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How to Get a Girl to Chase You

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hed hunta (9 days ago)
This worked perfectly for me, she even had a boyfriend and ditched him like a pair of old socks with holes, but I ignored her for too long and the guy actually wanted to marry her and things got complicated, and instead we just ended up fighting and hating each other, eh . Bad timing but this works perfectly, and most of the things this guy says are on point, this is the only dating coach I would follow .
J P (26 days ago)
Be different and yourself, act like she isn’t that important
B Val (29 days ago)
Hi. I found out that my bf is cheating online and sexting three different women at once. He had to get divorced from his wife of 20 years due to her finding out he was non stop cheating on her too, prior we met. Should I ghost him? I have no energy to spare on bullshit and lies and manipulation. Please help! Thanks
Kim Brce (1 month ago)
If a guy acts as i'm nothing special he doesn't stand a chance lol. NEXT!
EgyptianDragon (1 month ago)
I tried that, they don't care they just go find someone else to chase them
Ram ChandaR (1 month ago)
"go out there and kill everybody" "you are so beautiful" that was hillarious🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cali Boy (2 months ago)
Always works
Euan Elliott (3 months ago)
I did this today: I sat at a bus stop and made a point of looking in the other direction, and sure enough after about ten minutes of this she was gazing intently at me, and then she asked me some banal question to draw my attention and ended up asking for my number.
Amenze Igbinoba (3 months ago)
I laughed when he he said he knows it's hard to not go like "Oh my God you're so beautiful"
Monala Neutral (4 months ago)
I have a no chase policy 😜
Nicholas Ramirez (4 months ago)
Treat women and dating like a video game. When you beat the game and master it you dont play anymore. So dont reveal too much, stay mysterious dont blow up her phone and she will keep playing. Too many guys are so easy nowadasy because yall dont have options...
Eminem Vevo (4 months ago)
Treat her like shit
Elizabeth Jones (4 months ago)
I feel like this is counterproductive for successful relationships. Most respectable relationship counselors say that women should NEVER have to chase a man which devalues her own worth. It also puts men in a position to not be challenged and from what I’ve always known, easy is not necessary appealing to “high-quality” men. I personally never had to chase a man and I’m not going to start now
Monala Neutral (4 months ago)
I have an no chase policy.
Ismail mail (5 months ago)
I like u
pinoy287 (5 months ago)
I do this naturally anyway. In class in college or when I’m out in public, random women just talk to me without me paying attention to them. My confidence comes from my actions in life with a positive mindset. I focus on what I do with my own life and then I let the women line up. My purpose comes first.
Aysha A (5 months ago)
This is honestly the worst advice a man can give other men. Look if she's not interested she's not interested. You're only going to drive yourself crazy by playing this game and honestly no grown person has time for such silly nonsense. Be straight forward in life. There have been many guys who have tried this on me and it was actually a relief because I didn't want them to begin with. Interest has to be a mutual thing always. Games don't work they lead to toxic, unhealthy behaviors later down the line. Grown women like straight forward men. Not men who play hard to get or men who are extra deaperate. Just like men like grown women who are straight forward. Life is too short for such silliness. Be a good person. Do good. Treat everyone with respect and dignity even if they don't like you.
Faisal AL-Ghalib (5 days ago)
Who told u we want to be with u ... its only for the sex ... to make u easy to be fucked ... lol
Ernest Valdez (6 months ago)
This one made me laugh 😂!look like you don't give a shit!!!! Good one 😋.
The Black Yusuke (6 months ago)
Andrew Murphy (7 months ago)
It works in a sense of a number of factors 1) you're personality - being funny , not complementing . 2) be attractive , be stylish , have good posture, be confident but not having your looks as a backbone for confidence , your mindset . 3) this only works too a period. It might work for about 2-3 weeks that's all. If she's really pretty she will maybe just do it for a week, hence they get hit on alot.
Darkn Twisted (7 months ago)
It's all fuckin games now a days How can you build a solid foundation that's required for a healthy relationship with all this push and pull bullshit
anonieme tuber (7 months ago)
He is right damnn reavilng all our secrets 😂😂
Elhadj Diallo (7 months ago)
You know what you right about ..... You're an exceptional .... That's what I did it works very hard
inportcup (8 months ago)
she looked at me all day today then i texted her hi then said said "what do need" then "alright bye"
Nicola Douglas (8 months ago)
NO I'm not chasing a guy who's playing games!!! Women are wise to this shit!! At least I am!!! Need a man who's real! Leave the games at the Wendy house door! Not interested in low budget Hue Heffners!!! Period!
ConservativeMedia (8 months ago)
my only issue with that is if you act like you don’t care, how will she know you like her
Tandrine Bray (8 months ago)
😂 this is not good advice! show me no interest or even tell me I am backing up for sure! Not chasing you to just feel rejection.
Genaro Orozco (9 months ago)
Good tip bro
Annette English (9 months ago)
This may work on some young girls. If a grown women see you acting like you don't like her, she's going to think your not really interested then she's going to ghost you. You better show some type of interest, so she'll know you're interested, but playing hard to get. Otherwise, she may start dating another guy, then you'll know why.
11gurkha (4 months ago)
Everything depends. I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work but every circumstances is different. Also you have to know when to stop and don’t get drunk on success. It has worked for me in the past.
Kristen (6 months ago)
Exactly. It seems like his audience tends to be younger. This definitely doesn't apply to most adult women!
Deqa Abdi (10 months ago)
If the man keeps ignoring me then I will lose interested and move on.
L G (10 months ago)
I want guys to chase me it shows his interested I don't play hard to get thats foolish!
Karen Elizabeth (11 months ago)
Soo technically if the guy I like is ignoring me there's a slight chance he actually likes me?? :)
thektm wanderer (11 months ago)
straight to the point man you are amazing
Nathan Toth (11 months ago)
Thank you for sharing video.
Donna Just Being Real (11 months ago)
True ☺️ xo
Blanka Madar (11 months ago)
Completely disagree. This turns women off not attract them. Find the right balance.
Guilshad Joseph (1 year ago)
Niggas good 👏👏
marion atkinson (1 year ago)
Well and good. But it could backfire to.
Angelina 89 (1 year ago)
It depends if I like the guy if I like the guy and he does this then yes it makes me chase him because I don’t usually chase people so yes this can work if I like the guy 😆😂
J Rilla (1 year ago)
Well said!!!!
MsMilano (1 year ago)
The thing is, if a guy acts like he doesn't give a shit. Most girls will assume he doesn't give a shit and move on. This may work if she really, REALLY likes you, but 9 times out of 10, She'll just move on.
MILLZMAN90 (1 year ago)
Your advice is bullshit
Harshit Poojary (1 year ago)
You need to be good looking that's it
jmaak lekh (1 year ago)
This is terrible advice. If a man did that to me I would NEVER speak to him again.
Mix Music (1 year ago)
Total bull shit
Prezzly Vang (1 year ago)
I’m a nice guy but like, I don’t let girls walk over me n all that. And I’m a little on the crazy/danger side yet girls don’t wanna go out with me... what’s up with that?
That what I gonna do this time cuz when she find out I am sweating her arms she know I want her (sex) . She always use me to do her job short of flirting even now then she give me lunches or help out but I wanted more but I am stuck in the friend zone . So I gonna goes with plan b for now on
44ré the Chavez (1 year ago)
it don't work that way all the time ese
Alphyz Qrw (1 year ago)
👍 thumbs up nigga NO GIVING A SHIT! 😂
midnight hunger (1 year ago)
I don't know whether I like her or love her ..I'm jut confused about her ....I'm never been able to express how much she has affected me ....i just told her once that I like her and I needed her ....but she wanted me as a friend then BFF then she would think about relation. .. But it's been 2 and a half months. ..I haven't been talking to her ...plz what should I do now ... How can I make her like me the way I do ? Should I move on from her
sydandtaytum (1 year ago)
i'm a girl and i disagree with this advice. if you ignore me and act like i am nothing special, i will not be interested in you. in fact, i might even be turned off that i am being nice to you and you are acting like a jerk. there is a happy middle ground. here it is- be kind, be respectful, be direct, but dont be over-the-top. i literally had a guy text me 'hey' today. so i wrote a one word text back. then he wrote another version of 'hey'----- this is already annoying me and we are only 2 texts into the conversation. just ask me out. if i say no, so be it. dont try to act too cool, also dont try to beg for my affection when we dont even know each other. just be direct and kind. if i say no to anything, then accept that and dont try to convince me otherwise. THAT is the biggest turn-off. guys trying to talk me into going out with them, or having sex with them---- if i already said no, there is nothing u can say that i will make me want you. in fact, in that case, the more you say, the worse you will seem in my eyes.
jose Noel (1 year ago)
Hope this works (crossing fingers)
E Mac (1 year ago)
what if i say hi to her she says what is up and runs from you lol
Maximum Ven (1 year ago)
I get this and i use it often.. But what if she just does the same and doesn't chase you, waiting for you to chase her.. Its Like a stalemate
Tandrine Bray (8 months ago)
Maximum Ven she’s a grown women and don’t play cat and mouse games and most likely will be turned off.
Dj Jimmys (1 year ago)
OMG sir these are gods words!Subscribe
M K (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, but if a man is ignoring me and treats me just like any other female, I'm gonna let him GO. lol
Euan Elliott (2 months ago)
Don't be sorry, we're not. When you eventually snare your millionaire you'll spend half your time on your knees, and the rest of your time trying to spot your replacement before your husband does.
Adrian Shaw (2 months ago)
ain't like your anything special anyways worth holding on to bye Felicia!
Euan Elliott (3 months ago)
That's about as convincing as Trumps combover.
Michael H (4 months ago)
Not if u like the guy and want to know more about him lol
「McPuffy」 (5 months ago)
Lol but if he pays attention to u he gets friend zoned
Breanna Jackson (1 year ago)
Thanks u helpful.
JNetwork32 (1 year ago)
xD lmao you gotta give a shit
tanacious1111 (1 year ago)
sorry but this is bull. If a man acts like i don't exist or as if I am nothing special then I will be moving on in silence. No time for that bull crap of a game.
Jon Doe (1 year ago)
I did this to a girl I though was absolutely gorgeous and straight up ignored her while her and a mutual friend walked by me. I said hi to the mutual friend and didn’t bat an eye to the girl I like and later that night she followed me on Instagram. I now have a class with her so I’ll update if we start dating.
Sim Sons (6 months ago)
DJ CJ (1 year ago)
Nah this aint gonna help me. My ex broke up with me cause i didnt text her first. She aint coming back. Ive tried all of those things. Im a lost cause now.
Sam Saini (6 months ago)
She broke up with you because you didn’t text first? WTF? Then she has control issues and you are better off. Trust me man, move on and do better simply because you can.
Annette English (9 months ago)
DJ CJ your not a lost cause, just learn from your mistakes and do different next time. Whatever you did the last time do the opposite. Don't act like you don't like a girl you actually like. She sees that as not that into her and she will ghost you and eventually move on to somebody that is showing interest
Emilie Pressel (1 year ago)
nonono!! Thats just not right! Give them attention, they need it! If you love them. Show it!
Dr Dickinson (7 months ago)
That Sci Fi life Fr don’t listen to this dumbass girl.
That Sci Fi life (11 months ago)
Emilie Pressel why? So that you can just end up in the friend zone ?
Antoinita Violette (1 year ago)
NO ONE NEEDS TO BE PUT ON A PEDESTAL I don't think neither should chase the other one. If a person has a God-led interest then the male should approach her and they should talk, explore interests, like art, dance, God and so on. Games lead to games. The man is no more different from, better or less than the woman because what's on the outside can collapse if the inside (heart) is not well kept or valued enough to see or seek for a valuable relationship. Both need to be maturing... Life REALly 'IS NOT' a game.
Antoinita Violette (1 year ago)
Miguel Robb LIVE!!!
Miguel Robb (1 year ago)
Antoinita Violette thats the main reason why the whole dating scene is so screwed up. People are being out on a pedestal. Guys are acting like they should be lucky if a woman gives them the time of day. Im not sucking up to no one. Im a man if i offer a woman my time, she should feel lucky since I'm spending time that i won't get back. If she chooses to waste it by playing dumb games, then I'm gone. We will all die one day so why waste time on dumb shit like that?
TheBasicHeim (1 year ago)
This only works if a girl is attracted to you in the first place. If not, why the fuck will she even take notice of you? And if you approach her you've already established that you like her and thus no chase, as you and others call it.
Harpo Harris (1 year ago)
Girls should be chaste, not chased.
jose juarez (1 year ago)
I work in a warehouse with this really hot chick and she talks to everybody except for me she only talks to when I need to put stuff in a certain location she once told me I scare her she seems to be a dick to me I try not come into contact with her
Island Barnes (1 year ago)
Don’t do that she’ll hate you she’ll lose interest and won’t like you.
Jamal McLovin (1 year ago)
Golden words my brother!!!
SEQUAJ NI (1 year ago)
Told a lady "I'm a strange and unusual cat " because a). it came up and b). it's actually true......felt ok saying it as it would cause "intrigue" ....she said "Do you WISH to remain strange and unusual ??" with her most diss-ful voice....HA-HAAAA !
ominous450 (1 year ago)
you have to be on the girl's radar first.if you're just wondering through life, ignoring women you're gonna be out of luck
Ro ck (1 year ago)
I guess thats true. But what do you do when no girl is interested in you? Funny thing about youtube. As soon as you hit this video you get more similar ones and if you buy into it youtube acts like a personal opinion amplificator.
YoungBrayden (1 year ago)
She acted like she likes me so much she snapchatted me “heyy❤️” the other day and now she just started dating another guy. Wtf
vic twenty (5 months ago)
FEMALE NATURE USURY SHE WAS LINING YOU UP AS A BACK UP run and stay the hell away from her never give her a chance ever again OR SHE WILL SIMP U
Isaac Campos (5 months ago)
YoungBrayden shes a whhhhooorrreee
Fury Night fury (1 year ago)
Alekk Wolf wow bro tank you very I will definitely try this after the summer vacations are finished I watched videos... But they didn't impress me your comment got me bro I am gonna try this after 1 and half month but after vacation a new girl and guy is coming to our class and the girl I love loves no one in our class so I am scared that my crush doesn't fall in love with the other guy I started teasing her today I just was sitting behind her with ma friends and throwing small stones at her she looked once back and smiled the day before same I think she likes me cuz whenever she does something impressive she first looks at me and then looks away or when. I do something she looks at me.... You know what I mean I need some self confidence she is always in her friends group so I have not that confidence to talk with them...But believe I am gonna try this and I also deleted my WhatsApp account I will let it for a weak maximum that she can miss...Thank you bro for time to answer me!!!😉
Kunal Ki Vines (1 year ago)
Bitches everywhere bro! Try not be attatced with anyone at all!
E B (1 year ago)
I don't think " treating her like she's nothing" is wise counsel. Because a woman that knows her worth knows she is something. And it could be that one man that recognize her worth and treats her accordingly that steals her heart. Too many jerks and douchebags out in the dating world. Why not be that " one" man that recognize a good thing when you see it!
Jen nifer (1 year ago)
it drives me crazy when guys do this...
hussein335 (1 year ago)
So basically, don't do anything.
hotjavascript (1 year ago)
if a guy does this i usually start fucking someone else out of spite smh lol yall confused
Johnny Calderon (1 year ago)
Every girl is different its up to you figure out what type of girl she is. Some like the chase while others dont.
Annette English (9 months ago)
Johnny Calderon you hit the needle on the head. There you have it. Yes, every girl, women is different. I'm sorry I'm the type I am to old to be playing Tom & Jerry. If you want me, let it be known, otherwise I'm ghosting you.
Bendito Emmanuel (1 year ago)
Johnny Calderon soo true 💯
SuperSimpSociety (1 year ago)
*Women like dangerous? Criminal record good?* *Speak to woman about criminal record?*
ericj305 (7 months ago)
eh, no.
1 1 (1 year ago)
only do this if you just tryna fuck and leave
hotjavascript (1 year ago)
exactly because when u secure a girl in this manner shes gonna be an insecure nervous wreck ..nothing u were attracted to... short term "win" long term relationship killer
Elle Roberts (1 year ago)
As a woman, I would totally DUMP ANY MAN WHO ACTS LIKE I AM NOTHING BUT A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. Games are for children.
Lalaine Leixandrezi (1 year ago)
Damn, so true.
Cleveland we the best (1 year ago)
Thanks brother for tha info
Giffond Hall (2 years ago)
sorry man that shit doesnt work
Cameron Vogt (8 months ago)
Yes it does. I bet you failed 3 times and gave up...it works.
sirj j (2 years ago)
Very valid fundamental concept. This psychological strategy is highly effective
Lewis Fearon (2 years ago)
Why would I want a girl to chase me? I mean wot would happen if she caught me??
Tandrine Bray (8 months ago)
Lewis Fearon 😂 LoL 😂
Bob Jackson (2 years ago)
It's better for a woman to chase you has to be her idea other wise if a man chasing a woman he be called a stalker. He become needy insecure acting like a stalker would act.
Ameer English (2 years ago)
you are right about everything you said..we have to stop falttering and fawning them in order to be chased by them lol love you bro..you are really sent by Allah to listen the real words thank you
Tori7022 (2 years ago)
Don't do this, however, if you already know the girl likes you/ is chasing you. Don't overdo it! As a girl this definitely gets me riled up but I also start to feel very discouraged, and as though I should just stop trying all around.
Nick Garrett (2 years ago)
this man is a fucking genius
Peace Peace (2 years ago)
its a game,only players play it.
slick dreams (2 years ago)
I'm gone try
John Doe (2 years ago)
Act like she's nothing special don't chase like the rest of the pack give her a reason to chase you, need intrigue, mystery, excitement about you, slightly dangerous.
Thompson Nguyen (2 years ago)
yeah. but once I pay attention to her. She begins to ignore me...
hotjavascript (1 year ago)
resentment.. he doesnt mention that side effect
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
I think this works if you're young or immature but for most adults, it wouldn't work. The premise is still valid though, you should treat her like she is any other person you are trying to get to know. For example, instead of complimenting and kissing her ass, you should just talk to her casually like you would anyone else. Ask her what she does, talk about the recent news headline, whatever. You don't have to ignore someone, that is childish. You just have to learn how to talk to them without putting them on a pedestal or being overwhelmed by them. Don't be easily impressed.
Alex Lopez (2 years ago)
that just happend to me today .. thanks for making me understand more
Kalissa Marie (2 years ago)
b but its hard😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
maui swift (2 years ago)
This is sooo true!
mike Williams (2 years ago)
thats a way to get out of the friend zone, I've done this and it works all the time, bcuz they want attention
wandy cherokee bonifacio (8 months ago)
So you have been friendzone and then you stop chasing her what happened next ? Im curious
Dat Boi (2 years ago)
Captain Save A Hoe
I'M still TALKING (2 years ago)
lmao go out there and kill everybody 😭😭😭

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