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Should I Text Her Everyday if I Like Her

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Text Comments (108)
Chris Champion (3 months ago)
Very true
ghostfacedude93 (4 months ago)
Your videos are always short, sweet, and to the point. Great channel
Edward Huang (4 months ago)
My plan is to text a girl everyday then 3 months in stop texting her. This is the ultimate attraction plan
Devin (4 months ago)
The woman Im interested in from another state has 2 jobs so I dont always hear from her. I initiate text 95% of the time but whenever I meet her in person she makes her feelings known. Regardless of your gender, if you want to talk, then just talk to them. Its not hard to pick up a phone and genuinely see how their day was. As a guy, I melt a bit on the inside when women do this because she's meeting me halfway. Unless he's a playboy that is used to female attention, a dude will be anything but annoyed by your text. Texting is good to keep up with events in their life but its not a definite gauge of how they feel, theres no body language or social queues. Thats what face to face communication is for. If you live in the same area, use texting to arrange a meet up, then get to know her from there. Now go get em!
craik (5 months ago)
What if she never initiates the conversation.. BUT, she is replying and having a good time?
Makaveli (1 month ago)
She probably wants to initiate texting with you but she isn't too comfortable doing that to you yet and is scared to come off as needy. But that doesn't mean she doesn't like you. Some girls are just like that especially the very feminine ones. Just keep initiating at this point even if you've been dating/texting for months, until she gets comfortable returning the favor to you. Another important thing to keep in mind is not too text her too much like everyday. Allow her to get an urge to talk with you through call or text. Get her to miss you. Someday, she will be initiating contact with you. That's for sure.
bfsarah (5 months ago)
as a girl, i’d like the guy to text me first but just more like check ins to get me thinking about him. but my rule going about it is whoever texts last shouldn’t text and should have the other person to text first. simple. but ideally, i always prefer the guy to text first and establish this security first so i can trust him and be comfortable to text him first later on
yo mama jk (1 month ago)
What if its like u start a conversation most of the time but she hits u up every once n a while 2
Neil Supremacy (5 months ago)
She didnt answer my call even though she's online in Instagram :( this morning i greeted her in txt good morning but there were no reply until evening.
TriHard 7 (18 days ago)
Nice profile pic lma
yo mama jk (1 month ago)
yo mama jk (1 month ago)
Dont text food morning thats not a conversation starter text her only when u have something to talk about
sound wave6 (5 months ago)
Both should😍🤩
M. M. (6 months ago)
two minutes worth more than 80% of youtube Videos
Jesus Saves (7 months ago)
I thought it was ok for a guy to start the conversation, & text her everyday. Good to know now!
Smith Wallaesa (8 months ago)
I am in the exact situation you describe in the video. I text her but she only responds to what I say and doesn’t ever initiate. One time she texted me saying she was eating and bored. That kinda raised a red flag for me because if shes only texting out of boredom, shes probably not interested. Maybe she trying to start a conversation without making it look like she likes me. I met her on a dating app and she matched me so there must be some sort of connection. I asked her if she would want to meet someday and she said she nor wants to and isn’t able to. I’m still texting her but i’m getting kind of worn out. I feel like I like her alot but i’m not getting anything in return except for half assed short responses.
daya (8 months ago)
i am a girl and i can say if she does not text u ..she does not like u
Eminem Vevo (2 months ago)
Yeah thnx for breaking my heart
1st and 15th (7 months ago)
daya (8 months ago)
blkghostxx (8 months ago)
Only text to set dates
The Pink panther (9 months ago)
My thoughts right now ..
Airforce man (8 months ago)
The life was so beautiful in the past! Before this bloody mobile and internet comes out to our life ..In the past people didn't have any issue with Texting or dating over the internet and there was true love in people's hearts ..Now in these days everybody only playing around and became a lairs !!!.it is hard to find honest person around ..Also the outlook and body shape became so important for everyone ( Height./Face beauty/Sexual measurement and Money)
AutomobileFunk (9 months ago)
Airforce man fuckin Facebook and Instagram did that.
renan rivera (9 months ago)
Thx brotha
meyaw Abdulaziz (9 months ago)
at some point you should allow her to text first which is what i did exactly and that revealed alot be careful what you wish for folks be really careful
meyaw Abdulaziz (6 months ago)
+The Pink panther here is the thing...if she doesnt start text thats a red flag
meyaw Abdulaziz (6 months ago)
+Fr33domawaits in my case its like if she does....then good if she does not then ill keep doing what i do(for me its the last attempt)....if comes later like years later she wont like what im going to say to her....look she has to put in as much effort ....
Fr33domawaits (6 months ago)
meyaw abdulaziz might aswell die waiting for a reply...
The Pink panther (9 months ago)
meyaw Abdulaziz Im waiting to know what it well revealed for me .
haitham baloch (10 months ago)
Wat abt if u always text 1st and initiate conversation also but You always put gaps i mean u txt once each week and have little conversations ? Is it bad or good??
Alejandro Diaz (11 months ago)
So ummm she started a conversation once saying hey what cha doing but only once than it was just me startin the conversation but she likes me tho since my friend ask her if she likes me and she says yes is there an explanation here?
Cuser User1 (11 months ago)
Im a girl, but im actually waiting for one of my friends, they are twins and both girls to initiate the conversation first. I have always been the one starting the conversation for over a year now. We had great conversations, and we hanged out many times already. I know their interest in me compare to myself to them is not as high. Its been 3 days already, they havent started any conversation. But I did this once or twice before. They usually would text me first in less then a week. Im still waiting on them... honestly i dont like that I have to wait for them to text me. Especially if its gonna take days! Should I leave our friendship and move on because of this.... even though we have hanged out many times and are good friends but I sometimes have doubted them....if they are good friends to me. A few times I let myself think that but then I would tell them and then we would get back together again and everything is okay. But honestly I wish they could have the same interest in talking to me as I am to them. The doubts keep coming back, but I seriously dont want to listen to them. Does anyone have any advice for me about my friendship? I would like to know if its better to stay, even though I wouldnt get what I want? Or to leave and move on, even though they were my first friends that I actually came close to be with, from all the years I experience with friends.
DeltaDog94 (11 months ago)
one of the truest videos ever!! Ive been seeing this girl for about 5 months now things are great! But i noticed she never messages me first i always have to text her and a while back she told me she doesn't like to text first i found that strange but w.e now its getting too me I'm on day 3 of not texting her first and she hasn't sent me anything. Well see
Fr33domawaits (6 months ago)
DeltaDog94 updates???!
Dr Knk (9 months ago)
DeltaDog94 what happened??
Malik (1 year ago)
I used to talk to a girl and we texted back and fourth and we flirted and the conversation was good. But I waited a couple of days for her to text me and she didn’t . I waited a week and nothing . But it was weird cuz I texted her and she would seem interested so idk. Maybe she was Testing my patience ?
Hans M Dinkerman IIV (9 months ago)
Malik who was the last one to respond before you waited a couple days. Did you ask her something and she didn’t text you back??
1st and 15th (10 months ago)
U should have set up a date after a week..u lost her
Dark Magician (1 year ago)
I personally feel that texting is only for setting up dates. After a certain point, the woman sees you as just another guy that she's texting while she really wants to hang out with another guy or other guys. Plus the more the text, the higher the chance you have of saying something that makes her change her mind about meeting up with you.
Àngels (1 year ago)
Yes! I wasn't sure if I liked a guy but after he texted me every single day, more than once a day, even if I didn't text back, he got so annoying that I didn't want to talk to him.
LFX Gaming (1 year ago)
She does it sometimes which makes my day 😄
Jordan Cann (1 year ago)
I'm dating this girl and she said she won't text or initiate because I'm the man, but always replies. I absolutely hate it
I just like Memes (2 months ago)
Well a lot of women are like this they expect the man to initiate the text bcus men are the purserers
Fr33domawaits (6 months ago)
Same story bro... they got too much pride
daya (8 months ago)
lol.. feminism
Free World227 (10 months ago)
Only text to meet up with her. If you text too much you'll become to predictable
truth seeker (1 year ago)
wtf man this is so confusing what if the girl always texted you for weeks then just stopped after that I started texting first for few days and she always responded but now I stopped texting her and she hasn't texted me for 3 day nor have i texted her so we are on day 3 we are both not texting to each other I mean wtf seems like mind games to me what should I do people I only been seeing this girl for few weeks anybody please help
SavageLion ™ (7 months ago)
She either busy, doesn't wanna make the first move, or she not into you anymore. I've had this problem where this girl and I were vibing and I actually had her heart but she would not reply for hours and just drag the convo...
kenny pringle (7 months ago)
If they go three days without texting you three days she’s tired n lost interest
truth seeker she probably doesn’t want to come off as a needy person, u have waited a few days and have not texted her try texting her again.
Haldarson 115 (1 year ago)
truth seeker if she can go that long without hearing from you, then that means it isn't real buddy. I've done this a thousand times trust me.
Aiyyaz Mohammed (1 year ago)
you try intiate texts with a Brown girl and bejng a Brown guy myself it's even hard they seem to respond to the last night's messages and then don't respond first the next day
Aiyyaz Mohammed (1 year ago)
you try intiate texts with a Brown girl and being a Brown girl myself it's even harder they seem to be lost in thought
Dr Knk (9 months ago)
Adolf Hitler ignorance..
1st and 15th (10 months ago)
WTF does brown have to do with it?
Rose Summers (1 year ago)
Well that was the answer I was looking for, but role reversal with gender. I like him, but I have to initiate every conversation. I stepped back two weeks ago to give him a chance to initiate, and guess how long it's been since we've talked? Yup, two weeks. You gave me the confidence to move on. Thank you.
Dark Magician (1 year ago)
Rose Summers it's not on the man to always chase a woman because we have important things going on such as school, running a business, going to the gym, etc. It's not a crime for a woman to put in some effort to show that's she interested.
Bianca (1 year ago)
That's not true at all. I don't initiate texts. If I initiate I feel the guy may loose interest. I can absolutely beeing in love with the guy and not initiate text. So don't read too much into a woman not initiating. It does not necessary mean she is not interested.
Fr33domawaits (6 months ago)
Bianca Fuuuuck why would you do thaaat? Speaking from experience it´s so confusing to us guys... Does or does she not want me to text her? We shall never know!
daya (8 months ago)
i am a girl.. and if i like someone o will text first....sometimes
Daileen Cortez (8 months ago)
Bianca yup true
Georgie Is MGTOW (1 year ago)
Texting kills attraction
1347 Ant (1 year ago)
she likes me but she wants to focus on school so idk what to do i dont wanna force her to go out with me.
daya (8 months ago)
she really does not like u.. school is like 7 hours a day if she wants she hang out with u once a week.
kilo dogz (1 year ago)
ive met this girl off pof, she gave me her num.. the first couple of days shed text me first and now im finding that i have to text her in order for her to talk . also when i do text her she replies in like 30 seconds after days of silence.
Lewis Fearon (1 year ago)
It's so annoying cos I don't know the signs I don't know what their thinking but tbh I don't give a fuck cos I'll probs never find love
Brandon Parra (2 years ago)
The girl I like, always says sorry when she doesn't reply fast, like she is says oh sorry I had practice or sorry I am doing homework then starts talking to me. And she also explains her answers when I ask her questions. She is so hard to tell if she likes me or not, but she never says hi in person but we text and Idk what to do!? Is she interested or not??
MornaLisa M. (10 months ago)
Brandon Parra I think she likes u because I also do that😊 I only apologise to guys I like😉😊 I don't even bother replying to guys I'm not into😕😳
Jen nifer (1 year ago)
usually when I do that it means that I'm not interested but am really trying my best to be polite lol but again, not every girl is like that
Gareth (1 year ago)
Soccer Stud set a definite date with her in the evening then hook up with her. If she rejects you she isn't into you
Brandon Parra (1 year ago)
Francis flower That's hard to do though and do you think I have a chance
N I (1 year ago)
Soccer Stud be a man, make a move and see
peter k (2 years ago)
she said yes to date but acts like she has more important things to do than texting and in school shes talking to anyone but not me im confused
thegigadykid1 (2 months ago)
+blooddiamond excatly
blooddiamond (1 year ago)
When she pulls back, you gotta pull back. Always be willing to walk away too. Reward good behavior, and punish bad behavior.
Cinddy Rabb (2 years ago)
I wouldn't text her everyday, it gets boring.. Maybe the first 4 days and then every one or two days and let her reach out too
Derrick Tyson (2 years ago)
It's been 3 days now and no text from her...
DR MELANIN (6 months ago)
It's over
kipupking (6 months ago)
one day here, after i initiated after first date
RubixGamer (7 months ago)
Suicide is option buddy :)
deathtoy101 (8 months ago)
4 for me. I knew I screwed up somewhere FUCK!
mohamad sandi (2 years ago)
can uninterested girls become interested in me with several methods / ways? or completely cannot?
Kevin (2 years ago)
Try to become more interesting! Find some things you like and be passionate about them and people will like you more!
lkhcdfgvbhfv (2 years ago)
i met one girl on fb we are from same village but we didn't know each other, actually she know my sister, and now we are in different countries, for 3 days i was starting the conversation, we chat for few hours every day, but first day i realize something is wrong and i ask her and she answer me next day look this is a thing i like one guy from my university, but i don't think he like me, he is looking good but he is stupid, i give her advice's and first thing i told her just tell him over message you like him, but she cant she is shy, when we texting she is saying i am smart, good guy, and bunch of other things like that, on my flirting she was ok with that, sometimes flirt back, but she never text me first, or even ask a question about me and like i give her advice to text that other guy first she say hell no shy person, so maybe she don't want to message me for the same reason or i am just boring even she say i am funny and bla bla, i feel stupid to start conversation every time, even we chat for few hours, i think i will ask her do she want to chat or just leave her alone, i am totally confused in this case, so to ask her or just leave her alone?
Corey Miller (2 years ago)
My nigga tellin ya game from a studio
user_name_hidden (2 years ago)
What do you think it means when a girl unsends dm conversations on IG? I noticed this today after not messaging her today even though she's always initiating the conversation but I figured I let her mind wonder and not talk but I feel maybe it made her just lose interest cause she got rid of the flirting and good morning text she sent
Luckie Kookie (3 years ago)
Ur awesome
Jacqulyn Smith, Fields (3 years ago)
thank you for these type of videos on your channel
SUPERMAN51557 (3 years ago)
thanks man
Paradiddle44 (3 years ago)
I think most girls will eventually txt a guy they like first, but for some girls they want the guy to initiate the conversation in the early stages.  Some girls do not want to come off as needy, so they avoid txting the guy to much.  I agree with the video for sure.
I just like Memes (2 months ago)
10. 15 (6 months ago)
Fr33domawaits fuck that fucker I've moved on
Fr33domawaits (6 months ago)
+10. 15 did you get it?
10. 15 (1 year ago)
bwestby1 you are correct. I'm waiting for his text.
Chase Cooper (3 years ago)
In my case she was actually the who wanted my number she texted me first and then after that I was the one too initiate the conversation with her
NEGGZZ (10 months ago)
Simple Life (4 years ago)
100% Agreed with you. Let's stop text her and see what the outcomes later.
Simple Life yea dude I actually was thinking about that

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