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I bought an $85 pallet of amazon customer returns: Live unboxing video

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Mike Slaughter (1 day ago)
Hi my name is mike, just watching for fun, might buy a pallet sometime for fun
Judy Cindrich Myers (1 day ago)
total junk
Andrea Mckay (3 days ago)
I'm watching because I want to learn how to start reselling and fi d out where I can get pallets to buy
RustedRaccoon (2 days ago)
Andrea Mckay Easy
lsueddie (4 days ago)
I want to learn the business to generate additional income. Thx. Edwin
RustedRaccoon (2 days ago)
lsueddie Easy!
Old Jim (7 days ago)
Try talking less and working more. Would make the video much more interesting.
Ayda Patriarca (9 days ago)
I watch you because I want to learn how to sale my stuff in eBay .I have so many stuffs in my Atttics that I want to get rid and with your advise maybe I can learn something. Your young entrepreneur but I have that guts you will be a wealthy man because you are a hard working fellow and you use your talent wisely.
Faye Dunbar (10 days ago)
Watching to learn how to buy for resale.
AndySoMeta (11 days ago)
I like to watch you from afar
Paul Johnson (13 days ago)
I find this kind of videos highly entertaining
Alicia Rogers (14 days ago)
I'm here for the party!
Theresa Williamson (15 days ago)
I enjoy your videos
Billionaire Brown (15 days ago)
does anyone know the website he orders from?
Jason Lemka (15 days ago)
Love this video.. looking to do this as well.. any advice on starting.. bc I hate my job now and I'm stuck here at this dead end job.. please help if you can..
Bananareview (15 days ago)
I watch because I like the hat
Darren Lucas (17 days ago)
So how did you get them ????? please share batman
VOTE TRUMP 2020 (17 days ago)
I want to resell Jewelry do they have pallets of jewelry??
Bear Tank Druid (17 days ago)
I am your grandmother and I want to support you. LOL No, wanting to learn the business.
Francine Laurin (19 days ago)
Am watching because am curious about what you purchased ..excited I am..back to video lol ..moi, Canada 🇨🇦 🤗
Georgino Pastrani (19 days ago)
Is there an editor suite somewhere in there?
joann anderson (19 days ago)
Interested in the trade.
Micheal Guinn (21 days ago)
I have done a lot of work for the pallet guys repairing A lot of the merchandise so I want to start buying pallets of merchandise and fix it self and not work for other people
Shauna Griffin (21 days ago)
I'm your grandma and I wanna support you!
I'm here to learn the business.
Jason Levine (23 days ago)
Where do you buy your returns from
Chris Olvera (24 days ago)
I’m a full time reseller and I get really good tips on your videos! Inspiration as well... also do YouTube Videos
lester palocsay (24 days ago)
hold items still like 4 seconds for screen shots if your doing vids for us.
ourcrazyfamily101 (25 days ago)
Where do u buy ur palletes
Mitchell Humphries (25 days ago)
I'm thinking about getting into resale of items but just don't know how to go about it or if the stuff really works
Chris Olvera (24 days ago)
Mitchell Humphries I just switch from full time car sales to full time resale, I’m trying to document the most I can, I have a few videos up
deb g (27 days ago)
learning to resale
Shannon Tester (29 days ago)
I'm looking into starting to purchase pallets and I am trying to learn how to start.
william parks (1 month ago)
i would like to try this myself
William Herbert (1 month ago)
Watching different pallor auction vids and I like yours the best!!
RustedRaccoon (2 days ago)
William Herbert Have you watched mine by chance?
Alex Bianchi (1 month ago)
One of those Ghostbuster monks
Milano Martin (1 month ago)
I’m your grandma and watching you to support you. 😉👵🏻
LEARNING_WITH EVE (1 month ago)
Where do you source?
JenetMack (1 month ago)
So far just watching for entertainment and curiosity.
Christina Pritt (1 month ago)
I watch for entertainment, and love free stuff!!!!
The Italian Teacher. (1 month ago)
I want to learn reselling since I recently retired
Greg Mikulewicz (1 month ago)
Remember you need a fork lift an a bit of room.
Itz wispa (1 month ago)
Done I just watch for entertainment
Rtg Oxlv (1 month ago)
Pure trash most of the things hard to resell
Christopher H (1 month ago)
Just looking to see how this works out, I'm a truck driver over the road, but fiance wants to do this back home
killer92293 (1 month ago)
I watch cause I like your videos
TXQuilter (1 month ago)
I'd like to learn to resell.
Sheila Albin (1 month ago)
First time I've seen your show
DAZelioni (1 month ago)
Congrats! You bought a load of junk. Good job
DAZelioni (1 month ago)
Selling that broken sphere in a auction. Wow you cheapskate
Susan Arrington (1 month ago)
Reseller learning as I list cuz so need to get sales ...thanks
Carla Razo (1 month ago)
I love watching this!!!!!!!
Cammy Spigelmyer (1 month ago)
Would like to become a reseller. Love your videos ☺😀
Ice Asmr (1 month ago)
Trying to learn the business
mariaalbacea1 (1 month ago)
Iam disable and wanti g to make money
Steve Gaines (1 month ago)
Why I like it. The reason I like it is I am not able to do it so I watch you and am excited for you. Even if I would come up with cash I don’t have the skill to do your job as well as you. I love electronics. Well I love laptops, handhelds and there Accessories. I am typing now on a cracked screen mobile secondhand phone. I’m happy. I could not even have this so I am grateful. Please excuse the mistakes in this comment. ( my faults ) I have to type words over and over since the screen is broke. Turn the phone for some letters. But I get it done. I have been watching you for along time. I had a different account which was hacked and needed to be deleted. So I am peaching my life back together. I’m lisa using Steve’s YouTube. Thank you for all your hard work. When can I come work for you. Lol LOVE THE SOLAR.
Ann Defauw (1 month ago)
How do you do that and do they ship to you
Patsy Avila (1 month ago)
Pure entertainment
B&C Ultimate RC (1 month ago)
You have helped me alot! Thank you!!!
Kathryn Gasiewski (1 month ago)
I really need to try this!!!
hardcore fishing (1 month ago)
I want to learn the business
jamestheman (1 month ago)
I stopped buying from Amazon because I bought a cellphone that sold as new for wife for Christmas and it came with black mold all inside and it also had a big Amazon sticker stating 100% inspected and approved by Amazon.
NoblenessDee (1 month ago)
LOL .. a star wars girl .. surprise ! lol
Kristen Bermudez (1 month ago)
I watch it so I can see what I can do too I love bargins and awesome thing's
Tina Butterfly (1 month ago)
I accidentally came across this video while looking for side hustles. This very interesting.
MissyMurders (1 month ago)
Dalek= the Doctor Who things that you're mentioning.
Nanette Rudolph (1 month ago)
Ok, if you already bought these yourself, why say you'll probably buy the owls yourself?
Nanette Rudolph (1 month ago)
@Resale Rabbit oh ok. 😀
Resale Rabbit (1 month ago)
Because my company is structured as a corporation and I’m a separate entity. I can’t use business money for personal items or vice versa.
Dino velvet (1 month ago)
Jesse Davila (1 month ago)
I watch because I want to learn
Rebekah Wall (1 month ago)
Just getting into this. Interested in starting myself I want free stuff lol
Mary Edwards (1 month ago)
I watch your video because i want to know how to buy from Amazon like that and i like watching your videos From Georgia
Naomi Peglow (1 month ago)
Love it
I run a dog rescue of anyone in Washington state is interested we have loads of puppies lizards and kittens for adoption
Wow you got lizard stuff I have three baby bearded dragons
New subscriber love watching these mystery amazon return videos aaaah. Love videos like this
Timothy Merrell (1 month ago)
I would like bath a body stuff please
Timothy Merrell (1 month ago)
I really like your u tube show
Brian Sargent (1 month ago)
Cathy Knight (1 month ago)
Odds and ends broken stuff. Not worth it
manny BLACK (1 month ago)
I'll love to sell merchandise trying to figure it out my bro need help🙇🏿‍♂️👍🏿
Darcinda (1 month ago)
Just subbed, how do u buy the pallets
marian smith (1 month ago)
Looks like a bad gamble to me... good luck.
Lisa Tesch (1 month ago)
This is Hilarious, I am giddy like it's Christmas Day
Ricci Dewey (1 month ago)
Enjoy your videos.
Drew Trantham (1 month ago)
Pure entertainment and curious...
Laura Bowman (1 month ago)
Well. I had to leave before I got through proofing. Please ignore typos
Laura Bowman (1 month ago)
Laura Bowman again. Yall ( younger people, I'm a retired 54 year old special needs teacher who specialized in emotional behavior disorder) My own kids are 30 and 27. They dont need me. I taught them to major in a sub set that made them happy and if possible, after the 1st year they made over 100k. They did. I prepared financially for retirement, but did not plan for what to do. All that to say...I dont get your jargon. I suppose I should write words that I didnt know existed i down and Google them. Let me know anything else like how I purchase these pallets. I've already taught myself to quilt with illusions . Depending on size, I make size for men depending on height and width. I gave one to my son and the engineers have wanted one zice. Rhombu without the th Y seam They are mostly engineers where my son works, which employs 3000 engineers. I taught myself how to take out the Y seam. Gave the 1st to my son. The others in is Dept. had to know. They bought. Going price is $800. I can do 2 a week. Actually 3 but I get tired. I also taught from you tube how to make beds. Really need more tools and more. Inside space for this. While brings to you. Space. You're in some sort of warehouse. I could uh another shed, 20x20 but the truck woufit there but I'm not afraid of unpacking and sorting/organizing (teachers love that stuff. Sorry I blew up your phone. I've had so many questions and no one around here knows what it is. Young or old. My son built me a computer from parts he found a good deal on. It's worth $10,000. He built it for $800. This was Christmas. I have a really good printer, prints front and back. With black toner.
Laura Bowman (1 month ago)
Hey, Laura Bowman from West Mississippi. I watch because, but I'm scared to.
Rob Rob (1 month ago)
Thirst master ..... lol !! Thrust master
Craig Jones (1 month ago)
I'm watching to learn how to make money doing different stuff.
Heather Lavon Cagle (1 month ago)
I would love to learn the trade. I can't wait to buy my 1 pallet.
Nick Thompson (1 month ago)
just thinking about getting into this business if i can make it profitable
The Outdoor Dude (1 month ago)
"You have an ego so you wanna see how many likes you get". You got over 14,000 dislikes. That's enough for me to never come back here again!
Juan Contreras (1 month ago)
the orophone is big time... more like 300 bucks
Lisa Johnson (1 month ago)
Oops entertaining to watch!
Lisa Johnson (1 month ago)
I love free stuff, I'm watching you because I'm a night owl and you are entering to watch! Keep up the good work!
Car Ric (1 month ago)
Is it even worth it once you spend the time to sort package, list etc?
Resale Rabbit (1 month ago)
Well, I made about $5k profit and put about 2 days work into it (not including shipping orders). You tell me.
Sylvia Torres (1 month ago)
I am a picker and I want to learn what you do. I go to thrift shops, estate sales, garage sales.
Deborah Shoemaker (1 month ago)
Want to learn the business and support you
Natalie Mellor (1 month ago)
Love watching these videos!!
Gustavo Valencia (1 month ago)
I want to start my own business
Gracie Whiten (1 month ago)
Want to learn more about reselling
Stacy Sease (1 month ago)
This is new to me. Looks like something I'd be interested in getting into. Plus I love surprises. An it's like Christmas. Good luck.
Tirion Lanaster (1 month ago)
Free stuff reseller. Where do you buy Amazon pallets?
Playlist Promotions (1 month ago)
They never tell you, I watch and wait for that part and it never comes

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