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Why Did He Just Stop?

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Text Comments (143)
Antonio Wolfpack 1990 (4 days ago)
You showed your true colors. And the outcome wasn't good
Zack Sellars (4 days ago)
There’s this girl who started liking me near the end of last school year and during the summer we both said we liked each other and we talked all summer but we didn’t see each other barely and then when school came back it was good for about the first two weeks but she kinda stopped sending cute selfies on snap n replying more than once to somethings and we only have two classes together and we don’t talk as much in the first class but we sit next to each other in the other class and that was nice but she started to walk away and going to talk to other people in the room but it’s just different from where we were at the beginning of the school year to 4 weeks later. I asked her last week if she still liked me and she said she did but she didn’t want a relationship even though her friend told me she wanted me to ask her out a few days before school started but she said it wasn’t cause she’s talking to other people she said I’m the only guy she talks to but idk because she is barely on her phone because she gets it taken away for something she did (which Ik what she did) but I don’t hold it against her and I’m a shy guy but I feel like I could be more myself when I’m around her but I’m always overthinking and idk if I should stop talking to her or just wait. I NEED HELP
Soma (4 days ago)
So the guy I like he is in a long distance relationship she lives an hour away. They only see each other 1 day a week. I started talking to him he gave me all his attention we talked all day everyday during school etc. We even hung out outside of school. We became really close and best friends very quickly. But then he just stopped texting me normally and back as fast as he usually does? He said its because I'm not his girlfriend and he's super loyal yet he has feelings for me he said he'd date me if he wasn't in a relationship? His girlfriend hangs out with other females outside of school too? I'm confused why he just stopped?
Annette English (5 days ago)
Hey Luke can you do a video on two people who like each other, not really communicating and no movement. Both people waiting on the other to make move , (shy) What to do? Possible third party, not sure
Zerepy (5 days ago)
My question is: Why can't I stop thinking about this one girl when I am not even attracked to her?
Video Connoisseur (5 days ago)
James (5 days ago)
Yes please. I am interested in this answer too.
Everything Awesome (5 days ago)
Hey man I gotta situation for you to read into. I met this girl at Subway. At first, she didn't seem into me. Then one night I saw her in the mcdonalds parking lot, and I was checking her out. She caught me several times and we went back and forth from looking to looking away. The next time I came in subway over a week later she was very responsive to me, flirty and smiled a lot, the complete opposite of before. I came in a few days later and walked right up to her and gave her my number, confidently, she smiled and I smiled in return. almost two weeks later I had never heard from her. ( I should have just gotten her number but I felt I was taking the pressure off her but really I was putting the pressure on her ) The girl never wore makeup prior to this. So after almost two weeks I decide I'm going to go in, because I had built it up in my head so long and already started feeling affectionate towards her.. ( shes insecure she compared her looks to a rodent the first time after we flirted and I complimented her and she smiled ) anyway, she had on a ton of makeup which was a first and she changed her hair completely. The entire interaction was mixed. the fact she was wearing makeup and changed her hair was an indication of interest, she made solid eye contact except i felt she wanted me to say something but in my mind i already reached out what more did she want.. I made a purchase, with no small talk what so ever, it was literally just me and her, and i complimented her hair.. but i looked down and away because i felt from her vibe I was creeping her out which made me feel awkward.. she rolled her eyes once when she realized i was just buying something and thats it.. I didn't wanna come on too strong and i knew i had already taken initiative so I felt I did everything right. anyway i complimented her hair she said thanks and have a good evening and i left. so i thought about it read about it and came to the idea that im just going back one more time and asking her straight up look do you wanna go on a date with me or not if not ill never come in here again. so about 3 days later i went back, but it was slightly buisier this time, and she was busy she looked over at me and i dunno if i made this up i think i may have made it up in my head that she rolled her eyes, but she looked at me, with her mouth open, looked away, continued to do her stuff, and then went to the back of the store to contine working. i took it the wrong way at first but maybe she was just busy. at any rate i've spent way too much time chasing this girl and looking into it and thinking about her and have gotten nothing in return. I feel it shouldn't be this difficult. I felt she was interested in me the whole time and she wanted me to do something but what? I just don't know what more she wanted, for me to ask her out I guess but doesn't she realize a guy doesn't want to push a girl away.. hell I was rather persistant in making my prescence known and that i was into her.. and when i did decide to ask her out it was the wrong day.. now i just feel like i'm done. i want her but she could have easily texted me and i dont see how a girl could be afraid to do so , its a text message, theres nothying face to face about it. and it doesnt take that long to text hi, over two weeks. it just makes no sense. i feel strung along, rejected, hurt, and bitter.
Angel Cake (6 days ago)
Is it healthy to stay in a relationship where they keep, hurting me, and flirting with others, and tells me he loves me? And does he really mean it?
kitty x3 (1 day ago)
it's definitely not healthy. I would end it tbh. even if he did love you, he's probably looking for some adventure. and if you're not enough, he's not worth it
Da Spicy Birb (6 days ago)
I’m scared to live now
S. L. (8 days ago)
Please never stop making videos I really appreciate your wisdom 😊
D Jay (8 days ago)
What does it mean if I was talking to my co-worker and he was smiling and biting his lower lip as we made eye contact? (i was talking to him about a bad day at work and i’m 17 and he’s 18)
Annette English (7 days ago)
Sounds like your co worker has an attraction to you
ChocolateBreakfast (8 days ago)
It means you are gay
Alex California (8 days ago)
How do you flirt?
Lemon Fresh Clorox (9 days ago)
No content ideas huh. Everyone is acting nonchalant yet it's clear from your comments section and forum that just about everyone is worrying too much. Researchers used a technique called tryptophan depletion to lower people's serotonin levels. What they observed was that the male participants became more impulsive but their moods did not significantly drop while the female participants had significant mood drops and became more cautious. It is known that when you fancy someone the following sequence happens: Serotonin levels drop , cortisol increases which makes dopamine levels rise which then makes norepinephrine levels rise. From my understanding Serotonin is responsible for communication in our brains and acts as a mood stabilizer, dopamine makes us pay attention and is pleasurable, cortisol is the stress hormone and norepinephrine makes us excitable. The brain is working perfectly fine, it's the mind that's having a hard time making sense of what's going on. Example you have people come to you asking you how to stop thinking about their crush. The way the mind works is funny though. You can try this out by picking anything and deciding that you won't think about it.... Kangaroos .... The moment you decide "I'm not going to think about kangaroos" you will have lost and you'll start thinking about them.
Ʀémi...♡♥ (10 days ago)
In my case, the guy I was seeing went on into further education, (he's a year older), could that be the reason why he's just stopped? Could it be that he didn't want to get serious...
Xx Rrr (10 days ago)
My classmate (a boy )he tells me he likes me a lot, What does he actually mean
Xx Rrr (6 days ago)
+Annette Englishthx
Annette English (7 days ago)
Xx Rrr yes😊
Xx Rrr (7 days ago)
+Annette English so is he really mean it ?
Annette English (7 days ago)
Xx Rrr LMBO, it's obvious boo!
Lemon Fresh Clorox (8 days ago)
Words are ineffective. Saying "what he actually means is... Words ... Bla bla ... Words" would be of little use to you. Don't worry about it.
Jana GOSTOVA (11 days ago)
Why are they so surprised when you spit out ,,it's over"? Why are they coming back to beg for second chance with reminder "it was good". Do we have to go through this mess? I rather not
Lemon Fresh Clorox (8 days ago)
Words are pretty ineffective. "I'm fine" can mean "I'm having a great time"... It can also mean there's something on my mind right now and I don't want to talk about it leave me alone ". Which is why we don't just listen to the words someone is saying but observe what their body is saying. They may not want to believe that by " it's over" you mean *It's over* . They are probably hoping that it means " hey you upset me rectify this " so they are trying to remind you that it was good so that you could tell them what was bothering you so that you could work things out. That may be it, but why do you care? Maybe you don't ... Who cares ;) Have a wonderful day Jana :D
aa (10 days ago)
Someone seemed mad (didn't express it too outwardly in words, but they did in behavior) that I didn't keep in touch. But, I said that I probably wasn't going to anyway and the response that I got was that it's ok with them if I don't want to, but they'll leave it up to me if I want to because they do want to. And, they've said it a few times that they want to. But, I told them that I might not contact them, and I haven't. So, then they did something to try to convince me to. It was blatantly obvious that's what that was about. I feel appreciative that they did things to convince me, and think it's actually not really like them to do that (being unnecessarily/excessively generous and/or thoughtful and surprisingly friendly). It's really unexpected because this specific person I'm talking about is kind of a jerk sometimes and seems like less and less of a jerk more and more. (Shrugs) I even said that to him. If they contact me I'm probably not going to be ignoring this person because I don't exactly have a reason to be doing that. But, I don't want to hear any of that "YOU contacted me this time, not me to you." And, then be behaving like a douchebag because they think they have me eating out of the palm of their hand, or something like that...and all becaue of if "I" call or text them... or not. Why do guys do that (try to act excessively chill, but let you know that they aren't chill in their convincing things that they do or say)?
aa (4 days ago)
Annette Eng. "He seems like he wants you to stroke his ego." Yeah, um, of course he likes his ego to be stroked...don't they all (doesn't everyone)? (That, among other things, right?) But, I'm not trying to be an ego stroker for guys to condition them FOR other girls. I'm not trying to get used as some guy's sex buddy, just because. I said to him that he needs to work something out with me in order for me to consider something like what he said he wants. I'm not 14, but I still don't want to be bothered with being used just for the heck of it with nothing I'm receiving in return...no actual relationship, no emotional connect, no stability, no stuff, no whatever else it may be that I might want if I'm giving sex. Each person is different in how they are toward different people anyway. That's why I told him to get me something (of a certain value, that partly goes according to my calculations of his income) every time he meets up with me. The more he does that (& if I like him and trust him) then possibly the less he might have to do, and leniency I'd give about it. I know what attracts me, and what doesn't. And, if he said he wants to split then I still have whatever is given to me. It's insurance for when a guy probably thinks you're a thot OR just a slab of meat, but doesn't want to say that to you because he's a hypocrite and doesn't mind getting sex out of you, if he can.
aa (7 days ago)
Annette Eng. "Sometimes they try to play like they don't care when they do." That's partly because they either just want sex OR/AND because other guys will tease them and call them names if they tell them they are feeling sensitive and caring toward a girl. They will say that if something goes wrong that it's because he did something wrong by being too loving, or too sweet, or too available, or whatever else like that.
aa (8 days ago)
Lemon Fr. Maybe next time what? What do you mean by next time?
Annette English (8 days ago)
aa Sometimes they try to play as if they don't care when they do. He seems like he wants you to stroke his ego.
Lemon Fresh Clorox (8 days ago)
+aa _Ok, maybe next time LUL_
Annette English (11 days ago)
He lost interest most likely, keep it moving. What one man/women doesn't like about you, there's always one that will. The right one for you, will love all of you, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Unconditionally💕
Annette English (5 days ago)
Alex Spuggie your welcome love, stay optimistic when it comes to love. Do whatever you need to do for you to build your confidence.
Annette English (5 days ago)
Xxminty619 Xx You mean she started acting different like distant since she saw your pic? How did you guys meet? I'm getting the feeling you really wasting your time on this one. First thing, she's married, even though she's going through a divorce, she's doing too much. I think you need to remove yourself from the situation let her work out her issues. It just seems like your stepping into drama. Nothing good comes out of that.
Annette English (5 days ago)
Everything Awesome remain positive. While your waiting, looking for that right one, work on you. Get back to you first, love you unconditionally so you can pour that same love into someone else. Do whatever it is you want to do, or need to. Focus on the things you want in life, not the things you don't. Create a better life for yourself. Live a little, have fun. Whatever it is you feel you may need to change, improve, do It! At the end of the day you have to be happy with you, and that will build confidence. Confidence will build attraction, people will be drawn to you. Stay positive in every situation, you create your happiness, no other people. I hope this has blessed you and all that read it.💞
Annette English (5 days ago)
Xxminty619 Xx Wow that's crazy
BlackMilk (5 days ago)
+Alex Spuggie Yeah and listening doesn't require much effort either. A lot of the people that I come across rarely truly get listened to. I stopped lurking on here as much but I'm aight :). Glad to hear that you feel like you've learnt a lot. You were talking about how you needed more confidence ... Feeling like you've learnt probably helps with that.
L J (11 days ago)
I prefer honesty. If you don’t want to date or chat with me, then just say so. I’m a big girl. I can cut all contact too. That way, we’re on the same page. If he “knows me so well,” then he would know that about me. Ghosting someone when that person isn’t crazy, evil, or creepy is just plain wrong. It also shows a lack of respect and low emotional IQ.
MikiMaki76 (8 days ago)
L J here comes another one... you too want to tell us that women always tell men what's on their mind and are always forward and sincere about their intentions and feelings? oh come on, cut the crap and the double standard
Annette English (9 days ago)
L J some people see it as the easy way out. I agree they should just come out and tell you. Maybe the person thinks the feeling aren't mutual so they went into their little shell. Some people have a hard time dealing with rejection so it's just easier not to approach or leave the situation all together.
Emily Greene (11 days ago)
Here's a question - What are ways for a girl to reject a guy she likes but wants to be realistic and look for another man?
aa (4 days ago)
Lemon Fr. Why do you carry bleach around online with you? What does it mean?
aa (3 days ago)
Lemon Fr. "...the rest of us." Who's "us?" Out of tune? 🤔 Meaning...what? Someone told me something about birds singing out of tune (but he was talking about other people, not me...still don't know what that was about though).
Lemon Fresh Clorox (5 days ago)
+aa You're so out of tune with the rest of us that nobody wants to talk to you LUL.
Lemon Fresh Clorox (5 days ago)
+Annette English Probably an extensive list of things she wants in a man. Or perhaps a man who her family and friends would approve of.
aa (6 days ago)
Annette Eng. 🤔 That's kind of obvious...isn't it? They don't want to be with only one person. They aren't involved with that person any more. And, what does everyone know comes after a split with someone? -----> the next person that they get with
Hannah Esparza (11 days ago)
Why does he look like he is looking for you but he won't talk to you at times and he is an old friend of yours. But when im with my friend he just looks at me?
Annette English (9 days ago)
Hannah Esparza Sounds like he's a bit shy. If that's the case, he really doesn't want to approach you with your friends there. Try to go over to him by yourself and say hi.
J L (11 days ago)
He is immature. Why would he put in all that effort getting to know you just to waste your time and his? Something in the back of his mind is immature or mentally unsound. He probably is a selfish prick in a relationship you don't want. If he moves on suddenly when he put in all that effort getting to know you waste your time and his? Something in the back of his mind is immature or mentally unsound. He probably is a selfish prick in a relationship you wouldn't want. If he moves on learn from it and move on too...mature sound an stable men don't punish you for effort.
aihtnas lino (11 days ago)
that helped me a lot
N. Nia (11 days ago)
Lemon Fresh Clorox (8 days ago)
Lil H (11 days ago)
I was txting this girl for 2months but didnt ask her out yet because of exams, idk if i took too long but then i realised she picked another guy instead so now i stopped all communications and dont even wanna stay as friends
MoviesForLife (12 days ago)
Because you're not that interesting, I have better stuff to do.
aa (5 days ago)
Annette Eng. 🤔... People like to test my ego and sense of self importance and entitlement (that's what it sometimes seems like)...so, I'd say more like a quasi celeb. "Maybe he thought you were someone famous." So, hmmm... well, 🤔 ......maybe he thinks that...or, maybe you don't think that. 🤔 ......... (shrugs) It could be a few different possibilities. Likely, a quasi contract promissory estoppel. Someone said that I made a promise to him (that they asked of me), but I did what they wanted already. And, I asked (to confirm) if I gave him what he said he wanted, and his answer was confirming of it. And, so...🤔 completed, finalized, finito. He seems sort of angry at me though, but he won't actually tell me that. He smiles and behaves just fine toward me, but his undertones are that he acts like he's upset or angry, but doesn't want me to know that.
Annette English (8 days ago)
aa lol, wow! Maybe he thought you were somebody famous.
aa (8 days ago)
Annette Eng. Yeah, that too...and celebs. like to mess with people sometimes. Don't know what for though. It gets annoying after a while. Idk what they did with me, but I got people around acting like they know me. Yesterday I was getting out of my car to go to the store and a guy way at the end of the sidewalk area was waving his hand hello at me and saying hi to me. And, there was another guy he was talking to also saying hi. I was like thinking "Why is this guy that's a million miles away from where I'm at saying hi to me for?" I asked him if we know each other. He then asked me if I needed security. I was like "😐 what???"
Annette English (8 days ago)
aa that's why I said, "I'm done." It's a figure of speech, no different than if I said, "girl or boy bye!" Doesn't necessarily have to be funny. But your right it wasn't funny in that sense, but just the fact that he thinks he got it like that. Also his celebrity pic. Lol😉
aa (8 days ago)
Annette Eng. Um, I don't think there's anything funny in that set of comments. Unless you think it's funny that the guy wrote that he just wants sex and nothing else from someone. It's not really a laughable comment though. I'd probably be like... "🤔 I don't think so." Or, "what are you going to give me? 😐" Or, something like that.
DonnaThrilling Stories (12 days ago)
Great video! ☺️👍
Bugsy Siegel (12 days ago)
Idk I just stopped
Stalkers Go AwayTURDS (12 days ago)
Lol, he got a good picture to who I was and ran for the hills, hahaha
diamondrose34 (12 days ago)
Why not tell the woman that you're done or no longer interested??
ChocolateBreakfast (8 days ago)
Is this Nicole Butler?
MikiMaki76 (8 days ago)
diamondrose34 why, now you want to tell us that women always tell men what's on their mind and are always forward and sincere about their intentions and feelings? oh come on, cut the crap and the double standard
aa (10 days ago)
diamondrose. Stfu, idiot
diamondrose34 (10 days ago)
Internet gangsta!
Astro Venus (12 days ago)
Im bout to binge watch and re watch all of ur videos tmmw so i can understand people more to see who likes who and etc 😊💜
Astro Venus (8 days ago)
+Lemon Fresh Clorox thats coo
Lemon Fresh Clorox (8 days ago)
+Astro Venus Right on sister ! I like hair, be it long straight hair or voluminous natural hair. I'm currently also rocking natural hair. European girls want to run their fingers through it and I allow it. Did I mention that I like hair ? I like it everywhere too ! Hair doesn't have to exclusively be on your head ;)
Astro Venus (8 days ago)
+Lemon Fresh Clorox lol why
Lemon Fresh Clorox (8 days ago)
Are you rocking natural hair ?
Hripsime Baghdasaryan (12 days ago)
So true
Lemon Fresh Clorox (8 days ago)
kisito (12 days ago)
Thank you for this, it's perfect timing now I know it's not who I am it's what he doesn't want but thats ok there is plenty of fish in the ocean😭. LIKE IF YOU AGREE because I wan't to know if there is others who feel me.
+BlackMilk Idk and im terrible when it comes to dating so if i have a true love she'll leave
BlackMilk (8 days ago)
+Davids World aka DavidTheHedgehog Hey David. You don't have to believe something for it to be. If something happens then it is and if something doesn't happen then it isn't. In Buddhist teachings true love and romantic love are considered separate entities. According to the Buddhist definition of true love ... I already have that with people such as my brother. Nowhere in the teachings does it state whether or not you can have both romantic love and true love with someone. I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. Hey you're always welcome if you want to discuss stuff. I won't try and convince you of anything XD
Merc77 , (9 days ago)
Honey you be confident!✨
+kisito Idk
kisito (11 days ago)
Well in my opinion

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