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NINJA DOES TFUE IMPRESSION & TFUE REACTS | Fortnite Daily Funny Moments Ep.157

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Text Comments (267)
Fortnite Records (11 months ago)
C J (7 months ago)
Dr Mother fuck you I said if Tfue acts like ninja that’s what he would say bitch
Dr Mother (7 months ago)
@C J what are you talking about tfue never says baby and he doesnt react after noscoping someone you stupid
C J (7 months ago)
Fortnite Records Tfue hits noscope O MY GOD CLIP THWT BABY
Dr Mother (9 months ago)
Every single snipe: OMGGGG! YEAAAAAA
Mini (11 months ago)
He would hit the lamest sniper ever and scream his head off
Alonzo Filho (18 days ago)
1:10 time travel??
KhaozWazHere (1 month ago)
Bro who woulda thought cloakzy would be right 4 seasons later
T Pepe (1 month ago)
1:17 he guessed it
Happy YT (2 months ago)
everyone: rift to go tfue: rift to *YOOOO*
Clorax Bleach (3 months ago)
Ninja overacts the most so he can't say much
ok den (5 months ago)
I'm im just being salty but Ninjas voice sounds like a robot compared to tfue
RyE4Z XBL (5 months ago)
Vitamix534 (5 months ago)
Fatal (6 months ago)
What a great clip Lmao :)
Aro (6 months ago)
LD Xycr (6 months ago)
Ninja’s little way are “Stream sniper, get banned kid”
Dimas Rahmat (7 months ago)
Hahaa wtf moment
Alaston Zelda (7 months ago)
Cloak is dumb😂
Austin Roberts (8 months ago)
Ninjas laugh tho
Ralph Arizapa (10 months ago)
Ninja reacting to Tfue reacting to Ninja reacting to Tfue yo
Faygo HCT (10 months ago)
Ninja really sounded like tfue
Joep Van Berkel (11 months ago)
Martin Gonzalez (11 months ago)
If tfue made ninjas laugh he would have to scream
Josh McCormick (11 months ago)
Cizzors is a fucking creep
person 57 (11 months ago)
Ninja jerks off to tfue laughing at his impersonation
I SEE YOUR ASZ (11 months ago)
Ninja reacting to tfue reacting to Ninja doing tfue impression
Nigger (11 months ago)
They sound the same so cringe you’re both white asf😹
Keebs (11 months ago)
4:23 hollllllllly shittt lmao
WKDXcrime X (11 months ago)
Ninja shud b an impressionist
jjaammeess (11 months ago)
AA-12 in fornite???
NightCore Storm (11 months ago)
"Ninja reacts to Tfue reacting to Ninja impersonating Tfue"
wall (11 months ago)
Lol why did they react to the reactions
Lucas Schaaf (11 months ago)
cizzorz made me laugh my ass off
S Furm (11 months ago)
Ngl ninja has it spot on😂
InfiniteA98 (11 months ago)
Tfue should do (are u out of your mind) imperssion too😂😂
Raj Singh (11 months ago)
Lmao cizzorz
LiL_B (11 months ago)
ninga is such a dick bro ninga creams his pants every time he shoots somebody in the head
Danielle Lozano (11 months ago)
red hair tyler boi
Sotos Killer31 (11 months ago)
the most funny guy is cizz
A.Zai Play (11 months ago)
good video..!
Onepounddouble (11 months ago)
Ninja reacting to Tfue reacting to Ninja.....
DatBeastBrandon Gaming (11 months ago)
Ninja lowkey sounds like a goat when he says yo
Im Yancel (11 months ago)
Matheus Bondezan (11 months ago)
Tfue is super chill yooo
Its_Frwzen (11 months ago)
Tfue 6:14
nebulaa OC (11 months ago)
Dino. iOS (11 months ago)
1:56 thanks me later :D
NCS//Official (6 months ago)
When are you gonna be thanked?
AK Media (6 months ago)
THEDINOSAURGAMR -Gaming heeeeeeyooooo duude heeeeyooooooo
Plazstic (8 months ago)
When do I thank you
LTorresP _[YT] (8 months ago)
Camel (11 months ago)
Can I just thank you now
Israel Orange (11 months ago)
What do you mean.
Moon Bears (11 months ago)
Great video, cockroach lord, 400 . 500
Clearr (11 months ago)
next episode: tfue reacts to ninja reacting to tfue reacting to ninja impersonating tfue
BraidedArmHair (11 months ago)
Can we get a reaction to Tfue reacting to Ninja reacting to Tfue reacting to Ninjas impersonation of Tfue??
Jack Ryan (11 months ago)
Ninja reacts to tfue reacting to ninja impersonating him
Konnect (11 months ago)
They're taking out heavies its mega common sense they both have the same raritys
Dane Ceniza (11 months ago)
lol ninja views decreasing
the rude egg (11 months ago)
why are tfue fans so salty
Anthony Valerio (11 months ago)
We’re not
xXEl_CosmoXx (11 months ago)
Flopping potato they are the most toxic community ever...
GoInsane Gaming (11 months ago)
They should first fix the shotguns and not add a new one that will probably have tons of glitches
Ryze (11 months ago)
Tfues laugh is contagious lol
THEREAL TACHANKA (11 months ago)
Tfue reacts to ninja reacting to tfue reacting to ninja reacting to tfue reacting to ninja making fun of tfue
Headlesssnowman (11 months ago)
I love both of them
slanted tony (11 months ago)
Dont take this to heart but oooooooh ninja is playing drunk
Cross Current (11 months ago)
that one time cizzorz is funny
IM D3AD (11 months ago)
Bro subbed if you keep this up the sick clips and funny twitch moments bro i was subbed to another guy but he stopped uploading
Miguelito Is a bot (11 months ago)
cizzorz is a savage XD
Jeff Cullup (11 months ago)
intelligence quotient (11 months ago)
Yoooo , he’s nasty!
John Nielsen (11 months ago)
ew dude that was a cringe impression
Blurr (11 months ago)
1:38 is the Ninja doing the tfue impress
*_________ (11 months ago)
Dude ninja did a much better impersonation right after he sipped on beer i wish tfue saw that clip
Lem olt (11 months ago)
It’s like every time ninja plays with a Fortnite you tuber he always gets carried
Vujcich (11 months ago)
I feel like tfue is secretly furious lmao. But if he showed it he's get ambushed by hate
Subscribe To My Channel (11 months ago)
1:06 Ninja got knocked from a great fall... he didn't get sniped xD
KrayoLuh (11 months ago)
Okay dakotaz snipes are still nasty
Alexander Zuniga (11 months ago)
B1U3 GL1TCH (11 months ago)
Honestly fuck ninja he is trying to impersonate tfue because tfue is better than ninja
AtomManiac (11 months ago)
Damn looks like Ninja doesnt watch Tfue very much
*Poqqers* (11 months ago)
AtomManiac he was joking
Evan Gage-Anderson (11 months ago)
Ninjas making fun of true but when ninja hits guy standing still with a hunting he screams
xXEl_CosmoXx (11 months ago)
Kevin Green (11 months ago)
Evan Gage-Anderson its an impersonation, he wasn’t making fun of tfue. Just another salty fan who has no sense of humor. How pathetic.
- XXXUchihacion - (11 months ago)
Tfue reacts to this he laughs Tfue fanboys reacts and they get salty and roast ninja
Riley Garza (8 months ago)
- XXXUchihacion - I’m tfue fanboy but I don’t give 2 shits
Nimbus (10 months ago)
I’m a fan of both and found it funny
Anthony Valerio (11 months ago)
I’m a Tfue fan and I’m not mad
xXEl_CosmoXx (11 months ago)
Tfue community is toxic af...
Nathan Unzueta (11 months ago)
Lol that's a 100% true
oSnappy (11 months ago)
Cloak stay *woke*
- angel - (11 months ago)
I hate ninja
Harsha Sai (11 months ago)
Ninja's Tfue yooo is actually pretty good
Sir Flexer (11 months ago)
Ethan Kemp (11 months ago)
Tfue reaction: looks at camera Ninja reaction: holy fudging crap CLIP IT!!!
Ethan Kemp (11 months ago)
Fuck no lol I was making fun of how ninja censors himself dumbass
Phyper (11 months ago)
Mr Insidious ur scared of swearing arent u
Cloaked xLPFJ (11 months ago)
Larry Lynch (11 months ago)
JuJu FN (11 months ago)
Y u have to bring the tac smg up😭😭😭😭😭
Rhece Harrison (11 months ago)
Ninja mad because tfue is better
xXEl_CosmoXx (11 months ago)
Lil Minty (11 months ago)
Cal the fuck down gayass Tfue and ninja are both top tier no one is better plz just shut the hell up and leave
*Poqqers* (11 months ago)
Rhece Harrison he was joking calm down. I like tfue, but his fans are wayyy too toxic. I hide chat
Harrison (11 months ago)
Ninja stfu
*Poqqers* (11 months ago)
Hman YT he joking calm down boi
Katie P (11 months ago)
Someone do an impression on ninjas laugh
HGM Gaming (11 months ago)
Tfue is 20 years ninja is 26 myth is 18 or 19 i think?
Sasuke eL (11 months ago)
Ninjas 27, Myth 19 and Tfue 20
Darlotill I die (11 months ago)
HGM Gaming 19
Orb Rezick (11 months ago)
My ps4 is carmichaels1 if you want to play
fahad iqbal (11 months ago)
add me @king_jsd10
Alex (11 months ago)
Saying yo is better than screaming like a bitch
Bflows 99 (11 months ago)
4:23 best part of the video
Andrew Cherny (11 months ago)
cizzorz was eating something too
moikie// mcsg and more (11 months ago)
Bflows 99 facts haha that shit killed me
Ye. What (11 months ago)
Whys everyone taking it so seriously
Can Celik (11 months ago)
I like that everyone in the community is friends with each other
xXEl_CosmoXx (11 months ago)
They aren't, look at Tfue and ninjas community. Tfue community is toxic and ninja community are just lil kids.
Can Celik (11 months ago)
Cosmic Legend they are tfue myth and hd 1v1’d a few times together they seemed chill
GENESIS.mp4 (11 months ago)
Can Celik tfue and myth are not friendss
2024Gursharan S387 (11 months ago)
Tfue is way better than ninja though
Tyler Govia (11 months ago)
Tfue is better not way better
BlazeInferno360 (11 months ago)
2024Gursharan S387 I like them both the same
Parzehlli (11 months ago)
2024Gursharan S387 Nobody is better
Nba Fan (11 months ago)
2024Gursharan S387 it’s a joke calm down I think he is better too but it’s a joke
Jairritos (11 months ago)
2024Gursharan S387 you're acting like if they have drama between each other though
Toon™ (11 months ago)
Cloak woke af! Lmao
Orbit X (11 months ago)
Big Doinks (11 months ago)
Yal sleep on cizzors horny at poki lmao
Nathan Hart (11 months ago)
chuy Reed ya bc poki is the bunny in the game
FreeformBlock58 (11 months ago)
Lmao they were both tryna get the girls to love them lmao
Ye. What (11 months ago)
chuy Reed fr
Chief Seth (11 months ago)
Do you guys think the pump will have a vault
aditya menon (11 months ago)
I want the old pump back wich didn't do 8 damage😢😢
Chief Seth (11 months ago)
Birdofplay60a ok i understand brother
Avilude (11 months ago)
Chief Seth I never said it wouldn't be terrible if the rumors are true.
Chief Seth (11 months ago)
Birdofplay60a but what would the meta be though tac shotgun and smg would be terrible. Not hating just saying
Avilude (11 months ago)
If they do vault it they'll probably bring it back though, as they did with Guided Missiles, SMGs, and Smoke Bombs to an extent (smoke is basically the same concept as stink except stink damages and has a shorter radius).
Cryocynical (11 months ago)
Guys chill out they are both friends. Ninja's just doing some banter. Smh you guys act like everything has to be drama
xXEl_CosmoXx (11 months ago)
Tfue community is the most toxic of them all
Cryocynical (11 months ago)
Birdofplay60a lol I guess. This username was based off of his
Avilude (11 months ago)
Cryocynical Are you Pyro's counterpart?
ItzBetterOff (11 months ago)
James Tatoian everyone always looking for the drama
TheDank Doggo (11 months ago)
Truth, but it would’ve been nicer if he said like ,” Tfue I love you don’t get mad”
Chisoo My wifue (11 months ago)
Tfue is such a good guy
Sheldon Verge (11 months ago)
See now that's a comment I can respect.
Booth Booth (11 months ago)
Both Ninja and Tfue are good dudes who stream for a living at the top of their game, just enjoy it do not get involved in some form of invisible politics, leave that to the kids.
Sheldon Verge (11 months ago)
I'm not I just enjoy calling people out on their bullshit. Liberal pussys wanna scream equality well here I am shoving it in their face. Tfue doesn't get to not be called toxic when he is LOL.
Booth Booth (11 months ago)
If you are 25 dawg, why you acting like a 3 year old girl who dropped her ice cream?
________ (11 months ago)
Sheldon Verge ??? Doesn’t make any sense
MrFKful (11 months ago)
7:12 where da fuck was he?
The Great CooLite (11 months ago)
Bones (11 months ago)
Why did KR chang his name back?

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