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Avoid a common eBay Buyer Scam

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Text Comments (53)
Haim Elghanayan (7 days ago)
Ausome video thank you f0r the time you in vested to post it H.E
László Tömösközi (13 days ago)
Hello there Rockstar, i am from Europe and planning to sell some lightweight stuff abroad, the issue is that the cheapest method to send it does not include the tracking number and the one that does is way more expensive. My question is, would you still go for the cheaper solution and risk that buyers might scam you, as you cannot really prove if the package got lost or they did not report it as delivered? Thanks Laszlo
Orlando Thrifter (15 days ago)
On a rare occasion I ship to an address other than the one on file by the buyers request. Usually items less than $10. On the flip side of it, when I moved to FL from NY I forgot to change my address and ordered a part for my motorcycle. Luckily the seller was cool and told me to change it and after speaking with customer service he did send it to me here in fl. Of course anything of any real value I would politely decline to change the address on. This is very valuable information for new sellers. Great video 😊
Angela Philbrick (15 days ago)
Also, if the buyer is even more savy they might go straight to there bank or credit card and request a charge back right after you ship and going above eBay and PayPal. I have had this happen. Luckily I found out about it and I had to request to have the package sent back to me before it was delivered. It turned out to be a month and a half nightmare.
doug2060 (16 days ago)
Best thing anyone can do is stop selling on ebay all together. My business has cut ebay item sales this year by 47%. By 2020 I plan to be out all together. People ask me why I don't stop cold turkey... I can't. I depend on that income like many others. Lots of people want to leave and can't just like me. Ebay knows this and uses it as a whip against their enslaved sellers.
Nicholas Nietzsche (19 days ago)
Only had this address problem a time or two, over several years selling. Cheap t-shirts, took a chance, no problem.
Jay M (19 days ago)
Don't sell on escam. Then u don't get ripped off
RockstarFlipper (19 days ago)
Bad advice.. MANY people make $10,000, $25,000 or like in my case 6 figures selling online through ebay and other sites....
Jackey Niraula (23 days ago)
I recently got a message from ebay buyer to donate some of the items am selling to her so she could go and help the CA wildfire victims. I am confused, anyone got this?
James Conroy (24 days ago)
You tell the customer to change their "ship to" address before You are allowed to ship it. If they can't google "change eBay address" and do it that way, then THEY have to call eBay support, and change it. Otherwise, You cancel under "problem with address". Seriously, what if they already paid, and it's a heavy, bulky calculated shipping item, and You, and the customer's address on file with eBay are both in Florida, and the customer "moved" or "was sending a gift" to Oregon? You can't get a defect for canceling that. I'm sure it's the customer's responsibility to have the right address on file.
PattiB (25 days ago)
I have had two sales recently returned to me because they had moved and not changed their address. It's so annoying, but I did get the item back and I refunded.
Tina Bostick (25 days ago)
This happened to me. I called eBay and they said as long as the buyer had it in a email to send it to another address the they have it recorded in case buyer tries and pulls something . I was worried that if I sent it to Florida and buyer was from Montana ( their eBay address onfile ) they could say they didn’t get it. But it was right there in email. I had eBay person read the email for me and verify it was ok. I went in and changed address where I printed label. Took a photo and attached it to a email I sent to buyer verifying it was being sent to new address ( it was a boyfriend buying a swimsuit for his girl friend in Florida ). I know all emails are sent thru eBay and documented.
PayPal needs to get with it.
Illinois Picker (25 days ago)
I've had this happen many times and changed the address and everything was fine. Here is the key - everything must and I mean MUST be communicated through the eBay message system and you will be covered. I just had it happen a couple weeks ago and confirmed with eBay at that time and they again said have the buyer request through your eBay official "messages" and then I will be covered. If something were to happen to the package in-transit I'm not responsible as the seller. Maybe you were told something else by another rep. but I have been told this by several. Now, with that being said if you get confirmation from Bob K. or someone on his team that this is not the case they obviously staff answering the phones need to be re-educated. Good topic here though.
SvelteThrone (25 days ago)
i really need help i buyed something from ebay and i ordered on wrong adress and it is shipped it says, i wanted to cancel the order and he says he cant cancel the order what now em i gonna get my money back or what???
Sharon Gariano (26 days ago)
I have done as you suggest and even if I lost the sale I didn't feel bad about it. Why, because I don't want to be scammed. Now I have had people buy things pay for them and when the post office tried to deliver them it was an abandoned house or not a good address. The funny thing is when I tried to get a hold of the buyer they never responded to my emails. So after talking with eBay I resisted the items that the post office had returned to me. Wierd huh?
Serena Bowser (26 days ago)
Casey I have had this happen twice now in the last month. One I changed per customer request though messages but was unaware I would not be protected with PayPal! Thanks for the info Ebay didn’t tell me that part. One still sitting out there delivered to wrong address. Buyer quit communicating... Another great video! 😊
LowNote (26 days ago)
I’ve has this happen recently and had them cancel and change the address on their order. The buyer didn’t give any issues at all
Casey can you do a video on how to get the cheapest health insurance for self employed people like us? The lowest I have found is 350 a month which is absurd. Anyone else have input?
RATED4EVER (26 days ago)
This video is exactly why I always double-check to make sure that both the ebay/paypal addresses match-up. No match-up, No Sale, No Shipping, Send Refund/Cancellation, Then Tell Buyer To Update Their Address So That Both Ebay/Paypal Addresses Match-Up, Then Re-Purchase The Item. If that's not possible then they can GET LOST and then get added to my BLOCKED BIDDER'S LIST.
Stephen Miller (26 days ago)
once you share the link don't you save on fees with the new policy? Could actually save you some money by canceling and sharing your link.
Re seller guy (26 days ago)
Cancel the order or tell the buyer you will not change the address.
The Thrifty Christian (26 days ago)
They don't have to update their PayPal or eBay account they just need to input the desired address at checkout. This is an option I use when dropshipping from eBay to my customer.
Ray Paramio (26 days ago)
i already got scammed like 2 mos ago but i believe in bad karma and hopefully it will be a good karma on my side.
Michelle Tsuchiya (26 days ago)
I don’t allow change of addresses. eBay will not protect you if you do this. I cancel their order and tell them to repurchase.
Illinois Picker (25 days ago)
Actually eBay WILL protect you as long as you keep all communications official through the eBay message system.
I just shipped today items that needed to go to a different address. Buyer is in Shanghai China and usually ships to an address here in the States. Recipient at the U.S. address is out of the country, so seller asked me to ship direct to him in Shanghai. So I kept in contact via eBay Messaging as to what to do. I ended up sending an Invoice via PayPal for the $5 I needed to cover the difference in shipping. I ended up having to ship the items through that $5 PP Payment. Why??? It had the Shanghai address and I was not able to change the address in eBay from the U.S. shipping address to that Shanghai shipping address. I sent messages through eBay Messaging regarding the process. Now to wait and see if I get screwed or not. Funny thing is, The items they purchased were items I bought through eBay via a seller IN CHINA.
Mike C. (26 days ago)
I only ship international through the eBay global shipping program. I would never attempt direct shipping.
Footage (26 days ago)
There's been times I shipped and did this and they disputed on paypal . In order to beat a scammer you have to think like one. Simply reupload on paypal with a new tracking id of the old address, costs you 2 bucks or so and have an en envelope sent with a letter saying you got your product :). Ya paypal will know you were late sending but they won't care so long as item says it was delivered.
Chris Freeman (26 days ago)
Has this happen to me. Shipped to address on file and buyer made claim on eBay of item not received - eBay went in my favor, buyer went to PayPal and I lost the item and money.
Roy castro (8 days ago)
Chris Freeman what did paypal say when you called them? im trying to avoid getting scammed
FamilyOf5 Resellers (26 days ago)
It's happened to me~ONCE! I accepted the request to change the address. After I did this and dropped it at post office I get a msg from eBay saying don't ship blah blah. After two days of learning I wasn't protected by PayPal and trying continually to get USPS to stop shipment, I ended up losing my money, delivering some scammer a 70 dollar camera and no luck at all with USPS stopping the fricken package! So since I have requested they cancel and rebuy after changing their address and so far I have not had a issue since. But I won't change it again, thankfully the camera was in a storage unit I purchased and made money on so wasn't out other than my shipping! Great video as I have only been in this reselling a year tomorrow, so this is a lesson I learned the hard way. That's just how it goes. Push hard keep going move on. Great advice thanks bud
Dahmas Closet (26 days ago)
Great video. Great tips!
Kelli (26 days ago)
So if I'm a buyer and I'm buying something for say my son, who lives in another state, I can't have the billing address as mine, and the shipping address as his? like I do all the time on Amazon, when I buy stuff for family members and send straight to them?
Country Peach (26 days ago)
Kelli when you purchase something on eBay, you have the opportunity to change the address before you make the purchase. So yes, you could purchase something on your account and send it to someone else.
LadyLibertyStacker (26 days ago)
This happened to me last January where the buyer told me to change shipping address AFTER item was already shipped AND delivered. They said they moved and didn't get item. Ebay stepped in to help and covered my back because I shipped to address provided by eBay AND PayPal at time of sale. It turns out the buyer's account was hacked. I kept the $$ and nothing came of it. Now I have added that policy to every listing I have.
Larry Parmiter (26 days ago)
I had a guy buy something.. once I sent it.. then they told me it was the wrong address... That is the worst..
Michelle Tsuchiya (26 days ago)
Larry Parmiter you tell them they are responsible for their account. That is not your fault. eBay will protect you.
OurTimeIsOut (26 days ago)
I always refuse and tell them to call eBay
Frank Smith (26 days ago)
What if the address is right except the zip code. Like it's 123 North Street Tampa Florida 77777 but the correct zip is like 77776. Would that eliminate me from protection as well?
buschleaguers75 (26 days ago)
never do it under any circumstance
RVA Flips (26 days ago)
I agree with this 100% and I would also say, business best practice is to remain consistent in your policy - it is dangerous to start making one-off exceptions in today's climate. Cheers All.
LispyLeaf (26 days ago)
loving your content💛
Xab (26 days ago)
Cancel, rebuy. Less headache!
atripa645 (26 days ago)
You can add additional addresses in your account. That's what always say to that scam.
jaime figueroa (26 days ago)
I do as you stated in the last solution never had a problem and no exceptions
Robynn Mendez (26 days ago)
Have you done any videos on negative strikes against you on Ebay and what they mean and how it effects your business?
Tam's Place (26 days ago)
This happened to me a few weeks ago, and after several lengthy phone calls with eBay and correspondence with the buyer, it was finally resolved, but MAN! It shouldn’t be THAT difficult!🙄
Seven Nine (26 days ago)
Got a change of address scam last week. A buyers account got hacked and wanted me to send it to their "nephew" house. I said no I couldn't.
Karen Barker (26 days ago)
Great video!
Karen Barker (26 days ago)
I always cancel the order due to issues with the address. I communicate this to the buyer. Most people repurchased the item once it was relisted.

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