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Buying Wholesale, Bulk or Liquidation to sell on Ebay & Amazon Closeouts

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How to find wholesalers & companies that sell closeouts! ASD market week! Sell closeout items on eBay Amazon & make money! Subscribe to ShaneMan TV ⬇️⬇️⬇️ :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp-cp1CkWMesV1XHBD9XEYg?sub_confirmation=1 ASD MARKET WEEK COMPLETE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjeulCbyrVI&t=958s List of vendors: https://asd.a2zinc.net/August2018/Public/exhibitors.aspx?ID=11321&sortMenu=101003&_ga=2.62581420.180527785.1543449662-1599992870.1543449662 More Dumpster Diving Videos:⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ll4uiv9BTk&list=PLH8lBmcQt3iqvIOn0q_67WmKPGMV4MRyb More Trash Picking Videos:⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRzUIoS5uA8&list=PLH8lBmcQt3iphV52fxXscWn3cI8Lxxd9h Scrap Metal Videos:⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7SHYrXRtAM&list=PLH8lBmcQt3ioD6Y5AsMDZNkkIL_E1MZKR PayPal Tip Jar use this link: https://paypal.me/ShaneManTV $5 store: https://shanemantv.ecwid.com/ Here at Shane Man TV we dumpster dive, go to auctions, sell on Etsy and eBay and do so much more! You can find us at ShaneManTV.com for easy access! Enjoy the channel and please leave a comment! If you'd like to send me anything to read or share on the show, please do so. My address is: Shane Man TV 1994 1st Street A Suite 108 Moline, IL 61265 some subscribers have asked for the following: My Email is: [email protected] Below are my Etsy stores: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BrickSeller https://www.etsy.com/shop/LyonAntiques https://www.etsy.com/shop/OldWorldIron Ebay Store https://www.ebay.com/sch/shaneman_tv/m.html?item=163016458194&epid=1934468016&hash=item25f489bfd2%3Ag%3ARz0AAOSwew5a33Cu&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
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Text Comments (41)
Janet Hope (11 days ago)
Scrapping for metal as a hobby.the prices are way over the top.
richard buitizon (3 months ago)
kudos shane on behalf of paul my idol lol...... keep up the good work....... earth savers.....
c.t. Coburn (3 months ago)
thanks for sharing your ebay history, once again realistic info
Cody S.S. (3 months ago)
great vid shaneman im catching up i had the most horrific thanksgiving 2 days before turkey day i got a call my cousin disappeared left a suicide note for his wife noone could find him police found him dead in his car of a self inflicted gunshot wound we buried him the day before thanksgiving horrible deal.
Cody S.S. (3 months ago)
+ShaneManTV he never seemed depressed wed joke and laugh he owned a 3 story condo making 6 figures a month owned his own business a beautiful wife no drug use no signs of suicide
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
Oh man I am so sorry to hear that!! That is such a tragedy! Depression is no joke! Just know my prayers and thoughts will be with you and your family!!
yay4fb (3 months ago)
Very interesting! Thanks for the vid!!
Peachyheart Georgia (3 months ago)
Thank You for some much needed info. You and Bobin stay warm....
roger oconnor (3 months ago)
i had no idea you were a EBAY mogul,lol...
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
roger oconnor I would not say mogul but I was self-employed for six years. Lol
Geoff T (3 months ago)
Very interesting, thanks.
Diane Green (3 months ago)
Very interesting , ....
Brian Howard (3 months ago)
Thanks so much for doing that video Shane Man, we really appreciate and and have learned a lot from you.
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
Brian Howard that’s great to hear. Thanks for the idea! Let me know how things go for you :-)
Big Keg (3 months ago)
Good info .....thanks mate 👍
Michael Kubelka (3 months ago)
Awesome video as usual really informative. Say hello to Bob hope he's doing well. Yall should be use to the cold. Well good to see a video. Keep the dream alive peace
Mark Horn (3 months ago)
Hey Shane first let me say that this is one of the best sourcing videos I have seen. I have been selling on Ebay and physical auction sites since 1999. I had to find another career since my original career was ended by a health issue. Personally I couldn't go to ASD because it would cost me about 10% of my net worth to attend. Also when you sell the items you find at ASD your competing with places like Walmart and Amazon for sales. These places will always get better prices that we could ever get. I normally deal in coins. I have several rules when acquiring stock. I must be able to purchase the item for about 20% of resell value, I must make 100$ on every sale minus all expenses and overhead, I prefer my items to have not been on the market for the last 5 years or so. Placing these restrictions I have found that I must, like you said, rely on knowledge to make a profit. There are tens of millions of different coins out there and few dealers really know that value of what they have. This is true about many categories of collectibles. Just thought I would put this paragraph up so people would see how sourcing is really the key to long term success. See you at the next auction Shane.
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
Mark Horn Great information Mark! You are correct that major retailers go to the same event to buy their items as well. So yes we are competing with the big boys. I should’ve mentioned that night appreciate you bringing that up.
Junk Dobber (3 months ago)
When you are in any kind of small business it's real easy to fall into an area where you are really busy and you start growing and so does your overhead. That is where you have to be very careful. I had a business once that I grew to a $500,000 gross and was only netting about $80,000 a year. two years prior to that my gross was only $250,000 but my net was $130,000. some family said I was nuts for down sizing. Of course those family members were on the payroll.
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
Junk Dobber I hear that! I made more money on the bottom line when I did everything myself. I just don’t think eBay is a scalable business to have overhead with.
Junk Dobber (3 months ago)
Shane I did Ebay for 3 years and when ebay changed the rules about who could not and who could leave feedback soured me on Ebay. I Quit ebaying.
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
Yeah that was ridiculous. They need to reinstate that. The fact that you can only leave positive feedback for a buyer is ridiculous.
Freeisbetter86 (3 months ago)
Holy Packages ShaneMan 😀👍💖 Thats awesome Sales 🤑
Freeisbetter86 (3 months ago)
😀💖Whats the most packages you ever shipped in one day ???
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
Freeisbetter86 wait a minute, which package are you talking about? Just kidding LOL have a great weekend!!
Michael M (3 months ago)
Awesome video 👍👍
420 Scrapping (3 months ago)
Nice vid, thanks.
Gail Oursler (3 months ago)
Wow that is a great sign of sales. Love my Shaneman TV!!!
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
Gail Oursler We love you too Gail! Thank you so much for your support of this channel
Terri S (3 months ago)
Wow that was very informative information you shared there, I know it has helped out some on here that are into or wanting to start a business
Curbside Junkies (3 months ago)
Good stuff here!!! Looks cold over there y'all stay warm!
delitemayes 3 (3 months ago)
I really do appreciate the information you gave on this video about wholesales..thx
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
May Duff Thank you May, I’m glad you enjoyed it and thought it helpful. Have a great weekend
limpdickit (3 months ago)
Shane...I have sold some on Ebay and let me tell you my selling plan. 1st ...I figure out the least that I'm willing to sell something for add 30% and start my auction there (that way if i get one bid i know the item is sold and i made good profit). 2nd.... I set the "BUY IT Now" price at that minimum I wanted and if I sell it that way I got what I wanted and on to the next one. This gives me the best of both worlds and maybe, just maybe two or more buyers will want it and they will bid it through the roof $$$$$.
limpdickit (3 months ago)
Shane...I must have over medicated when I wrote this.....LOL I meant to say start the auction at the least I would sell for and add 30% to the buy it now price. I got to start proof reading this stuff I post...LOL!!!!!
limpdickit (3 months ago)
+ShaneManTV I like $$$$$$$
ShaneManTV (3 months ago)
limpdickit that is an excellent strategy! Well done and well thought out. You have to love it when people get into a bidding war :-)
Wendy-UK (3 months ago)
Oh Shane that was real interesting .. ty for teaching us :P
Alexander platz (3 months ago)
BOOM! BOOM! BOOOM!!! First yewwww!

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