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Why Do You Keep Having a Dream About Your Ex

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Text Comments (132)
Devin Pelmom (7 days ago)
Man I been dreaming about this girl 4 times in a week
New Era (25 days ago)
Thank you for that I never thought about that,do something that's high energy!😊
Arshish Jahan (1 month ago)
I keep dreaming about him twice or thrice in a week 🙊 from last 3 months
kaileneee 3 (1 month ago)
i have more dreams ab the one i didn’t care ab then the one i do care ab and constantly talk about
ade doyin (1 month ago)
Pray to sever them soul ties . Having sex before marriage is a sin in mark 10:8 when 2 people come together you become one .. hence the thinking the dreaming so u need pray it out ..
Shaneaqua harris (1 month ago)
I had a dream about my ex & her ex got back together
exodus K (1 month ago)
Dont sweat it bro, I know the exact same tormenting nightmares. Put that ish in Gods hands by asking Him in prayer to break the soul ties you have with this woman. You are still dreaming of her being with someone else because you havent resolved the way things ended and a part of you still cares about what shes doing. God bless
Matt Walterman (2 months ago)
Waking up sucks
Bella Galore (2 months ago)
My partner told me yesterday that he had a dream about his ex reaching out to him.. Then a few days later they sent him a Facebook request.. Should I be worried
Rhys Gordon (2 months ago)
So what do I do if its been 7 years, several life changes later, and I still see her every night...?
Lukas Stedman (2 months ago)
I've been having these dreams for months now and it's getting to much to handle
Tiger Reagan (2 months ago)
I keep having reoccurring dreams of my ex coming back when I try not to think about her. Is it visions?
Eduardo Tarusov (2 months ago)
Great video man. For a whole year I'm having dreams where she makes me feel amazing. But in reality she's getting married to someone else. How I hate these false dreams.
M W (3 months ago)
I’m coping well during the day etc and feel I have gotten over my ex which is an amazing thing. I feel more like myself again and have grown and progressed within myself. Sometimes I am dreaming of my ex which I think makes sense with what you have said in the video - he dumped me over Snapchat without explanation which was a shock after a two and a half year relationship. Thank you for this advice, great talk.
John Harris (3 months ago)
Yo! She text me today saying she had a dream about me. She said I was telling her she is going the wrong way and she said that she knows where she is going and then she said she felt lost and looked and around and I was gone... The. She said I was standing in her doorway and she looked at me and we didn’t say anything to each other
Flex (3 months ago)
I'm sorry but I thought you were Terry cruz
GlobalFreeHousing. org (3 months ago)
Get a life, already! ha ha ha | GlobalFreeHousing.org
Lucy and the Notions (4 months ago)
It's so weird. We do not talk anymore and I don't want to, I'm with someone new who's great. I didn't get much closure on the relationship, but the dreams are always positive. In the dreams he's always trying to let me know that im doing fine? I hate it TBH, I used to have chronic nightmares before and I'll take the shadow monster over this bullshit patronising
ChinaDoll (4 months ago)
A lot of people don’t know that u can create a toxic soul tie with someone. U have to rid their energy from ur system. U can dream or have thoughts or even act like them so u have to cut the tie. But this is a spiritual approach and way of looking at it and I know its not gonna appeal to everyone but if ur open look into toxic soul ties, most people never heard of them
Jesuswants Youtopray (4 months ago)
I told my daughter I never dream and I have high energy Jesus he keeps me busy! Anyway I was with my ex for seven years going to get married! He would always say pray for me! One day I showed him a video about Jesus Christ who was sending millions upon millions of people to Hell saying depart from me you Fornicator, Adulter. Continuing to name sins! When the video was done he told me what he really thought about the bible for a hour or more as if to scold me! What!!! He believed a white man wrote the bible! I found out this is not true! So the next day I told him that I talk to someone on the street about Jesus Christ! And he then gave me a long stare like he saw a ghost! And he didn't answer his phone for three days! I left a message on third day you are a Atheist and always cruel to your Mother! I don't want to see the atheist so I go out my back door to not be seen! This breakup was three years ago and I never looked back! When I saw him I just stare back at him and walk on! I never dream I told my daughter! And last night I had a dream! It was a joke because when I say I never dream we know a dream will come that night! Well the joke was on me because I dreamed about my ex who rejected Jesus Christ! Our business is finished and I don't mis him! I see him as a filthy fornicator who was probably cheated with many women when my back was turned! Why am I dreaming about my ex when I think he is a sleazy fornicator! Who pretended to be a good man to the community and young black men, me and my family but he was Atheist who is of the devil! I don't mis the devil and I am not angry I have blank emotions! That was a problem with me when he tried to date me! It took two years when he was producing my daughters music to date him! Now I produced my daughters own music for three years and put it on iTunes, Amazon and every store in the world! We quit the music industry because my daughter fear they will kill sacrifice her family and they are all of the devil she told me and she turn me to Jesus with this video because I was of a lot of sins! I am afraid of Hell my ex fallows Hell! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g2PutZlwEs&t=132s And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1Lh-6tx2rM&t=68s Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR5aCiE137E&t=1040s This is why i dont want my Ex and have know fellings for a man of Hell it has no meaning in this life! Everyone what ever goes to Hell stays in Hell! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8BVQhJhTTk&t=118s I was living a life of shopping wareing sexy dresses, fornicating, Adultry and i saw that first video i cried about my sin and never looked back at my Ex THE END!
Lady Mhe (3 months ago)
Jesuswants Youtopray I
Consolata Doreen (4 months ago)
What of you don’t think of him but you keep on dreaming of your x
Arlinda Paulo (5 months ago)
"I still see your shadows in my room, cant take back the love that I gave you, its to the point where I love and I hate you, and I cant change you so I must replace you"-"Lucid dreams"
No2Blame (5 months ago)
I started to have a drems about very old lost love 18 years ago. I never dream about her... But now after 18 years Iam haveing a dream about her all the time. Is there any explanation why. I'm celibat now and Iam not searching romantic love or sex. This is why it is so strange to me, I never have romantic dream... now I do. Can somone explain to me what is happening
classy named (5 months ago)
I always dream of them with someone else. And all I want is him back. I am feeling so bad
Ant banks (5 months ago)
Appreciate you.....
Dara Ricardo (6 months ago)
thank you so much. If I've been having way too many dreams about him constantly. It was long distance so I don't know if that'd affect anything anyways thank you again for clearing the biggest part.
shaun simms (6 months ago)
Yeah... But the relationship ended 15 years ago. So what does that mean
Sipe (3 months ago)
nothing... its just memories of her and uou start to creat your own stuff in your sleep. Its the same as if you remeber some stuff as a kid its likely to dream about it and creat your own world of of it
Anchovy Pizza (6 months ago)
i've been single for a few years now but the last girl I was with was stunningly beautiful to me. Alas, I knew she wasn't quite my type personality wise so I didn't try and pursue a relationship with her for very long, but she was the last girl I slept with. Just last night I had a dream about her, she held my hand and then she went in for a kiss, but I said "hold on I've got food in my mouth" and she lost interest and wouldn't kiss me again. Lol, its retarded I know. I googled dreaming about ex's and it pretty much told me that I probably miss the feeling of being wanted. I just looked through facebook and saw this same girl I dreamt about on my feed, and she's happily dating another guy and already has a kid with him. I'm happy for her, and at the same time it was pretty painful to see a her facebook photos of her looking all dolled up and sexy. I just miss being wanted and having that affection to share with somebody.
Obical 90 (7 months ago)
Dreams can be the minds way of processing information that, during waking hours, there isn't the power to do so. I had a sudden breakup which made little to no logical sense, I even fought for the relationship to survive but she made up her mind without any input from me over issues which concerned us both. Whilst I have come to terms with the situation, I know that I'm still processing the emotional upheaval nearly 2 months on. I have dreams about her and all of them revolve around us both sorting out the rented house we lived in, amicably, just like we did in reality. But various things happen during these dreams which are either contributing factors or my feelings on the situation. To me, it doesn't necessarily mean I want her back (a part of me does, another part realises that its just not feasible given her familial factors which interfered massively). So in these dreams, my subconscious is essentially weighing up the "Disney" ideal against the real life logic of it all
YACINE SALLEMINE (7 months ago)
i dreamed that she died and i woke up crying 😭
Sipe (3 months ago)
dreamed the same but I was like 😐
Hannah Channel (5 months ago)
YACINE SALLEMINE me too I dreamed my ex died
mc1019 lp (7 months ago)
What means if i dream of an ex dressing like a Hobo actin wiht no class, when he is really is gentelman, in the dream he even has tatoos i his belly, and a tupe , he is bald by the way
Sebastian lopez (8 months ago)
she only loves me in my dreams and im happy the problem is i keep waking up
K.O.D. - (1 month ago)
Fuuuckkk 😥
Adroid Sucks (1 month ago)
LSX LaZers (1 month ago)
Sebastian lopez mannnn
Emily Aleman (1 month ago)
Oml that’s so true. I have the same problem
Shit that was deep Hope you're feeling better now
Devin Michael Roberts (8 months ago)
I dont think this is the reason. I have been plagued by dreams of my ex since I was 19 and we broke up after 6 years of dating. I am 33. She has moved on with her life and is married and has kids. When I look at photos of her with her kids I dont feel anything for her anymore. But then a dream pops up and she is still the way I remember her and it feels like I'm right back in love again and that emotion carries over even after I wake up from it. It can depress me greatly. But during the day I never think about her and then may go 3 months without a dream and boom another one out of nowhere.
David Gudino (14 days ago)
Man same here, I literally just woke up right now and I feel heartbroken, I wish I didnt wake up. The dream was so vivid, I literally tasted the lip gloss on her lips. And just yesterday she wasn't even on my mind. This is weird
The Raging Reject (28 days ago)
This is my problem and what I'm trying to find. Thought it was just me
Kim R (1 month ago)
Devin Michael Roberts same situation for me and my ex boyfriend! We did not break up in any dramatic or upsetting way, we just moved far apart. He’s married, I have a 3 year old and a new partner and then BAM these dreams out of nowhere and sometimes a few in one week
I want thinking or talking about him but my ex appers in my dreams why
NEIN (8 months ago)
jmonie02 (9 months ago)
I had 3 dreams this week about her
dollayx8 (9 months ago)
i did all that, but my subconsious cell wont let me forget about her when i fall asleep, in day i can forget about her but when i sleep she start appear in my dream and act very nicely (opposite of the reality) its like i become don cob in inception, keeping my ex in some level of my subconciousnes that i never be able to control when she want to appear in my dream
elouaililili (9 months ago)
ive been dreaming about him every day, only few days from time to time not, for a half a year now and its crippling. I tried speaking about it, thinking about it ,then totally not thinking about it...nothing really seems to be helping. I don´t know what sorcery this is..
Beloved Bee (7 months ago)
Soul ties... That's the "sorcery" it's so real.
Maybe you and him are meant to be together again
Tempe401 (9 months ago)
My ex broke up with me after 6 years and as soon as it happened i knew dreams were going to haunt me and its the 3rd day without her and i dreamt we were making out 😞💔
Jaime Rodriguez (10 months ago)
thank you bro
Wonderwoman Mazza (11 months ago)
But I don't think of him much at all
Alfonso Lizarazo (1 year ago)
Man.. it’s been 13 years!
Cathy Lian (1 year ago)
My ex keep appear in my dream and last night I dream we were kissing. I don't understand because I don't think about him and we broke up 1 year ago.
Helmi Tuulia (8 months ago)
Keep Smiling (1 year ago)
I keep dreaming my ex for such a long time every night. during the day I'm not thinking about him. could that indicate that he is thinking me back?
tamikawindham123 (1 year ago)
What if you don't think about them? And my dream of my ex comes in seasons. They come and go.
jerlemy gencianeo (1 year ago)
hi gud day, I have to put a lot of courage to share this,I have been keeping this to my self through the years in my married lyf, I have been dreaming about my ex through the years, he is my boyfriend from highschool to college, I went out of town and we lost communication, the day I want to go home I heard that he is getting married,hes mom told me to go to thier house, I did not, why would I do that? but after a year I heard the weeding has been off,but I am committed to another man and we are getting married, we dont have a proper break up, I am a married woman, have one kid, I am wondering why the night before my wedding day I dream about him, I have been dreaming him in most of the months until now, but I keep that to my self, I dont want my husband to know that, I am happy with my husband, but not that satisfy in my married lyf, I said maybe that is the reason why I dream about him, hes texting me in several occasions, I text him back, thats all, but my husband doesnt know that. there is a time I have been thinking about him and all the what ifs is coming there, what if I lose my pride and go to thier house that day, maybe we are together now, he is not married and doesnt want to get married said his sister, when he is drunk he was saying my name and talking our story. I want to get him out of my dream, how can I do that, I want to live a peaceful life, he said to his sister he wants a close sure, but I dont want us to see each other, we will just regret everything.
Mnsour Fahad (1 year ago)
What if you enjoy the fact that they are in your dreams because you can’t get to them in real life?
matthew avitua (6 months ago)
Feel you on that, i think that sometimes but my ex even ignored me in my dreams lol
sandi collins (1 year ago)
sandi collins (1 year ago)
mah men!
shovel268 (1 year ago)
Thanks for your advice I hope it works I'm tired of wasting my energy on her and it's ruining my life
Destiny Gudino (1 year ago)
MindofDrayblock (1 year ago)
I wanna contact her, but i know i cant
Ai Love Yeshua (1 month ago)
Same :( it’s the best thing I can give to myself... respect. I can’t talk to him even if I want to.
Alinka Alicja (5 months ago)
contact her! talking helps a lot and if you two could sort things out and at least clear the air, it is better than leaving on a bad note! You never know, she might really appreciate it. I know i would love to talk to my ex & clear the air
Gerald Montoya (6 months ago)
Restraining order Just messin w you nro
capsulejp (7 months ago)
Rob Mason she doesnt deserve you if she left you than shes missing out but hopefully you can move on and possibly find somebody else new :) also off topic but i love cinemassacare!
Rob Mason (7 months ago)
I type her messages and then delete them
Cody Goad (1 year ago)
this really helped. I felt like I was just being haunted. thanks bro
Jonas Lefebvre (1 year ago)
If that ain't the truth!
makeup_by_ Sumire (1 year ago)
I broke up with him almost 10 years ago and he is happily married with kid and I happy about it, then all sudden he appeared my dream and surprisingly i was saying I wanna be with him and never let him go and I was happy to be with him. I've had dream like that several times and again, I don't miss him in real life and I'm so confused
Tempe401 (9 months ago)
That is very weird hopefully it doesnt happen to me in 10 years i tend to get feelings back when i dream with my ex and its only the 3rd day without her 💔
Panda Demuffin (1 year ago)
I would be supper pissed off the same happened to me i hate that cause i am trying to actually get some rest not dream of people i hate dreams. Its such a stupid poitless thing. Like i live in thw real world i am not some fantasy creep tjat loves dreaming of things because i cant have them in real life i take this evil life i live in very serious
Will Stolp (1 year ago)
makeup_by_ Sumire same here 10 years and all we are both married with kids
James Dean (1 year ago)
had a dream last night about my ex girlfriend from almost 2 or 3 years ago being with me and pregnant I even saw my child. I have no kids I'm 21 and I didn't really ever want kids until this morning when I wrote this dream in my dream journal. it was actually a really happy dream there was more love in one kiss In that dream then I had in my whole last relationship. something about that dream was magical. ice never been that happy in my life I wish it was real
Tempe401 (9 months ago)
It means it was meant to be, if it was possible ya’ll should of worked it out ..
ANDavisCC (11 months ago)
Same here man. Im 21 too.. shit sucks. Same for me ex girl broke up with me.. i have nightmares about our breakup
Kaylita (1 year ago)
James Dean aww :(
Felicity Wise (1 year ago)
I have dream about my ex LAST NIGHT...... but he dating my friend he keeping saying that my friend is not worth it i don't like she get hurt she broke her phone so she can't text my ex and her friends whens he come back on Tuesday i know he will broke up with her.............
Deepthoughts Herenow (1 year ago)
Felicity Wise nice ex!!! Sounds like a looser. ..nice friend too the hell with them both!!
Alice Goldenvalley (1 year ago)
Thank you. Pff it's really hard because even if I don't think about him during the day; he's been in my dreams for 3 months now almost every night and that is just so weird to wske up like that. It's confusing and irritating. Also; we broke up 7 years ago after being together for 3,5 years, so it's embarrassing; why am I still dreaming about him? I think I am going to give acupuncture a shot. It helped me to stop smoking, so it might help in this situation too, because I am basically in pain; these dreams make me miss him so much when I wake up, when in reality he has moved on like a 100 years ago. I also want to move on even if it means I have to erase my dreams/emotions/memories by forse. Just can't have one more dream about him, I'm in agony.
Kreig Rastalovich (11 months ago)
I had another dream last night. They come back to me every several months. They have done for years, in fact more than twenty years. I've met her again so many years ago and I know she's not the same person anymore, people change. You keep the idealistic image of what they were like at the best of times. I don't pine for her today, I pine for the version of her over twenty years ago, as in my dream. You could say when I didn't know her as I do now. I will now think of the old-her today, just because of the dream. The memories are special, but I don't want to dream if I have to wake up.
Monfared Tina (1 year ago)
awn I feel you :/ one day everything will get better
Kaylita (1 year ago)
Alice Goldenvalley omg same :/
John Doe (2 years ago)
good video bruh
Clown Centralia (2 years ago)
I have been having dreams about my ex GF on and off for a year now. She ended our relationship 15 months ago. It ended badly and with no closure really. Just packed my gear and I left the island she lived on.
Troy Troy (2 years ago)
Brother. you are soooo right. and thanks
PagingNurseRose (2 years ago)
and here is the kicker, I was not even thinking about him, I'm single yes but Im happy and preoccupied with starting my own business now this crazy dream, could it be because of his mother contacting me on Facebook? like why, or maybe because I'm Haitian and we really read into dreams and I should just ignore it?
Sipe (3 months ago)
Another cat lady. You are single and you know you are not happy😊
PagingNurseRose (2 years ago)
I tried to research it why was he dressing me? why was it a satin red sexy teddy? why did I just lay there staring at him? why did it feel so real?
PagingNurseRose (2 years ago)
can you guys help me interpret this dream? I dreamt that I was laying in bed with my ex and he was dressing me in a satin red teddy and then he got on top of me and started to insert his penis into my vagina and it felt so real I just can't believe this dream and how intense it was. Why did I have this dream?
No Rulz (2 years ago)
But some days I don't think about her and I keep dreaming about her. What can I do to stopped them.
Zoë Saldana (2 years ago)
No Rulz exactly
Yomi Seño (3 years ago)
you're awesome. thank you
Ella Danella (3 years ago)
Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant with my ex's kid! And in the dream I think I was 12 and I'm now I'm really creeped out
brandon amat (4 years ago)
your the man bro you really helped thank you sm
Francisco Gonzalez (5 years ago)
Read Nigga, READ! (5 years ago)
why does my ex keep popping up in my path? we dated twice over 30 yrs
Read Nigga, READ! (1 year ago)
I finally figured it out. She's my Twin Flame. I start seeing her every where when she is about to pop up again.
Sxy.in (2 years ago)
I dont understand why he broke up with me he just said he lost interest he doesnt know why theres more to that but I dreamt that we were broken up but we were in the same house even though in real life we were a long distance relationship and we never lived together but i was in his house or something but we were just together and i couldnt sleep and werent together anymore in the dream but i asked him to hold me even if we werent together anymore and so he did and i feel asleep in his arms I did think about him alot in the day but what does that dream actually mean
DatingLogic (5 years ago)
It could be coincidence or the both of you may be drawn to each other due to unresolved past issues.
what if you never think about your ex at all and then all of a sudden they pop in your dreams? and keep on like 3 times so far
Irin Arimila (2 months ago)
+Bennett Walker my dear I still remember him"and cry😢😢😢😭😢
Bennett Walker (2 months ago)
I have the same issue
grell_stucliff _101 (3 months ago)
That happened to him 3 times already and I don't even think of him like wtf??
Irin Arimila (4 months ago)
+DatingLogic my ex he already love someone girls.today I see in my dream we r same place my ex bf and he gf me he talking to me and he catches my hand what is means this!
ChinaDoll (5 months ago)
Look into soul ties
Mariah Reid (5 years ago)
Thanks for answering my question Even know I know it really hurts
Mariah Reid (5 years ago)
Thanks for answering my question Even know I know it really hurts

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