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Boyfriend Has Done Things In The Past That Has Messed With My Self-Esteem?

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Mo Licka (2 months ago)
I was unable to ask a question on your website. I received an error message
Candy Cane Pie (2 months ago)
Thx i needed to hear this. Why would I keep talking to an ex who ruins my self esteem every chance he gets and causes me anxiety and doesn’t even apologize or feel bad anymore😫🤔
Amber Villegas (4 months ago)
So it’s been ahh long time I had a crush on him and we used to catch eyes and al that stuff it’s been two years now w/ me being single nd he have a girl but he’s cousin is my best friend so he always tells her that he is not goin to be with his girl for long that he’s going to date me what does it mean ? Should I date him if I have a chance? With him sayin that he’s gonna be with her for short I feel like he’s using her. Do you think he’s gonna do me wrong too? reply to me Nd lmk pls 🧐😩
Dang Man (4 months ago)
Why did he reject me and say he didn’t want a relationship and then he got a girlfriend right after?
Jacky Jimenez (4 months ago)
hey tysm for all these vids u really make my life easier i saw other vids that u said guys arent complicated well guess what they really are it upsets me bc 1 month ago i liked this kid he was cute and all and i had a big crush on him and i found out my bestfriend was dating him i kinda got upset and mean towards him idk y i felt like this later they broke up allot guys want my attention so they say i stink and stuff i dont know if they like me or not and he doin the same thing what other boys say and agreeing and all then he sits across of me hes mean to me but i caught him one time staring at me then my bsf told him i like him he tried to get away from me where i was sitting so i got sad but yet he keeps throwing stuff in my hair saying i stink im ugky and weird then touches my feet alot and swings his back pack towards me its really confusing pls help me in this situation i wanna know if he likes me im too shy to ask him tho and to reject me
nojee kamaruddin (4 months ago)
Yes. Im now in that situation. We are in a distant relationship but my gut feelings tells me that he is seeing a nightclub singer that I saw on his fb. Then again my intuition was right. I saw something again on his fb and the girl's fb. Many advised listen to yr instinct and to trust my intuition. He's being texting me everyday but I chose to stay silent to end the relationship. I think he deserved it that way and no way he'll be part of my life too. Even it hurts but Im thankful with all those signs that have shown and whispered to me now rather than later.
moonwitch (4 months ago)
What does it mean when a guy specifically likes only a picture of a girl where she is posing with another guy????
Jessica Darkness Twin (4 months ago)
He is narcissist stupid
MizzChocs (4 months ago)
Ur good at your advice sir....u should start a dating site. Pple would join asap
Ana D (4 months ago)
True. Because once the damage is done it's hard to undue it
World Wrap (4 months ago)
How to get over limerence for someone when you have to see them everyday?
Athra A (4 months ago)
Only insecure men themselves make a woman question herself. These men often project the feelings they suppress deep about themselves and tell them to you. It makes them feel powerful and as if they are higher then you. Usually these men are actually jealous of your achievements and good attributes. I suggest stay far away from these men as possible.
I NEED ZE MEDIC (4 months ago)
Hey dude I really love your videos, hey maybe can you do a video on she wants to break up for a while until we get to know each other better video I would appreciate it. Or hey even a response?
drkay44 (4 months ago)
where does he find these questions? & then answers them
Fee _ (4 months ago)
Manipulative Narcissistic men do this, ladies run 🏃🏾‍♀️ quick when you see the signs and red flag. You deserve better .
Jacqui Collins (4 months ago)
Yup he screwed me up... Never again
Ranger Dexte (4 months ago)
I feel fucked. I dated this guy and totally fell inlove but the cheating and the ignoring just hurts... I’m like a Queen I don’t understand
Kayla Rose (4 months ago)
Just to add to this i wanna know how do you move past this low self esteem that you never had before until you dated the person. How do learn to be confident again after this experience??? 🙁
French Vanilla (4 months ago)
Anyone affecting your self esteem in a negative way cut them off immediately!!!
to know more (4 months ago)
Can you talk about those who have immunity disease how can they have self esteem and feel that they deserved to be loved
Hex o2 (4 months ago)
Is it the same for girlfriends
Karen Cole (4 months ago)
Hex o2 Girlfriends, wife’s, baby mamas, mothers, fathers, siblings, EVERYONE!
Tasha M (4 months ago)
I wish I had this video a few years ago when I was in that toxic relationship. Great video as always!
Yali Eldar (4 months ago)
If he had done things in the past that have messed with my self esteem, he changed for sure, but I still can’t trust him and the past still effects my self esteem, what should I do?
to know more (4 months ago)
Heather Smith (4 months ago)
So hard to do when you have been messed with mentally
Capricris (4 months ago)
👍👍agreed Thank you.
MzStaCia 2u (4 months ago)
❤ Thanks, We needed this ....
Charming Diva (4 months ago)
Wish the video was longer. And more detailed. Because when you're talk about self-esteem it's level's to this. Was the guy, abusive like talking about her weight or is he talking about her to other ppl.
Karen Cole (4 months ago)
I think he got his point loud and clear, if bad behaviour has gotten to the point where it affects you mentally keep shit moving!
N.L Macklin (4 months ago)
All is the same as far as I'm concerned. Its all disrespectful.
Tonya Smith (4 months ago)
Your right
Donna Just Being Real (4 months ago)
Absolutely true! 👍🏾☺️💚
Black Samurai (4 months ago)
Alexander Lao (4 months ago)

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