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Body Language When a Guy is In Love with a Girl

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marva mcneish (2 months ago)
What if you go to the bathroom and he follows you and walk back and forth in the bathroom and stare at u when u doing stuff and soo deeply wants your opinion
You keep the vids short and sweet.
j newell (7 months ago)
Everything yu said I MEAN EVERYTHING is my relationship with my husband!!!😊😊😊😊
kermit the frog (1 year ago)
He has kept the same look hasn't changed but one day we were matching this girl said yazury my name and Kevin r matching so then he acts like he is grossed out but the next day he bought the sweater again I can't wait to be his girl
marina m (1 year ago)
ok makes sense
Julia Parker (1 year ago)
I just had a field trip today. I am a female and I met this guy a couple years ago. and after that year he moved away and came back this year. We were really good friends. He doesn't know who I am anymore because I had really short hair and I have long curly hair now. Back to the field trip part, Me and my friends were walking around the market ( we went to see a play and there's a market in the place. ) Anyways I was walking around. And the guy always looked and me but never talked to me. He just would stay with his group but really close to mine. I keep seeing him look at me and I think he likes me.
Queen mimi (1 year ago)
Julia Parker is he the same guy who were friends with if it is he probably is trying to see if it's you because you look familiar but if it's not him thean that person like you
Alexis antoinette (1 year ago)
Lol I thought he was bring friendly
With Expectancy (2 years ago)
Love this!
Becheru Aurora Elena (2 years ago)
oh,well,i really blushed at the "long hair" moment,cuz it's painfully true :))))))
Fei ZHENG (2 years ago)
aww man I just love this love guru... I mean I always came to watch his video when I fell in love with someone and he already feels like a bestie to me... hahah
Angelica Markus (2 years ago)
Somebody help!! One of my friends laid his head on my lap during a lock down drill, and for some reason like an idiot I played with his hair and once I did that he couldn't look away from me... why did he do that?!
Queen mimi (1 year ago)
Angelica Markus he probably was surprised you did and trying to find out why you did that or probably he is catching feeling for you
Azizi (2 years ago)
as a male. this is accurate. also know that a guy that loves you won't care what you are wearing or makeup. any guy that does care about looks and makeup doesn't care about you. but looking good is still a thing that everyone should do for first impressions.
TheEditor107 (1 month ago)
People are more attracted to looks more than personality. In fact, physical attraction is the first thing that gets people attracted to each other heavily, facepalm..
With Expectancy (1 year ago)
American Great comment.😊
Yella Gurl (2 years ago)
Thank you for that. It means that my ex boyfriend really didn't love me, which I have been learning now for awhile.
Nur K (2 years ago)
I am a little late,but I am a girl and I do most of these things 0-0 That's why he knows I like him omg 😳
[diamond] (1 year ago)
Nur The Awkward Potato Dude, that freaks most guys out.
stella (2 years ago)
why would a boy gasp with his mouth wide open when he sees you and backs away when he's about to go into your classroom with his friend but instead he waits outside for him to come back but would stare from outside the classroom , he also tends to look around for me swell like also t my bus cuz he knows which bus i get on , he would go out of his way to look for me , he's also tried to be around me as in he would take risks , for example we had assembly and my class and other had to stay behind for an activity , but this by stayed behind and stared from a distance and then he came over and sat down , he wasn't in any of those clasbut he just stayed behind anyway , he left shortly tho because maybe he thought he was gonnna get caught , this guy has been looking at me for about 3 months , and has even kept looking at me in exams , WHAT IS HIS DEAL
Queen mimi (1 year ago)
stella his probably a stalker or like you
ICEE FREEZY (1 year ago)
stella he likes you and is shy, a little lack of confidence with fear of rejection
Jade Kentron (3 years ago)
Man if you don't play Issac Hayes in a movie I'm gonna kick myself. You look like you could be one of his children.
Brenda Presha (1 year ago)
Jade Kentron 😂right!!!
Gabby Monet (3 years ago)
Elora (3 years ago)
+pinky80ism he is right!
pinky80ism (3 years ago)
Salma Soltan (3 years ago)
youre really cool and awesome,, keep those vids comin
There an someone I like, but sometimes I think he likes me back. Whenever I look at him I always see him staring at me. He sometimes tries to stay close to me. But the twist is that he has a girlfriend. I always wonder if he's trying to make me jealous or being real to her. So I tried making him jealous by saying I liked someone in a different classroom. when I looked at him he looked hurt. I just don't get it. Does he like me back or not?
Queen mimi (1 year ago)
• J U N G K O O K I E • he likes you but have a girlfriend
Korina Gonzalez (3 years ago)
How can you flirt with a guy in a way that he can notice you and start a conversation with you?
Queen mimi (1 year ago)
Korina Gonzalez and be touch with him hit him softly and smile alot look him in deep in his eyes
ICEE FREEZY (1 year ago)
Korina Gonzalez tbh look at him a lot and smile
Michelle Kurniawan (3 years ago)
my friend sometimes pokes me for no reason and he is a boy. sometimes he smiles and stares at me for no actual reason
Queen mimi (1 year ago)
Michelle Kurniawan his probably joking around or want to annoyin you
MyDarkPassenger (3 years ago)
+Michelle Kurniawan He wants to go balls deep, that`s the reason.
Reem Jack (3 years ago)
How do you know he likes you
Queen mimi (1 year ago)
Reem Jack he looks at you alot he gets shy around you but are you friends

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