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He Won't Answer Your Texts, Calls Or Messages

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Text Comments (120)
Judy Jack-Burton (28 days ago)
Vule (1 month ago)
He isn't into you!
Jaineisha Penny (2 months ago)
What happens if he rejected Friend request on Facebook and blocks you on messenger after you add him on messenger but he didn't block you on Facebook what does that mean?
Jon Doe (2 months ago)
To all of the emotional women on this YouTube board who are getting mad over guys not texting or call you back here's what I want you to do...Rent This movie called "Boomerang" with Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens.  Check out how Robin Givens character Treats Eddie Murphy in this movie.  THIS is what you women need to do when it comes to men.  Watch the movie and learn.....!!!!!!!
Lindsey Hebert (2 months ago)
What happens if I ignore him back
amy lala (2 months ago)
You can try another number? It could work
amy lala (2 months ago)
But wait a few days before you do that
Lindsey Hebert (3 months ago)
I feel so broken hearted and tired of him forgetting about me I just feel ignored and he was talking to another girl I had him first I try to stop him from talking to another no wonder why he doesn’t talking to me as much my boyfriend is treating me like this I blow his phone up I don’t play games I am too sensitive and sweet of a girl to be treated like this
Lisa Edmonds (3 months ago)
DeJauna Jackson (4 months ago)
Thank you for this message!🙏
Jeni Beni (4 months ago)
My boyfriend was just telling me how much he loves me and everything and then he just stoped texting me. I texted him hey and he still didn’t answer or read my text message. His birthday is coming up soon, and I told him that It’s a surprise and I’m not gonna tell him. I lied to try and get his attention and I said I’ll tell you what I’m doing for you on your birthday if you answer. After another hour he didn’t Answer. I wanna stay in touch with him because I really love him but he won’t answer me what so ever. I want to take your advise, but what if he doesn’t text me again? Should I leave him or stay with him?
Bullet and Friends (5 months ago)
I messaged my ex boyfriend last night after 8 months of no contact. It's morning now and he still hasn't texted me back. I hope he's not ignoring me.
Anthea Peter (7 months ago)
lara William (9 months ago)
thank you so much
Patricia Leo (10 months ago)
if a man does that does it mean he broke up with that person?????
Sonia Krishna (10 months ago)
why wont my bf tell me if has moved on or not after a fight we had i messed up he told me he still loves me but i lost his trust he has gone ghost on me and ignores the question if he has moved on so i can go on
Cindy Mohammed (10 months ago)
Thank you for your advice I feel better
angel howell (10 months ago)
na I'm go send his friends son and Co workers his dick. small dick at that
Pur3Socialite (10 months ago)
You are so right! Moral of the story leave that man alone and live your best life ladies!
Hussain Mirahmadi (1 year ago)
Yeah , Live your life and if you be lucky , another monster is waiting on your way ...
yolanda brooks (1 year ago)
Hi How are you? I'm not going to text him anymore. He came by and we hung out and after we hung out so he hugged me and left. We never text back and forth just to set up plans. he usually responds quickly..as of today I'm not sending anything else. I have been crying like crazy.
Star Whitlow (1 year ago)
yolanda brooks girl me too. But fuck em😂😂
Ashley Adam (1 year ago)
Stop chasing people period in general
Alexandria Rising (1 year ago)
It's too late. I chased him away. Now he won't respond to anything after 2 years of not conversing... so I give up.
L G (1 year ago)
I Need Advice Please! I met this guy online we hit off communicate through text for 8 months it's long distance 6 hrs roundtrip at first he wants to meet up he said too far, 2nd excuse not sure what if we like each other, if it's not winter he will come see me I told him I leave it to him. He is hot and cold btw he told his gemini I don't care man are man, caught some lies won't elaborate, last Fri he told me he will call and didn't, I text him thanks for the calls no excuse it's over! his respond was, we never been together, I got mad told him his a loser, not a catch, he won't be happy for the rest of his life I'll swear, I'll be watching you, I was a fool. He told me to grow up where are the insults coming from he said have a goodnight blocked me that night. I sent apology by text and dating sites told him I want to recharge refocus on my life and I need a break I'm not sure if he got my apology what should I do advice is very much appreiciated
Queen hilowle (1 year ago)
I always call him even he doesnt bother to Pick up my calls its time self valua 🤔🤗😘
RobTheGreat '97 (1 year ago)
look ik this might have people going crazy but why do we wait for someone who isn't trying to be there for us I mean I was with this girl for 3 years and all I did was love her in the beginning but she was the one that brought up marriage and spend the rest of our lives together you know sometimes I regret meeting her because she would say tht she loves me alot and so much just ah couple weeks ago that we understand each other and have a awesome bond together but in my eyes n how my heart feels I just feel like it was all an lie tbh I think she's messin with someone else I asked her did she love me n she said idk n I'm sitting here missing her and thinking bout the great times we had together she replied to my text twice but when I would ask what she's doing and she would say busy yeah I guess she is busy talking to another guy I mean if I'm your best friend and we hve this bond and you love me so much why put people before me why not see how I'm doing the truth is that I was never her friend and lover while everyone else is doing them you call on me to be there for you when you got locked up and when you was going through it at your friend house i know I can do and say hurtful stuff but I don't perfect I'm human just like me so if you dnt love a person and don't want Nun to do with them talk to them and tell them that don't let it be bad blood because when everything was lost I was there holding you in my arms
Laura Kaspar (1 year ago)
You give great advice. Thank You!
Shani Fairman (1 year ago)
Debbie Harriman (1 year ago)
u right about that .
Samantha Reed (1 year ago)
Thats what Im going through with a fuck buddy friend i ended it so he's not speaking to me now SMH
Samantha Reed (1 year ago)
very well said
rita james (1 year ago)
Men don't know how women feel when they do that, it's just too painful.... but time heals all wounds. Letting goooo is not as it is easy to SAY😢
Stevie Sosa (3 months ago)
+Star Whitlow Oh lord! 😳😣😂
Star Whitlow (1 year ago)
rita james yes I been going through dis shit for two months.. shit fuck dat nigga ain't ugly.. he want hear from me ever again.. 😂😂😂 text when he gets ready but don't want to break up bitch fuck you.. no more calling or texting his black ass fuck you James Walton from Columbus Georgia 😂😂😂
Ghufran Ghufran (1 year ago)
thank you🌹
olivmaws (1 year ago)
Thank you sooo much you have really helped me out
Faeries_Xylia 923 (1 year ago)
If a man can ignore your texts and calls then he obviously doesn't care about you that much. Its happened to me a guy led me on to out of the blue he dissapears he wouldn't respond to me he wpuld respond back every now and then still telling me he really liked me but then would ghost out again for months I finally let it go and moved on and got into a relationship and out of no where he messages me again 2 months later saying that he wanted to hang out. I told him that I had enough of his shit and that I was seeing someone else. 10 months later he tried talking to me again and I still told him that I wasn't playing around anymore and that I been moved on. Haven't talked since. Btw you give awesome advice! Love your videos.
jay vintez tryon (1 year ago)
I love you ❤
kg062007 (1 year ago)
If I don't respond to a girls calls EVER it means I'm not interested, and I think most women know that's what's going on but their ego will not allow them to accept it. If I'm interested in a girl and I like talking to her and she makes me happy. I'll call her back in a timely manner always. Some women say they would rather be outright rejected than get the silent treatment but in my experience, they tend to get vengeful and angry after an outright rejection.
Stalkerx13 (1 year ago)
kg062007 that's how my ex of 8yrs is. I just recently texted her after 8yrs of no contact with her and when I told her that I was happy that she was happy and that I would try to do the same she blocked me. I think she got pissed off that I didn't give in. Beautiful women are mostly used to men begging them but that ain't me. Yeah she is beautiful but I ain't going to beg no more, I am done with her bullshit games.
Fatou Tounkara (1 year ago)
In my situation, I don't have a crush on the guy, we met a few months ago and he slowly started to answer my texts anymore. At the beginning he would always call me sweety, beautiful, lovely, Queen, and he would ask me out a few times. But later on he started ignoring my messages and calls. All i want is to get to know him better, but I think that he thinks that I like him, which isn't the case. He is just a new friend I am trying to get to know. Therefore, it sucks cause sometimes guys always think that girls who constantly text them are in love with them, and they later on start to ignore. Which is none sense. It's just awkward for me because he may be interested in me and is just playing games, however I want to let him know i just want to be friends so he stops playing this game.
Ashton Paul Rowan (1 year ago)
IGNORE MY NAME I'm not dating him, he's my friend and he talks with me at school and all but we were supposed to go out yesterday and today but he doesn't read or reply to my texts. I don't understand why. I asked him at school today if he wants to go out and he said "yeah, sure" and then when i texted him when i got home, boom. No reply. He didn't even read it. I'm heartbroken, he's really nice and i actually have a crush on him (and i think he does too), so i feel like crying right now. I wanted to go out, i sit on my ass home all the time, why can't he at least say "sorry, can't go out today" i'd understand, but he doesn't do that. What do i do? It's 5:43 pm here, i don't want to wait until tommorow so i can ask him at school.
SHIRAE (1 year ago)
and what does it mean when he message u when u finally decide to not message him? does that mean he miss u, likes you. or just message just to see if she would respond?
Titaly Cindy (1 year ago)
if he always say he wants to have a child with u. but still he is ignoring. I mean than don't say it. becoz girls dont like this type of men. becoz ignoring hurts
Itwashim! (1 year ago)
Great message Thanks !!
Ashley Carmon (2 years ago)
if your ignoring your ex .does they know? and why they still contacting you if he does?
Letina Day (2 years ago)
NK Cassiopeia (2 years ago)
He just pissed me off by saying 'sorry' when he replied 2 days later. I asked him 'why sorry?' he was like 'because I replied so late'. In order to make him feel shitty for the last time I said 'pfft nah, I prefer face to face talking anyway. Don't like chatting that much.' He asked me why, I answered and boom. He was gone for another 3 days now. I honestly don't care anymore. He seemed nice and I know he is nice, but this is getting weird. Am out. Thanks for the advice btw.
jay vintez tryon (1 year ago)
Yu made my day bruhh 😂😂
NK Cassiopeia (2 years ago)
Eddie Barragan because he's after my best friend now, who's married and has a child.
Eddie Barragan (2 years ago)
NK Cassiopeia How is that weird? I'm curious.
Journey Gift (2 years ago)
if youre chasing him away you have got the wrong guy
d jnifer f (1 month ago)
I needed this!!
Baby Sloth (2 months ago)
+Jon Doe yes, I blocked him Though I learnt a lot about people just through this one experience.
Jon Doe (2 months ago)
Baby Sloth: Stop making yourself so easy and available, because this person that you're talking about could already tell that he could get you to do anything.  Stop getting so emotional over cute men you don't know...!
Baby Sloth (2 months ago)
+Jon Doe true, people can be so mean. I expressed my feelings for a guy. I was totally crazy for him but he friendzoned me atleast till the time he wanted some notes from me. I could sense that but I played pretend. Now months later, when his other friend has the notes, he won't really reply or pay attention.
Jon Doe (9 months ago)
Its easy to chase someone away once they've gotten what they wanted from you....!
Ani young (2 years ago)
I think men if u don't love your woman anymore just tell instead of ignoring her that's soo painful.
Krystina (1 month ago)
+jonathan mejia this vid Is about men not women.
Krystina (1 month ago)
+Jon Doe still childish though. It doesn't make it ok. Users.
Jen Lopez (1 month ago)
Ani young yup. That’s what I’m saying!
Naomi K (4 months ago)
+jonathan mejia men cheat more. Also why did my friend ghost me when we were just friends? BECAUSE HE'S CRAZY!!!
jonathan mejia (5 months ago)
It is what it is especially when you woman make us men feel suspicious when you women cheat.not all of you.
Sasha Playz (2 years ago)
Yeah but doesn't it turn it into a game then?
Jasmine King (2 years ago)
He speaking facts
emptyx bones (2 years ago)
This really helped me , im not gona bother him anymore, if he doesnt reply then im moving on, Thank You <3 !
ksmetalchick65 (2 months ago)
She sound's like a narcissist
Stalkerx13 (1 year ago)
amysorel12 my ex gf never texted me back, and I recently found out after 8yrs that she has been stalking my profile. She told me she is happy but if she is so dam happy why in the world is she stalking my social media profile?
amysorel12 (1 year ago)
Did he ever text you again?
Jocelyn Eke (2 years ago)
You helped me. I am going to take a break from my phone . I am going to read a book and relax. No more calls or texts to him.
nature beauty (1 year ago)
Jocelyn Eke mane I Should do the same 2 .Everytime I be the one to call him we argue so I have to let him be in the mood to call me Sometimes so I'm washing hands.
amysorel12 (1 year ago)
did he ever reply?
Zareen Aziz (2 years ago)
I think that I might do the same, just take a break from my phone , after a while just see if he replys.
Lady Jay (2 years ago)
I'm turning my phone off. Go away dude you are too much!
Thank you
Marvina Parker (2 years ago)
I definitely needed this tonight going through it now.so true
d3blh01 (2 years ago)
Good advice.  I needed to hear this.  Thank you.
Romola B (3 years ago)
This is hard because I'm pregnant with his child 😔
john (1 month ago)
should have worn protection? maybe?
Sara Eugenia (8 months ago)
That is tough sister. Please don't ever feel like you are alone in this.
Snow White (9 months ago)
Romola B abort it
Percy-kun (9 months ago)
DesignzRUs1 (2 years ago)
Awwww 😭
astrid cebrero (3 years ago)
this is exactly what I'm going thru you know we were fine a couple days ago and he was getting of work and and that was the last text I got and ever since u havent got no reply no call back no text back nothing and you know this kinda just sucks cause I give so much to someone I love I put my heart and soul out there I put him before me because I love to make sure he's good he's loved and honestly I just don't know what's going on. one thing his phone on next its off and on and off. I mean if I did something wrong I believe I deserve the right to know what I did. specially when we talked about getting married (which he mentioned) it just idk what to think anymore and it sucks not knowing what's going on in a relationship :(
Erica V (3 years ago)
okay this is weird..while you saying they will call or text out of blue my ex just called me but i ignored it
bcsdrayra1 (3 years ago)
If only I had watched this video about 2 years ago. I know for sure based on this advice I drove him away, and caused myself a lot of grief and stress (that I'm still dealing with) in the process. I used to be very strong and didn't care if someone talked to me or not. Idk what happened.
bcsdrayra1 (3 years ago)
+Tayyy Tae the fact that you have feelings for your ex is only because you were with him for two years and so it's natural to still have a part of you that might still love him. However, if the relationship was bad, then you shouldn't be torn about that. You deserve peace and happiness with whomever you enter a relationship. Going back and forth is not love,love can be a many things but one thing it's not is unsure. You're right, take some time to focus on you, love you, let God get you ready for your next beau. You may have entered the second relationship prematurely (I've made that mistake) not realizing that you weren't fully healed from the first.
I have been txts this dude for 2 months & NO RESPONSE!!Lol,i have lost interest & looking at a.cute doc instead;))
amysorel12 (1 year ago)
Has he ever texted you?
Author Victora Hunter (3 years ago)
Personally I think all the mind games is a waste of a woman's time. If he doesn't have enough care for you to CALL by the end of the day and not just before bed, he needs dumped. Everyone has 15 minutes of free time a day at least, 5 minutes could be spent calling his girl friend. I'm currently writing a self help book for women dating and in early stages of a relationship, that gets more into the subject. The bottom line, if your man begins to ignore you, he is detaching from you and detaching is just him breaking up with you, slowly, which to string you along, and have you on his terms. So if you do continue with a boyfriend who ignore you, you have let him know it is okay, and then he sees he has emotion control over you. Ignoring your partner is emotional abuse and should be taken seriousely.
Krystina (1 month ago)
Yes it is emotionally abusive and weak.
Krystina (1 month ago)
+Jon Doe exactly!
Krystina (1 month ago)
+Eddie Barragan bull crap. That's a weak ass excuse.
Jon Doe (9 months ago)
Eddie men aren't afraid on nothing.  Once they've gotten what they want they just want to move on...PERIOD...!
johnny dropkick yoko (11 months ago)
Author Victora Hunter thank you so much
Andiamo D. (4 years ago)
Does this also apply for males contacting females?
Stalkerx13 (1 year ago)
Horatius D'orazio I think it does but sometimes depending on the woman they can be more stubborn than other girls. Some take longer to respond and some take less time.
jac nyam (4 years ago)
Thanks this is what am going through right now waiting him to reply or call me back, i dont know whatnto do now, lemmy try what u hv just said, but difficult Gosh!
Stevie Sosa (3 months ago)
What happened?
I8thumper (1 year ago)
jac nyam What happened?
Claire Smith (2 years ago)
What happened?
Loom Lovers (4 years ago)
What if he gives u all the compliments but only responds to your friend. And your friend is taking him away from u but not noticing it, and when u want to talk to him your friend is talking to him so he won't respond and then u never get to talk to him because he is always talking to ur friend.
QueenD Covers (3 years ago)
I know, that's what my boyfriend does.
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
Tell him how you feel about him.
Yvette Buiswalelo (4 years ago)
I ignore him as well...
Naayee1985 (5 years ago)
same here, its sad though. 
Boonow Debra (5 years ago)
hello I think you give great advise
chamak chaall (5 years ago)
How can overcome my shyness on asking my crush plz respond :)
SaUcYbAbY20 (5 years ago)
Well said...I need to take this advice

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