most likely single af...so don’t be afraid to shoot ur shot :)
pisces84 (2 months ago)
Really...im more nervous of them than they probably are of me🙄😁
drogoth25 (5 months ago)
Haha, as a guy I can tell you that you are wrong. We do get turned down. It’s okay, though, it’s actually kind of an ego boost, surprisingly, because we realize that it’s not that bad. Also, some girls will reject us but then the next is more attractive anyway and says yes.
King The Fairy Guardian (6 months ago)
krogaan (8 months ago)
you must be from disney world in reality nobody talk to a stranger weather a girl or a guy in 34 years of my life not one's has a girl approached me so don't give me this crap
Denzel (9 months ago)
Nah no female is really single.
Jessica Wade (1 year ago)
QBee240 (1 year ago)
I’m always mean mugging...it’s a permanent fixture
Janavia Grant (1 year ago)
i get told i m pretty my name mercedes i get stare at a lot it like i just stay myself
Repent and Believe (1 year ago)
Janavia Grant there are many solutions to this problem. In finding a man. 1. Approach a man and be confident. Even though it's unusual for a woman to a approach a man sometimes you have to go out of your way but when you don't it don't seem desperate but approach him like you would a female friend. And then talk with him saying hi and if he like to go out for dinner one day. If he rejects you go on to the next decent man. 2. Smile in public. You possibly heard about the resting face that people have when they look angry or sad. But look emotionless. Men don't want someone who isn't smiling and think you are having a bad day always and don't want to be approached. 3. Go on dating apps. Although there is much catfish on online dating and there are guys who want sex on those sites but you can find some like a soul mate for instance go to a Christian dating website like Christian dating for Free and you'll find a good Christian man you never thought existed. 4. Explore your options. Don't have all your time focused on one man you are trying to get his attention by smiling and staring at him. Go to other good looking men and give them the time of day. Some men never get approached by women are scared to make the first step. Approach them and see how they feel about it. 5. Go out of your way for a man. Many men go out of their way for women. But women don't go out there way for a man. Be willing to help him with a task. Ask him about himself and what you like to do. If you like sports it's a possibility he likes that too. 6. Pray and ask God for a mate. Have faith and ask God what you want from a man. Place God first. Spend time with God. Psalm 37:4; Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. 7.Be virtuous with morals and values. Many women lack morals and values. They are superficial, entitled, lovers of themselves, proud, immodest, full of vanity and have a Jezebel spirit. Don't Go to the club. Be a woman who stands out from other women. Let men see Jesus in you and be loving and caring when talking to men. Don't feel as if it is all about you. Be humble for God and love yourself and others. 8. Don't seem shallow or high maintenance. Don't think because you look good with good hair and makeup that you will get a man. You are trying to win a man through vanity and that's not working out. So when they see your hair in mess they see as if you may be easy to get. Usually the less attractive females have more courage, integrity, values, morals, modesty and Love. There soul purpose is not to look good to find a man but know that because of their faith and there good personality they can easily get a man easier than a woman who is in shape. Many in shape females enjoy rejecting good men and go for thugs and players. So that's why men think you have a husband and high maintenance. 9. Have a great personality. Give to the poor. Volunteer in church. Dont consider good women ugly or feel entitled that you are better looking than them. Don't be full of pride or envy. A woman who is so proud and boasts in herself is a turn off. Be kind and generous to people and men will see how good of a person you are. The bible says to be a light for others so they may see your good deeds and glory your father in heaven. Matthew 5:16 10. Be wise how you live. If a woman is always wild and in the club and having sex more than loving God this is wrong. Have wisdom and knowledge and change yourself from other females. Don't always be on your phone. Loving clubs, parties and materialistic things. You won't find a good man in a bar all he will want is sex. You will find good men in college, work, with glasses, a salary. Sometimes good men don't have a house or a car but are working on it and living with parents before 25. Some women expect a man to have it all together before they go for a man. A car and all but is still a dependant or a family man or nerd. Be willing to give the good man who rides the bus and train but loves God a chance and is working on finding a good car and place to stay. But Looks alone can't save you when you get to heaven. Nor can it save you with good men. A good man will not just look at your looks he will see what kind of person you are. And look at your heart. Make it known that you are single and looking for a man the right way. Dont be a gold digger, shallow or high maintenance. That's a turn off just like feeling entitled o a man. Because of these things many good men stop approaching and become bitter. Also it helps not to ignore all the good men and just go for the ones who look the hottest or have the most confidence. Many of those men are players and will hurt you in the long run. I hope you take my advice on this and it will help you in the long run find a husband and a mate. A man also wants you to work and bring something to the table besides him and loves him as he loves you. Again be wise and separate than others women. Don't be led by your looks or emotions. Be led by the spirit of God and by your personality and through prayer. Approaching and going on dating sites will help you a lot. God bless
krogaan (1 year ago)
i don't think that the case now day in today world 2018. most guys fear bigger problems , harassment , and trust me getting call out on this stuff can be a nightmare for a guy i got banned/unbanned from a university because somebody complained about this all i did was talking lucky for me am a vlogger ((( I RECORDED EVERYTHING ))) ((((SHE LIED ))) so i always have the camera on i never talk to girl ppl or any one without my camera on now a day even COPS and MALL SECURITY have cameras on them it's to protect themselves and the foundation form stuff like this the world has changed . everybody is afraid even cops and security people don't take RISK any more to dangerous. that why you don't see strangers talking to one and other ,subway,bus ,mall, and so on if they don't know you it's like a 1% chance they will talk to you if your pretty it's even get lower 0.1% Let the incommincable objects of nature and the metaphysical isolation of man teach us independence." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Repent and Believe (1 year ago)
krogaan yeah you are right I agree
Lullaby Spanish ver. (1 year ago)
I am pretty but I never really smile when I'm Out in public lol maybe that's why no guys approach me they just look at me lol
Jayla Jordan (7 months ago)
@Penelope416 No they said smile in general.
Yvonna 나나 (7 months ago)
Lmao story of my life . I mean. If I’m alone why would I be smiling at nothing?!?
Penelope416 (8 months ago)
@Star X who said that? They're talking about smiling at a guy when you make eye contact with him... not just smiling out of the blue for no reason.
carlosb1 (10 months ago)
Do it only when your intentions are getting to know a man, not just to see how many guys approach you. If you like a guy smile at him.
Valerie Pinson (1 year ago)
I get some guys looking at me, but they don't talk to me. I just think they don't think I'm pretty enough. I do look younger than being 35, so maybe they don't like me. Makes me sad! 😭💔
CK (4 months ago)
Men don't really approach anymore, it's from a bygone era.Its either social media, or getting acquainted through friends. Coming from a guy.
Repent and Believe (1 year ago)
Valerie Pinson Many men today are intimidated by females due to feminism and laws stacked against them even for approaching a woman can risk jail time if the female isn't in the mood to talk to men she may think of as creepers.
Zimiproductions (1 year ago)
Valerie Pinson Girl... You're gorgeous they're prob just intimidated. I always dress nice and attractive at same time n have a bitchy face.. I still think if I smiled they prob still wouldn't talk to me lol. I get approached every once in awhile though.
HeSetMe Free (1 year ago)
I'm not quite sold on that one, but I'll try smiling when I see them staring. . . . Instead of turning my head sideways Lol, I'll let you know what happens.
Jonothan Doezer (1 year ago)
If you were looking at someone, and they turned away and didn't show you the slightest interest would you approach them? It makes PERFECT sense.
Nikki Echiv Manh (1 year ago)
oh ok ok 😆
MrPharoa (1 year ago)
Why don't you do us all a favor and eat a STFU sandwich
Christmas Is Awesome (1 year ago)
0:18 Don't freeze "I NEVER FREEZE" ... This is what my friends and I tell each other when we are going up to them cute girls
Manjot Sandhu (1 year ago)
Hey ! You explained it so well... thanks 😊
Purplegum (1 year ago)
I NEVER get approached
carlosb1 (10 months ago)
HAHA as a guy I never got used to being approached and I'm not bad looking.
Henning Malland (11 months ago)
The law of attraction what you think will become your reality it will also be displayed in your bodylanguage..
A DS (1 year ago)
Purplegum me too, except for online dating/messaging
Maximum Ven (1 year ago)
Can this apply to guys too?
madam lynéSA (1 year ago)
I suffer from this...even normal men down to hot men are scared to talk to me.. or dont want to date me...its sad at times.. thanks for the info.
Amenze Igbinoba (3 months ago)
The problem is most girls put on this attitude of "Don't fuck with me" but in reality, they actually want you to fuck with them. I don't know why they behaving like that. Maybe to not look cheap or something plus they are shy
Chocolate Queen (5 months ago)
I can relate because I feel that men are very intimidating or nervous to approach and talk to me.
Javier Sanabria (5 months ago)
I just don't bother even if the woman smiles at me. I'm going through a tough time😔.
MsMamacornbread (1 year ago)
fuk this shit..... look ladies, try to be more aggressive, flirty, give dudes the Eye contact and see what he talking about. move slowly and don't believe the bs
The Art Box (1 year ago)
What if your not pretty? I think I'm doomed to be alone forever. I am 45 single and no children never been married. Was in a long distance relationship for over 21 years. He promised marriage but then now doesn't want it even after he's proposed etc. I never get asked to dance, never get asked out etc. I am a very social person and go out alone most of the time.
qmulus1 (8 months ago)
fleshtone44 You’re right. Skip the beer. Do the rest.
fleshtone44 (8 months ago)
@qmulus1 ...bad advice
krogaan (8 months ago)
welcome to 2018
Theworld isimmense (9 months ago)
Live It Or Make it then fucking go out to the mall and approach man , problem solved
Tyrone jacobs jr (10 months ago)
false ppl die alone all time confidence is lie..
Lovorka B. (1 year ago)
and they say women are complicated
Guilshad Joseph (2 months ago)
They are you girls like to make drama
Henning Malland (11 months ago)
No most women think that we men are women and because of that have to know their subtile bodylanguage.
mac1bc (11 months ago)
They are. But smiling if you are interested in someone helps. We can't read your minds if you want us to approach or not.
Beta (1 year ago)
Lovorka B. Wait just wait
Jazzfan 285 (1 year ago)
How would a girl intimidated by a guy's attractive looks
Repent and Believe (1 year ago)
Lee Burchette just like a guy would get intimidated by a females attractive looks. Both genders are scared of rejection.
krogaan (1 year ago)
"deep eyed medusa to those who dare to love to stare into deep eyes stay forever divine medusa love struck statues frozen in time" -lekalina mean freeze when they see something beautiful.
jeff corgan (1 year ago)
Many women are passive, entitled, vain, rude, and act like they are all 9s : THAT is the main problem, not that women are 'too pretty' lol
Kristen (2 months ago)
Or is it that you have realized getting women to go out with you isn't as easy as you'd assumed it to be?
Kristen (2 months ago)
@Janet Harvey Susan b Anthony was a racist. Her feminism can shove it.
jam jam (9 months ago)
jeff corgan You like the wrong type then
j son (10 months ago)
Kobies Boxing some men can be just as entitled thank you.
Kobies Boxing (10 months ago)
These chicks ain't even got to look good to have a nasty attitude.
JYP stan (1 year ago)
Ahhhhhhh i'll try those advices ! ;) thank you :D
rachel (1 year ago)
K K (1 year ago)
But I feel like this as a girl.
Henning Malland (11 months ago)
The truth and THAT from a woman be cautious Feminists wll eat you alive nOW traitor muahah
Jazzfan 285 (1 year ago)
K K any other signs other then she doesn't approach you?
anna love (1 year ago)
Kawa Kreations exactly thats why you dont get approached bc you intimidate them bc youre beautiful just like youre intimidated by attractivd guys
K K (1 year ago)
Lee Burchette she wouldn’t approach him?
Jazzfan 285 (1 year ago)
Kawa Kreations how would a girl act if she's intimidated by a attractive guy
Andrea A Polanco (1 year ago)
Shyann Kelly (1 year ago)
Lowkey answered my question
G Gal (1 year ago)
How do i contact u privately
Purplegum (1 year ago)
G Gal oooh 😯 (; lol
Denise Simpson (1 year ago)
I like how simple and crystal-clear you make each of your love/relationship concepts . . . and in far less than 90 seconds!!
Lisa Loveskittycats (1 year ago)
You're one of the best dating coaches on the net. Very clear and concise! Thank you!!
Reema Abdullah (1 year ago)
Eireee17 (1 year ago)
Very true :)
Pretty Klassy (1 year ago)
*Maceo Patterson~Eireee17* Those WM don't have a problem opening up a conversation and they get dates from me! LMAO
Patricia Chaf (1 year ago)
Yeah,that's true
Shuteyia Manning (1 year ago)
u jus answered the question ive been trynna figure out
Scenicstring 490 (2 years ago)

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