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Nice Guys vs Douchebags (What Girls Really Want)

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So we did this out of curiosity and the fact that it would be really fun to do a prank like this. Don't take it to seriously, we aren't scientist, this was an amateur experiment mean't to get some laughs! Check out Sophistication Vs Swag (What Girls Really Want) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcCZMAo1wxU&list=UUUUJ3H-uNumHeAUDzsE1HyQ Or Freeks Vs Geeks (What Girls Really Want) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB_I8KTXMuI Add us on snapchat! Username: hiddenreaction
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Text Comments (6192)
cameron outlaw (5 days ago)
Cring is real
cameron outlaw (5 days ago)
But there is a limit to the douchyness
The Lonely Poet (7 days ago)
They get the number & the girl never text back, calls back or calls
road runner (10 days ago)
I have a difficult time "buying"thst, I've watched diuche bags win with girls WAY more then the nice guy........make another video
TheMemeBoi (1 month ago)
Doughebag level *increased*
Linda Nevell (1 month ago)
They are both douchebags, so this experiment is null and void
Chris Breezy Muzíc (1 month ago)
Bro why are u hitting on my grandma?
Chris Akane ASMR (1 month ago)
Lol nice guys neckbeards incels aka cunts😏
Le’ Creme (1 month ago)
The background song name???
illegal alien (1 month ago)
1:14 ewwwwww her body🤣🤣 Things like that are deal breakers💀💀
Coach Mico (1 month ago)
that guy looks like TJ Dillashaw
alen romanesen (2 months ago)
whats the song in background please tell me :D
Ali Jashua (2 months ago)
Mo Ahzed (2 months ago)
These guys were actually kids here, but kids in a good goody way
Mo Ahzed (2 months ago)
Good goofy*
Black GOD (2 months ago)
This video is all wrong yall need too talk too the same girls that will be better
Eternity Infinity (2 months ago)
that's sooooooo creeeeepyyyy
Dennis H (2 months ago)
The nice guy looks really good he doesn't really act like a nice guy honestly
Dmg Control (3 months ago)
Nice guys still don't get the girls in the end I seen most of my good looking co workers the deuche guy gets the girl brainwashed her and now they are be and girlfriend. The nice guy would have looked cute couple with the girl though but the deuche guy stole her and brainwashed her. Nice guy really liked her though.
Swag King (3 months ago)
I’m a nice guy
no name (3 months ago)
The nice guy was being creepy
Suril Soni (3 months ago)
The editing is really bad The video is good though
Andrew E (4 months ago)
This is awful
Ruinez Guitar (4 months ago)
Douchbags works best in clubs and parties. Nice guys works best in libraries, wallamarts etc.
Zeus Alexander (4 months ago)
All women always complain about is having bad boyfriends repeatedly over n over again... n it is because that is what they go for over n over again.... they love us, bad guys...FACTS!!
zurpyderp (3 months ago)
Zeus Alexander opinion*
Benjamin McMullan (4 months ago)
It should have been the same person doing both roles. Women could pick one guy over the other based on physicality, independent of personality.
Toushis Azad (5 months ago)
Damn hiddenreaction really glowed up, Zade and Kyle
Prithvi Sihag (6 months ago)
Well for prank to be successful, the douche bag guy's face ought to look better and bigger than a peanut.. Duh
micah Kiker (6 months ago)
Girls are immature. Women want a good man girls are confused same with young guys vs men.
Cristian Nuques (6 months ago)
The “douche” is wearing the same outfit as the girl from minute 1:13
ESSJ333 (7 months ago)
1:25 She was the hottest one in the video. The way she was playing with her hair to show her neck she was into him.
Jamie XX (6 months ago)
She'll be into him now. Hes much more attractive
xcsege (7 months ago)
Douchebag actor looks like Mesto
20000 subs no video (7 months ago)
cops??? you mean Paul blarts/ renta cop
The Danish Physicist (7 months ago)
You need a larger sample size to verify your postulate!
oriana renae blair (7 months ago)
The ending 😂💀
Rain Petals (7 months ago)
Why is he hitting on underage girls
The MightyAlex (7 months ago)
Bullshit those girls at 00:45 were 14
Francelee Paris (7 months ago)
Just shows .... young girls are basically easy to pick up if you are direct... then they cry rape for touching them.... bunch of sl**s
TALKINGtac0 (7 months ago)
Comments complaining about the nice guy sounding creepy, but the results would tell otherwise
maverick211211 (8 months ago)
That was just sad, neither got anywhere
Citizen of Corona (8 months ago)
The 'nice' guy was acting weird and uncomfortable. Had nothing to do with him being nice.
Alisher Urazbaev (8 months ago)
Where do they live ?
Moses Estrada (8 months ago)
Haha Theyre both douchebags😂😂
Himanshu Pant (9 months ago)
basically at different points we want different things ...if i show you two pics one of a girl who is wearing bikini in public ( not at beach ) smokes and drinks all the time is ready to jump in bed all the time and second od decent looking intelligent and smart girl who is basically not a hoe and give u guys three options to choose from 1 . marry ( in future) 2 . date 3. have fun and leave then most of us boys would choose 3 we start looking for marriage material when we cross 24 ( exceptions exist s) same goes for girls i guess uptil age 22 or so they are looking for having fun and will most probably choose a harley over a safe van ...so if you are a nice guy then stop pursuing girls ..start working hard and earn well ..bitches will come to you automatically
Rabbi Art (9 months ago)
We like 14.....Him: I'm 15 😈
Dr. Zoidberg (9 months ago)
Ok, is it really THAT easy or I'm just too fucking stupid?
Knight-45 (9 months ago)
This experiment is flawed. You need the same guy wearing the same clothes acting different. The appearance can effect the reaction.
ser oz (9 months ago)
girls do not like jerks, the guys who are preferred by girls become jerks. So it comes out to be a prejudice for females that a man who is acting like a jerk must have been loved by females before and girls love competition. This may just be a delusion. Being a jerk generally is taken to be a proof of beiğng good with girls.
King Lords (9 months ago)
Nice Guy Vs Douchebags which one do girls prefer ? Either one as long as he has money.
Stevy Kutsch (9 months ago)
Is it just me or was that piper halliwell talking to him at the bed store
Bransin (9 months ago)
Wow! You moved me 😂
Free Crawler (9 months ago)
The douchebag was savage 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Asura Azoth (9 months ago)
They want the nice guy to raise their kid and support them and the douche bag to cheat on him with.
Binh Worley (9 months ago)
Hilarious video couldn’t stop laughing
Melvo TV (9 months ago)
You guys should add a counter on the videos!!
Dan (9 months ago)
The pigs always hassling folks.
John Van Hof (9 months ago)
I just saw how the girl's seemed uncomfortable
Emma Riley (9 months ago)
Why are there jeans on your shirt
Nick Miranda (9 months ago)
Must be the neck beard
Kent Barnes (9 months ago)
When u was 14 i was still watching ben 10 ultimate alien and playing with my toy ulimatrix
This isn't exactly what the nice guy vs douchebag debate is though. The nice guy here was more outgoing than most "nice guys". Most nice guys won't go up to a girl in public they don't know. The reason nice guys always hate on douchebags is BECAUSE nice guys don't actually try to flirt or talk to girls...and then make up some story that they do but are rejected LOL. Also this nice guy was a little more creepy-ish. The douchebag here was actually a straight up asshole. The few numbers he did get he probably only got because the girl was intimidated by him and was scared he'd make a scene or make some other comment about their outfit or weight. Basically a "I'll give him my number so he will go the fuck away" type thing lmfao. You're true "douchebags" are actually just your guys who are confident and actually initiate a flirt with a girl. They are then labeled a douche by nice guys. You will hardly ever see a girl actually call a confident flirtatious guy a douchebag so the label comes from other guys lol. If nice guy here hadn't used lines like "what are you doing here alone?" and hadn't asked about age and lied about age when it was clear the girls knew he wasn't 15, he would have literally been the perfect "douchebag" actually lol. Confident and flirts.
George Angelos (9 months ago)
Will bro Nice guys don't do like hey you so that not a Nice guy this hook up Girls XD hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let me Tell you Nice guy always Lose why will Simple His Nice Shy Good Guy , so girls Like Lying Flirty Funny Guy That all about it and this mean bad Guy But ofc girls know later and play oh the other guy was Nice and Kind and never lied to me ha , Girls like Fake guys sad true
Cocky Sexual (9 months ago)
Douchebag in this is awesome
Quentin Littleson (9 months ago)
Grandma snitched how much u wanna bet
zedd luciano (9 months ago)
They'd find nice guys cringy. Dpuchebag will always seem to get chicks based on their masculinity
Disco Train (9 months ago)
I can't believe you guys in the comments 😂😂 the nice guy was smooth as fuck and you guys are calling him a creep cuz you guys are jealous BAHAHA
Bee Dee (9 months ago)
She tasted 18
Peacemaker (9 months ago)
Just cuz you get a number doesn't mean they're gonna respond to a txt
Young Archivest (10 months ago)
Just because they give you their number and you send them a message doesn't mean they will talk to you. A lot of girls give you their number out of kindness and don't want to make the guy feel bad. They have no intention of speaking to you.
John Olonovas (10 months ago)
Low key, very impressed with the douche guy. That kind of behavior is hard to pull off
Grimnir Reaper (10 months ago)
Young girls want to be fucked, so they don't want a "nice" guy. When they are being fucked, they don't want the guy to be smiling and acting nice to them. It is only when a girl gets much older and is less interested in sex, that she will start to go for the "nice guy". If there are any young girls who DO go for nice guys, it is because they are far less interested in sex, they don't want to be "fucked". I'm talking about regular guys and girls, not any of the alphabet crackpots.
the0rangekind (10 months ago)
its probaly because of how they dressed to be honest. the girl saw this "nice guy" who by all accounts, was chill and friendly, but he looks conservative and covering up, looking a bit stuffy and not a good look for him. of course its subjecive but the nice guy didn't enhance his appearance the best way he could. whereas the douchey guy knew how to make himself look good and appealing. and girls even like guys who can think on their feet, even when they're being mean-as opposed to a nice guy who just is being safe. that's probably why the douchey guy still go plenty of numbers. in terms of facial looks, they were on the same level
Stealthy GameNinja (10 months ago)
So much cringe.....
Adam Hernandez (10 months ago)
I think that “nice guy” was a douchebag as well
Rosalie Rosary (10 months ago)
Nice guy is better looking
Gustaf Elgstrand (10 months ago)
Tom Sutor (10 months ago)
"If i give you MY #, you can text me than I will have YOUR #..." Wow, this girl has like a PhD in phone use. Thats some next level stuff.
Gary Carraigeacha (10 months ago)
Real douch bags start out nice so this comparison is mute. But hey, you guys are out there stirring the pot.
Pupper Corn (10 months ago)
0:15 awwww😍😂 “is there anything as sweet as you?”
Penguin RagE (10 months ago)
You are way too serious with your douchebaginess, you give way to many fucks douchebags give 0 fucks and are usually charismatic attractive and flirty you show none of these things.
That's freaky (10 months ago)
Audio quality is poor. Can't hear properly what you guys saying
Nacer Haytem (10 months ago)
Zeid oh my god
Nacer Haytem (10 months ago)
What the fuuuuuck
Isaiah Barron (10 months ago)
Why does everyone have the same number
Bigfellr (10 months ago)
When a girl screens you she loking brah.
30001 Emails (10 months ago)
This girl said her number out loud. I’m hoping it was a fake.
Adam J Smith (10 months ago)
2:30 is Gold 🏆
Kk Fan (10 months ago)
Cringe hitting on 👵
paul kieffer (10 months ago)
Women hate nice guys despite what they say.
Marcus Thomas (10 months ago)
I love being single. There are more opportunities in life. I don't give girls the type of attention they seek, because the ones I have crossed are rude asf and 100% of them "allegedly" have boyfriends.
Armin S (10 months ago)
THis is filmed in Illinois isn't it. i can tell from the area code 815
Lowlow (10 months ago)
So everyone make sure to remember a keyword in this video "girls" not women.
Ben Vasilinda (10 months ago)
Douchebag smashes the girls #’s he gets while the nice guy gets put in the friend zone with the ones he got. Douchebag really wins but not that he cares.
Milay (11 months ago)
I feel like approaching young girls in the mall and trying to get their numbers could be misinterpreted? (Good video all the same!!)
Great Dragon (11 months ago)
jack hayter (11 months ago)
5:16-5:22 funniest thing ever lol
Misha Bonnie (11 months ago)
Really are these gurls that easiest going...
Tigamer X (11 months ago)
14 jeeezz xD?!
MrGamerman001 (11 months ago)
Okay, there's a difference between being a dick and a douche. The guy in the tanktop was being a dick. A douche would talk about his money, His ex's, his car, and his apartment. He wouldn't insult the women on their dress size and shit like that. If you wanna be a douche, walk up to a girl that has made it VERY clear that she has a boyfriend, and start telling her how much material shit you can give her, then show her a picture of your dick. THAT'S what a douche is. This guy was just being a dick.
Mark Chang (11 months ago)
5 5 4.5 you add up to me.
I don't believe any girl wants a douchebag girls juct like a guy with confidence and that is what douchebags have

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