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Chris Brown Is A Father Of A 9 Months Old - Check Rihanna's Reaction

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Chris Brown Is A Father Of A 9 Months Old - Check Rihanna's Reaction. Chris Brown has some explaining to do! The “Ayo” singer, who’s currently dating Karrueche Tran, is allegedly the father of a 9-month-old baby girl, according to a new report. And the mother is neither Karrueche nor Rihanna. Given their history Rihanna was of course “shocked” to hear reports that her ex Chris Brown allegedly has a 9-month old daughter with a 31-year-old model. The singer has a complicated past with Chris, but does she think Chris would make a good father? Here’s what a popular website learned. “Rihanna is shocked and had to read the reports four times before it finally sunk in,” an insider reveals. “But first things first, and that’s that if it’s true, Chris will be a good father and take care of his little girl.”
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Text Comments (132)
NATE YOVERA (1 year ago)
Chris better be a good father
NATE YOVERA (1 year ago)
Cheis ain't supposed to be de father
NATE YOVERA (1 year ago)
Chris is a ass
NATE YOVERA (1 year ago)
Why chris rihanna?and he bang you up
Alicia Perry (1 year ago)
I think Chris will be a good fAther but he just Need to man up and go de6 his child she don't need to do child support that's crazy Really just man up dufe
Sequira White (1 year ago)
Damn this is crazy
Edward Oakes (2 years ago)
saniya's world (2 years ago)
yes I think Chris would be a great father
Selena Rodney (2 years ago)
no Chris is not the father
Morgan Barton (2 years ago)
guys Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna
Chris Ben (2 years ago)
yes he will be a good dad
Ezabeila Rodriquez (2 years ago)
Chris brown will be a good father
Qwan Freeman (2 years ago)
Shemoney Akarich (3 years ago)
his is a great father any 1 that disagree is wrong
Jari Davies (3 years ago)
shes cute
Dymond Jones (3 years ago)
j fresh (3 years ago)
I think not he was hitting her so on I don't care about him but you in your kids And drack is the dad
Royalty Spikes (3 years ago)
Chris brown would be a great father and Rihanna has a baby girl named Majesty 😍😍
that girl.armani (3 years ago)
majesty is actually her niece...just saying
kk 2 (3 years ago)
no he will not be a good father but the baby will get plenty stuff
Alice Ogilvie (2 years ago)
kk 2 check now!!!!!!!👎👎👎🖕🖕
love u not (3 years ago)
i this he will do grate love KA
nathan oshea (3 years ago)
The guy has a child he's entitled to become a father despite the mistakes he made in the past he's human he made a mistake we all do it from time to time
Cjayi C (3 years ago)
she 28
He2Clutch (3 years ago)
yeah he is a good dad
Jennifer Jordan (3 years ago)
why do you care? is chris brown is your baby daddy? not all women are like that gold diggers
Stephanie Mosley (3 years ago)
Max Loves Food (3 years ago)
Mm...after what he did to rihanna? No he wouldn't make a good father , he's a women beater who knows what he'll do to that poor little baby girl.
Dylan Mwaramba (3 years ago)
+gbgh Hudson yeah your right
gbgh Hudson (3 years ago)
first that shot was so old and if you going say that shot u should know the whole thing he was high and drunk and they got to arguing bout the concert so he said he was going to tyga house and she got him .he said stop she hit 2 more time so he hit her back . he even apologize to her at her house and at an concert
Max Loves Food (3 years ago)
Sorry my trust is very Cruel , after what he has done to Rihanna could have been stress I don't know and sense she's not their who's he gonna lay his hands on now? Sorry it was just my opinion. :(
GrantWagley (3 years ago)
+Kayla garza wow thats a bit extreme dont you think? yeah what he did was wrong doesn't mean he goes around beating kids though
Gemini Family (3 years ago)
well...everyone knows that really royalty is cute. 4 being a baby. but I believe if he was such a good father...he should have told the one who would've needed to know the most, and everybody know that is miss Robyn RiRi Fenty. Noone actually will ever know if he is a good father because we r not in his "new" family. But really how I feel is he needs to figure out who he wants to actually be with and love for the rest of his life. Im all about riri so im on her side but I disagree with certain things.
Luciano Noordzee (3 years ago)
rihanna is 27
Alice Ogilvie (2 years ago)
Luciano Noordzee 28 not being rude
Jamika Anderson (3 years ago)
yes he is
Jamika Anderson (3 years ago)
yes he is
Alexus Sears (3 years ago)
I think he wont be a good daddy because when the baby is grown her dad will beat her like riri
that girl.armani (3 years ago)
that girl.armani (3 years ago)
that's one report of him hitting women it's not like there is 6-9 reports on him hitting women...I fought that he will lay a hand on his child
Chrissy Gary (3 years ago)
they be telling story like
Stacy Ottnat (3 years ago)
Jimmy Raye (3 years ago)
Jimmy Raye (3 years ago)
No he a bad father
Jimmy Raye (3 years ago)
No he a bad father
Akemi P. (3 years ago)
Cris brown Is my baby daddy bitch
Deffeny Fred (4 years ago)
Wow I can't believe chris brown had a child with a model he's 25 she's 31
Sheri Harmon (4 years ago)
Before I saw chris Brown's baby I did not think he would be a good father because he abused riahhana now I relised I should not have judged him
Ali Elizabeth (4 years ago)
Voyeuse S (4 years ago)
Someone made a baby for the bad abuser.  Will he be a dad to the woman's child? Wierd for Rhianna, but she is a Mother with photos of her daughter.
Jeremy Mason (4 years ago)
Rihanna should not even vare if he has a baby I get it I think she still loves him maybe that's why she cares about chris brown €¥€
jerry tsegaye (4 years ago)
it really surprised me....  i mean why would she be like that???????
baby jjiancans (4 years ago)
yeah  know he will take care of his child ..
Gibzy (4 years ago)
Well... If Chris beats his daughter like he had beaten ria nah then no if not then yes he will be the best father to royalty P.S that's the baby's name
Ali Juma (4 years ago)
Im surpise I happy for him
Titeanna Jordan (4 years ago)
He is the father that baby look like him
Nellie Catherine (4 years ago)
ithought she said that the link to the picture was in the discription. its not.
Max (4 years ago)
Fucking get a better mic!
Amaya Dukes (4 years ago)
I can't believe it
ISSA DREAMERZ ENT (4 years ago)
No, because he threw Rihanna into the wall
SkylordJagster (4 years ago)
Shit news, shit quality, shit reporter, shit channel.
Ritz handles (4 years ago)
I feel so sad for the baby. Nobody should be fugly because of money
Straightupgaming , (4 years ago)
Chris is black he can't be a father it's scientifically proved
Lara rostas (4 years ago)
Where's the picture of the baby
Ajeya Watson (4 years ago)
I don't think he will be fit for a baby cause he is way too busy in the clubs. This is so not shocking to me. I am surprised he didn't have child. But his baby is beautiful
Lovely Stars (4 years ago)
The baby girl looks just like him.
Nyisha Lewis (4 years ago)
Nyisha Lewis (4 years ago)
He is a great uncle to king Cairo (tygas son), so between the two of them, I think he will b a great father.!.. Especially now bcaz she is a girl... He jus need to put childish games away now tht he is getting older n has a young one... This whole situation abt hoes ain't loyal is sorry contriditory n i feel for the others involved with this... Smdh
cyril swain (4 years ago)
She is pretty cutee 100% love u and your baby have fun
Brittany Waters (4 years ago)
What is the baby's name of Rhianna and Chris Brown's baby!!!!!!OMG I NEVER SEEN CHRIS BROWN HAVE AN EX GIRLFRIEND AND HAVING A BABY GIRL SHE MUST BE CUTE !!!!!!!
gerbelle90 (4 years ago)
I'm not surprised because I think low of Chris Brown! I'm surprised there are so many women out there spreading their legs for child support not caring where his d*ck has been before. Also surprised at guys not putting on condoms and wishing to get away with it. I also sometimes wonder what the STD rate must be like in Hollywood...
davon townley (4 years ago)
Well he would be a good father but put thots over his kid and music over his kid and rihana can care less bout cb. Rihana got somtin better. To do than worry cb is going to continue being a cold singer my favorite
mac Coss (4 years ago)
Chris Brown looks like a Gangster Glow-Worm....
Neaka Williams (4 years ago)
i dont give a fuck--- what he got-- as long asz the child is being well taken care of-- other then that-- hell im like rihanna he will be a great father--- because you dont want to speak wrong on someone life---
Chrisalic Alic (4 years ago)
i think that he will be a good father
Rasheia Simms (4 years ago)
But he has a song about females aren't loyal. Hmmm....
Monty R (4 years ago)
Stop making stuff up. Rihanna didn't say that. She doesn't care.
Thomas Ford (3 years ago)
Its actually true but she doesnt care much its just surprising that its not his girlfriends
Fantage Bunnie (4 years ago)
😂😂😂 right...
Kess The Mess (4 years ago)
Lets just hope that he doesn't beat it like he beat Rihanna
sabrina Kk (4 years ago)
Why would Rihanna care about what her ex is doing??
Anjola Afolabi (1 year ago)
Shes being nice though
Ladybugshort1 Pridgen (2 years ago)
as much as i love chris brown Carma exsist people never forget
Royalty Spikes (3 years ago)
You need to stop being a hater
Cidi Huia (3 years ago)
+sabrina kardashian why would any person care about what their ex is doing??
teressa kalloo (4 years ago)
I think that Chris Brown will be a great father for his child
Citiva Reid (4 years ago)
He does not have a kid I don't believe it its the magazine people are liers
Keanya Mottley (4 years ago)
Yes he does and she is cute name rotalty
Mpilo Xulu (4 years ago)
@Citiva Reid he does check on instagram.
Citiva Reid (4 years ago)
@Taylah Lynn Pickering​ oh thx
angie hernandez (4 years ago)
oh and Chris browns girlfriend what out he might come out trying to kill u or even beat u and your baby so I feel bad for the baby but not Chris or his girlfriend because she new he was in jail SO FUCK U ALL
angie hernandez (4 years ago)
Chris would be an awful father I mean who the fuck wants to be the daughter of an unsporting  father who went to jail for beating Rihanna I used to like u but now you just an asshole so go ahead fuck who u want to fuck but I bet Rihanna still remembers that I hate ppl who hit girls stupid ass chris so fuck who u want but don't hit girls.   
MsMoneyHunny1 (4 years ago)
@angie hernandez  girl, get over it. Rihanna did, even went on tv during her Oprah interview crying stating Chris Brown was the love of her life and took him back. He won't be the first to go to jail or the last. At least he agreed to help raise his daughter 50/50. You better hope if you never get into a relationship and things don't work out.
marceline kashindi (4 years ago)
R B (4 years ago)
@Ticherie Ma  don't judge him and by the way Chris will be a great father especially because its a baby girl just don't talk about someone that you don't know personally so mind your own shit  
jabarie charles (4 years ago)
yes he would and the best at it good luck bro
marco peet (4 years ago)
Chris gonna b a good DAD🎈😀
romeo lawrence (4 years ago)
Yes he will be a real baby father
SliM DruMMuH (4 years ago)
hope koochie has a good life.
GAB1490 (4 years ago)
hollywoodgarbage would be a great name for this channel .
SHeesh (4 years ago)
Brian Adin (4 years ago)
Why do you feel bad or sad about chris having a baby?
ibrishka Channel (4 years ago)
Shut the fuck op 😢
misspretty301 (4 years ago)
aww rihanna was crushed inside
Sheri Harmon (4 years ago)
@misspretty301 thank you every one thinks it is fake
Monty R (4 years ago)
.....Great Logic.
misspretty301 (4 years ago)
@Montoya R okay but i didn't believe it at first but when its on multiple blogs on tv shows and magazines it has to be true
Monty R (4 years ago)
.....YOU REALLY BELIEVE THEY TALKED TO RIHANNA? LMFAOOO You really believe that's a real quote?? You must not know how blogs work. They lie about everything.
misspretty301 (4 years ago)
@Montoya R okay but if you have to look over it and read it again for it to sink in she cared
Nadaly Pichardo (4 years ago)
this is a lie all ya have to hop the f*** off like ya sbe on his to much hop off
Miracle Watts (4 years ago)
karrueche should leave for good this time chris brown is never going to learn like k michelle said you cant raise a man
Don Thrilla (4 years ago)
The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the world will prove loving and friendly and helpful to you. The world is what you are.
Jaysyn Ashanti (4 years ago)
@Don Thrilla Nah. The world is what it is whether you are good or bad.
Taniah Porter (4 years ago)
Dont believe it NOPE dont
Lyric Hendrix (4 years ago)
Boy you ugly
krisj827 (4 years ago)
Take that paternity test first.
Clifford Leriche (4 years ago)
okay. I don't believe this. NOPE
Miss Kâlå (4 years ago)
Duhh he a father his child he always said he wanted a child
Stijn Broekuyt (4 years ago)
Take that child support away and I Bet a lot of you funky ass females will close them legs. Take away child support and you might have a chance at controlling the population because shit getting crowded.
michelle williams (2 years ago)
Tshepo Gabasie exactly
Mia For Kids (4 years ago)
Amen!!!! U can say that again
ravenrose mia (4 years ago)
its the countries that dont need child support that have the most people. i guess because the man welcomes the baby as an extended family member and not a bottom feeding loser. who would've thunk it(._.) #familyfirstwithDrWoo
Simo Mans (4 years ago)
ICiaraVu (4 years ago)
oh wow :o
James Brower (4 years ago)
If he stops punching people the girl will transform into a good man like eminem
Saz Hunter (3 years ago)
He will make a great dad

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