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THE TOP 25 ITEMS TO SELL ONLINE (eBay) Full Guide! 2018 - 2019

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A list of 25 highly profitable items to sell on eBay • JOIN OUR MENTORING GROUP ► https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci • SUPPLIES WE USE ► https://amzn.to/2CCEQVd • SUBSCRIBE ► https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo • RALLI ROOTS MERCH ► http://www.ralliroots.com/shop.html Follow us on Social Media to stay connected! Instagram ► https://instagram.com/ralliroots **** Music **** https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired thanks so much for watching! We love you all -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Finding Treasure At The Thrift Store To Resell Online!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z47io7wnEHc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (455)
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
Join the mentoring group here! http://www.ralliroots.com/mentoring.html
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
Ventoflare awesome!!! Glad you got in! It’s gonna be a really good time!
Ventoflare (2 months ago)
+RALLI ROOTS I secured the very last spot on your mentoring group! Excited to start and learn tons from from you guys. Always love your tips and advice on your live Monday show and all your youtube clips. <3
TheGuyNamedTy (2 months ago)
I would love to join mentoring. Btw loved the N64 made the list, its how i started 2 months ago and couldn't believe how much they were worth
Adelinna's Adventures (2 months ago)
Sweet can’t wait to get started:)
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
Steve B it does yes. $347 for 2 months of mentoring and all our videos and guides.
Will_1871 (1 day ago)
It’s 45 in the summer here lol
MOMO Mahmoud Hosny (3 days ago)
Hey man your video is amazing and takes it straight to the point. But which type of ink is the best to sell? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!
westonp80 (3 days ago)
Rachel Luedke (5 days ago)
Great Video! Straight to the point!👍
Jonathan Smith (8 days ago)
where do you find this stuff to sell on eBay
Lincolnfrees (9 days ago)
What is the method/deal with pricing things ending in .77 or .88? Thank you! 🙏🏻
Dave Row (9 days ago)
When you find new ink cartridges that are either expired or the box shows no expiration date, is that something you disclose in your listing description? Found an unopened 2 Pack of HP 96 Black Ink tonight that I suspect is expired, but don't see any sort of date anywhere on the box. Thanks!
Linda F (9 days ago)
Ink does not sell, nor does the other crap he is blowing up your ass! ha by: eBay Seller
RALLI ROOTS (8 days ago)
LMAO...you must be new here. Go watch our what sold vids.
Mike Ockswood (11 days ago)
Excellent video, very simple and to the point.
Molt (11 days ago)
I love how you when straight to the point
ShiftyLizardStore (11 days ago)
Dude, in Indiana we picnic and barbecue when it's 45 degrees.
kissy kat (13 days ago)
I have a cole HAAN briefcase listed for under 35$. Google catranch69 and you will find my ebay site easily. Come take a look.
kissy kat (13 days ago)
Sales are slower than ever. I've been selling for 20 years and 2019 has started terribly. The higher shipping rates at usps are not helping. I contacted ebay & mentioned the 2008 housing crises was better even better than this. They had no answers, they will get back to me. Lol I will contact my shoppers, advertise for myself and offer shipping discounts and hope it helps. You are young and optimistic. Keep up the hard work.
Irvin WC (14 days ago)
Hi, Do you sell your inventory on eBay auctions or buy now option?
Irvin WC (14 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS (14 days ago)
99% BIN
Corine Sykes (15 days ago)
Great information, I can sure use it. Thanks for sharing.
Cary Grants (17 days ago)
what it the name of your ebay store that you sold all of that stuff on?
RALLI ROOTS (17 days ago)
Biz Hacks (20 days ago)
when I purchased this home there was a 6 foot male mannequin in the basement. I am a ebay seller. thanks for the tips. I tried selling it but I found I can use it for ebay clothing. tea kettles I never even look at. I will now. my tip to you air filters sell great on both ebay and amazon cars, home or the big commercial ones. I get about 20 -200 for air filters.
Tony Catarelli (21 days ago)
You guys are the best!
Drew Amram (25 days ago)
Been watching you guys for about a year. Good stuff. My first find was a leather bound Army photo album/scrapbook still in the box at Goodwill for $7, sold for $36. Trying to expand into the niche of gear and memorabilia for Fire/EMS since I have a bunch from being a volunteer. Sold a few tools and books. Keep up the great work, you and Alli rock!
SquidPro INK (25 days ago)
Lol when you’re watching from Chicago and he says 45 is cold, that’s light jacket weather here.
Taneal Fulton (29 days ago)
Hi! Love watching you two! Question for you. Would you be interested in purchasing clothing in bulk from one of your listeners? Just curious if I provided pictures of each item, if you would be interested in purchasing a whole box of clothing which you could then resell? Thanks!
RALLI ROOTS (28 days ago)
Taneal Fulton it would have to be higher end clothing but yes
Frank Clarke (30 days ago)
thanks for all the great info...very helpful...
Angela Bradley (1 month ago)
Does the year of the car radio matter? I saw a 2008 Toyota radio and hesitated because of the age.
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Look them up, the model numbers are right on the units
DarkDekieon (1 month ago)
great video, thank you for the info.
Retrograde Danny (1 month ago)
Is there a reason your listings end in .77?
kinggasman (1 month ago)
Great Vid, ty for the info, which style do you sell on ebat, buy it now or auction? which works better? thx in advance
kinggasman (1 month ago)
+RALLI ROOTS Blimey quick reply mate =-)
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
We do mostly BIN
Nissan En español (1 month ago)
You tha men
Benjamin Brenya (1 month ago)
Great dude, stay blessed
ItsTheKris (1 month ago)
Street sharks hells yea
Charlie Brown (1 month ago)
Vinyl is very niche, but commands massive cash for the right lps and 45s
The Gurch (1 month ago)
So just how do you pick which price to start the auction at? Too high it won't move too cheap you've lost out
The Gurch (1 month ago)
okay, wow, and that works out better than an auction? I've only ever run auctions not even considered that option so you're actually a retailer and I suppose you would get more sales that way.  also how much is the mentoring with you? I think I need it!!
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
We don't run auctions, 99% buy it now.
Steamy (1 month ago)
he seems really nice. great info man, thanks alot!
eni karaulli (1 month ago)
Great video.
Tayman (1 month ago)
You mentioned grailed, poshmark and dpop(?). Are there any other apps you recommend?
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
Mercari is good too, and letgo and offer up for local stuff
mel505mel (1 month ago)
Who and why would anybody 👎🏽 this video???? Excellent information! Thank you Ralli Roots!!!! 😊
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
You're welcome :)
Charles Muncy (1 month ago)
Can you explain the differences in automatic payment method so we can have a clear understanding on this please.
Maria Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Hi. I am a newbie . Just started selling on ebay a month ago. I just sold a dog plush for $41 and paid only $2.16 at Goodweel. I felt so excited! Hoping to learn more each day and make 2019 a succesful year for my business.
Joshua Dal Santo (1 month ago)
But if everyone's selling them "BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST ITEMS TO SELL" then technically they won't be anymore! Video is irrelevant but what you can take away from this video is that its important to know what items to invest in before everyone else is just have to CATCH THE WAVE!
Southeast Angler (1 month ago)
Everyone just get away from ebay, they suck and are greedy. They don't care for the sellers and it's full of return scammers. I've been returned box of trash and was forced to return money still.
Revolvethis (1 month ago)
Southeast Angler if someone local asked me I’d have no problem, that’s a lot different then a comment section on what to sell on eBay video. If I was speaking to you even on Instagram it would be different. I’ve done my taxes myself for the previous four years, this year I need to have someone help me to make sure I’m doing it correct, it’s not a lot though after expenses, eBay fees, shipping, cost of goods sold, returned items & taxes. It’s far less than 50%, taxes could end up taking a significant part of my profit. Honestly I don’t like dealing with the financial piece, I’ve only recently taken a good look at my numbers.
Southeast Angler (1 month ago)
+Revolvethis I'm not in the eBay selling anymore because I do better locally with my sales and store front of my metal fabrication shop. I've sold everything from coins, gold, silver, one of a kind antiques and one of a kind hand made items everything that I've searched that's has sold nothing on gut feelings and in the last 3 years ebay started to died my items never changed. I've been in multiple business situations and you never get anything from hiding what you sale. I could give you mine and there is nothing you can do but look at what I'm selling and what I've sold. Worse case someone buys something. So if some one ask local your store name you say no, what's the difference. I will think what I think I guess I don't care if you care or not. I think if I was to see your account I don't think I would be surprised at all. Funny how people hide there accounts when people start to call bullshit. I know of a few "friends" locally that sell on ebay and speak a big game not knowing I've seen there sells. So what was your take home after fees and paying taxes on $108,000 before expenses
Revolvethis (1 month ago)
Southeast Angler Most eBay sellers that do really well, have a few products they flip over and over, stuff they’ve spent a long time researching and finding, all it would take is five more sellers selling that exact item to flood the market. That is the main reason people with bigger eBay stores don’t go advertising their stores in comment sections. I’ve only recently started selling replenishable‘s, it took a long time to figure out what I was going to sell and I invested a good deal of money wholesale, I’ve been making a great profit the last few weeks on a couple items, i’m not prepared to share that with strangers in a YouTube comment section. I couldn’t care any less who believes me, I have no reason to lie. I learned my lesson two years ago giving my store information out in a public Facebook group, for a different reason than listed above, there’s more than one reason why it’s not a smart idea. I work reselling 8 to 10 hours a day six days a week, it’s not a hobby or a side hustle it’s my full-time job, my sales is just the amount that sold, doesn’t take into account the cost of goods sold, fees or even shipping for that matter, in the end I’m looking at less than half of that, which isn’t even considered a good living in a lot of places.
Southeast Angler (1 month ago)
+Revolvethis whats your eBay user name ? I like to check out people who go around claiming to make that much on ebay. No one ever gives up there account name who claims to be a huge seller. I think it's because their full of crap. They might be selling SOMETHINGS but speak themselves up big time. I understand there are big sellers on ebay just yet to find someone to back what they say.
Southeast Angler (1 month ago)
+Revolvethis what's your name on ebay ?
paraiks (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video. Very good information. (feel free to remove my comment if you think it'll lose you views) Here's a list of the 25 Best Items: 1. Toner/Ink Cartridges - even if expired 2. Texas Instruments Calculators 3. Shoes- new or used 4. Sporting goods- baseball gloves, bats 5. Sunglasses- avoid scratched lenses/make sure glasses are authentic 6. Vintage video games- N64, super Nintendo 7. Board Shorts- Tommy Hilfiger/ no rips. no tears 8. Surveillance Systems - security cameras 9. Collectibles- Disney, easy to search ad find prices on 10.VCR/DVD Recorder 11. Car Radios- stock car radios, BMW, Mercedes, Audi 12. Vintage Band T-Shirts- Tour T-Shirts 13. Bags- computer bags, duffel bags, purses 14. Hard Goods- be careful with shipping, pack them well 15. Men’s Clothing - Lululemon, Ralph Lauren 16. Watches- Well known brands like Nixon, vintage watches 17. Plush Toys- Disney, New and hot plush toys 18. Caps & Hats- Snap backs, strap backs, beanies, vintage John Deere 19. Vintage Clothing- Tommy Hilfiger, bright colors, big spell outs 20. Vintage Toys- Power Ranger action figures 21. Mid Century Modern- Furniture 22. Vintage Electronics- Voice recorders, Walkmans, CD players, 1st or 2nd Generation iPods 23. Tea Kettles & Kitchen Stuff- Knives 24. Blank Media- Have to be sealed, CD’s, VHS 25. Sports Memorabilia- Jerseys
George Evangel (5 days ago)
Sunglasses? I see dozens of them everywhere I go.Which ones are worth anything?
Ian Hom (10 days ago)
you da man for this bruh
UShallKnow (1 month ago)
why can't you say "out"
Barbara E Pye (1 month ago)
Thanks for the information great video my eBay store is upthearts6
James Ni (1 month ago)
Great Video i learned a lot Thanks!
Gilbert Nichols (1 month ago)
The real key is finding the right subject line that help people find your products. What's the secret?
Actionman will (1 month ago)
Ok, thanks sir! What do you think about PLR digital product? It is a good idea to sell that on Ebay ?
Stunz (1 month ago)
Thanks for all info! Will make sure to pick up those VCR players!
Lisandra McGrath (1 month ago)
Love love loved this vid. I'm going to listen to it a number of times until I have the items and categories memorized so I won't need to use a cheat sheet in the thrift shops and yard sales. 😆 Thanks so much. You guys rock!
bobby pierce (1 month ago)
Cow cue later...not Cok u later
King of Thrift (1 month ago)
I’ve been looking at all the snow globes now at my local thrifts. Good information bro.
Forever Bottles (1 month ago)
Brilliant - thank you!!
Brian D (1 month ago)
That's a pretty heavy jacket for someone that lives in Florida.😂😂 Love Canada.😁
RALLI ROOTS (1 month ago)
haha :) thats fair enough
Spenser Hachey (1 month ago)
Hey guys - started watching your videos a week ago and have been super helpful. Thank you!
Juliana Barrios (1 month ago)
This was great!!! Thank you.
robert8192 (1 month ago)
The one thing I would add at 22:00 he talks about cassette tapes. The real breadwinner is a Metal tape, Cr2 Chromium, GOLD baby... Look them up. I bought three sealed from a thrift store, and they were worth 35$ a piece..
Tittlesnhizmouf (2 months ago)
I'm sorry I just don't understand how buyers would pay top dolkar for things that look like junk. Am I missing something. I really wanted to get onboard with this ebay seller method. But it just looks like junk. What's your ebay store name? I don't see it listed anywhere because this honestly is a bit unbelievable
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
Yup, people buy lots and lots online. Believe it. We have multiple stores but all the sales in this video came from this one https://www.ebay.com/str/thehiplion
Baskets (2 months ago)
Very informative , I found a pair of Louis Vuitton for 24.99 was listed auction 7 days with one watcher but sold for 249$ but learning a bit of everything to expand my business now ! Thank you
Chaun D (2 months ago)
Thanks for making this video. I just started learning more about retail arbitrage and this video will help me NOT overlook some of the items at future yard dales. Thanks Dude! Question: since I’ve already made the mistake of buying a lot of brand name (Polo by RL, Tommy Hilfiger, Chaps, etc) Men’s button down shirts that are basic, which of the following would you recommend for me to do: A) sell in lots of same brand, same size B) sell in lots of mixed brands, same size C) continue to sell individually but reduce price to $15-$20 In your experience, which is the fastest way for me to clear up this inventory. Respect ;)
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
We'd probably try selling in lots of same brand same size first
bengsheng64 (2 months ago)
Will u be mentoring uk sellers aswell?
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
We do yes :)
B Cha (2 months ago)
THANK YOU for packing so much knowledge into a reasonable amount of time. Not sure how others manage to take an hour to explain 5 things to sell.
How can I makey item sale less than a week? I posted a tote bag and have not gotten any hits (like Watching or Bids). Any tips from experience sellers????
T Koontz (2 months ago)
Which source do you use to see what's selling online that you find?
Lilly V Gutierrez (2 months ago)
plushes plshys are so cute they sell for pennys or 25 cents to get rid of them!! even if ur selling for 15-20 i think 15-20 is very doable
Lilly V Gutierrez (2 months ago)
all the old vcr i do have some older camerasand camcorders old ones like when our parents had in the 90s
Timothy Thomas (2 months ago)
There is a ton of Info on your Mentoring site. However there doesn't seem to be a price? I may have missed it? Let me know. I live close in the Tampa area. I Generally plan ahead to make informed Descion. And without a price I can't make plans.
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
The price of the last rounds has been $347
randombartard (2 months ago)
i should've started selling full time when I turned 18. I listened to my parents and went to school and now I find out I don't want that life. I sold on ebay all throughout highschool and I knew I could've done it. Never too late to start though.
vegas23 (2 months ago)
Listen I immediately noticed that you obviously have a giant store on ebay that has been around awhile so you are able to get much higher prices for things than the average person with an ebay account. I sell on ebay part time and have for years and I'am also a retro game collector. As soon as you showed the $35 Super Mario 64 game it made me want to leave the video. Anyone who has sold on ebay for a long time knows there are different classes of sellers. EVen if you are really small but you sell a decent amount of 1,000 items a year you still can't get prices for games or other stuff like that. Super Mario 64 is literally a $20 game and there is so many problems with you selling it for $35 then showing that off. The main problem is people getting into reselling think games and the other stuff that you can only sell for that much no one could are worth a fucking ton. When in reality a person like me who sells on ebay but does not have a giant store then I could never in a million years sell that Mario game for $35 it would literally never happen. And you need to explain to them why that is instead of misleading people into thinking oh shit look game for example are worth a ton of money when in reality that mario game is worth almost half to them if they sold it since they do not have a giant store. You also need to explain to them why having a giant store on ebay is a giant fucking advantage! We both know why but you need to explain to them how it works and why it's a big deal. It's such an advantage because unsuspecting people who don't know anything or know any better who have bought stuff off of you before come back into your store and then boom they see something they haven't seen for a long time like say "Super Mario 64" and so they get excited and off of IMPULSE they immediately purchase "Super Mario 64" without thinking or doing any other searches for that game for a cheaper amount and if they would search they would find out they can get that exact same game for $21 shipped instead of $35 shipped! But people you are taking advantage of don't know any better or frankly some probably don't care. Further more I'm 100% sure you are sponsored on ebay which is another bonus since your listings go to the top on searches. I'm 10 mins in and that should of been the VERY FIRST THING YOU TALKED ABOUT! I love watching videos of ideas for selling stuff but to come here and see you misleading people about how you do it is not right honestly. You need to explain to everyone why you can sell everything at higher prices than everyone else. It's not a bad thing that you can do that but it's clear you are misleading people. If I was new and watching this I would think OMG Super Mario 64 is worth $35 just for the cartridge? OMG! But NO in reality in the real world where you don't have a giant sponsored store who can take advantage of people so you have to make the price for your copy the cheapest on ebay to sell. So you do the exact opposite of what a normal person has to do. Which makes your videos worthless. This is not a normal situation at all and the average person can not and will not get these prices unless they establish a store on ebay like you have. That's the only way. And if they don't then you will get about 10%-50% less for selling stuff. Not to mention if you pay to have ebay sponsor your store lol. PLease think about this so you don't mislead the average person. If I watched this 4 years ago I would of jumped in blindly to only find out you were wrong. And it's not a good way to find out what someone said on youtube was wrong
Revolvethis (1 month ago)
The size of the store has nothing to do with it, they may get more eyes on their stuff because of the content they make, that’s justified they work their asses off, if your stuffs not selling there is a reason, I have no problem getting these prices (often higher) all day long and I have less than 1000 items in my store.
Plump And Fabulous (1 month ago)
Omg why in the fuck would you watch someone elses video and write this long stupid ass review. Make your own fucking videos hater! You run your smallllllllll store the way you wzmt to run it. Mine your own fucking business bitch! He's telling you what his experience us. Noone gives a fuck about what you think. Last thing stay off drugs go to rehab. It's obvious your a crack or meth head.
Krystel S (1 month ago)
vegas23 Maybe your stuff just isn’t great. Im a pretty new seller and honestly I think pictures have a lot to do with it and just the way you detail things. Timing categorizing in all that matters because I do pretty well! Don’t take your experience and make it everybody else’s because that isn’t the case.
keola dacalio (2 months ago)
vegas23 I can’t speak to super Mario or a big store anymore, I use to have a large star years ago like early $2000 but stopped for school. Just getting back and starting from scratch as my mom deleted my old account... smh. But I disagree that this is misleading, as long as pictures are clean, copy is enticing and titles are on point you can still sale “saturated” items for a higher amount. My current account is under 200 feedback, I’m not sponsored and am able to sale “vintage” items for more then other sellers because I make my listing quality... custom html template, clean white backed photos, appealing copy and titles that are keyword heavy while still giving detail on the product. I think it just depends on the time you put in and the quality you bring to your listings. Cause there’s nothing different between what I sale and the same item another seller sales for $10 or more cheaper...
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
lol geeeezzz...didn't even read your entire comment, too negative. I hope you enjoyed writing that up lol. A scarcity mindset like the one you have will get you nowhere, try to stay positive bud.
Johnny Red (2 months ago)
Another eBay reseller says that old sealed ink cartridges are risky b/c they might be all dried up, and that they have a high return rate. Have you found this to be true?
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
It's happened to us on less than 5% of the expired cartridges we've sold, and we've sold thousands of dollars worth
Esteban Rincon (2 months ago)
2:03 "Cock-u-laters" 5:34 "Hill figure" LOL
Esteban Rincon (2 months ago)
+RALLI ROOTS LOL! Just messing with you dude. Keep up the good work.
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
...are you done?
Excellent content! Thanks for sharing!
Georgina santiago muns (2 months ago)
Awesome educational video! THANKS 😊😊
ottoreality (2 months ago)
Dude! Bought a Hewlett Packard 65 at an estate sale with case and charger. Listed it before I started drinking my coffee and it was sold by the time I was done! Bought about 100 items for $50 at that sale and got $142 (with shipping) for the calculator! SO cool! I also got a beer stein from W. Germany there! All because I watched this video! You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing the knowledge! 😄🙏🏼🔥
Kaleena Krasnaja (2 months ago)
Very useful information! Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone!
T-Bone (2 months ago)
I bought a vintage Polo Sport RL windbreaker at the Goodwill bins for maybe a buck. Sold 15 mins after listing for $80 !!!!
T-Bone (2 months ago)
What do you think about English Laundry men's shirts? I picked up a couple today and didn't bother looking them up beforehand. Took a chance!
Best beginner pick up items list video I have seen in a long time maybe even to good...
Revolvethis (1 month ago)
Jarn Forester me too.
Jaime Lyn (2 months ago)
Absolutely great video man.
Jaime Lyn (2 months ago)
It’s getting tight in my area, I’m here yelling shhhhh at my computer and this kind lad
J Bravado (2 months ago)
This is why the thrifts are filled with resellers. Giving out way too much info. This is shit you should learn on your own.
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
That's called a "scarcity mindset" my friend, and be careful because it will hold you back big time!
J C (2 months ago)
I like how we will get in trouble for selling fake sunglasses but Chinese sellers can do it all day long with any item..
Dustin Boyd (2 months ago)
Great info
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
King of Thrift (2 months ago)
I didn’t watch the entire vid so sorry if you covered this but certain coffee mugs are good money too. Starbucks Disney and America ware for example. Never have thought to snow globes wow nice !!
King of Thrift (2 months ago)
I’m scared to sell electronics.
The Gurch (1 month ago)
i agree with you but I'm tempted to try it out, shoes is another that i might try. +King of Thrift
King of Thrift (1 month ago)
Returns mostly the reason and I’m just not educated enough in them. I love selling clothes because they don’t break lol
ExcessiveOutdoors (2 months ago)
slick Rick (2 months ago)
King of Thrift (2 months ago)
Louville sluggers are great baseball bats that fetch good money
King of Thrift (2 months ago)
Nice Vintage Tommy jacket!!
Stuck In The Heartland (2 months ago)
Any concerns with selling radio that may belocked? I ran into an issue where a buyer needed to know the code to get it to work.
ItsNot4Nothing (2 months ago)
Do you test all those old game cartridges? That’s why I never pick them up. Have no way to test.
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
most of the time yes. we have a lot of the systems
chris silva (2 months ago)
Where do u get the car radios any place in particular?
pbutter237 (2 months ago)
Blank media doesn't have to be new to sell. I have sold blank CDs with a few discs missing from the package. My brother used a few of them and left the remaining 20+ discs on a shelf for years. I have even sold old recordable cassettes which still had some old radio shows on them. I bundled similar brands into one listing on Ebay. The same customer bought both listings I had at the time.
Eric Vanderwall (2 months ago)
How do I sign up for the mentoring
BitchesBFlippin (2 months ago)
Might be a dumb question but how do you know for sure the shirt is a vintage t-shirt from a tour and not a Dillard’s, JCPenney remake? Is there something to look for on the tag that’s a dead giveaway that yes, this for sure is a concert tour T-shirt? Of course duh I know if it says Dillard’s or Penney’s on the tag it isn’t, but any other clues you look for?
Ms. Baltimore (2 months ago)
I'm a New Reseller 5 Months In.. On Poshmark Closet @blenkotoo I've Been Selling Jewelry.. Should I Diversify Or Start Selling On Ebay? Many Thx
Janice Bird (2 months ago)
These kinds of videos make me crazy because I have donated so many of these items from my own belongings! Ugh!
DaisyParades (2 months ago)
Excellent content as usual! Thank you Ryan! I’ll keep my eyes open for those John Deere hats...❤️
Ozzy morrison (2 months ago)
excellent information, you earned a Sub tonight
jane paul (2 months ago)
Hello, Any opinion on Mercari site ?? thanks for your videos !!!
TIFANI CLAIR (2 months ago)
I just bought a unit and it has router for spectrum and other stuff probably supposed to be returned. What do I do with it. I do not want to call spectrum and sound stupid, but it’s fine by me if all your followers think I am. Lol. Also redbox movies still in case. Do I just drop them in a redbox return? Any insight would be appreciated
Atomic [B.o.T] (2 months ago)
TIFANI CLAIR go back to the redbox and return the movies or you’ll be charged everyday
Groovy Design (2 months ago)
No wonder I just sold a coat to Fl LOL
Coin Stories (2 months ago)
I spent $14 at the swap meet today and got 8 brand new printer cartridges.... never would’ve guessed but shoot... I’ll make almost $100 with these few items.
Rex Erection (2 months ago)
When is a good time to open up a store? When you sell how much a month? Do you have a video on the different store options and when you should transition to one?
Steven Wilson (2 months ago)
I've been buying and re-selling for over 20 years and always learn a lot from your videos! Thank you so much.
AtlAllen Automotive (1 month ago)
What tips would you give a newbie , I'm relatively new to ebay ! Looking for as much tips and knowledge possible to be the best ebay reseller.
Kathryn Kay (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing! Past up a couple of those you mentioned so now I'm on the look out and know not to pass on them again unless I can't help it!

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