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What do you mean I'm funny?

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Funny clip from Goodfellas
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MH5tube (4 years ago)
you know we have more than one ear
Brainfrog (5 years ago)
My left ear enjoyed this
SUB C (11 months ago)
Mine too
LiftedX (6 years ago)
Pesci is more scarier at 5 foot 6 and being a flabby guy than a 6 foot steroid user wanting to bash some heads.
ELPaso1990TX (6 years ago)
2:11 he had balls to say that, but then he remembered that he was made man and that means you can break balls without serious consequences.
Umut44 (6 years ago)
Now shut up and get your fucking shinebox
ProSiNNeR (6 years ago)
You are funny little guy because you get killed like a bitch later in the movie
knallbirne3000 (7 years ago)
Best scene ever !! (Damn i got so many ..) :-)
Dirst (7 years ago)
@sinker180 Audio recorded on a sausage.
WasaAsaw (7 years ago)
lol at the description
Barbatei18 (7 years ago)
la 2:28 apare Catalin Maruta ! :-)
Randy Bailin (8 years ago)
Classic scene,, but as the movie progresses Tommy becomes a most disagreeable character.
james cipullo (8 years ago)
StarSn1per (8 years ago)
You cut it right when the vulture was coming... Curse you lol.
GIGOM (8 years ago)
But at the end of the day, it's a funny ass story. Look at Ray Liotta/Henry's laugh, it's so obnoxious
But at the end of the day, it's a funny ass story.
dave lastman (8 years ago)
what a classic scene
Adrian P (8 years ago)
This is just "CLASSIC" ! Agree with u guys, scary as hell when u see this movie for the first time :)
screamwriter1 (8 years ago)
its scary cause these fucking Mafia pricks play to many mind games with each other before killing each other.
Jay Ortiz (9 years ago)
wHAdda u meen funnee?..iM funny how? lol
youngmoney565 (9 years ago)
how do they fake laugh so good
friggyFilms (9 years ago)
shit I would've pissed my pants right there!
hTKO (10 years ago)
Lol I think he means Maestro as in Master... or Virtuoso.
Jordan Herrick (10 years ago)
holy shit scary as hell
George O'Connor (10 years ago)
jon Lannister (11 years ago)
one of the most brilliant scenes ever !
keeearrr (11 years ago)
this movie is great. i can't believe there are no comments.

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