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How To Wear White Pants - Men's White Pants Summer 2019

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Hi fellas! Today we're talking about how to wear and style white pants this summer and I'll show you several different outfits that I put together showcasing white pants. Look 1: Jeans - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mob3/ *not exact match Shirt - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mob8/ *not exact match Shoes - https://amzn.to/2DBytPU Watch - https://amzn.to/2ZGpqqA Sunglasses - https://amzn.to/2DC0fw1 Look 2: Jeans - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mobe/ T-Shirt - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mobf/ Shoes - https://go.magik.ly/ml/lxmp/ Look 3: Chinos - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mobi/ Shirt - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mobk/ Shoes - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mobn/ Look 4 & 5: Chinos - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mobi/ Shirt - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mobs/ *not exact match Shoes - https://go.magik.ly/ml/mobn/ Jacket - www.bananarepublic.com *couldn't find online My FREE Style Guide - https://bit.ly/2DJvyW2 My 40 Over Fashion Site - http://40overfashion.com/ My Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/40overfashion/ Contact - [email protected] The video camera I use - http://amzn.to/2HQ66xq The other camera I use - http://amzn.to/2uiMCiK The gimbal I use - http://amzn.to/2pzqvjo The microphone I use - http://amzn.to/2G9lPKJ The mini tripod I use - http://amzn.to/2GcPrqE May contain affiliate links/ #40overfashion #menswear #howto
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Text Comments (205)
ISTP 196 (4 days ago)
I'm 53 and love everything but the ripped jeans. White jeans yes, ripped jean no. And the light chambray shirt with the dark buttons and matching belt & shoes - Classy!! Liking and Sharing 😎👍👍👍
ISTP 196 (4 days ago)
I'm a Fan 😀👍👍👍
40 Over Fashion (4 days ago)
Thank you very much!
dham629 (5 days ago)
I'm 46 and have always loved wearing white pants/jeans/shorts. My rule of thumb is always have several pair from linen to cotton, in case a pair get ruined. White is so fly with a nice pair of white drivers or sneakers and just about any solid shirt or one with white accents/print/trim.
Þorsteinn Lydsson (6 days ago)
To I wear red trousers?
stevekerp1 (10 days ago)
Sorry - the white pants with ripped knees sends a message: "I have a teen ager at home and I wear his clothes." White pants that fit properly look great, but that "greatness" becomes tacky with ripped knees. Put patches on them and then only wear them when cleaning out the garage.
James` Byrnes (11 days ago)
I have a simple rule for wearing white pants. Dont.
Juan Dávila (11 days ago)
Hi, John. Following just recently. Love your post. I have not seen you addressing ties: lenghth, types... What shirts go with ties and which do not? Could you?
Juan Dávila (11 days ago)
Thanks for answering. I know the subject of ties could take a while, but it would be very helfull if you could also a address the ties thickness, appropriate knots, and also recommendations for shirts, sport jackets and suits. Looking foward for more posts. Thank you, John.
Paul Jolly (11 days ago)
I am surprised that you still wear the white distressed jeans! It is not s good look for men over 40! Mutton dressed as lamb! Your other white pants look great!
40 Over Fashion (11 days ago)
To each his own. Thanks for watching!
Michael Patterson (12 days ago)
I have a pair of white pants I bought 10 years ago for a special occasion. It was actually a bit casual attire, but the occasion was significant. I only can describe the pants as “boating” or “yachting” pants? A little loose fitting and a roll up with button design at the cuffs. Definitely not cargo pants! I only wore them one other time, but this inspires me to try it again. This will give me an excuse to shop for a shirt!
Enter Username (12 days ago)
Pro Tip: Wearing no underpants at all with white pants has the same effect as skin tone underpants.
LFM Music (13 days ago)
Very helpful video. 'Gosh you are nearly as cool as me'. Just kidding . Love the channel, keep them coming. Liam
40 Over Fashion (13 days ago)
Ha! Thanks Liam!
Bman310 (13 days ago)
Wow - that grey matching shirt belt shoe look is awesome.... you’ve inspired me to attempt the same theme with blue ... thanks for the video - a whole breakdown of white pants and you didn’t reference Sonny Crockett once lol
40 Over Fashion (13 days ago)
Hahaha! Good one!
steevo62 (14 days ago)
It is just my personal opinion, but I think that anyone over 35 should steer clear of white trousers, and leave the ripped knees to the teenagers.
Max Pumpe (15 days ago)
Just getting into your channel, have you covered Hawaiian Shirts?
40 Over Fashion (16 days ago)
Thanks! No I haven’t.
👍thumbs up
Dorian Vick (16 days ago)
Ralph Lauren Polo slim fit cotton blend white pants are a must.
Steve Toth (16 days ago)
I agree with all you show EXCEPT torn at the knee anything. For the age group you are directing this too,,,come on, this is a poor choice. Trying to hard to be under 40!
40 Over Fashion (16 days ago)
Appreciate the comment Steve, but I disagree.. to a point. While I agree with you in the sense that 'most' older guys would benefit from remaining more conservative, I would also argue that since I'm in the style space, I tend to be slightly more 'fashion forward' than most. I also understand my audience and try to hit on topics that reach guys who like conservative apparel as well as guys who like to dip their toe slightly into trends. Thanks again for watching and for your comment.
Demetrios Levi (17 days ago)
Great looks and great taste in watches...I gotta say as a dude who loves sartorial looks and tropical gardening, I really appreciate those plant and house shots. So glad I found this channel
Mohammed Annaba (17 days ago)
White clothes are good but I found a great problems to Wear
Santiago Ataguile (17 days ago)
Hi John, I’m new in your channel. Great video. How about a video regarding how to dress (fashion and confortable) for a 12 hours flight trip? Thanks and cheers from Buenos Aires.
Larry James (17 days ago)
I’m 58’ and own a pair of white pants. Last summer I had company in town and friends of friends joined. Two of the women stated how well I looked in my white pants. They said it takes a certain guy to pull off white pants. I accepted the compliment with some modesty. I never thought anything about it till then. In my opinion I think having a great tan, some leg muscles and a nice look in the crotch is what makes a man look good in white pants. I don’t mean that in a ignorant or perverse way. It just all goes together fine.
Martin McHugh (18 days ago)
How are you doing your hair? I am looking everywhere for that look!
Martin McHugh (17 days ago)
Checked it out. Awesome. I will own my hair!
40 Over Fashion (17 days ago)
Hi Martin! I have a video up of my barber cutting it. :)
Andre WN (18 days ago)
Your pants are torn.
40 Over Fashion (17 days ago)
Joe Spano (18 days ago)
Excellent as always
40 Over Fashion (18 days ago)
Thanks Joe!
Jack Cheney (18 days ago)
I plan to buy some Awesome White denim from Nordstrom & wear a pair of Black suede boots along with it.
Harri Lahti-Luopa (18 days ago)
So handsome
Khalid Cummings (18 days ago)
I want so badly to try white pants but the dirt factor scares me so much. I would be the guy who ends up with something spilling on me not by my own clumsiness.
Khalid Cummings (18 days ago)
+40 Over Fashion I have had a pair or two before I think I will try again.
40 Over Fashion (18 days ago)
I understand, but don't hold back due to fear. Go for it!
John M (18 days ago)
Title , answer = NEVER.
Gabriel Cantu (18 days ago)
Great video. Love the outfits. Thank you.
40 Over Fashion (18 days ago)
Thanks for your comment Gabriel!
John Troyer (18 days ago)
Love the outfit ideas! I have several white pants and this was very helpful. Love your channel!
40 Over Fashion (18 days ago)
Thanks John!
Cypress & Sage (18 days ago)
I thought the second outfit was a good take on how an older guy can (cautiously ) rock a younger trend! Well done... this video made me sub!! Thanks my man!
40 Over Fashion (18 days ago)
Thank you very much! The word 'cautiously' is exactly right! Thanks again!
KurJan&Urbano (18 days ago)
I am 48 and absolutely love my white jeans/pants. I usually wear them with my blue SR jacket or TF electric blue velvet jacket. It’s funny how you said that they are a bit out there or bold what have you... I just see them now as being a perfectly normal part of my wardrobe. One thing though... be careful of dirty seat belts.
J K (18 days ago)
The underwear warning needs to be understood. Have seen some interesting see through sights. Some bad and some interesting!
J K (18 days ago)
Are these robot responses? If so please do not reply.
traindriver35 (19 days ago)
NO! To the ripped out knees, looks dreadful on anyone and being over 40, I've seen it two or three times before
Paul Jolly (11 days ago)
traindriver35 I can’t agree more with you! Not a good look for over 40 or even over 30!
Ian Arnold (19 days ago)
Cream Stone and Ivory works with everything you put on top and is less a stark contrast than white.
Javier Ramirez (19 days ago)
I just got one pair , n have were it 3times in two years lol
Jason Phillips (19 days ago)
No one should ever wear white trousers. Pants are what you wear underneath your trousers. Gentleman 101.
danegr10 (19 days ago)
Advice: Don’t wear white pants.
Sucharith Battina (19 days ago)
Good boy.
TheBooban (19 days ago)
White pants and hot pink polo is just around the corner again. With pleats.
SuperSonicMan (19 days ago)
Great looks, except for the ripped jeans one. It just makes you look like the creepy guy walking past the High School, if you know what I mean. The one with the jacket was spot on incredible. Great job.
40 Over Fashion (18 days ago)
Thanks man. Appreciate the feedback and clarification. We all have our own opinions, and style is very subjective and personal. I've mentioned this before, but I teeter on the line between older and youthful with my style and this is a way of 'cautiously' dipping my toe into some current trends and trying new things. My body hasn't failed me yet which allows me to pull off some things other guys might not try. Not everything I do is a hit, but I do understand classic menswear and I'm just not afraid to try new stuff from time to time. Thanks again for your comment!
SuperSonicMan (18 days ago)
40 Over Fashion I’m not being mean spirited when I say this, it’s like the old Chris Rock joke about the guy who isn’t really old but he’s a little too old to be in the club. I find that the ripped pants look like the guy is trying just a tad too much to look like one of the kids. Everything else is spot on.
40 Over Fashion (19 days ago)
Sorry, but I actually have no idea what you mean. Thanks for your comment though!
Tony Maietta, Sr. (19 days ago)
John, just turned 68 and lost 30 pounds (feeling great). Now none of my clothes fit. Went from 38 to 33 waist. Donated all my XL shirts. Even some Large are too big depending on style. It gets hot and humid here in Chicago so I think I might be able to pull off the white chinos. Great channel.
40 Over Fashion (19 days ago)
Thanks Tony! Congratulations on loosing the 30 lbs!
Brian Grossett (19 days ago)
I like the grey and white combo. But I was wondering if solid colour grey blazer would look better than a stripe blazer. Although I think either would work fine
40 Over Fashion (19 days ago)
Hey Brian! Yes, both would look great! The light tan jacket is just a little less contrasty, but gray would look good too! Thanks for your comment!
Nawfling Molotov (19 days ago)
Hi , can you make a video to explain how to layer colour in clothes for men , i mean how to choose which color of the pants together with the color of the tshirt of shirt and the shoes. thank you.
Dave N (19 days ago)
Ok.. what underwear? ...we have all seen underwear read thru . Lined pants are too hot. Commando? White briefs? Skin colored..white thong,g string?
40 Over Fashion (19 days ago)
I made a underwear video a few months back. I'm a fan of trunks.
Damian Odess-Gillett (19 days ago)
Lookin sharp! That last outfit in particular-you look like a million bucks.
40 Over Fashion (19 days ago)
Thank you!
J Don (20 days ago)
Thanks for the video! Great information and outfit inspiration!
40 Over Fashion (19 days ago)
Thank you very much!
MmeDesgranges (20 days ago)
The SKX009 is working well
ABMO Rose (18 days ago)
MmeDesgranges The awesome watch is not a SKX 009 , its a fabulous Seiko Turtle SRP779 on steel bracelet. Its just Pops! man
Gary Abrahams (20 days ago)
I have always wondered how to wear white bottoms . Thank you John and I have to say the look book, video, music and of course outfits was classic, tasteful and excited masculine confidence
40 Over Fashion (19 days ago)
Thank you very much Gary!
paul pohopien (20 days ago)
Love the show....never miss a single one. May I ask who manufactures the thin sole shoes that look grey but you mention are actually brown? Again great content and being a Southern California native all these looks hit really close to home!
paul pohopien (20 days ago)
Bought them thanks! Keep up the excellent content.
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Hey Paul. Thanks! I linked to them in the video description from Nordstrom Rack.
-Art (20 days ago)
Not sure if I could pull it off....but it definitely gives you a nice refined/classy look. Nice job John!
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thank you Art!
jd c (20 days ago)
Like the look but am unsure if the climate in the Northeast allows it.  Very short time period between cold and humid and am not sure I would be comfortable unless the weather was more SoCal.
John Cevallos (20 days ago)
I really appreciate your videos! Great fashion tips!
Alby White (20 days ago)
New to your channel and absolutely loving it wish I had found it earlier your styles nothing to flash or fancy just great simple affordable every day every occasion fashion and with great advice
Kingdom Athlete (20 days ago)
Great look book and video all around✌
adp007able (20 days ago)
Great video, white pants look great in the summer. Pleased you talked about what underwear to wear underneath, always make me laugh if I see a guy with black undies under white shorts or pants, not a good look 🤣
John Kinsfather (20 days ago)
Fashion over 70 will have to pass on the white pants. JAK
ernierb65 (20 days ago)
Really enjoy your channel John. Thanks for real and down to earth.
Darren Chichester (20 days ago)
RIPS????? Oh man you just broke my heart there. LOL. The worst idea ever. Worked in the 90s. Not now. Great vid per usual. Cheers from Bermuda!
Paul Herbst (20 days ago)
Great videos & outfits- yet the knee broken jeans... for a 40 years old or anybody else that wants to look good... are a NO NO... even with a black t-shirt and black sneakers-
Ricky Nihan (17 days ago)
Maybe to age 45 but after that n
Khalid Cummings (18 days ago)
I think given the setting of summer time or really warm weather and not overwhemingly ripped it works fine. Its more of a streetwear look.
Assembled Style (20 days ago)
the lookbook is quality stuff John. Great outfits too!
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks Richard!
Danilo Salvo (20 days ago)
Really nice options! The third one, with the linen blazer (I am guessing it's linen) looks so chic. The rip jeans on the second look: not for me. I did that in the late 80's when I was a teenager. I am almost 42 now so no ripped jeans for me anymore :)
Lucky Strike (20 days ago)
40 and 50 year old man wearing ripped jeans it's a joke don't do it you will look like a fool
Lucky Strike (19 days ago)
+Thomas Stewart Of what like I told him do some research on Google than you will learn more how to dress both of you
Thomas Stewart (20 days ago)
I think Lucky Strike might be a little jealous!
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks for your comment. Your engagement helps my channel grow.
Lucky Strike (20 days ago)
+40 Over Fashion If you think I'm wrong do some research then you'll see you are not a teenager haha
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Haha! Ok. Thanks for watching.
Pedro Romero (20 days ago)
Who’s under 40 and watching, love these Tips!
Slava Vozhich (5 days ago)
I am over 40 but I like your question.
Matt (20 days ago)
I love the shirt you’re wearing in the talking parts - perfect collar. Where is that from??
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
I think it’s Calvin Klein.
Duane Bonini (20 days ago)
Great combos. Yes a little out of my comfort zone but I will give it a try! Thanks
Royal W (20 days ago)
I wore white pants last week. Shit my pants so had to throw the white pants away but hey it’s ok I’m over 40👍
michael austell (20 days ago)
Beautifully shot look book John. I have a pair of white Banana Republic Traveler jeans, now I have some ideas on how to rock them ! Thanks
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks Michael!
Jecks Le Rouge (20 days ago)
Look great, white pants=spring vibes, great Watch to, this Seiko Turtle look amazing and very confortable
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks Jecks!
Diosdado Santiago (20 days ago)
Awesome! Wearing white pants with confidence.
Bigsheesh (20 days ago)
I love your videos and your style.👍🏻
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thank you!
Sergio Montes (20 days ago)
Great video and outfits minus the distressed denim!!
Bigsheesh (20 days ago)
Risks? Make sure you wipe your ass clean or else you’re running the risk of golden streaks!
Danny Darko (20 days ago)
Yep, you’ve got that look spot on
Everyday gentleman (20 days ago)
I'm definitely a fan of white pants, nice outfits bud 👍🏼
Mattias Öhman (20 days ago)
Great outfits. I liked it. Especially the two with shirts, I think yoy nailed it with does two and also the patterns when wearing a jacket. 👌
Epic ChilleR (20 days ago)
I like ur channel but im not even 40 far below xD but whatever ... ^^ great style .
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Dean Noble (20 days ago)
Great timing for this video and some great looks here. And loving the message that fashion and looking good isn’t just for the kids. Great work 👍🏻
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks Dean!
Mario's Gmail (20 days ago)
Hey John, Nice look with white…I also have a couple of pairs of white chinos not jeans and wear them to work and out on the town with friends. Your jacket is a very good pair up with the pants, to bad I don’t have the same one. Keep it up my friend.
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thank you!
Mario Brito (20 days ago)
I love your channel , ever greats videos . I am a big fan from BRAZIL
Søren Ahrendt (20 days ago)
Thank you. Great outfits again!
John Myers (20 days ago)
John, you look great in white pants. You look so well put together, but to me the tears in the knees seem to distract from the look. Thanks so much, for your videos. I really appreciate your effort and sense of style! - John
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks John!
Carbunkle (20 days ago)
The opening frames were beautiful - very well done ! White in summer is never a bold choice my man. If in doubt try off-white LOL
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks for your comment!
GPG ABN (20 days ago)
Men should never wear white pants 🤣
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Ha! Ok.
John Borges (20 days ago)
You are right on, my friend, white pants can be a great look for spring or hot weather, if you are up to the attention it will garner. I have to say I prefer the look with bolder patterned or colored shirts, rather than lighter shirts that give me a more uniform white "Good Humor" ice-cream-salesman look. White jeans with a brilliant Robert Graham shirt make a striking combo.
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks for your comment John!
Virgil Hammond (20 days ago)
This over 50 brother digs your style my man. Nice work I ordered 12 pair of white jeans from Macy’s to try on because of my size. I kept one pair, sent back the rest. So for my more muscular guys, Calvin Klein and Sean John have a little more room with a taper. Going to try BRepulic next stay tuned
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Nice! Thanks for your comment Virgil!
rahul mishra (20 days ago)
Can go for tan or brown colour leather shoes ?
rahul mishra (20 days ago)
+40 Over Fashion thankyou very much
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Yes, absolutely! The shoes I'm wearing later in this video are actually light tan, but they look more gray in the video.
Mark Wagner (20 days ago)
Sharp as always
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks Mark!
douglas yong (20 days ago)
Probably brave enough to don white trucker jacket, but not white jeans or trousers. Will it send wrong signals?
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
What wrong signals?
GKHGKH (20 days ago)
Like your combination
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thank you!
Latin Tart (20 days ago)
Agree on this video, very informative. I just wore my white fitted denim last weekend it was a hit!!!
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Nice, thanks!
ttop64 (20 days ago)
Does the old rule of only wearing white between Memorial Day and Labor Day still apply these days or has that gone by the wayside? I know I'll wear my white jeans before and after that time frame. Up to 80K subs. Thumbs up.
John Borges (20 days ago)
I think this rule only ever made sense in very temperate climates and reflects a very provincial view. In subtropical climes or SoCal it makes no sense at all.
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
I don't think the 'rule' necessarily applies, especially here in SoCal. I also see both men and women breaking the tradition. White pants were also huge this winter at Pitti Uomo.
Mr Fabooles (20 days ago)
Thanks for the enlightening video. Always loved the Black & White look! What do you think of the pairing of an Indigo Denim L/S Shirt with a White Chino and what shoes (color & type) to complete the look? Cheers mate ☺
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thanks for your comment! That would be a great combo! You could go with just about anything in any shade of brown, or even blue.
mega raichu (20 days ago)
I’m in my 40’s and I really want to learn how to dress like this great video awesome tips
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thank you!
Alain C (20 days ago)
This video came at a perfect time for me. I have a pair of white denim that I've had for 2 years and only worn once. I definitely need to get them hemmed since now understand why I wasn't too happy with the look. The last outfit with the sports jacket was real nice. Might have to use that color combination when I get them back from the tailor and are fitting better.
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Nice Alain! Get those suckers tailored. :)
Mateo (20 days ago)
Snug white pants in the evening = looking for trouble (with a capital D)
l catalla (20 days ago)
Very nice! I'm diggin this style and may have to get a white pant/jeans now after watching this episode. Keep 'em coming brother!
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thank you!
David Coleman (20 days ago)
No . Just no . It is such a bad look . I have never owned a pair . Get a little water on them and it looks like you pissed yourself ! Lol.
Mateo (20 days ago)
That's true of every color. So, maybe don't wear pants or go near water
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Ha! okay.
cesarmarx (20 days ago)
White pants looks great, And your channel is just awesome.
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thank you!
Richard Ellis (20 days ago)
I visited a few of the links and will say that the stores should be hiring you for the style modeling or actually modeling the clothes themselves. Your outfits/combos look better than the ones they include with their products. I also wanted to say that I like the quality of your intro. Whomever you hired to put it together did a great job on image choices, the music, and flow.
Alain C (20 days ago)
Yea the intro is very good.
40 Over Fashion (20 days ago)
Thank you very much!

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