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5 Best Looks for the Perfect Tropical Getaway | Men’s Fashion Lookbook

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Men's outfit inspiration for the perfect tropical getaway as a lookbook short film. Linen, sandals, swim trunks, shades, etc. all make up some of the best beachwear and Caribbean looks. Check out my other styling videos from this Spring season: 10 Spring Style Trends You NEED to Know - https://youtu.be/lWyoNbjCdSg Mango Man Spring 2018 Try-On Haul - https://youtu.be/ropxJ48GVqo My 12 Favorite Topman Pieces | Spring Try-On Haul - https://youtu.be/u7xBZfevB0A EVERYTHING You NEED to Know About Linen | https://youtu.be/_KTpLPFnfX8 How to Style White Pants | Men’s Summer Outfit Inspiration | https://youtu.be/BBBM5_XZb-c Want more Inspiration? Check out some of my recent Lookbooks: Spring Summer Lookbook with Sami Slimani | https://youtu.be/MHTRe4Rb-XA Balenciaga Sock Sneaker Lookbook - 4 Contemporary Outfits for Men | https://youtu.be/Od18U4JwqAA Festival Summer Lookbook with Alex Costa | https://youtu.be/gQ_9Yae8Ljo Find me other places: www.instagram.com/marcelfloruss www.onedapperstreet.com Film by: Bryant Littrean (https://www.instagram.com/littrean/) Special Thanks: Nick Urteaga (https://www.instagram.com/coastal_flicks/) Sharlene Radlein (https://www.instagram.com/sharleneradlein/) Shot on Location: Four Season Nevis (https://www.fourseasons.com/nevis/?referral=onedapperstreetyoutube) Music: Sinking Ship by Nate Rose
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Text Comments (131)
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
Hope y'all enjoyed the video! Which one was your favorite look? Have an awesome Thursday! - Cheers, Marcel
Joshua Singh (1 year ago)
Great video One Dapper Street I really love your Ray Ban shades and your Tommy Hilfiger glasses! would it be possible to send me links to them? Thank You
mohammed nabhan (1 year ago)
Definitely the one in the thumbnail, wish I could get those trousers from nohow!
Nick frusciante (1 year ago)
Richard Rosmolen no problem bro ;) It was a pleasure
Richard Rosmolen (1 year ago)
Thanks, I didn’t see it in the description at first!
Nick frusciante (1 year ago)
Richard Rosmolen the miusic is: "Sinking ship by nate rose". Its a best song
Anthony Ramirez (4 months ago)
Do anyone know the name of the Tommy Hilfiger glasses he had on for his second look? Or the color?
MICHAEL HAZER (7 months ago)
What’s the name of your website?
rens kieviet (8 months ago)
omg more of these, love it. let me correct, i am in love
Chris Antonio (9 months ago)
Where can I get that ted baker green print shirt??
Omid Sharifi (11 months ago)
Amazing outfits
sanidad27 (11 months ago)
Incredible and inspiring video Marcel! Those quality Piaget watches though, omg haha!!!
Iggy Dela rosa (11 months ago)
Wow love this video and styles!!!
Sonny Jacob Lee (11 months ago)
Is piaget misspelled?!
Theodor Alx (11 months ago)
Stunning video! Why did I find about it so late?
Theodor Alx (11 months ago)
It's about damn time! For sure I will ;)
One Dapper Street (11 months ago)
hahaha I DON'T KNOW!! turn on post notifications ;)
Musa Khan (11 months ago)
The best video ever
Oleg Kasjanov (11 months ago)
i love those pants
THALISVAN (1 year ago)
I want to swin by your side...
Diego Martinez (1 year ago)
More videos like this please 💙✌😎
Milton Banze (1 year ago)
So wonderful. ..I really liked it
Neurotic (1 year ago)
daaaamn where'd you buy that huge boss sunglasses 2:55
ishouldbestudying (1 year ago)
Hot af
ishouldbestudying (1 year ago)
I think u should be just topless all the time
Легасов (1 year ago)
You did an awesome job! I really liked it ❤
dimas jayasakti (1 year ago)
make more like this. just music and outfit
Raphael Romulo (1 year ago)
Damn what a video. Straight fire
Jim Chapman (1 year ago)
This is awesome! Love the Ted Baker shirt
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
thanks mate -- sorry to have missed you in london man!
Viji Raju (1 year ago)
Looked like a music video!
Jovel Roystan (1 year ago)
Nice, bro
Boaz Jong (1 year ago)
What's the song? :)
fiveguysman911 (1 year ago)
where is the nail ring my man? loved the video.
ItsNickPowers (1 year ago)
This is so sickkkkk
Noman Meria (1 year ago)
Enjoyed it....Cool one !!👌👍
Till Timcke (1 year ago)
Awesome cinematics!
Jose.Nuñez.M * (1 year ago)
Exelent video, editing, and outfits. Love your look books and all your vids. Keep up the good work marcel, LOVE IT!
Healthyliving77 (1 year ago)
Doug funny grown up and ballin lol.
Ditto Ernando (1 year ago)
#livinggoodlife amazing cinematography, very nice place with very cool summer outfits, exquisite!
Jino Moreto (1 year ago)
now that's a lookbook video yaaas
Visuvio (1 year ago)
This is an absolutely stunning video! Congrats to all those who were involved in the production of this; the videographer, the beautiful location, the color grading, the dope styling... I just want to let you know that not only have I watched this video a bunch, but I’m excited to get a Ted Baker shirt because Look #2 was a BANGER! 😍🙌🏾
Brandon B (1 year ago)
genniel angeles (1 year ago)
👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ❤️❤️❤️ the matching top & short!!! #summergoals
Mario Verreault (1 year ago)
Super Wow
miguel mussi (1 year ago)
Anyone knows the name of the ray ban shades in his first outfit?
Maksym Sokolov (1 year ago)
Amazing video! Wanna get a linen white shirt
neonmoon82 (1 year ago)
All of the looks are very classy.
Grant Noroyan (1 year ago)
great video terrible music :) some nice outfits and accessories
Ron Claridad (1 year ago)
awesome job! keep it up!!
Carlos Cacal (1 year ago)
Shaun Leonard (1 year ago)
WOW! Amazing videography! Great looks! 👍🏼
Inthefrow (1 year ago)
well this was just amazinggg!
One Dapper Street (1 year ago)
ahhhhh love you!!!
kayzin lee (1 year ago)
wooow what a great video... Marcel your videos are really inspiring always...
Sayak Kundu (1 year ago)
Definitely your best video till date. Way to go Marcel
Sean Page (1 year ago)
The most beautiful video you've ever posted; production is amazing!
reckless_ rr (1 year ago)
Sumatra77 (1 year ago)
Applause! I’m a woman but I love your style and use of color, texture and accessories. Beautifully shot video too.
Gille87 (1 year ago)
Loved the matching shirt and shorts set, as well as your messy hair😎
Nate Rose (1 year ago)
Excellent video my friend! Appreciate you using my song for this Lookbook! Might have to cop some of these.
Modiki Ramaisa (6 months ago)
Nate Rose what is the song called ?
Safa Rosa (1 year ago)
One of the best dressed men i've ever seen!
Charis C (1 year ago)
Caesar Jean (1 year ago)
Solid as always Marcel - Look me up when you're in NY i'd love to buy you a drink
Enzoinmilan (1 year ago)
Love it! The looks, the color tone, and the music are a perfect combination!
Jiben huy (1 year ago)
Top , really like this type of video . Never miss one video
DIEGO GIL MUNICIO (1 year ago)
Amazing video!!. Nice job and nice style, I’ve gotten great ideas. Continue like this 🙌🏻💪🏻
Juha-Pekka Huikuri (1 year ago)
Simón Gámez (1 year ago)
I'm speechless, this is undoubtedly the best lookbook I've ever seen, it's really good everything has been perfect, great job, I have no words.
lîlø slam's (1 year ago)
Sven Lovell (1 year ago)
Top Video mit den Einblendungen!
NOEL BABATUNDE (1 year ago)
Wow one of your best videos Marcel this looks like a film all your outfits are lit the second outfit is my favourite such a perfect vid even the music you growing so much 😎 #odsquad
erwyn cubacub (1 year ago)
Great video. Love the floral tops. The soundtrack is dope. Awesome vertical line pants and the blue trunks. Great cinematography and awesome view
Ruman Ahmed Khadem (1 year ago)
The kind of lifestyle I love to live.
Farhan Cade (1 year ago)
Nicola Brown (1 year ago)
Ahhh I LOVE THIS. I just posted something similar :D This was so fun to watch. I’m a new subbie, hope we can become youtube friends and support each other :D
GINO M (1 year ago)
A new high bar set for Look Books - so fantastic Marcel.
App Store (1 year ago)
What’s the name of that song
Farhan Cade (1 year ago)
sinking ship by nate rose
Eric Sales (1 year ago)
Great video, this is exactly what I’ve been requesting from other style channels for three years....fantastic job
Elijah D. Davis (1 year ago)
love the videography bro!
Mayank Bhattacharya (1 year ago)
So.. SO BEAUTIFUL Marcel! Loved every single frame of it! <3
Nick frusciante (1 year ago)
Amazing !!! Have you a 21bottoms?
Cícero e_gommes (1 year ago)
kyle stats (1 year ago)
Strip your shorts and 💦💦😂
Ahmir zzz (1 year ago)
Wow maan loved it ❤️👍
Urban Projects (1 year ago)
The glasses in the first look are dope.
Michael Archangel (1 year ago)
Not necessarily my style clothing wise, but as a photographer and amateur videographer I love the camera and editing work. Inspiring. Great job :)
Raymond F (1 year ago)
All I'm going to say is that you have one of the most incredible men's fashion channel on YouTube so happy that I subscribe ... your stly is so so cool ....
Christina Chee (1 year ago)
and now you look like a European French guy , no more American look lol
Ryan Harper (1 year ago)
Hands down the BEST lookbook vid I’ve ever seen. Great camera work and even better looks...job well done Sir!
Jonathan Sousa (1 year ago)
The movie just looks amazing man, congrats. You're our biggest inspiration for dressing. Keep it on mind
Rey Jaramillo (1 year ago)
BEAUTIFUL video!!!! PERFECT outfits & ABS!!!!
WarDamnATL (1 year ago)
Amazing edit, I need to rock some of these looks for my honeymoon in October.
WAL33D MAS (1 year ago)
God damn this video is good
TheFatAmericans1 (1 year ago)
What exactly is the shirt from club monaco in the third look?
TheFatAmericans1 (1 year ago)
Great stuff thanks Marcel
Mike Frausto (1 year ago)
Marcel Amazing, wordless !!!🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
FIT BODY (1 year ago)
Great video 👌👏 #ODsquad
Mithil Chokhani (1 year ago)
Anh Nguyễn (1 year ago)
Bruno Garic (1 year ago)
Nohow pants are absolutely amazing. Great video!
Patrick L (1 year ago)
i remember wanting that ted baker shirt when i saw it online but then i saw the price & said "OH HELL NAW!!"
Matt Murdock001 (1 year ago)
Jeremiah makaveli story of my life like I'd love to get myself a pair of jordan 1s (they are like the only jordans I find appealing maybe 3s too) I saw the price it's like 400 for the red one.If I'm saving I'd rather put more and get myself a quality leather jacket.
NowThatsMusiQ (1 year ago)
Impeccable quality! I appreciate the effort and time put into thid video, keep it up
sravan kumar (1 year ago)
gotta love that huge boss :p
Vincent Leow (1 year ago)
Love the production values. But do remember to correct the misspelling of the brands: "Pieget"(?) and "Huge Boss"(?)
Zuber Khan (1 year ago)
One of the best channel
Suman Dahal (1 year ago)
Whats your height bro?
Edgar Ramos (1 year ago)
Amazing as always! You're so creative and inspiring.
mohamed (1 year ago)
so cool video keep it up

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