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Adidas NMD White Unboxing Review + How To Style Mens Fashion 2016

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Yoooa whats up guys its your boy Dake Janiels and todays video features the Adidas NMD, more specifically Adidas NMD white which is a great trainer if your looking for some mens fashion 2016 items. In addition I’m going to show you how to style adidas nmd / how I style the adidas nmd. I really enjoyed unboxing adidas nmd if you guys want to see some more adidas nmd unboxing let me know by commenting below. Seriously i’ve been wanting to get the NMD white for a few months just haven’t got round to it. In the video i mention how the camo nmd adidas trainer is also soon to be released, if you want a video I’m happy to do so. But hope you enjoy this adidas nmd white unboxing, if your really looking for a mens fashion sneaker look no further. LETS GET THIS VIDEO TO 1K LIKES :) HELP Jake Daniels reach 75K subscribers! Follow Jake Daniels On Social Media T W I T T E R - Jake_Danielss I N S T A G R A M - JakeDanielsWorld S N A P C H A T - JakeSmith91r F A C E B O O K - JakeDanielsWorld If you see this type ‘Jakes pronunciation is correct’ ADIEYDAS NMD In Triple White - http://www.adidas.co.uk/nmd_r1-shoes/S31506.html
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Text Comments (135)
sammysnd (7 months ago)
A dai das shoes are quite cool
Kang Hee Seo (1 year ago)
2:40 look at the first tab 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
ammar samoum (1 year ago)
Hey,i have some black stripes on a side on my nmd r1 white when the other side is white is that normal?
mape (1 year ago)
I One Two Far Q (1 year ago)
Lmao adaidas
Myra Tube (1 year ago)
He said adidas right
Matthew Schmidt (1 year ago)
Dang I cant find them anywhere in Mens size 7
david bates (1 year ago)
Tony Morales (1 year ago)
Glory be to God! “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:17‬ ‭KJV‬‬ http://bible.com/1/col.3.17.kjv Whatever you're facing God is with you!
Vittutieteen Lehtori (1 year ago)
I would cop these but I just know they will not stay white
Donell Lee (1 year ago)
Ripped girl jeans wtf
Ridwan Aziz (1 year ago)
When you said A die das I was like wtf and then you said adidas like me I'm like that's fine then people complain like looooool
Adam Moorad (2 years ago)
A suck wtf
Adam Moorad (2 years ago)
Adydas wtf
LION YT (2 years ago)
Was good homie
Kevin Le (2 years ago)
where do i get that kight up laces?
jaxnitsua1200 (2 years ago)
take a picture of the laces with flash on
maxie iv (2 years ago)
What are um trainers(I'm only nine don't blame me)
Hold this L (2 years ago)
wtf is up with that ripped jeans. u workin at a construction bruh?
lukas urban (2 years ago)
0:34 what the fuck the way you said adidas made me fucking scream
lukas urban (2 years ago)
0:44 ok nvm
Super Saiyan 3 (2 years ago)
How I style them: quite simply I wear them on my hands
alass2975 (2 years ago)
did he say aDIEdas?
Ed MKE (2 years ago)
how do you style white air force 1s?
*Domantas (2 years ago)
Dat porn tab tho😂😂
Snakes Are awsome (2 years ago)
Ultra boost
Steve Bendersky (2 years ago)
fucking sick shoes, im so waiting for asos to bring them back to stock
Martin Möller (2 years ago)
tell me what is a pair of adaidas
S K (2 years ago)
u got me dead with ur adydas lmao
Ms Marie (2 years ago)
I just got mine .but ur accent hahah 😍😍
Boy Wonder (2 years ago)
Are they true to size?
Zupez (2 years ago)
Do you think skinny jeans are necessary when wearing NMD's to look good? I don't wear skinny jeans and was wondering if they would still look good in a slim fit or regular fit?
Alfonso Salazar (2 years ago)
Zupez wear black joggers like me
Busky™ (2 years ago)
You could pin roll your jeans
Kevin Garcia (2 years ago)
coke28hi1 Great advice!
coke28hi1 (2 years ago)
Zupez definitely wear pants that have a tighter fit when wearing runners especially towards the bottom
Thiago Lazzarato (2 years ago)
pretty cool Jake
Miran Zovko (2 years ago)
adajdas hahaa😂
Marouane Fellaini (2 years ago)
You can't beat a pair of adidas gazelles
TheRatsLogic (2 years ago)
Ive had my triple white nmds for a while now...yours look very diffrent, not only the colorway but the overall siloette
Dugan Miller (2 years ago)
haha 2:40 look at the tab to the left bahha porn and flicky thing
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
😅 so glad those tabs went down well
Pranav Jags (2 years ago)
Hey Jake ! how come you appear in Joe's ( BluMaan) videos ?
Pranav Jags (2 years ago)
Damn .. you were quick !
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Pranav Jags I help him out with his channel
Hero Hour (2 years ago)
Treat your feet to some Adidas NMD Primeknits! :) It's a much better version (in comfort) than the mesh version you have. Another option is the Ultra Boosts which also is made of the Primeknit material. Great review! Thank you.
Nate Drizzle (2 years ago)
Can you make a video about the best color way jeans to get or pants
jay keuning (2 years ago)
i was just about to conment on your prenouncing and than you said it right
jay keuning (2 years ago)
i dont think, im sure😂
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
jay keuning lol I think a lot of people had angry comments ready
sticksamurai (2 years ago)
jack daniel more like damn daniel, #goteem #nofilter #getownedkid#shreked #XD #Shit #deadmemes #fam #litaf
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
sticksamurai boom shakalaka boom
FamoussOG (2 years ago)
autumn / winter fashion vid pls?
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
FamoussOG sooooo soon!!
Kenny (2 years ago)
I like the other pair of all white released 6 months ago. white laces and white heel tab.
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Kendrick Lee seen them, pretty decent pair
Ceas (2 years ago)
Jeans fromm=??????????
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Ariel Granovsky (2 years ago)
Lol "Adai-das" clean shoes man hairstyle video of...? Marco Reus thats right!
Ariel Granovsky (2 years ago)
I'll be your model lol, just need a ticket from Israel to England and a place to stay. I join the army in one month and I won't have any hair left :C
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Ariel Granovsky honestly wanted to do Reus for so long, just can't find any models rn!
AndreyTvo (2 years ago)
Sorry to say but its old shoes...
Martin G (2 years ago)
0:05 dude trim your armpits
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Martin G Rahhhh 😂 didn't notice
cryoengine (2 years ago)
A-Dai-Das lmao
Brindix (1 year ago)
Smasher nah gtfo lmao
Smasher (1 year ago)
it is i a german brand, so please spell it german!!
Aftab Tautaya (2 years ago)
Supp Bro! Obviously the Adidas NMD da best!!
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
What colour tho!!
Michel (2 years ago)
can you make a Amazon video where you show sheap clôturés
Michel (2 years ago)
sorry for the spelling
omar ashraf (2 years ago)
Indian Named Steve (2 years ago)
can you do one on timberlands pleeaassee
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Phix HD I potentially can man!
Sergio Padilla (2 years ago)
Nice shoe I have the same shoe but you should you white laces
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Sergio Padilla 100% getting white laces
Sergio Padilla (2 years ago)
Also can you make a video on how to clean them when they get dirty
Matt Williams (2 years ago)
Take a picture with your phone with flash on and it'll shine
Matt Williams (2 years ago)
Trust it so doesn't look great 😂
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Matt Williams mehhh I'm still not impressed lol
Kieran Williams (2 years ago)
Every Ultra boost & NMD I try find they don't have it in my size lol they have like size 4 -6 -8 not 7 😂
Kieran Williams (2 years ago)
Jake Daniels nice!, it's just everything is out of stock and stuff but they should be putting stuff back in stock for other people, because I've been waiting ages lol, but I'm copping the old skool vans tomorrow & then I'm going to hunt for the NMD's that I like 😎
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Kieran Williams haha poor you! I rarely have that problem 😎
Clement Chaussin (2 years ago)
Nice video!
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Thanks bro
Guillermo Leopold (2 years ago)
I think the jeans should be more skinny for the nmd
Yvng Juvenile (1 year ago)
Guillermo Leopold No ones gonna wear skin tight jeans bruh
Guillermo Leopold (2 years ago)
sorry man don't agree. NMD must go with super skinny jeans,like Yeezys, that how I see it. And those jeans weren't skinny enough, but that's only my opinion brave, if u like it the way its okay.
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Guillermo Leopold there were skinny jeans, any tighter I'll get crushed lol
flipo2009 (2 years ago)
the white nmds are too dirty I prefer the black ones.
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
flipo2009 I tried to get the all black pair 😫
leo schul (2 years ago)
Haha you porn😂😂😂
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Cant wait for my mum to not understand the joke and ask me what youporn is
Vytokine (2 years ago)
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Vytokine™ lol forgot that my parents watch my videos
Gabriel Matthew (2 years ago)
Hey man... Fresh kicks.. Nice way to style em too.
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Gabriel Matthew thanks, went for the daring double denim
OMG Jake Daniels has the same shoes as me! lol I feel so special. great video as always bro! And for those asking about cleaning and maintaining these shoes its really quite simple! ALWAYS put waterproof/stainproof spray on white shoes, no matter where you're going out. I personally use Crep Protecting Spray, its very strong. It will do a good job of keeping your shoes relatively white. For cleaning purposes I use Jason Markk cleaning solution (its way better than anything else really) with a soft bristle brush (do NOT use hard bristle brushes on shoes like this one) hope this helps! :)
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Luke Czachor I just chuck mine in the washing machine
Never said it was lol but it's a white shoe and people constantly have questions about white shoes and cleaning them
Simon Groot (2 years ago)
It's not like an unique shoe...
by3mil . Emil (2 years ago)
Do you clean your shoes (especially white ones) when they get dirty? If you do, I would like to know how you clean them.
Zeis (1 year ago)
Jake Daniels it seems like you don't clean them. You can't "chuck" them in the washing machine. It won't help but make it worse, the dirt will spread. You can brush it with sope or something. I am not mad or anything. But its just a tip. Nice video by the way! :)
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
by3mil | Amateur Motion Designer literally chuck them in the washing machine and that's it!
Denisse (2 years ago)
Got me a liiiittle bit worried that you won't post this week 😥 anyways, them trainers thoo 👏
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Denisse A. Had a few issues, will always try upload every single week!
Jake, you're cool, I wish success to your channel.
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Adel Akhmetshin thanks for the very nice words ✌🏻️
Daniel Jaumann (2 years ago)
The German pronunciation of Adidas is actually his one ;)
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Young Immigrant (2 years ago)
Dude i laughed so hard on the YouPorn tab holy shit dude u got me rollin on the floor
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Yolo Swag wanted to see if I could go 24 hours without someone noticing 😂
danny graham (2 years ago)
The YouPorn tab being open was gold
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
danny graham my mum didn't think so, getting some bullshit lecture rn
Superstar or ZX Flux.
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Вячеслав Чабаненко both amazing 👟👞
Julius Esguerra (2 years ago)
Pharell's superstar
bradzz (2 years ago)
Please cut your hair. Pleasee?
bradzz (2 years ago)
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
bradzz real soon, video to follow!
HATE ME (2 years ago)
got EM 1 year before you :D i dress them and go to school next week all people had nmd s
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
HATE ME so wish we didn't have uniforms in England!
Taufik Hidayat (2 years ago)
Oh and could you do a video on how to style espadrilles and boat shoes? Cheers, great vid.
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Taufik Hidayat potentially! It's the wrong time of year though for most people
Taufik Hidayat (2 years ago)
Was this difficult to cop?
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Taufik Hidayat I copped them first time looking for them. Heard a lot of people have struggled
Struan Wilson (2 years ago)
Hairs now the length for a top know but the sides of the front are shorter than the middle on one side because of previous hair cuts, should I get persevere and keep growing till that sides the right length or get it cut on the longer areas so it's all even?
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Its entirely up to you but i'd probably make sure it was all even, but thats just me, some will disagree
Aimqail (2 years ago)
background music? intro
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Soundcloud / Lakey Inspired
Mely G (2 years ago)
Cool Vid. more style vids???
Mely G (2 years ago)
Sorry just saw this...if possible more outfit vids. My bf could use sum inspo lol. Thanks
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Imelda Gonzalez sure! Would you like Mens styling tips/hacks part 2
Akejemzm Dkskskakwke (2 years ago)
Sick video
Jake Daniels (2 years ago)
Thank You

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