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You Will REGRET Watching This...

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Text Comments (17432)
Toby 0997 (38 minutes ago)
Why does it actually work
sunsteel Striker (53 minutes ago)
Here is how many gangsta birds were in this video I I I I V
Fire 52904 (1 hour ago)
anyone else keep trying to click the pop up ads?
Skoopie Noob (1 hour ago)
GAGEY 123 (7 hours ago)
Anyone here in June 2019
Gingys BS (8 hours ago)
I realised u have 13 million views
Hard TrickshotMax (9 hours ago)
Theodore Filipopoulos (10 hours ago)
4:17 shots shots
Gregory Rice (11 hours ago)
Low Rider463 (12 hours ago)
i subbed cause you doppe
Khi Snipez (15 hours ago)
Elmo doing orange Justise
What website is this
Smokey the lion (17 hours ago)
This video wasnt new cause i already watch lazarbeam :)
Tony Richmond (20 hours ago)
Don't you all love when teachers, 40+ year olds, and others people say "memees"
John MacKenzie (20 hours ago)
X 2
John MacKenzie (20 hours ago)
It’s free real estote
William Sandiford (20 hours ago)
Ohh acadaca it’s AC/DC
Maryann Hoang (20 hours ago)
whats the playlist i wanan see it again
Deez Nutz 1738 (21 hours ago)
GalaxyKnight 346 (22 hours ago)
Dude its season 9
Jordan Vasquez (1 day ago)
Fortnite has joined the chat for peely
Jordan Vasquez (1 day ago)
ThePoisonNinja 894 (1 day ago)
the kinder eggs are not illegal, u just can sell or buy them in the usa. u are allowed to ship them into the usa
The Master (1 day ago)
Man so many 😂MIMIS😂 lazar wants it to end
Master Dynamite (1 day ago)
I understand what the Elmo dance says: Lazarbeam is so awesome so you should sub to him his vids are so good
tylwr hart (1 day ago)
Wtf 8:36
tylwr hart (1 day ago)
7:19 is da best
raiders for life (1 day ago)
Laserbeam is my favorite meme and anybody 2019
Eva Coleman (1 day ago)
Fuck you meme
Awesome 918 (1 day ago)
9:45 Peter Parker tests his web power
SoccerStars211 _ (1 day ago)
No one:
SoccerStars211 _ (1 day ago)
Lazar Beam: I didnt know their would be jump scares
Leo Awesome (1 day ago)
🧐🤨 thinking I wish Lazarbeam did this in 2019
Peeled Peely (1 day ago)
Timvermunt (1 day ago)
The moment I see lazar beam vids I just can’t stop watching it
Jaeden Howard (1 day ago)
Did he say acadac for acdc
Lola is mom
Marsh mello (1 day ago)
My fav is to be continued
Albin Carlstedt (1 day ago)
1:27 this one got me soo hard😂
SquirrelMAN 9 (2 days ago)
L ight A mplification by S imulated E mmissions of R adiation
Matthew Davidson (2 days ago)
I watched one of your videos and I you said adidas but I subtitles it said aded a##
Anna Ward (2 days ago)
Rilal _ (2 days ago)
один один один ЭтО хАрДбАс
Thunderdex ,Thunder (2 days ago)
ACA data what ac/dc
Max guenter (2 days ago)
lazar beam (2 days ago)
I subed bloody legend😂.
Rubi Stevens (2 days ago)
Anybody 2019?
Aaron Mueller (2 days ago)
John Jacobson is my dad
alina hahn (2 days ago)
(2 days ago)
If you are watching in 2019 like me like this plz
Nicholas Jaime (3 days ago)
Who’s watching when the dance at 2:32 is an emote in fortnite
Julian Weaver (3 days ago)
at 2:41 i saw the season 4 battle pass ad, and thought it was an actual ad, so i clicked the x, but nothing happened. then
AshGaming 25 (1 day ago)
Cohen Mellish (3 days ago)
At 5:17 he calls the bird idiots but he calls French fries chips
GamerPanos295 (3 days ago)
2:55 that dance dropped yesterday in the fortnite shop lol
Real Ridas (3 days ago)
Does any people know how to sporrt him
Devon Oliver (3 days ago)
Whoa chill dawn
Isaiah Welte (3 days ago)
Lazarbeam *you just cant stop watching* Like ur vids
Alex Carter (3 days ago)
Steve meme
Rohan Matcott (3 days ago)
1:26 Is so funny I could stop replaying but i did not.
Dominic Garza (3 days ago)
2:34 what that meme
Boston Lydon (3 days ago)
When he was talking about hand shakes he needs to tell that to pewdiepie
Nemanja Dimitric (3 days ago)
Jeff Snyder (3 days ago)
Gaming fish13 (3 days ago)
Fortnite add while seeing where dream feet came from
Libby Schroeder (3 days ago)
This is the nun
Golden Toast (3 days ago)
2:41 There is a video with double dream feet and then a Fortnite ad pops up... *They predicted the future*
Derpy Mudkip 2.0 (18 hours ago)
Magnetic Noob (2 days ago)
Holy crap ye
Josh cool (3 days ago)
6:33 is when LazarBeam gives up his meme career!
Cindy Langren (4 days ago)
At this video
Cindy Langren (4 days ago)
I almost died laughing
Asher Silver (4 days ago)
Best vid ever
void wolfkingdom (4 days ago)
My favorite meme has to be it's that boy what's up
2:42 you know what’s convenient that was a emote in fortnite and then it shows a fortnite add and that emote wasn’t out when he uploaded the video
Samantha Villanueva (4 days ago)
I dare lazerbeam to react to asdfmovie.
Gabriella Roberts (4 days ago)
Human interaction is so hard because it's human interaction.
yudon destroyer (4 days ago)
Drunk Elmo 4:43
AshGaming 25 (4 days ago)
J______osh (4 days ago)
I SAW AN AD!!!!!
mrbean904 (4 days ago)
Elmo dances for the motherland - 10/10
Duolingo Bird (3 days ago)
Rated by the ruski bois
YouWontL1KE TV (5 days ago)
I predict 9:04 is a fortnite skin in season 9 I came from the future
The Potato Demon (5 days ago)
it's not a season nine skin
Bjorn Oswalt (5 days ago)
I saw the black guy in a theater at school it was cool he showed us the video
trash player (5 days ago)
that russian song was about not doing drugs
Oliver Robson (5 days ago)
4:41 good tune
Sans The skeleton (5 days ago)
Even tho I don’t think Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer I love the joke no matter how many times I watch this
Chandra Preston (5 days ago)
Your the best
Stinky 299 (5 days ago)
Look at lazars face at 7:11
Courtney Backous (5 days ago)
I like the "To Be Continued" meme
Jonathan Guerrero (5 days ago)
2:39 dream feet bois
Lukas Moreno (5 days ago)
Wtf is this Elmo dances for the motherland
jesus soberanis (6 days ago)
RealPVPGamer (6 days ago)
2:47 fortnites coming
Trevor Steese (6 days ago)
my freind did the elmo thing in the middile of town(:
Javi Hamtoro (6 days ago)
Season 9 anyone where playground us perma
Aileen Moore (6 days ago)
Elmo was saying a lot of ofeseive
Jay j holmes (6 days ago)
My favorite is the special victims unit
RadiantHD (6 days ago)
4:29 what song is that
I Tricky I (5 days ago)
Idk I want to know tho
Stijn Back (6 days ago)
Smitha John (6 days ago)
2:42 what a coincidence it’s dream feet and fortnite advertisement at the same time
RaptorzZ 16 (6 days ago)
9:02 later he would know, they added bananas to season 8 of fortnite
Sprky Games (6 days ago)
4:41 just a timestamp for elmo
t series (6 days ago)
memies remember that word lazar memies
Nexnang 122 (6 days ago)
For Americans (and others that didn't understand): Chips = fries

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