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Black People That Talk White - What does talking white mean? -Very Funny...

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http://gerald-pilcher.com Black People beyond, What Does Talking White Mean? Facebook: http://gerald-pilcher.com Channel: http://gerald-pilcher.com Twitter: http://gerald-pilcher.com How do you feel about people setting their expectations based on how you talk? Is it important? I grew up decidedly a nerd but I didnt know that would also mean I was also betraying my race. I didnt know that meant I was less black that someone else and certainly didnt know being hood was all their was to being black. Oh, wait thats right because its much bigger than that. I grew up getting picked on for a lot of things I couldnt help, this included and Id love to say I grew up without a complex but truth is I never know how to speak around unknown people. Some are receptive to the real me, others just want me to nod my head and talk about that green. I cant do that so I stop short at nodding my head. I am most comfortable around people like me. People that love who they are no matter what...and wouldnt change for the world, even if for once it might be fun to blend in. Gerald Pilcher Explains
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