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Celebrities Wax Statues At Madame Tussauds - Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justn Bieber & More

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Celebrities Wax Statues At Madame Tussauds - Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justn Bieber & More.
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Do Bo (1 month ago)
I really wish they could make me an ultrarealistic Taylor Swift one and Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus one and Emma Watson and Victoria Justice one so I can have sex with them. Like make them have a vagina and anus etc.
Hailey Kelly (7 months ago)
They should make a celebrity wax of xxxtentation
valentina (1 year ago)
nah guys I can't stand Harry with blue eyes
Sufiya Ali (1 year ago)
I love 1 direction
jaita bhowmick (1 year ago)
Justin was so surprised and one direction was cute.....#both of them aww..
Liam Catterall (1 year ago)
If only they made sex dolls
BlitsplatsGaming (1 year ago)
Liam Catterall that would be lit if they make nicki minaj sex doll
Jerry R. (1 year ago)
💩💩 Justin bieber 💩💩
Arianagrande VEVO (1 year ago)
Where is Ariana???😒😒
Not Your business (1 year ago)
She has one in Amsterdam
kayxx (1 year ago)
+Molly I know but I mean will Ariana be in other countries
Molly (1 year ago)
kayxx Blackpool isn't a country tho.
kayxx (1 year ago)
+Molly not in other countries 😭
Molly (1 year ago)
Arianaitor forever in Blackpool, search it.
honey ! (2 years ago)
Kendall Clips (2 years ago)
EWW Selena 😑😑
Giorgia Puddu (2 years ago)
Ariana e Zendaya non ci sono
Lady.Wonder (2 years ago)
I want one
michael claveria (3 years ago)
Justin is so cute
Bamba Massiamy (3 years ago)
et niall
alt cas (3 years ago)
I am so surprised that Ariana grande doesnt have one
GigixWx (1 year ago)
Althea Castro She does she has 4 in different countries
Cecilia Andersson (1 year ago)
she maybe not wanna let they made one of wax
Molly (1 year ago)
Althea Castro she does though
Mohammad Emad (2 years ago)
Dairius Jr (3 years ago)
jazzy forever (3 years ago)
I love the 1D wax figure
Kandy Hearts (4 years ago)
3 months later and there are only about 2,300 views.
Orion Nebula (4 years ago)
raneem majdi (4 years ago)
Pandora Michaud (4 years ago)
First 💜 -w- mwuahaha

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