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Ebay vs Amazon FBA w/ Nicole STATE & Reezy Resells

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Ebay vs Amazon which is the best platform for reselling online!? Thanks for watching! Check out our website here http://www.ryanroots.com/ Follow Nicole STATE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMRgFPXOgQrtejm_FZaJmVw Follow Reezy Resells https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeq8GxD-kFVV5S1i0MCmzTg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to MAKE MONEY at Garage Sales | Selling on eBay & Amazon | Reselling Business | Ralli Roots" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRMyVZWqjS0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (115)
Kayla Austin (1 month ago)
How long have you been selling on ebay? I always feel like I'm to late to the party and wont succeed.
Short & Sweet (3 months ago)
i like your glasses
Chris Olvera (3 months ago)
This video is amazing! exactly how it is
Barbara A Jones (3 months ago)
On a MISSION to see ALL of your videos now :) like watching my babies grow up!!!! You guys are ROCKIN LIFE!!!!! and I'm REALLY learning LOTS from you kids! I STILL miss nursing but being able to take care of my boy AND earn money is SOOOOOO COOL!!! Thanks babies!!
Hanoman King (6 months ago)
Love the shirt! DBZ!
Wander Woman Hikes (10 months ago)
I love ralliroots.. but reezy and Nichole are scum bags!!!
Luisa Leanos (10 months ago)
Do you put your own prices on Amazon or does Amazon put prices on your items? And is there a list of on what you can sell when 1st starting out & a list of restrictions that you'll know before hand so you don't buy those items or is it all about researching everything you find to sell which I think is so time consuming?
Tia (11 months ago)
Ebay for flipping video games faster, books by lot, and rare toys. You get money faster with eBay. You have control on how much shipping to charge and to block annoying buyers. Seller account and pay-pal fees are annoying. Amazon is good for books, because buyers have prime. FBA fees are higher and returns are off the root. Bubble wrapped your own stuff and don't let FBA wrapped it- Your stuff can mixed up with others if you don't bubble wrap and label your items.Less shipping cost with FBA. but it can be separate shipping. You get some more money with shipping credits being merchant fulfilled. Get paid every 2 weeks Amazon with Professional account. Pay revolving on sliding weeks with individual. Amazon takes a bite out of fees without no surprise.
KyDerbyCity Thrifter (1 year ago)
Nicole didn’t mention that she gets most of her clothes by the pound for $1 or less per item, at the bins. I agree with Reezy 100%. Thanks for the video!
Freezer Dweller (1 year ago)
Can you guys ask YouTube to put 2 thumbs up on your videos?
Audrey McCarty (1 year ago)
This is like the NBA All-Star Weekend of reselling ✅✅💕💕
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
<3 Right!
PalN1CK (1 year ago)
The light reflection in reezys glasses look like eyeballs and it's freaking me out
Falo (1 year ago)
I like to get paid now so I'll stick with Ebay.
Ariposa Makeup (1 year ago)
This is super helpful... I feel like Ebay looks like training pants to me and Amazon is like the big girl panty's of selling online lol ..... my analogies are always strange... NEW SUB!
D Edwards (1 year ago)
she's cute
Tu Nguyen (1 year ago)
I go with eBay
Richard Yeager (1 year ago)
on ebay its clearly simplicity
Thisisbigvoice (1 year ago)
Good video. I now do very little on eBay. Maybe 1 sale a week. On amazon I do up to $7,500 gross sales a month. The goal is $100,000 gross for 2018. Follow me if you wish
Smith Michelle (1 year ago)
one other question, overall, would you say Amazon or ebay treats you better as a seller? Could you please touch on that subject a little. Thanks!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
I don't think either one treats their sellers 100% great lol, ebay is easier to get a hold of when you need help. Both have their flaws, I think ebay is definitely working more on treating their sellers better.
Smith Michelle (1 year ago)
Where would you guys (Ralli Roots) say that you make the most money yearly? I'm doing ebay but Reezy just made Amazon sound really appealing!
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
it depends on the model you want and if you're restricted on amazon. About 50% of our income is from ebay, 25% from amazon and 25% from wholesale.
LegoManiac2000 (1 year ago)
those glasses are really, really distracting.
Carol Lyn (1 year ago)
Reezy you slayed it. You're so right about the Amazon selling platform. You made me rethink about how I do my online business
Regina Moody (1 year ago)
Everything I find electronically to resell is restricted on Amazon. They want receipts from the manufacturer. Are there electronics that don't require me to be a distributor?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
there's a bunch yes. most of the main brands are going to be restricted for new sellers, you just have to keep looking.
forrealgirl 42 (1 year ago)
Amazon buyers are a lot different from eBay buyers, the way they are different is Amazon buyers expect that higher price point and better quality good and most goods are new so they are willing to pay that price. Were as eBay buyers automatically think to haggle to get the price they want and will low ball you to death on items whether the price point is high or not. Now there are high quality goods on eBay as well but people are more frugal and aren't will to spend that top dollar. Also eBay buyers are the first to claim something is fake when they no nothing or little about the product they are wanting and they hardly ever read the description. Also the fees on eBay are catching up to Amazon fees so there is only a little difference there now. Don't get me wrong now there are still a lot of good things about eBay that I like but I will be selling on Amazon in the future.
Andrew Robertson (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video. helped a ton! sub'd
There's a thin line between being diligent and being a martyr your martyr.
You can't diss the provider mike rezzy.
Mike Ziav (1 year ago)
Sell 20 items with 80 profit and 1 to 2 return vs selling 10 item with 150 profit with no return
betty lopez (1 year ago)
in terms of sales rates , what sell you the most Amazon or ebay?
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
betty lopez eBay for us.
Juggernaut Gamer (1 year ago)
Yeah tried that whole thrift/charity shop bollocks on ebay, didnt work for me mus be a U.S. thing who knows
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Gadgetlava Amazon and eBay huge in the U.K. too 😉
Adil Moen (1 year ago)
props of the DBZ shirt...
Lauren Payne (1 year ago)
put it on both at the same price
Lauren Payne (1 year ago)
Yep - shipping is rough but ive been doing it for years so its just a part of life for me every day... Always have multiples and the stores have a steady flow not a huge inc of orders at the same time for the same things. we have mostly rare types of gardening seeds and i make up the seed packets (printing labels and photos etc) made to order. Many types of our seeds are so tiny that they can be shipped in regular post with a scrap of bubble wrap, and it saves a ton on shipping costs (50c per shipment is awesome) Other types of seeds i make close to nothing on at shipping for 2.60 (1oz first class), but i keep those items in stock to bulk up the shops with best sellers.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
you must be doing merchant fulfilled not FBA. That's a good way to do things if you have a good system to keep track of your inventory or if you have multiples of the same item :)
Lauren Payne (1 year ago)
i list the same item on etsy ebay and also on two different amazon accts :} lol
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Hard to do with FBA because you're actually shipping the products in to amazon but yes, listing on both is great :)
josephseason (1 year ago)
you guys are great. new subscriber here.
RALLI ROOTS (1 year ago)
Awesome! Thanks for subscribing :)
AbdelMalek BEO (2 years ago)
I sell on eBay only, but watching my teacher Reezy's comment (makes so much sense), I am so starting selling on Amazon. Great video Ryan and Elly. Thanks for sharing it.
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
AbdelMalek BEO no worries 😉 ReezyResells is the man!
kyle watts (2 years ago)
Em Dors (2 years ago)
You can spot another reseller in the background scanning a book lol
Reezy Resells (2 years ago)
ok its getbs better but thats so weird
Reezy Resells (2 years ago)
why do I look like a lobster, I just realized this.. first pandas and now lobsters...
Shane Pettman (7 months ago)
Reezy Resells the lobster thing is your blood pressure ? Coffee raises it !? But those glasses ..... epic !
Clownsatthecemetery (2 years ago)
I now have a pro seller account on amazon. Even though i cannot get un gated on the locked areas yet....Im looking to see what i can ...
Thrifty Treasures (2 years ago)
Great video! Really enjoyed it. Thanks :)
Philip Cressey Jr (2 years ago)
Excessive fees for books and movies from Amazon is making it cost prohibitive to sell there along with being blocked selling movies. Much better profits on Ebay. But this was just in the past few months for books and one year for movies which is sad and discouraging. Prior to that Amazon FBA was much better in these two categories, but now Ebay is the better venue.
Philip Cressey Jr (2 years ago)
The MAJOR advantage of selling on Ebay instead of Amazon is that you get money today, not in two weeks or four weeks, but as soon as the buyer buys.
Ryan which prodocts should I avoid when doing retail arbitrage? I mean which brands can be harmful for my seller account? I want to get started but I want to know which products I shouldn't start with. Thank you very much in advance for your help.
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
Happy to help my friend :) cheers.
+Ryan Roots Thank you very much for your input Ryan. I'll definitely start with Ebay. keep up the good work, you rock!!
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
no worries. you cannot sell nike or any of the top shoe brands on amazon, no new seller can. paying $1500 will do nothing except cost you $1500. Those are completely restricted items. You can sell used books on amazon no problem. If you want to do amazon my suggestion would be to download the FBAscan app and start there. Also, if you have no experience with selling online start with ebay. It's easier to cut your teeth with ebay and eventually transition to amazon. hope that helps.
+Ryan Roots I want to do RA on amazon and maybe start buying some items at garages sales to sell on ebay, but after watching some videos I realized that might be a bit risky to sell some brands on amazon, there is a guy who says that you need to pay up to 1500$ to amazon to sell a brand like reebok or nike, is that true? do books also require approval? thank you for taking time to answer my questions. Really appreciate it ;)
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
are you doing RA for amazon or ebay? if amazon you just want to make sure you are allowed to sell the items in the condition you are buying them. Make sure if you're selling them as new they are PERFECT. Zero flaws. Ebay is different, just make sure you are profitable after fees and shipping and you'll be fine.
Jessie Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Love this video! Thank you!
Eds Thoughts (2 years ago)
BEWARE!!!!! I DID LIKE AMAZON BUT......NEW RULES ARE IN PLACE AND....AMAZON FBA IS KILLING THE BOOK SELLERS WITH STORAGE FEES (ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF UNIQUE DIVERSE BOOKS)!!!! THEY NEED TO CHANGE THAT!!!! They charge you 2 times per year and at different rates for items there 6 months vs 1year (twice as much on the charge)...on top of that they hit the resellers with a fee due that day!!!!!!! (which if you have a lot of items will be thousands of dollars). Amazon FBA market will turn in to a cut throat market for only the top selling items and will lose it's diversity from its FBA members due to these fees. YOU LITERALLY ONLY CAN SEND IN ITEMS THAT SELL IN UNDER 6 MONTHS OR A GIANT BILL WILL BE SLAPPING YOU IN THE FACE.....I'M FINE WITH A FEE...I GET IT... BUT THEY NEED TO JUST CHARGE THEIR SELLERS OVER TIME FOR THESE FEES NOT ALL AT ONCE. AT THIS TIME I SAY EBAY IS BETTER - HOPEFULLY THEY REVIEW AND CHANGE THIS POLICY!!!
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
True. The fees can be harsh, especially for books. As a rule we don't purchase anything with too high of a salesrank so we know the items will sell fast and we wont incur any LTSF.
Bobbymoons (2 years ago)
Great video! Great to hear from successful resellers from both platforms with solid points made on both ends!
TheOreo Kid82 (2 years ago)
what about drop shipping?
Clownsatthecemetery (2 years ago)
Drop shipping means you are trusting a stranger with your business and if they break the rules you pay for their crimes. Only a fool would play the drop ship game...
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
Oreo Kid 99% of dropshipping is a scam in my opinion. Yes, there are some legit opportunities out there but don't get your hopes up with using a "dropshipper" you'll get burned fast.
PhalanxCarlos (2 years ago)
I was tj maxx earlier and I was looking at some items and they were branded items. but every time I scanned the item, I couldn't find them on ebay nor on Google. should I still buy it or no?
Keith Hunt (2 years ago)
Very informative and well balanced. Thanks so much!
Al Kusufi (2 years ago)
Hey Ryan, thanks to you i started with my wife selling in ebay and it is going okay. My questions are: when did you guys start going into the wholesale and how can i have an access to your program? How much does it cost? When i wanted to entry the program on your homepage it loaded for so long without having success to get in.
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
Al Kusufi hey there 👋 the link on our website should be working now. We started wholesale about 3 months into reselling full time. You can also email me if you like [email protected]
Mike C. (2 years ago)
Amazon is THE place to sell used textbooks. But I've tried the retail arbitrage/FBA thing. I'm sorry but Amazon FBA fees are crazy! Maybe if you're buying pallets of goods from Alibaba with the intent of selling high volume at low margin then FBA might work. As a buyer, I've found the same seller, listing the same product on both platforms. Their eBay price is lower. This has to be because of the higher fees the seller is paying to Amazon.
Ying Li (2 years ago)
Some key expressions to remember always say "Thanks so much guys"
Ying Li (2 years ago)
It is pretty easy. Ebay offers the best of both worlds. Used items or new and Amazon is more for new.
Bob Longsworth (2 years ago)
What's your opinion on eBay valet? Is it comparable to FBA?
Heyitsporshe (2 years ago)
All Of My Favorites In One Video 🙌🏿
I own Diabetes (2 years ago)
i can buy and bid on ebay,and sell it on amazon! and make a good profit! (i feel like ebay customers are more wild,then Amazon customers especially when i never deal with amazon customers) i never have my products in my garage,its in amazons warehouse, you can Private label or wholesale products and sell them on amazon(if you know what sells good) you can with ebay of course but not for the price that you would on amazon. But either way HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE (EBAY OR AMAZON) KILL IT
tntmg9 (2 years ago)
keep doing what u doing ! u are both amazing and really helpful to a lot of people out there ! btw , after that i watched 1 hour of dbz xD
Mom The Ebayer (2 years ago)
It's definitely eBay for me!!! It's much easier and you get your money immediately. I also didn't like the idea of me having to send my items in, I handle everything in the privacy of my own home.
LaurenLayla (2 years ago)
Love it!
Barkey McCheesepants (2 years ago)
Lol...it was hard to focus on what Reezy was saying because his round light was reflecting in both lenses of his sunglasses and gave him huge cartoonish eyes. Go back and check it out yourself. But I have followed Reezy for quite a while and he certainly knows his stuff. Amazon is more convenient and less hassle but eBay is less restrictive. I do both but make far more from FBA...probably because I hate to take pictures and make listings. I have about 300 items in my den that need to be listed soon or I will be on an episode of Hoarders against my will. Good video, guys.
kyle watts (2 years ago)
Barkey McCheesepants Yaaawwwesomeee!!!!!!!++++:))))))))
Jason Rasset (2 years ago)
Barkey McCheesepants omg those glasses, 👓 BUT yea both are great for different reasons.
Malaya Hunter (2 years ago)
Barkey McCheesepants Right!!! he's look like WALLE..... LOL :)
May john (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. A few questions for you. I recently started selling on ebay and it's only been 5 days since i posted 15 items (buy it now or best offer) and i got an offer for only 1 item so far. Is this normal for you guys or do you tend to sell alot quicker? Also, i've been looking into Amazon fba recently as well and one of the problems i'm hearing is that Amazon is starting to Restrict alot of products. Do you come across this issue often? Is there a way around this? Also, How often do you go out and scan items at retail stores to sell on Amazon?
Tia (11 months ago)
Even if you get a professional account, it can still get tricky. It is hard to get ungated for selling DVDs. You have to buy from suppliers and wholesalers. Buying stuff from thrift stores or retail store receipts won't lift restrictions. Some products have loopholes, if you already sold them.-- it depends. You get more of money's worth on Amazon. eBay , its tricky on getting the items to sell. Buyers want a cheap bargain on eBay.
Relics Consignments (2 years ago)
New to Amazon, Have not setup account fully however My question is: Do you have to send in "Everything" that you sell on Amazon? .....
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
You only ship to Amazon if you're doing FBA. "fulfilled by amazon" you can do "merchant fulfilled" and ship yourself.
Thrifty Headbanger (2 years ago)
Great video! I have sold on Ebay for 17 years and I love it but have been thinking about Amazon. With that said, the Amazon fees scare me.
Dian Daley (2 years ago)
different strokes for different folks...nothing but love for both platform!!
Thrifty Headbanger (2 years ago)
Thanks for the reply. I saw a YouTube video of a girl that sold $550 in books FBA but she only netted $45 after the fees. Probably more to the story than that it just freaked me out. :)
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
yeah, the fees can be a bit daunting but the time you save in packing/shipping I believe is worth it.
Thelma Thrift (2 years ago)
No need to choose; the more platforms one can scale, the better. Amazon is not strictly Retail Arbitrage, and not all Amazon is FBA (immediate payout with Merchant Fulfilled) Thanks for a great interview with two of my favorite resell masters.
kyle watts (2 years ago)
Thelma Thrift Yaaawwwesomeee!!!!!!!++++:)))))))
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
Yeah totally agree! Good point :)
The JC Files (2 years ago)
Best way to sell on both...... (but Amazon is better 😂😂 )
The Posh Hanger (2 years ago)
Pains me to say this because I am primarily a Ebay seller. BUT, Amazon is much for efficient and much more easy to scale. I am in my third serious month on Amazon and I know that my future is Amazon 100%.
Tia (11 months ago)
You are right Christine C. Ebay seems like a flea market. I use it to sell junk or other items that Amazon restricted to sell. Profits can be low than Amazon.
Christine C (1 year ago)
I love Amazon. We make about 40% more on Amazon but we don't sell clothing. We have some fashion accessories but i will never sell used clothes again unless its from my own closet. Using other platforms is best. I just wish we did it sooner. Ebay is fantastic for selling your junk around the house and anything used. Just a lot more sweat equity.
VOGELTRON (2 years ago)
Been on eBay since 06. I do like the platform and it has been good to me over the years. Amazon was great to get started out with 2-3 years ago. If you sold many different brands you got grandfathered in. I am grateful I got a few that are now restricted. Others I am like everyone else. Even some brands I have sold 10,000 items of since 15 from legit suppliers I have had a 6 month battle with Amazon. I really do like Amazon's platform in many aspects but there are also pitfalls. With all that said it does depend on what you sell. If its books it Amazon, if it is used items it might be eBay. Use both to the best of your ability, they both have major value.
Musashi-san ____ (2 years ago)
Why does it pain you to say that? I've been selling on Ebay since 2007, and can honestly that WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. I wish I would of started FBA sooner. Would of been a way better place right now.
Dan Sapp (2 years ago)
Are you selling clothes on amazon ?
Income Strategy (2 years ago)
Thrifting For The Nest (2 years ago)
This is great! I am a used clothing seller, so Ebay is definitely my preferred format, but I'd love to get my foot in the door on Amazon if I could get my head around it. I appreciate the side by side comparison by two people I really look up to in the reselling industry!
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
for sure. Amazon is actually a lot easier than you think. Not hard to get going but hard to find inventory :)
Nathaniel Miller (2 years ago)
liked purely for the DBZ shirt
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
hahahaha :) that'll work! DBZLIFE
Brass City Picker (2 years ago)
Great Video! I utilize both platforms and do very well. Keep the videos coming!
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
Thank you!!
Angel Castro (2 years ago)
Hey <3
RALLI ROOTS (2 years ago)
hi :)

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