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Ultimate Austin Miles Geter Vine Compilation (w/Titles) Funny Austin Geter Vines of 2017

38844 ratings | 5183696 views
Here is The Best Vine Compilation With The Funniest Austin Miles Geter Vines of 2017, Enjoy it :) Please don't forget to Like,Share and Subscribe to our Channel For more funny vines check the links below,there you will find Best Viners of 2017 Big Daddy Kane https://youtu.be/Vs4fMHgx5uM Evan Breen https://youtu.be/xc77fWE4nYE Thomas Sanders https://youtu.be/-P_0Gta77vU Ross Smith https://youtu.be/fSPB5t9vsfk Daz Black https://youtu.be/EVQWovL6uXg
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Text Comments (4235)
Ayden fautua (9 hours ago)
I am samoan 🇼🇸
Fnaf Plushie Adventures (13 hours ago)
16:15-16:21 my favorite
Panhead Taker Fan (15 hours ago)
Bruh I have the same laugh as Brandi 😮
14:09 best moment of my life
Cc Edwards (2 days ago)
I love rwby #best (3 days ago)
03:10 my life my friends never pick me
XXXTENTACION (3 days ago)
Ron Weasley (3 days ago)
0:04 his computer is as big as me tv...
13:46 me when larry plays Sanities fall
Håkan Olsson (4 days ago)
Jdmate Fratus (4 days ago)
When you let your kids drink coffe 2:22
0 :38 "Whatcha eatin'?!" HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
SuperDarrencollins (4 days ago)
AULIS A.O.T (4 days ago)
12:39 absolutely 10:54 HE'S LYING
Kathy Lajara (5 days ago)
7:54 is hilarious
MasterSunShine (5 days ago)
I live in Maryland where it actually snows np(not trying to be mean or anything)
MasterSunShine (5 days ago)
But, what if your Monday morning alarm goes off on spring break (which I'm having right now and next next Monday I have off too but not next next Tuesday- Friday :( )
DogCat Dude (5 days ago)
16:18 how i imagine my dad being dank
Toasty Toes (6 days ago)
3:36 dont get it?
Weston H. (6 days ago)
13:05 I am scared
Nicole Bremner (7 days ago)
Can someone tell me how to make a timestamp pls
GFSK Gaming (8 days ago)
Cydnie Fincher (8 days ago)
Brody Dotson (8 days ago)
There was a sad face straight above his nose 😂😂 at 20:42
Kristina Kirilenko (9 days ago)
The voice when she said "WATCHA EATIN?" XD
Mario Srinalendra (9 days ago)
8:46 is my fav part
Ashtyn Pena (9 days ago)
Me:WHATCA EATIN!? My friend:broccoli Me:...NOPE!
Ashtyn Pena (9 days ago)
0:47 that’s gonna make my cringe so much in my life now
FairyTale Artist (9 days ago)
16:06 😂😂😂
Kathy Lajara (9 days ago)
20:28 I was laughing
FUCK YOU JEFFY (10 days ago)
Anne Quince (10 days ago)
Brooklyn Eldridge (10 days ago)
“Smell these flowers.” “MMMMMMM”
Aiden Hadfield (10 days ago)
6:30 I tried to hold my laugh in but as soon as I heard "thats says that a uhhh. . .banana peal" I cracked up and fell
Gacha Cookie Girl 15 (10 days ago)
13:16 XD I wanna beatbox like that! :D
Aria Peters (10 days ago)
Jack Webber (11 days ago)
I love watching dumb fat people.
Kathy Lajara (11 days ago)
4:49 got me cracking up so hard!
Malloy Gamer101 (18 hours ago)
not funny 🙄
roc co (11 days ago)
0:47 hahahahahahahahahaha 1:14 fatman
Brillith Gonzalez (12 days ago)
La risa de la niña jajajajajajaja
Jaguar 2390 (13 days ago)
9:32 was so funny 😂
Naomi Pope (14 days ago)
MLG Caillou (14 days ago)
Austin sometimes looks and sounds like courageJD
•Wølfy Gacha• (14 days ago)
I also love one direction
canybuttercup1 Hinton (14 days ago)
16:16 is so funny
Isa Ahmed (14 days ago)
10:47 that laugh tho
Alex Schaffrath (15 days ago)
SrBoyz_PvP Skyer (15 days ago)
when my friend falls unintentionally but I inadvertently force the laughter 14:03
Madalynn Blohm (15 days ago)
I love Brandy she is soooooo funny
The Shark Gaming Tv (16 days ago)
Daylyn McCoy (16 days ago)
Reiana E. Smiley (16 days ago)
5:15 if u wanna see the most LIGIT LAUGH EVA
The Shark Gaming Tv (16 days ago)
1:14 LOL
Kayla Peach (16 days ago)
30:38 is sexest i know its meant as a joke but, man
Charliegames (17 days ago)
4 000 comments and u seen mine If you hit this it turns blue 👇🏾
Malloy Gamer101 (18 hours ago)
I’ll hit the one beside it, because I don’t give likes to fucking beggars who wants to show their friends at preschool
Mockingbird 630 (17 days ago)
11:03 Me: *Wheeze*
Møøñ_Gäçhäß Hi! (17 days ago)
Honey Bunny ice (17 days ago)
25:32 has to be my fave vine yet 🤣
SrBoyz_PvP Skyer (17 days ago)
7:54 music pls
Life with Bry (18 days ago)
1:56 | Him:this is the cutest puppy ever Me:HECK YA IT IS!
•Maud • (18 days ago)
0:33 every time i open a bag of chips in school 😂
Nicole Bremner (7 days ago)
More like when you open a pack of gum in class
Jazlyn Romans (18 days ago)
All the dislikes of from people for laughing so hard their nose hit the dislike button
Shannon Mulvaney (18 days ago)
8:54 is that a rifle
Ashley Bennett (18 days ago)
Austin kinda reminds me of Brian Hull
*Guardian Angel* (19 days ago)
This is just a video of his sister screaming
Giovanni Iacolare (19 days ago)
13:46 me and every friends on mine when we are in the car and a casual Metal song shows up
Jackson Blanchard (19 days ago)
where you wanna eat, idc :chipolata? no chickfalae? no olive garden? no... starbucks YESSSSSS
Karlee Soto (19 days ago)
2:22 - 2:28 lol me XD
Alanna nunya (19 days ago)
Doctor: I have some good news and some bad news Me: what's the good news? Doctor: you have 24 hours to live Me: and the bad news? Doctor: I was supposed to tell you yesterday 😂😂😂 Thanks for reading this it took me a while
Delta Wolf (19 days ago)
Star buckssssssssssssssssssssss!😮😮😮😮😮
Zab Anwar (20 days ago)
Joe Gibson (20 days ago)
FoxJelly X3 (20 days ago)
0:46 it always make me laugh every time I see this.
Gatchaverse Girl007 (20 days ago)
7:15-7:21 that's how I do it to
Steph Mcfadyen (21 days ago)
17:27 xD.
Jellybean Tato (21 days ago)
The ruining child hoods reminds me of a time me and my niece were dressing up as characters like a horse and chilfford the red dog and o was the horse and she was chilfford and the costume was massive on her and we were walking around and a kid comes up and runs towards my niece in the costume and I accidentally stepped on over hag and made her fall and the costumes hand came off and the kid was crushed and it was really funny and sad
hi (21 days ago)
7:24 lol my older sis told me to do this to my older bro
Callie Rice (21 days ago)
Austin: *opens bag of chips* Kandi: “ wHaT yA eAtIn!”
Shlokplaz2008 Gurjal (22 days ago)
GalaxyFnaf Teem (22 days ago)
25:31 tho lol look at the guy on the right.😂😂😥
thebeesknees (22 days ago)
0:05 That’s a hugeass computer
CrAzY WoLf BoNuS (22 days ago)
28:35 killed me
Khera Vlogs (22 days ago)
yeet boi (23 days ago)
Best vine out of them all😂😂😂 17:16
yeet boi (17 hours ago)
+Malloy Gamer101 shut face
Malloy Gamer101 (18 hours ago)
And look at how many people care....
Romina Ortiz (23 days ago)
Love Tour vids so funny
Romina Ortiz (23 days ago)
Sorry i mean love your vids so funny
Aaliyah Granado (23 days ago)
0:05 When I go hardcore on fortnite 💻 🔫 :-D
Terraria Helper (23 days ago)
1:32 nope
Abby Robinson (24 days ago)
Yep it’s blue
jiselliana ortiz (24 days ago)
Dad opens bag waits daughter ... WhAt you eaTiNg!
BAMBOOZLED INC (24 days ago)
1:16 *my kettle be like*
WolfGirl Playz Roblox (24 days ago)
Skip to 2:02 to see the bestest and cutest thing ever!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😻😻😻😻😻💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💗💗💗💓💓💓💛💛💛💋💋💋💘💘💘🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜💙💙💙💚💚💚💞💞💞💞💕💕💕
Harley Quinn (24 days ago)
Why was your 👅 blue ?😹😹😸😹😹😻😻😻😻😻 and why does she laugh like that 😂😂😂😂😂!
Jenny Ramirez (24 days ago)
1:56-2:02 is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!!!
Honey Bunny (25 days ago)
8:15 I hade water in my mouth and it made me laugh so much that it got all over my iPad!
Happy Avocado (25 days ago)
31:42 *"DOOKIE!"*
I_was Amistake (25 days ago)
Watcha eatin
sanni A (25 days ago)

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