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What's The Best Way To Turn Someone Down For A Second Date?

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Text Comments (49)
sophie (13 days ago)
Hi! great content. I have a question. What should you do if someone is dating you exclusively, and does everything a boyfriend would do, but has a hard time calling you his girlfriend to others? I talked to him about it and said that this hurts me a bit, and i asked him why this was so hard for him. He could really give me a clear anwser.... The weirdest part of it all is that I call and introduce him as my boyfriend all the time, he has no issue with that whatsoever.. should i give it time? we have been dating for half a year.
Géne Vare (13 days ago)
Little story: Was dating a girl, date was going fine but I was not feeling it and I think neither was she because she excused herself to the bathroom and just never came back, leaving me sitting with the bill. First of all I asked her out on the date so I was going to pay anyways, but I was not having any of this! If she told me, "I am not feeling it - let's not have dessert. And sorry but I am not interested in a second date", I would have paid we'd gone out seperate ways and that would have been that. But walking out without a word? Ok I thought, you want to be like this, let me be like that too. So I called the waitress over paid for my stuff and told them to call the police because obviously she just had stolen food, she ate but didn't pay and I was only too happy providing them with details to find her, everything I knew. I know some of you will tell me that I am crazy, but see it like this, I asked you out I made an effort I was trying to be nice and you walk out without a word? I am not even worth saying: "Sorry, not working with us" ? Ok then you're not worth that I treat you! Pay for your own sh*t!
Kenny z (13 days ago)
+Géne Vare Ahaha I see, great story nevertheless!
Géne Vare (13 days ago)
Kinda did happily married now, but to a man sooo ...^-^ His video just reminded me of this :D
Kenny z (13 days ago)
Sometimes even when a woman isn't a gentlewoman it doesn't mean we are going to stoop to their level. Sometimes we have to learn how to take a loss like a gentleman and shrug it off. Revenge is amazing and what you did made you feel better I'm sure but that's only temporary. Don't do that again because it only makes you look worse than her. Just some friendly advice.
Danny Hess (13 days ago)
You couldn’t of uploaded this at a more perfect time for me, you’re the man ✌🏼
Tank_the_Ripper (15 days ago)
I ask her out and she says she wants to think about it. After a week, I bring it up again and she says "we can hang but the rest of the school year is gonna be busy for me – I'll tell you if a weekend clears up – there's no problem, everything's cool". What does this mean? Should I wait, or no?
Kenny z (13 days ago)
+Tank_the_Ripper Great to hear it and good luck with that! Hopefully it goes well but if it doesn't, it'll be a learning experience.
Tank_the_Ripper (13 days ago)
Kenny z Oh thanks for answering! I already took action and told her 2 days ago “I want the time we go out to be before mid June, otherwise we have to forget about it”, since school would over before then. She said “duh, I’ll be swimming in free time when summer starts”. I’m not stressin about it, now she knows her time limit – if she wants to go out she’ll tell me.
Kenny z (13 days ago)
Nah broski move on. I've dealt with girls like this. She's not interested and I bet she likes someone else. Unless you want to risk it but it's going to be painful and could be a waste of time. If you've known her for a long time then tell her how you feel and if she doesn't feel the same move on. It's not the end of the world but I suggest you doing the latter. Edit: The problem is that you're waiting for her to make the decisions for you. You're the one who has to make the decisions for the both of you. Don't wait for her texts on the weekends and don't text her call her and talk to her about the date. (But don't be desperate and be the bigger man. Call once but if she doesn't pick up don't worry, she will see the missed call but if she doesn't return the call, you will then see if she's interested or not.) Better do it or someone is gonna make the move on your girl.
I wonder how many dates this guy has been on. Probably a lot since he sounds like an expert and knows this very well.
Callum Brown (17 days ago)
Could you please brakedown what to do if she gives you mix signals at work but still dose not initiate conversation
Callum Brown (16 days ago)
+Shreya Shinde okay 👌
Shreya Shinde (16 days ago)
That's what girls like the most first chase her for few days talk to her and then talk to someone else she will initiate her self .
Callum Brown (16 days ago)
+Shreya Shinde cool but I do this and she flirts but why don't she initiate still lol
Shreya Shinde (16 days ago)
She wants u to start the conversation.
Evan Ward (17 days ago)
Ok so I’m dealing with a girl who politely turned me down when I asked her to hangout. I still see her in a group and all. But the question is what is the best and mature way to handle this? I still like her and I think she’s great. I don’t want to act immature just by ignoring or not talking to her. What should I do?
Evan Ward (13 days ago)
Kenny z how do I show her who’s the bigger man? Of course I’m gonna ask her how she’s been? Basically small talk
Kenny z (13 days ago)
+Evan Ward Show her who's the bigger man and talk to her. Hold no grudge and be cool. She will notice that trust me. Just ask her like how she's been because it's been so long since you last talked. Literally anything but don't be an ass. That's the worst thing you can do. It's hard for most men but we have to swallow our own pride.
Evan Ward (16 days ago)
That’s a good way to go about it. I haven’t talked to her since she turned me down. Because I don’t want to end up making her feel uncomfortable by not respecting her boundaries or giving her space. I haven’t talked to her in a month so what should I do when I see her in the future?
Walter Soy casado (16 days ago)
what you should do is Let her see you around other women, and Keep talking to her
Cheikh Hmayadi (17 days ago)
I'm 23 years old I've never decided to date a girl, sometimes I hear my guts screaming and telling me you undoubtedly need a girl giving you love and attention in a reciprocated way. But how if I am just attention seeker? Building an intimate relationship with a girl would be helpful? 😕🤔
Charlie Brown (14 days ago)
Love is about giving. Trust your guts. If you really like that woman, be a man and treat her like a woman should be treated if you think she's worth it. Don't just do it for the sake of needing attention.
YES I SAID IT!! (17 days ago)
lmao..tell them i dont like u...thank u, next
Frances Arianne Taron (17 days ago)
My boyfriend stopped being persuasive. He also stopped messaging a lot. What should i do?
Frances Arianne Taron (13 days ago)
+Kenny z Thank you so much for the advice. You might be right. I miss him so much, I can't resist not messaging him after couple of days that we didn't talk. He message me right away. He's just waiting for my txt too. We're in a long distance relationship so it's really pretty hard. I trust him and I should stick with that. And we're doing well now. Trying not to focus on him too much though so I won't wait for his text. Again, I'll never forget your advice. Thank you!
Frances Arianne Taron (13 days ago)
+Scarack Truther Oh gosh. you might be right. Actually I did message him. He said he's just been caught up at work. He sorry and he already saving a lot so we can be together again. We're ldr and it's hard. We're doing well now and trying not to focus on him too much so I won't worry too much. Thanks for your advice. Sometimes we should let our ego away so the relationship will workout.
Kenny z (13 days ago)
Bring up the things he likes, ask him about those thing. +Scarack Truther pretty much hit the nail in the coffin. Those videos are becoming quite popular. Some guys including myself might stop texting girls we like because then the next time he texts you, you'll miss him and he know that. Not because he's trying to inflate his ego but because he wants you to like him. Funny way of showing it right? But it's true. Don't give up on him. Some guys put a test on a girl to see if they're really interested. Or he could just be busy with school or work and might be too damned tired to text. Especially if its a long distance relationship. Those are the hardest to maintain.
Mo 23 (17 days ago)
+Katyasimply 🎯🏀⛹️‍♀️🥅 shoot shooter
Mo 23 (17 days ago)
+Scarack Truther or maybe not
Donna Just Being Real (17 days ago)
Great video. 🤗👍🏾
Gr8 1 (17 days ago)
I love your content. Concise and to the point. Brevity is the soul of wit.
Redguy Reddit (17 days ago)
Would my crush plan something to get to know me but didnt want to sit next to me Those that mean she likes me or she is shy
Redguy Reddit (13 days ago)
I'm right here you know
Redguy Reddit (13 days ago)
+Kenny z she said she ain't like anybody rn she said RN
Kenny z (13 days ago)
+Redguy Reddit You got her number? Great! Call her, don't text her. Talk to her and make a conversation or listen to her talk if she talks a lot. Tell her something like we should go out sometime and listen to what she says next. She might be waiting for you to make the move to ask her out or have you sit with her. I don't know the situation but I suggest you to call her and ask her out on a date. Worst case scenario: She says no but she might be interested enough because you got her number. Pro tip: Don't be desperate.
Evan Ward (15 days ago)
Redguy Reddit Not quite. That’s not the way it works. If you give her your number and you guys start talking. That’s not necessarily dating that’s just you guys are talking
Redguy Reddit (15 days ago)
+Evan Ward wellast thing evan umm if i give a girl my number are we dating or gf and bf
George Custer (17 days ago)
How come this video came out at the perfect moment in my life
Nikoli Corleone (16 days ago)
his videos always come in the right moment i have NO idea how hahaha
Sonia Poseidon (17 days ago)
It's a sign

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