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#2 box from pallet on Liquidation.com unboxing for reselling on eBay

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Here is my second box from my "mini" pallet. Some good items, but so far best box is #1. Please visit my website www.liquidationOH.com for more tips and tricks and also to join my newsletter. Please follow me on all forms of social media (twitter, instagram and facebook groups) Follow my friends at www.ps101group.com! Tell them you found them from this channel. Wholesale Pallets ¦ Wholesale Lots ¦ Buy Pallets ¦Wholesale Pallets For Sale ¦ Wholesale Merchandise ¦ Wholesale Items ¦ Customer Returns ¦ Salvage Pallets ¦ Product Sourcing Wholesale Pallets, Wholesale Lots, Buy Pallets, Wholesale Pallets For Sale, Wholesale Merchandise, Wholesale Items, Customer Returns, Salvage Pallets, Product Sourcing, eBay, FBA, Amazon, Liquidation.com, Liquidation.com unboxing, Liquidation, Pallet, Wholesale, Reselling, Profit https://www.liquidationOH.com
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Text Comments (75)
Jacobo Reyes (1 month ago)
have you ever decide to take those fuji cameras to get repair by fuji?
Ata Korkut (1 month ago)
the lights look like some sort of strobe light and or spot light stage lighting maybe
WallyDavid (1 month ago)
Are you checking that all your items from manifest are accounted for?
Liquidation OH (1 month ago)
At least the highest most expensive items yes.
Beautiful Sha'nay (3 months ago)
How to start doing wholesale?
Cody Brenner (3 months ago)
Is this e2k?
HEXX (3 months ago)
"sennheiser headphones, dont look to be that much money" Booooooooooi! YoU DoNt KnOw HeADpHonEs.
lamartosh (4 months ago)
It looks like a lamp for a tv
OfficialDavidLamar (5 months ago)
*I was going to purchase from **liquidation.com** but i assume the employees of wherever the packages are coming from take all of the good stuff*
Joe jones (5 months ago)
The lenses are probably for projectors
RealLive Boss (5 months ago)
Headphones and more headphones!
cristian9955ify (5 months ago)
Do you need to have a business in order to buy from liquidation.com
Liquidation OH (5 months ago)
No you do not.
Matts World (6 months ago)
Awesome!!! :)
Ryan Stewart (6 months ago)
Uh oh boys, we got a hoarder
Hamzah Masri (6 months ago)
It looks like one of those old school projector lights.
Mushroomstamp (7 months ago)
What do you do with all this garbage?
Mybiglongbananna (7 months ago)
the lights are projector replacement get the right one you can sell hot
Liquidation OH (7 months ago)
Thanks! I never knew what that was. Plus your username wins the internet.
noob in training (7 months ago)
Those are high quality headphones and this dude taljing about he is not gonna get much lol
Liquidation OH (7 months ago)
I learned pretty quickly they were high end haha
Gypsy Whale (7 months ago)
Do you buy salvage title?
Franklin Thomas (3 months ago)
What do you have with a salvage title?
Liquidation OH (7 months ago)
I haven't yet, but i'd love to give it a shot
Robert Johnson (7 months ago)
That case is for a speaker
Ade Key (8 months ago)
How much was shipping cause on Direct Liquidation it looks like 500 +on shipping and that ignorant ?
Ade Key (8 months ago)
Liquidation OH yes
Liquidation OH (8 months ago)
Depends on how heavy and large it is. Is it residential?
Jay Luy (8 months ago)
Hey bro, do you have a contact email ? i want to ask you a few questions . if possible.. thankks ....................
Gary Benson (9 months ago)
New to liquidation.com and have made 3 purchases of different lots. I already received my first purchased lot and all was good, now I need to know how to approve the lot as it says in my transactions, waiting for approval from buyer. Could you please help me on getting this done? T.I.A
Gary Benson (9 months ago)
Hey thanks for the reply. I went back to look at it again today and its been moved to my completed transaction and no longer says waiting on approval from buyer. I think it just says that for in case there is something wrong or missing in the order, and whether or not the buyer sends a dispute on the order.
Liquidation OH (9 months ago)
What do you mean approve the lot? Can you share a screenshot of it in the Facebook group?
Dave Bliley (9 months ago)
Thank you for taking the time to test the items you sell. The last three eBay purchases I have had were all missing something. All were listed as new and as soon as I get them they are opened or have weird stickers on them. Some Seller’s get this stuff, know nothing about the item and list it as new and complete. My last purchase I just made sure it was just a normal Joe selling something they personally owned. I’m assuming most of this stuff was returned for one reason or another.
Liquidation OH (9 months ago)
Customer service outweighs a sale! Thank you for watching!
Destiny Phan (9 months ago)
Are these amazon returns?
MrMain65 (9 months ago)
I want to sort through one of these boxes, but don’t have a garage
VaughnG71 (9 months ago)
I live in a studio apartment and buy from these sites. Just pay $40 a month for a storage unit to work out of. Believe me, it will pay for itself.
Liquidation OH (9 months ago)
You can buy single boxes here https://bit.ly/Liquidation_Electronics. I just happened to get multiple shipped at once
Logan Parsons (9 months ago)
That last bulb looks to be a projector bulb/lamp. Should be a few bucks.
Tae Kwando (9 months ago)
I used to buy from liquidation.com I received the merchandise but you can't make any money with his site, when you win an auction with these people, they have a final value fee that they attach to your purchase after you win a bid and it's @ least one hundred bucks.
Z (3 months ago)
​+VaughnG71 Hi Vaughn. I just won an auction and paid sales tax, buyer's premium, and shipping. Maybe you're lucky and don't have to pay tax due to your location? Congrats on the 700% profit you cite. - Z
VaughnG71 (3 months ago)
+Z and I average 700% profit on the stuff I resell.
VaughnG71 (3 months ago)
+Z not much of a reader are you. A final value fee is not shipping and taxes, I use the liquidation all the time and there is no "final value fee", only a 10% auction fee and shipping, no tax. She's full of shit.
Z (3 months ago)
+VaughnG71 she's complaining about the shipping cost and tax.
Cory Deane (4 months ago)
got a better site we should check out?
HRH Consultants (10 months ago)
Good video If you ever want to buy from wholesaler here in Asia msg me. I have a wholesale export license. I could look up bulk pricing. Give you a quote with shipping to your local port. Love the channel.
Jeremy Bungard (11 months ago)
That light looks to be a light out of a projection TV
Austrepreneurial Go'Getta (11 months ago)
im sure you found out about the senheisser headphones by now......... lol...... them ones i think sell for maybe 60.... but they make alot of models and i can and probably am wrong...... but those are top of the line
David Kight (7 months ago)
Agreed. And if mixing, wired cans are always the best option, and can really get up there in price.
Sir Spegeta (9 months ago)
Austrepreneurial Go'Getta that was what I was thinking
These Nutz (11 months ago)
For the fan take it apart for r/c parts. Sells
These Nutz (11 months ago)
The two battery charger goes good at vape shops
Carol Marra (11 months ago)
Hi. Youve mentioned a number of times that you have received broken items but i dont think you mentioned how much you typically pay for a box. Is it worth it more than not to buy from this warehouse ?
Carol Marra (11 months ago)
Thank you
Liquidation OH (11 months ago)
I spend anywhere from 250-400 all in for each lot. I only stick with the sourced from amazon seller as that has been really well for me
Theresa Blackmon (1 year ago)
starchipmunk92 (1 year ago)
That light bulb is for a backlit projector TV. Or a projector replacement bulb
top kek (1 year ago)
Senheiser headphones are pretty damn good I have a pair of momentums right now
Thrift Geek (1 year ago)
Did I miss how much you spent?
David Glaze (1 year ago)
Those lights your getting are for a dlp TV. They are the replacement bulb. You just have to Google the part number on them to see which TV they go to.
Rocko777 P. (1 year ago)
Do you test every thing before you sell them?
Liquidation OH (1 year ago)
Yes I test every item unless it’s still factory sealed
miloskuza (1 year ago)
How long does is take to sell all of those items?
Liquidation OH (1 year ago)
it depends on the items. but so far i've made $372 profit on this lot. I've had some things sell in minutes and I've had others sell in 1 year. just depends on the items. I list everything as a buy it now on ebay
Jeremy Hickman (1 year ago)
The lights look like bulbs for projection type TV's
Tim Grahn (2 years ago)
Yes that bulb is what my Sony lcd tv uses...they sell for around $30 bucks...Great Videos!!! Thanks for the good info!!!
Liquidation OH (2 years ago)
+Tim Grahn glad to help!
Shane Wilson (2 years ago)
That looks like a projector bulb for a TV
Liquidation OH (2 years ago)
+Shane Wilson thanks! I never knew as I always get them
David Frost (2 years ago)
The light at 4:50 time, could be a DMX light. what type of connector it is? If it's a round connector (larger than old school PC keyboard), with 3 or 5 pins its DMX and used in stage lighting.
JG Ren (1 year ago)
It looks like a video projector light to me, they go for 25-60$ all the time. It's not a quick sell though.
Liquidation OH (2 years ago)
+David Frost thank you! I never knew!
Jerry Marshall (2 years ago)
the light is for a tv
Liquidation OH (2 years ago)
+Jerry Marshall thank you!

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