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Why Is He Suddenly Being Mean to You

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Text Comments (283)
Raven H (21 days ago)
I really think a guy is doing this to me. We were really close friends, even flirting at times, but it never went past that bc he has a pregnant girlfriend at home. But, now he talking to my best friend (and our coworker) who is very much married and has a 3 month old baby girl. Not sure why he is doing this especially with a married woman who is not interested. Is he trying to put friends against one another, or is he being egotistical and childish?I'm confused
Zara Mathur (1 month ago)
Hi please make a video on: What does it mean if your enemy stares at you in class 7th grade. Please make a video
PaNdeM0niuM (2 months ago)
teasing and being playful, usually are signs they like you
Tim Tim (2 months ago)
Sure its a common game both guys & girls play, but its stupid, inmature, & has no place in a healthy bonded relationship. If anyone dose this to you, move on, not only just it save you from this loser, but it also teaches them a lesson its a path to failure & hopefully they will grow up.
chayma (2 months ago)
i don't think they're that smart 😂
Salmex Llc (2 months ago)
This guy that i like just insulted me and im also the stupidest.... Im not happy about this meN STUFF( said and
GOD SENT (2 months ago)
I was in a very toxic mental abused relationship for 7 years and I’ve always wondered why he would be so mean then when I leave he cry’s and act nice then thy cycle continues thanks
Sara Canna (3 months ago)
yh but does that mean they like u????????????
blkimble (3 months ago)
Sorry men just aren't smart enough to orchestrate that type psychological game. No way
EmChronic (3 months ago)
He’s rude to me and sometimes he’s nice to me.. I’m Starting to think that he’s trying ANY and EVERY thing to make me drool over him. And to be honest... it’s kind of working 🥴 AND I DONT WANT IT TO WORK 😣
Yvona J (3 months ago)
I have one sentence for this "ain't nobody got time for that" lmao
maria mistretta (3 months ago)
When a guy is disrespectful to women not cool man, not cool. Don't torolate manipulate abuse or bullied. No I don't have to take it. Don't have time for a guys lame games. Don't go playing games with my emotional or heart I ain't a toy. Enough is enough don't have to tolate such disrespect in a man.
Anna Zakse (4 months ago)
Ooo this video saved my life!!!!
CLOROX ELLA Ella (4 months ago)
he got mad because I put on too much perfume.
Danielle Ramsey (4 months ago)
In a nutshell, they want attention!
idkh butimgrunge (5 months ago)
do guys actually think about this i don't really think they do i mean come on who makes plans on how to make you think about them i don't think that anybody would go that deep specially not guys
Kristen (4 months ago)
So naïve
Amber Hughes (5 months ago)
thanks for the answer to my question
shan4883 (5 months ago)
I don't trust guys who do that to me anymore. Its a waste of my emotions and my life when I could be secure and happy. Making me feel so low and they come around acting nice the next day is passive aggressive behavior and it'll just go in circles until it becomes so draining that you don't know how to deal with it anymore. If they don't even bother to get to know me, its not worth it either. They were only chasing after the attraction, not me and not everything about me. I'm disappointed in this guy who did that to me and feel angry that he tore my heart out. I don't even believed he cared either about me as he said he did. He assumed I was too young (although I'm around his age) and just gave up on me. It all happens as I'm coming into work at night and he expects me to smile at him so he can approach me, I'm sick of it. His friend called me cute and they can't just say hi!? Its awkward and flattering at the same time but they dont get the picture that they are coming off insulting and hurtful after they assumed I rejected him which makes me not trust him.
Kenny z (2 months ago)
Hey shan you have to see it from guys perspective. I've treated some girls the same way you're describing but I'm trying to learn and become better. The problem comes is when we have failure of parents, especially a father. You could say I always had a father, some people wish they had a father to see him as a father figure. I tried always to follow my father everywhere he went but he rejected me and hanged out with his friends / his family instead of me or my brother. I saw how badly he treated my mother. I've seen my father throwing what my mom cooked for him on the floor because it was burnt. I remember doing the same to my mother when I was only 3 to 4 years old because my failure of a father taught me that way. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a failure of a father and it's hard to change especially not having anyone to give me any advice my entire life because I was raised to keep everything to myself.
Kristen (4 months ago)
Wow I feel like I could have wrote this! I finally got tired if the guy I like taking jabs at me after months of it all. I feel so much better, but I had to tell him to f off only once I was ready to. I was still hanging on but he didn't change. Eventually you'll have had enough and they'll get the hint.
shan4883 (5 months ago)
He was all happy to see me all the time and he was nervous to talk to me that he literally stood out on the road when I came into work just to know he was waiting for me fidgeting with his phone and it all went wrong. This has been going on for months and he knew my schedule when I came in and out of work. I was in a hurry to go into work, so he went around the corner window and smiled at me from a distance and I was being interrupted by a staff worker so I couldn't go to the window. I ended up looking out to see if he was still there and he was smiling looking up waiting for me until he panicked and said to himself what is he doing and rushed into his building stressed out. He was being flirtatious with me for 2 months now and his eyes got emotional every time we made eye contact and he just melted, so did I every time I had seen him for weeks after that. I was getting weak in the knees and haven't felt that way in a long time. He felt like he needed to approach me than but I was working. He did once the first time and I walked away since I didn't know what was going on. All we did was stare into each others eyes. I guess I had doubts that he actually liked me, but he did. His friends were always teasing him and nudging him to say hi until this week messed up. I didn't know what to do since we're both nervous and his friends ruined it calling me weird (I was just turning off my lights on my bike?) while he was with him and stood there laughing at the corner where he usually stands. I was shocked by their immature behavior. Since we had a hard time talking, they thought I was flashing my lights at them and made me feel very uncomfortable as I went into work and started crying. They use to be nice to me and would see them outside staring at me. It made me feel awkward but the guy that I liked never made me feel that way until today. I didn't understand why his behavior changed and he was acting all macho with his friends (who are in their 40s and 50s, you would think they would respect my feelings) and he acted like he couldn't careless about me although we have gone through a lot together and weren't even dating. He went on break anxiously waiting to leave afterwards and I didn't even want to know if he was texting someone. I was getting depressed and felt like I lost him. His friends told him to forget about me and it made me even more sadder. I wanted to get to know him. I think he would prefer outgoing women, than me now. He was shy around me.
S Stan (5 months ago)
It’s a terrible game nevertheless. Do they call it “psychological warfare”? Well, I have no room for those types of ppl in my life.
Nicola Douglas (5 months ago)
Men can leave that Wendy house bull shit at the school gates!!!! I want a man not a kid!!!!
sound wave6 (5 months ago)
SassyJ (6 months ago)
I dont understand anything you are saying
Divinistry (6 months ago)
Potato Beauty (6 months ago)
He called me gay So Here My friend: hey do you like (me not her) Him: No, shes gay MY MIND:WTF HOW TF AM I GAY IF YOU KNOW I LIKE YOU BITCH YOUR A DUDE ARE YOU A FLIPPING GIRL??? But it turned into likED So i hate him now ⬆ OMFG I PUT A BABY i FAAACCKKK
Miss Millaya (6 months ago)
Well, one day, I came to a new school and I used to talk and communicate with a guy, he was really kind and caring, I just thought of him as a friend but apparently he liked me more than that, I found that out the next year and around when I found that out, he told everyone that he liked me, like I said, we were friends and communicated a lot, has friends were forcing me to tell the if I liked him how he liked me and I just said that I did like him... everyone was so happy and of course that guy was happy too. After everyone knew we liked each other, I felt very uncomfortable so I just stepped a notch down a bit and said I didn't like him... After that he stopped talking to me and just left me alone... Of course, Lucky me ended up sitting next to him in science class, and he and his friends tried to sit as far as they could away from me, I felt hurt because I still liked him, and I think he likes me back but he's just not showing it anymore. He now hangs with my frenemies and they always try to ruing my life.. I feel sad. Somebody please give me advice...
Annie (6 months ago)
me and this kid were really good friends then all of a sudden he started to be mean to me and so did one of his other friends. i asked him why he hates me or is being rude to me and he says ask my friend i talk to him the most. i want to slap him across the face. friends all of a sudden control your life.
Kristen (4 months ago)
Insecure dudes and their friends are the worst.
my crush is soo very bossy on me in school!!! i hate him
Angelica 104 (7 months ago)
I was friends with him and then he stars to be mean
NanA 4EVA (7 months ago)
When you say “move in” does it mean try to ask you out?
Etsy Theenchantedattic (8 months ago)
Not always this answer ! Been with him 2 years hot up until the last month before he broke up . They get mean when they want out!! It’s usually that they found another girl they want to be with.. guys that self sabotage will also do this. If he’s doing it to you , it’s more likely that he’s cheating
Oh thats Lauren (8 months ago)
This guy that I was in a “situation” with did me this Way. I was messing with him for three years . The first few months I really thought he was the one for me. I later found out he had a girlfriend and I stopped talking to him for like three months . We reconnected (like a dumbass that I was it was so hard to stay away cause we worked together smh ) and still messed with each other on and off for three years . I’m not proud of this . Anyway fast forward to now . We haven’t messed with each other for several months and stopped talking for a month til I learned his dad died . I’m moving to Cali as I’m typing this and literally my last day at work he was being very mean and short with me. Like my whole last week he seemed different. He was saying how we couldn’t hug or kiss goodbye cause it would lead to other things which was understandable and I get that he was trying to do things differently as I was too cause I was leaving and didn’t need those feelings to resurface but the last day he treated me like that I will never forgot and though he apologized and gave me a lil short speech about how he wishes me well and that he didn’t mean for me to cry today I will never talk to him again after he embarrassed me today. We were friends before anything I just don’t understand why he picked my last day to do this and now I’m leaving depressed thinking why ?
Uchechi Mlemchukwu (8 months ago)
Ya he's being so mean to me 😒😒😲😲😳🙏🙏👀👀👀👐👐👐
Steph Josph (8 months ago)
Plz someone answear this There’s this guy who I haven’t talked for a long time but now that we share a class he started being rude to me like talk about me behind my back to his friends, tell me I look like a man( btw I dnt I look very feminine) and every time I ask what I have done he doesn’t answear. It’s pissing me offf ugh 😑
Kristen (4 months ago)
Seems like he likes you and is conflicted by it. You will come across immaturity. Just continue doing your thing and let him tire himself out.
Queen Directioner (8 months ago)
I know he likes me. I can feel it when he looks at me. But sometimes I feel like I am overthinking. Idk I can see it in his eyes how he looks at me. But nowadays he's ignoring me. He talks to the girl besides me more. And smiles more at her. But several times, I've seen him stealing glances at me. And when he talks to me, despite the girl being next to me he will look only at me. But sometimes he is rude. Idk why
alpha wolfury (8 months ago)
He hella laughed at me I was fuckin pissed cause he always looks at me but now he doesn’t and even laughs at me
kim Ballew (8 months ago)
When a men is upset about something, why do they don't want to be bothered with you when they supposedly love you
MariaV0071 (8 months ago)
Finally, a clear answer to my question I have had for a long time. Why did he al of a sudden started being mean to me? Well, clear answer here, thanks. Wish the man would have just grow up, grow some balls and tell me genuinely that he is not interested instead of being mean, which kept me wondering what I did wrong.
Lindsey Hebert (9 months ago)
He said I was a sweet girl at first I take it so personal people don’t know how I get hurt too easily and it hurts my feelings they ignored me by not chatting with me it broke my heart I never get likes from him anymore like I used I try to be sweet and nice to everyone so now I feel unappreciated worthless
J L (9 months ago)
who has time to figure out why he's being mean. I just block his existence out of my existence. to hell
Melxo xo (9 months ago)
One of my co-workers does this. He'll be flirty and sweet one day but sooooo rude the next. I asked him what his problem was one day and he just ignores me and walks away. A couple of other co-wirkers would even ask him (why he's so rude to me all of a sudden) and he'll just say he's having a bad day. Even though he's sooooo nice to everyone else. I've been avoiding him almost everyday for this reason.
Ruby Okidi (9 months ago)
Thank you for this!!!
camilla de vivenot (9 months ago)
great person gives the best advice
Amelia Beman (9 months ago)
This explains my exact situation. Normally, this behavior would make me lose all attraction in a guy. However, the fact that he's doing this for the purpose of wanting me to like him is keeping me from moving on. I wouldn't date him unless he shaped up but I still can't seem to stop liking him.
I’shana Ruffin (9 months ago)
I asked him” why?? He so rude” he never answer my questions he ingrnoes me sometimes
Medical Sector (4 months ago)
Only narcissists play those kinda games....better leave him asap before he further messes with you. Real mature men dont do so!!!
Beautifulbajan86 (9 months ago)
Lol same here
Lindsey Hebert (10 months ago)
I have been like this for 2 years he used to like me so much at first now I feel like he is ignoring me too much doesn’t care about me why would he do this he said I was the sweetest and loyal girl they ever found now I am feeling like he no longer is interested or likes me anymore I used to have passion now I feel like it’s almost gone
Jack Smith (10 months ago)
You are such a beta male
Zed I (6 months ago)
You're omega lol. Btw hierarchies are for immature gorilla-like sheltered humans
THR33.crazy girls THP3 (11 months ago)
Oh I am so blocking him in my contacts
Tracy Engle (11 months ago)
Does this behavior also prove that the girl does likes him? Shows that the girl is worried about why the change in his behavior because if there wasn't no attraction wouldn't the girl be more on the defensive side rather than being concerned. Would that be another explanation or reason?
Sesame Krabby (11 months ago)
It's the opposite for me. He was rude to me at first and I thought he hates me so I avoided him. Now is suddenly so nice to me and I'm confused?
Roxana Andreea (11 months ago)
Why is he acting so strange? I mean..sometimes ( most of the time) he looks at me, kinda makes small jokes, I look at him and he looks away quick, he's trying to get my attention, when I talk to other persons he stares with a blank look like he's going to kill someone. And there are days he is mean to me, he is just not nice, the way he talks, the way he looks at me. And then, again he seems he likes me. I just can't stand him! He is so confusing. I don't know if he feels something for me or if he does, is he worth it? I mean...he's kinda possesive right? And if he's already that possesive then...if we'll get together I'm going to have no life.
Donna Just Being Real (11 months ago)
Sounds like a narcissist. smh Run run fast away.
BigBOSS (11 months ago)
because she was suddenly started ignoring him
E (1 year ago)
Great video 😊you deserve more subscribers
TravelingDiva2018 (1 year ago)
Got him! I knew this is what he was doing all along; so I threw up the peace sign and moved on. Do I still think about him; of course, but is he going to know it? Nope! Dude is still angry at me for friend zoning him back in college; not because he wasn't a good person, or a nice guy; but because I just wasn't where I needed to be in my own maturity back then. Me and this guy had been back and forth talking and kicking the s**t for years; on and off. One day, I thought about him and messaged him on Facebook; just to say hello and that I was sorry for the way that I treated him, back in the day. We chatted, and he came through my town to visit; he wanted sex right away; nothing but sex talk. I was fresh out of a divorce and wanted to have fun, so I gave in months later; during another visit that he made to see me. He started being sarcastic with me, ignoring text messages and acting like a 5 year old; so to keep from wasting anymore of my time or his; I took the hint and told him to erase my number. Now, I do understand that getting angry at him was hypocritical of me; because I treated him the same way back in college; but dude, we are in our 30s now; when are you going to grow up? I took my "L", swallowed my pride and moved on. I still have feelings for him; but I refuse to allow him to treat me like dirt.
Itsyagirlelvia (1 year ago)
So he’s really nice to other friends like his guys friends but he always says mean stuff to me it looks like he likes me I told him I like him but then he was meaner I give up...
GoldKunteriova MMD (1 year ago)
Thank you this helped me a lot I even asked him if he hated me
Debbie Kurth (1 year ago)
Nope, not with me. mean...I am gone.
Thomas Mussmann (1 year ago)
So i hear from other people on youtube to be meanish eventhough i am nice to the girl that i love so why do they say to be meanish
UmbraLin (1 year ago)
Yeah... it just hurts though. I have a friend who did just this. He insults me more and more now and when I complain he calls me a "snowflake" and acts almost...offended that I tell him to stop. I'm starting to think I can't be friends with him anymore because talking with him is starting to make me unhappy.
Kenny z (2 months ago)
We know your part of the story but what about his? That is something I would like to know. Context matters from both sides. Judging how you replied to Jacks comment, it really says a lot.
Valeria Plazola (2 months ago)
I say just stop hanging around him because he’s the problem not you.
Valeria Plazola (2 months ago)
Then he’s not worth your time and energy. He’s simply not mature enough and is verbally abusive towards you.
UmbraLin (10 months ago)
Such a stupid reply, as expected.
Jack Smith (10 months ago)
That's your own fault.
hobo367 (1 year ago)
I said fuck off to my friend but I really didn't mean it because I was in a bad mood and he started to get really rude with me and shout in my face, I wanna say sorry but he never gives me the chance
rosie J (1 year ago)
Your right man
Kari Short (1 year ago)
Katelyn E. (1 year ago)
Never stop making videos
Ohheyheadass (1 year ago)
He’s a good friend of mine
Imaia Maleika (1 year ago)
Holllyyyyy fucking mollllyyyy I can’t believe this I spent so long wondering y he did this for o me and now I know thank you sm🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
barbara wright (1 year ago)
That's a "game of manipulation". Its highly unlikely that anyone who bites that bait would get what he/ she wants, and is waisting his on her time. Let it go and move on...
F*** guys, my so called boyfriend broke up with me on valentines day😠😠😠😢😢😢🖕🖕🖕
Run for the hills
Sim2665 (1 year ago)
Samantha DD (1 year ago)
I'm pretty new to the whole dating and relationship game. I got into the race pretty late. This guy.. He is 9 years older than me. (I'm 22). He was sweet and funny when we started. We were friend for almost 3 years. I used to share many thoughts with him.. Even about crushing on other guys. Then I went abroad on a internship through university. I travelled with 3 new guys and wanted to give dating a try first time in my life. I expressed interest more easily with a few guys I met there and flirted lightly with them. Then one of my co-interns showed interest in me and I being new to all this thought this was how love is. I got kissed and held hands for the first time. We kinda got close over the two days of our departure back and me being an idiot shared it with the older friend. A week or two before this the older guy had told me he had always had interest in me. I didn't know how to take it. Upon return we understood it was a vacation thing and was just a fling we moved on. I started caring for the older guy. I got upset over his moms passing away and I was genuinely worrying for him. We talked and we had a kinda date for the first time. I was not shy to hold his arms in the theatre nor give him a hug or a peak on the cheek. But he shrugged off and pushed me away saying he didn't want to catch feelings. From then on he became vague and distant and rude. He refused to meet up and finally said something which hurt me and I stopped responding. I thought it was all over. I was blaming myself. I thought I had been unsympathetic towards him. That I should be understanding of his loss. I had tried but failed He contacted me after two months and said some sweet thing like "ill wait for you till you understand and we can be friends. Just friends" I was hopeful. After a week he started to be harsh and rude again. I tried putting up with it. Not taking the insults to heart and being rude back cauze " that was our thing" or whatever. But being rude is not my nature and I simply cannot do it anymore. After a week I told him I can't do this anymore and before he could respond I just blocked him.. I still haven't infringed him.. I kinda feel bad. But all this has been toxic and putting pressure on me. Thank you for this. Now I know what he is and why he did all this. I guess I will unfriendly him completely and get out of all this rut, .i confused my thinking about him all the time as "caring and love". I do care but like I care for any other of my friends. But may be I could do without this particular friendship
CHINKIE (1 year ago)
Misty Blue (1 year ago)
He was rude to me so text him to tell him than i blocked him ... Than i went and had ice cream watched tv and went to sleep ... Im good now
Jaineisha Penny (2 months ago)
Good let him feel the pain
mist __ (4 months ago)
+Jack Smith What she said makes sense to me- That is big part of why she felt good perhaps - Said her peace and then did it. But i don't know. What do you suggest someone do if one is disrespectful by text?
Priscilla (8 months ago)
Omg girl🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jack Smith (10 months ago)
You obviously were not good if you had to text him to tell him you blocked him then wrote about it again here.
TravelingDiva2018 (1 year ago)
Sonicz Forever (1 year ago)
I am dating a guy casually neither of us long term committed but he spends very little time with me. Yeah he's playing the field but he's making fun of the fact he isn't around, I simply told him I was busy I am not. He is just trying my patience,
Zed I (6 months ago)
Try having a life or hobbies apart from guys...
Sihle landiswa (1 year ago)
What are you supposed to do about it though? Because I'm currently in the same situation and I chose to blue tick him and ignore his texts. You right!at this moment I cant get him out of my mind.
the pit man bull (1 year ago)
It's a waiting game almost like a dominant game who ever breaks first is the one summitting to the superior person can be male or female.
Ana Gourd-Gallegos (1 year ago)
Wait so him blocking me on facebook is him playing a game?
Rosanna Miranda (1 year ago)
Lots guys did that to me and that why choice be single :)
Karen (1 year ago)
Ok me and my crush aren't even friends, we are very distant. I bet he doesn't even know my name, but he seems to be paying attention whenever I walk by, saying sarcastic things and calling me things that don't even make sense XD, the girls in his group of friends glare at me and my friend, and when my friend Isabelle looked back he was staring, do you think he likes me? Or is he just being weird? My friend thinks he's warming up to me even tho she doesn't know I have a crush on him
Braed (1 year ago)
Guy here. I don't play games. If I'm mean it's because i'm in a bad mood.
Divinistry (6 months ago)
thanks for you input
Joan Latreille (1 year ago)
Unfriend idiot's..
Miss LM (1 year ago)
The only thing it makes me think is that he is D***. I don't play that. Essentially he got left on "read". LOL.
nazra7 (1 year ago)
Hey, haven't you ever heard that song by Theory of a Dead Man, Gentlemen? The solo goes like this: *When you give a girl respect, treat her like she is the best, you're nothing to her. She rather have you playing games, piss her off and make you wait, if you want it to work.* <<<<<< Seriously, this is why. They assume every girl is like this because they can't make it work any other way but I know its not true for every girl since I've dated them and I've never had to be like this for them. Having one to two years each with them I never had to fight with them, I chose to end the relationship when I think its starting to head south for whatever reason even though she was willing to stay with me, usually because of me and my mistakes since I don't want to hurt them or make them feel manipulated, they're too good for that crap. That's why I'm still good friends with them and sometimes visit them and hangout after if I'm single at the time. I don't want anyone thinking I'm cheating on them with my exes. I know this looks like a lack of commitment so I try to sort out my issue by learning from my mistakes. My main problem has been knowing who I am truly looking for, and I feel like I've been looking for certain types of girls who aren't completely compatible with me. Namely more asexual girls, which has been a mistake on my part. I still love them but my libido is too high to go years without any sexual contact while dating (since the idea was to save it for marriage). Sorry if that got too personal, just trying to be brutally honest. It also seems I'd be better off with someone who likes to work out like I do, or at least someone who's naturally on the thinner petite side and doesn't have to starve themselves to stay there.
He used to be extremely nice and all of a sudden he just ignores me and seem annoyed at me and I don't know if i did anything wrong
Lil5150dcm /Damien (1 year ago)
My ex tells me he's had new girlfriends and friends are telling me he's dating a lot of girls what does that mean?
Lakita Butler (1 year ago)
Dave Hart (1 year ago)
Lakita Butler lmao ikr
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
Long story short.My crush (Naming him daniel),has been avoiding eye contact when there's no way he cannot not look.Well,before this whole incident,me and my crush used to hug and everything and do this type of handshakes (in June,July and mostly August)But now he's been acting weird and diffrent after the summer break.He stares at me from far distance but when I'm in front of him he doesn't,infact he acts as if there's completly nothing there.He tries to make me jealous with these girls,and I know he does 100%.I forfot ro mention that my friend,knows I like him and she still hugs him and he hugs her to and he does that right when im there.So my other friend (she doesnt know i like him but has doubts,went to the line and stood in front of him staring and so did i (we looked like idiots)then he looked straight at me and gave me a dirty look,but I didnt know what to do so I looked at him and walked away.
Yasmin E (1 year ago)
Clorox Bleach my guy friend who liked me too does dumb shit kind of like that. Know your worth and move on. If he wasn't that relevant before you met him then he shouldn't be now. I notice when I keep my distance, he will start talking to me more. Then when I get close, he distances himself. I told him this and he denies it. Time to move on.
Jemma Richardson (1 year ago)
Please can you tell me why it feels like he doesn't care about me anymore 😞
Gigi Helton (1 year ago)
my crush , weve known each other for a year but he was nice and funny at the beginning now hes a dick and hurts or insults me what does that mean? why is he doing this should i be nice or mean?
Ryan Heard (1 year ago)
Im guilty of playing that "mean" game that your talking about too once in a while. But I only do it when I'm dealing with women who play games with me. When women play the "keep chasing me down game", I'll tend to start acting mean to them out of nowhere. I do it in a way that catches by surprise. I usually do it right in the middle of them playing their game. I won't do it too late or too early but just at the right time where it makes women catch themselves and feel bad or guilty about what they're doing. The women who are truly into me will usually stop the games and start acting normal but the ones who are just bullshitting around with me will give up and leave me alone. It works everytime. I've had much success being mean to women who bullshit me. I see why this guy is an expert advisor. He knows what the fuck he's talking about for sure.
shan4883 (5 months ago)
Same here, I'm not playing games, I just don't trust him when he doesn't get to know me and his friends just hurt me. Who hurts someone with words so badly when they never knew me in the first place!? Doesn't make sense. I cared about him a lot but kept my distance from him for being nervous and caring about my long distant relationship which has been very hard. No games for me, but all honesty. We never had a chance to talk and be honest with each other, not even as friends. I'm just as shocked when he tries to approach me and gets upset if I don't smile anymore, I'm sad and also tired from personal things in my life. He doesn't even know I could be down about other things, not him. He thinks its always about him. That's when he rejects me back. Its very draining.
Divinistry (6 months ago)
RYAN thank you for your reply, I like you're upfront! so when you say, the women that are truly into you will usually "stop the games" and "start acting normal" what exactly does that look like? the "normal"? . . . because I was not intentionally playing any game so I'm confused as fuck, I am totally into him, I want to show him I'm being normal . . . help a girl out lol
glacier8 (1 year ago)
I swear a guy at work has done this to me but I don't understand why because he has a girlfriend... we seemed attracted to each other at work but when I heard he had a gf I stopped paying attention as much and went out of my way to not be near him. then he started being rude. but a lot of people at work have told me he's just a rude person. he was always nice to me though and went out of his way to say hi for a while. a lot of people have told me that I'm the prettiest girl who works there but still, he is way hotter than me, so even though it seems like there's a lot of signs he was interested, I just can't believe it
glacier8 (1 year ago)
so this is something only bad guys and girls do? it's never anything someone you'd eventually end up with would do?
Cosmetics & Comedy (1 year ago)
I've never heard of a girl that plays these games. This low level mentality is all men
Feral Magick (3 months ago)
Women 100% act like this too. Women can be just as narcissistic and mean and abusive as men.
mist __ (4 months ago)
+Lisa McGuire my birther also. Fuck her
Ariana Chauncey (6 months ago)
+ALLINKNOTS I see u everywhere
J A deniau (8 months ago)
ALLINKNOTS (8 months ago)
I’m a girl and I’ve done this many times. It works... However, since I do it, I can spot when a guy is trying to do it to me and they fail miserably.
Hailey Crazzy (1 year ago)
What about he was nice when before but then you told him you liked him and he started saying mean things and stuff like that
Maggi Heart (1 year ago)
yes he got blocked!
Jorge Hernandez (2 years ago)
you have a potato head i hate your vedios
Hady swag Swag (2 years ago)
Jorge Ur a Fukin hater cuase Ur life is crap
•Tæ Bæ • (2 years ago)
*THANK YOU SO MUCH* you are wise with your words & I really appreciate this video. This guy at my school likes my friend alot. I was new at this school before but he never really noticed me until she came. We spoke the same language so we instantly bonded, and she and I became basically best friends. He was totally okay with us hanging out together but now, it's almost 2 months since he started to be SO mean to me (not to her even tho he is interested in her). Once he said something really mean (NOT IN MY FACE BUT BEHIND MY BACK) but I wasn't there to witness it but she was there when he said it and she told it to me later. Long story short, he wanted to embarrass me by saying something that he knows isn't true. Before, he was even showing interest in me, when me and the girl started hanging out which I didn't like. I blocked him because if he really likes her, he should like her, nobody else. But now he's just simply being mean (not teasing but in a very awful way). He's giving me all these looks like I ever did something to him. I *NEVER* did anything to give him the smallest reason to dislike me. But anyways if you have any advice for my situation *I would really appreciate it.* and btw I'm just ignoring him rn cause I don't want to get down on his level and start being petty like him. He's too stupid & too immature
Kiki Dous (2 years ago)
lol it's funny how you said you wondering that's y u ask this question 😂 he've been pulling this for a few days now and I was wondering like what happened? We were all lovey Dovey now he seems distant. And when I called him out on his games, he act like nothing was wrong or he don't know what I'm talking about. But then again I started questioning him again and he really ticked me off I just wanted to call it a quits right then and there. I hung up and told to never worry about me again. He texted and called me saying he was just playing and he wanted to see what I was going to say. He also said he did that to see if I cared about him. And I was offended because as much as I'm there for ppl you gone question my loyalty and realness
sarah jenkins (2 years ago)
so true
Killuminatisx blupp (2 years ago)
So I had this one guy that I hanged out with and he was really nice. Trying all the time to be near me and show me interest but then two days after he sent me a ''mean'' message. When I asked him whats up he said he was just joking. I talked to his friend and his friend said the same but since then he hasnt tried to contact me? so i feel like it wasnt a joke?

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