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Selling at The Flea Market - Started with a FULL Van

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Text Comments (240)
Christopher Weite (5 days ago)
What flea market is this?
Juanita Clifton (5 days ago)
Your viewers have grown, happy for you, you are a hard worker and deserve it.
LaTasha Coates (5 days ago)
Wait - dvds aren't a "thing" anymore?!?? When did that happen?? Oh my gosh, I'm turning into my father! He held on to his beloved box of cassette tapes while my sibs and I tried to convert him to cds. Now, I'm holding on to my cds, dvds, and regular books while folks are becoming more digital. Oh well, I am my father's daughter - which means you guys will have to pry my beloved dvds out of my cold, dead hands! Muah ha ha haaaa!!!
akmainiac (5 days ago)
hard on her bones she will appreciate a cushion throughout her life
akmainiac (5 days ago)
is Salsa going to be your road & selling buddy?
Dale Riccetti (5 days ago)
Beautiful Doggie
Ann Aston (6 days ago)
Why do you have the dog and your leaving it on its own all day it's only a puppy and putting it infrastructure is cruel
Mike Alves (6 days ago)
21 nascar how much
Jay Bales (8 days ago)
I agree with your thinking of leaving when it slows down. Time is money and you have to know when to toss in the towel. Good video🤑🤑🤙😎✌️
Sue O. (9 days ago)
Your videos are so interesting. Is this your full-time living or do you do something else, too? And where do you live that people stack all these things on the street? We don't have that where I live in Florida. I am always amazed at the things you find, especially curbside. I'm guessing there are quite a few people in your area who do this. You're a hardworking, smart young man.
Sue O. (6 days ago)
Very smart!
Taylor (6 days ago)
He does other things, but they're all more or less in the form of buying and selling. The videos here show a small percentage of his income.
Sue O. (9 days ago)
Salsa is absolutely adorable!!!
Dawn Faialaga (9 days ago)
Why didn’t you film when you first put your stuff out ?
lichub (9 days ago)
Selling landfill.
Jane Siegrist (9 days ago)
That pupperino is beautiful
Dennis Smith (9 days ago)
this would have been a great day to bring Salsa along with her bed in or out of the van, (with a learning harness on) -meaning if she got into barking, then you could have put her inside of the van to teach her when barking is appropriate or not - just put yourself into her place; would you prefer to stay at a new un-familiar home ALONE, or would you prefer to accompany your new 'master/owner' and learn the ropes in order to be the best companion/friend that you can be??? sincerely, d&j
Outdated Tastes (9 days ago)
I wish there were swap meets near me with an audience like yours. the ones we have are mostly Mexican and their either selling fruits, yelling, or playing loud crappy Mexican music on cheap speakers
autumn grace (9 days ago)
Salsa is Adorable !!!!! Thanks
Robert M (9 days ago)
You need to sell those antlers somewhere else if you are only getting $3-5 for a set. Those things are big sellers for crafters. They are good for flint knapping and knife makers etc... Plus people like them for dog treats. You should be getting $20+ for a set of antlers if you put in some more effort and time.
Darlene Karsten (10 days ago)
Where is your flea market. I go to the ones in south central PA and never see you.
sonia miyako lee (10 days ago)
Taco...when I first subscribed, your total subscribers count was 78,000, and it stayed that way for a couple of months. Now your at 99,000, that's 1,000 subs a day. Congrats for your great content, wonderful attitude & "it is what it is"....🤗
Gio Vanni (10 days ago)
My Grandma and Mom had that mop bucket.
TrashureSeeker (10 days ago)
You are getting some really good use out of that van, it's always great to see people staying busy :)
Andrew Hendly (10 days ago)
I wunt that yellow bike
Joe Alvardo (10 days ago)
Flea market rookie here. I never know how much to price my stuff
Kimberly Davis (10 days ago)
I would be interested in the cds . I like all kinds of music
Retro_Junk_1987 (10 days ago)
Salsa is such a little love bug! If you have any questions or need any tips let me know. We have a 2 year old golden and a 1 year old golden doodle :)
trudesinadelaide (10 days ago)
99k! Letsss gooooo Stackers!! Woooo 100k! Lets get him there. *cheer squad* lol 🌮🌮🌮
cenanation4ever (10 days ago)
why not just put all your dvds into one lot and sell them on ebay
HoschtonBoy (10 days ago)
That is one nice hat you are wearing Mr. Stacks.
helen riddoch (10 days ago)
I love your puppy its a good nam,e for her
bcoolfool 101 (10 days ago)
99,000 subs. Yay! Congrats! Not that it's about that, but I think it's a massive indicator of just how cherished you are in this community. I'm thinking the 100,000 silver play button subscriber plaque from youtube is gonna be heading your way very soon n so well deserved xx
Dena Redford (10 days ago)
When you work where does the puppy stay ?
granniefromky (10 days ago)
Was Salsa in the crate all those hours that you were at the flea market, then back in again when you went garbage picking? Set up a camera to see what she does while you are gone. You should spring for a big, soft doggie bed for her.
Gute88 Gute88 (10 days ago)
Wow 😲 98k subscribers!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Denis Hoban (10 days ago)
You done very well
Larry Boysen (10 days ago)
Cute little gal...she is already living up to her name...nice Salsa steps!
Jolly fication (10 days ago)
Is that ' Blue Bus Dave ' in the background at 8:49 ? 😎😎
Rose Manu (10 days ago)
6.07 goes and throws his trash in the bin, finds more treasure in the bin, pulls it out, hahaha your a legend taco, can you imagine the people around who may have seen you do that who aren't aware you pick trash for a living. so funny!! you the man! Love it! been following you for a while and you're awesome! keep up the good work. :-) xx
Martha McGhee (10 days ago)
OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! Thanks for showing us Salsa. I don't blame you for not taking her on the road right now. She is too young. She could get killed trying to follow you. Anything could happen to her on the road. Just let us see her sometimes. Also you may want to think about a dog seat belt. You can buy them so a dog can't get out of the car. It would be a great learning tool for her . Short trips to the store or very very short distances. Hey Taco--------------you're the man. Now you have made everyone know about you we all will have our nose in your business. If I had a grandson he would be about your age. I am not able to go thrifting anymore but I really enjoy watching you so much. GOD BLESS YOU!
amanda gray (10 days ago)
Yeah salsa!
RVHobo (10 days ago)
Ok who all said "Really" when he grabbed that pail out of the trash and then tried to sell it?
Heath Albritton (10 days ago)
When Salsa starts chewing on things, and she will, put hot sauce on things she likes to chew on, like any wooden pieces of furniture, or other things she will find.
Judith Janes (8 days ago)
We had a golden retriever, and whenever she was closing I on something we didn't want chewed up, we would tell her No and distract her with her favorite toy - a soft rubber squeaky hamburger. Worked like a charm and no drama. She's been gone 20 yrs now and I can still see her standing there, holding that silly hamburger by its edge. She was such a smart dog and great friend...
granniefromky (10 days ago)
And maybe get some pepper spray, just for fun? Why would you purposely put something that would hurt her sensitive mouth on things? That’s a nasty trick to play on your pet!o
rkorsberg (10 days ago)
Why don't you take Salsa with you to the flea market? People love puppies, if they are well behaved, especially good looking ones like yours.
Larry Watkins (10 days ago)
Do you still have the yellow fire king mugs? I'll buy them and pay shipping.
Larry Watkins (10 days ago)
Wow, if I'm not mistaken you have gained 10,000 new subs in less than a week! Can't wait to see you open that silver play button!!!!!
trudesinadelaide (10 days ago)
Now over 99k. Gonna hit it today or tomorrow!! Lets goooo Stackers!
TMK 22 (10 days ago)
I like the talks with us while you pump gas, make it a thing! Would be nice.
Toa Mataafa (10 days ago)
Hope you had a good sale today TS..Blessings.
orion1a (10 days ago)
How much do they charge you to set up an area at the flea market?
Brian N (10 days ago)
Wow, your gas prices are low compared to ours in Commiefornia!
Macbev330 (10 days ago)
Salsa is a sweetie..start training with sit ,paw, and stay commands reward with good treats..and then socialize her with people ..
Art Deco (10 days ago)
Love your videos! Thank you for showing us Salsa again! ⭐
Scooby Claw (10 days ago)
Love flea markets
CityWideSale (10 days ago)
Part out the bike on eBay. Pedals, seat, fenders. Small shipping items. Legal chop shop! ;)
Mary Cole (10 days ago)
Salsa is growing as fast as your channel!  ;)
Fay Salkus (10 days ago)
What you called smarties we in Canada call rockets and what you call M&Ms we call smarties. Huh
babalewa (10 days ago)
salsa is such a nice name for your dog it suits her
Cruzita Lanzona (10 days ago)
Seeing SALSA just made my day!❤
ajd ajd (10 days ago)
Maybe you shouldn't have a dog if it's going to be locked in a crate all the time and not teaching it to behave.
Joice desuza (10 days ago)
I love salasa.. 😇😇😇😇
Power Bemine (10 days ago)
Taco, suggest to get Salsa a 4-legged friend. When the time is right... Name suggestion: Pico De Gallo. Or some variation. Cheers and peace, from AZ. One of our country’s best places for Mexican cuisine. Side note: grew up very close to Waynesboro. Just a little north of there. Thanks for the awesome videos !
Jen and Harvey B (10 days ago)
🐾❤Yay, Salsa!!!!!!!❤🐾 Great job emptying your van! Harvey claimed a vintage Kenwood wool blanket for himself... guess that's a perk of being a reseller dog!
Lorraine Gilliam (10 days ago)
Was that blue Bus Dave's bus there?
MN Treasure Hunter (10 days ago)
That really turned into a beautiful sunny day 👍😀 perfect blanket for your new Puppy!
Jilly Girl (10 days ago)
She is a smart little girl - she knows a blanket is more comfortable than the hard, cold floor Train Salsa to ride with you
dale younts (10 days ago)
Would love to have the cast iron pans
Laughing Gravy (10 days ago)
the dog has rabies
kittyluver NY (10 days ago)
Yes, of course Salsa wants to lay on blankies, Daddy.
Erna Bueing (10 days ago)
Loved to see Salsa, she is so cute.
sunny skies (10 days ago)
Go to Wal-Mart & get Salsa a cheap bed pillow for about $2 to throw in her crate w/her blankie to sleep on.   :)   BTW~ her jumping up & around ~ she wants to play, she is a high energy pup that needs to run & rom around like a 2 yr. old toddler.
What is the breed of salsa. Beutifull dog.
freddie eatsgoldcoins (10 days ago)
Nice videos, started watching you previous videos...brilliant .. cheers, G. from Scotland...I love Salsa...cheers.....
michele carlin (10 days ago)
the smile on your face when you talked about Salsa... she is so smart. Sending a message to any of your Florida subscribers... please be safe.... praying for you all.
magalimme (10 days ago)
Salsa needs a bed - a few inches off the floor. And puppy classes right now when she's young and it'll be easy. Sit, Stay, Down, etc. so cute!!
AuctionLife (10 days ago)
Nice video buddy! Last tailgate is next Thursday.
Reds Win (10 days ago)
Still cannot believe you have not sold the Merit cigarette sign. Nice find in the flea market trash.
Ning Meneses (10 days ago)
Hi taco 😊😊😊
Pat Strecker (10 days ago)
If I was closer I'm always looking for dvds to buy
chevy dodgeboy (10 days ago)
don't you mean its bubble gum watermelon scented
Hooper45 (10 days ago)
Woof !
Alice Rice (10 days ago)
If allowed you should take Salsa with you, it's good for dogs to interact with people. She would be a good traveling buddy
trustdivinemercy (10 days ago)
You are awesome
L L (10 days ago)
Dogs are Chick magnets! I'm just saying .. see how we do so you will let us see her!!Lol we do Scrap Vulture the same way cause we love him and Creesha! Thanks Taco we love you too!👍🙋🧙🕊️🕊️🧞🧜😉
Bernie Yates Sr (10 days ago)
Hey Taco do you get many John Wayne DVD's ? If so keep me in mind if you don't care ,I love the old black and white cowboy movies also ! I live in Fairbanks , Alaska so its kind of hard to come by up here. Thanks and keep the video's coming . Bernie
James NenAk (10 days ago)
Taco she's beautiful take her with you sometimes from Evalina Lewis
picklesrule69 (10 days ago)
She's so cute!! Omg almost 100k subs 😁😁😁
Henry S (10 days ago)
Maybe you should hook up Cinema Sickness with DVDs on YT. He's from PA.
100 % (10 days ago)
By the end of the year you will have 100 000 subscribers for sure
David Collins (10 days ago)
Bundle the DVD's on ebay 5 for 3 bucks, similar movies in a bundle
Great video.. Hope the bad weather holds off and you can squeeze in another flea market.. Hey Salsa ❤😂
Soroka Barr (10 days ago)
Thank you for letting us see how Salsa is doing. Our Smarties are crispy candy coated chocolate beans! Thanks for another great video.
jeneb52 (10 days ago)
You could donate those dads to the people who send stuff to the troops to keep them entertained. And that wash bucket could be a great plant holder. Looks like you had a great day!
Rebecca Nichols (10 days ago)
Great video and great way to end the season. Salsa is absolutely adorable. She could boost your sales next season. Who can resist such a cutie and if they can you don't want to sell to them anyway. Lol
LINA (10 days ago)
Cute name for your dog..salsa..n that's funny I eat n like those candies..great job.✌
Cherry Berry48 (10 days ago)
check out my vidi "bad auction"
Cherry Berry48 (10 days ago)
aww wow i would love some of that soap, we dont have folks around here making soap anymore
ariel soul (10 days ago)
Will you ever take salsa to the flee market?
Lynne Wright - Glzrbug (10 days ago)
I love how a small item goes in the trash and he takes out a big item!
Jbunny T (10 days ago)
Maybe package DVDs...comedy, horror, etc. Put in bundle, sell at discount???
The Scummy Resellers (10 days ago)
Yep, Dvds are pretty dead at the fleas. Blu Rays too, for me at least. Cds are still O.K. and records are mixed, but if you buy the right ones fairly good.
rundoetx (10 days ago)
Wow, You're gonna hit 100K subs. soon. Way to go.

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