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How To Buy From Alibaba - Getting Started With Alibaba For Beginners

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Ever wonder how to navigate Alibaba and Made In China to safely work with overseas manufacturers and significantly decrease your production costs? Find out everything you need to know from how to narrow down one vendor from thousands of results and learn what a Freight Forwarder is for receiving your items at your door. How To Get Started Buying Wholesale, Amazon FBA Plus Alibaba Equals Huge Profits. This process works great if you do the process right. In this video we talk about using alibaba.com to buy wholesale or private label products and sell them on amazon fba or other e-commerce platforms. This is Part 1 of 2 Bonus Videos from the course: Premium Planner Design & Production. Part 2: How To Sell Your Planners on Amazon using FBA - Fulfillment by Amazon is available in the course only so enroll now at https://rebrand.ly/201 00:09 Welcome + Introduction 00:25 1 | Tell everyone about you & your experiences selling 1:06 2 | Why did you choose Alibaba 2:05 3 | How do you choose among the 1000’s of potential vendors? 3:33 4 | What if their minimum order is too large of a #? 4:22 5 | What would you say to people worried about purchasing from overseas? 6:10 6 | When you need to return things to China, how does that work & is that even feasible? 6:47 7 | How much should people be willing to lose in order to work with Alibaba’s vendors? 7:43 8 | How does shipping work & what are the options? 9:02 9 | What happens if you don’t use a freight forwarder? 9:49 10 | Are there any options for insurance? 10:20 11 | Will Alibaba guarantee or refund you if you have a bad experience? 11:02 12 | Is the Alibaba Chat function the best way to communicate & does time zone make a difference? 12:05 13 | Is language a problem? 12:39 14 | Is the biggest problem when Americans use idioms? 12:58 15 | Are there any Chinese customs we should be aware of? 13:43 16 | Stop to take out time for pleasantries even if you have a burning question?
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Text Comments (57)
Ladonna Caldwell (1 day ago)
How to order
Good info
Island girl (14 days ago)
Can you buy just One item on Alibaba?
Island girl (12 days ago)
+Pretty Fabulous Designs O.k thank you
Hi there: I don't think so but it's a HUGE marketplace so each vendor will vary on their minimum order requirements. You'll want to contact the vendor you're interested in and see. XOXO Lisa
Marie b (21 days ago)
I was looking to make a purchase from that site for personal use only not for any business, when i did find sellers that would sell individual items it was to complicated to simply place the order. To many different sellers contacting me and to much back and fourth, it was worse than buying a house.
Hi Marie: I've never made a personal individual purchase from Alibaba. That's not really their forte so that's probably why you're running into some frustration with that. I know the prices are cheap but it's just not worth it if you're only buying a quantity of one. For those, you're better off sticking with DHGate or sites like that, they accommodate and cater to individual consumer purchases. Hope that helps. XOXO Lisa
Armando Castro (1 month ago)
Make her do a tutorial. Please.
+Armando Castro Super - thanks for subscribing! XOXO Lisa
Armando Castro (1 month ago)
+Pretty Fabulous Designs Thank you for answering. New sub.
Hi Armando: Thanks for the request - I'll see what I can do but no promises. Caitlin is pretty busy - she's actually a professional NFL Cheerleader. XOXO Lisa
calvin mcdonald (1 month ago)
making money but can't afford a microphone
Believe me of my heart (13 hours ago)
Aww man I'm sorry but that's truue.
Moe West (1 month ago)
Thank you for your video. I was asked by one of the Alibaba supplier to fill out ISF form. Any idea? Have you had to fill it when you import/purchase from Alibaba ? Thank you!
I've been thinking about doing this but I can't get past supporting china. I'm a huge animal activist ad what they do and allow to happen to animals is absolutely horrible. The dogmeat trade is disgusting and the laws they have for saving or helping them is so bad
greengreensio (20 days ago)
Go suck your dads dick. Just because you love dogs, you called China disgusting and horrible. Not every country are the same. Who are you to tell people which food to eat and not to eat.
Hi Annie: Alibaba has other non-Chinese vendors in Thailand, India, the Philippines, etc. You just have to look a little harder to find them. Alternatively, you can always use US based vendors as well! XOXO Lisa
Carina Christensen (1 month ago)
Hi... I am interested in how you pay for your product?
Hi Carina: Depending on the vendor, you can pay via credit card, escrow or letter of credit. XOXO Lisa
Chad Pru (1 month ago)
I made an order through alibaba and never got my products. They said it was in customs. Is there anyway to keep that form happenig? Thanks
Hi Chad: Sorry to hear that happened - Not sure what you ordered but I've had custom delays but never just not received my products at all. You'll want to work with your alibaba vendor to get a refund or for them to help you with customs clearance. Good luck! Lisa
Daryl Whitt (1 month ago)
I've been dealing with DHGate for almost a year now. One of the problems I have found is that many suppliers regularly short me on quantity. It is not much, 1 to 5%, but I find it very frustrating and unprofessional. have you found this to be a problem with Alibaba suppliers?
+Daryl Whitt Awesome!
Daryl Whitt (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for replying so quickly. Yes, your answer helps. DHGate is so simple to order from and anyone that has anxiety about ordering from China should start out there to get their feet wet. But the prices on Alibaba are so much better if you are willing to buy in quantity it makes me willing to take the plunge. Your video has definitely helped. Thank you.
Hi Daryl: It's hard to give a blanket reply RE: a site aggregator of suppliers. I and some of my clients have definitely been shorted and it is an issue but when this happens, I don't blame Alibaba, I blame that particular vendor and remove from my Preferred approved list to work with if they do not correct the problem. In general, most of the vendors I've worked with do rectify everything. But if you work with the gold-certified vendors you should be in good shape. Hope that helps. XOXO Lisa
D. Keith Williams (2 months ago)
Thanks for the vid, great info for me I'm thinking about doing it.
Hi Keith: Thanks for commenting - you should totally do it!! XOXO Lisa
CHILLY MAN (2 months ago)
I l really this video but I really wish I could apply more to 3rd world country view cause I live in South Africa and I find it a bit hard to relate sometimes.
Pretty Fabulous Designs (2 months ago)
Hi there: That's a good point. I'm sure there is someone else on YouTube who probably does share that information. Personally, I have zero experience working with clients in that demographic so I wouldn't have any information to share. I'd only be guessing and that would be of zero value. But if I ever do have applicable information for that specific situation, I will definitely try to incorporate or share it when possible. XOXO Lisa
CHILLY MAN (2 months ago)
Sorry about the mistakes in comments I ment I wish some go the videos content applied to developing countries.
Angel Pair (3 months ago)
So never use alibaba to pay or type shipping plan through alibaba unless you want to use trade assurance? You mostly do the deal or talk shipping plan through third party messanger like skype wechat. Am i right?
Pretty Fabulous Designs (3 months ago)
Hi There: I'm not sure if that's the message. Sometimes if we really want something and it's new and doesn't have the Trade Assurance, we'll take a chance and still get it. It's all worked out well so far. We secure all of the details on messenger before ordering. XOXO Lisa
Thomas T (3 months ago)
she's beautiful
Pretty Fabulous Designs (3 months ago)
Yes, she is!
Quran for everyone (3 months ago)
Can u plz explain Ddp . Door to door delivery duty paid
Quran for everyone (3 months ago)
Pretty Fabulous Designs thankyou so much lisa for reply. Really very helpful God bless u . xx
Pretty Fabulous Designs (3 months ago)
Hi Faiza: It really depends on who you use. To say "they" is an entire country of manufacturers, I have no idea. But all of the vendors on my pre-approved list do that for sure. XOXO Lisa
Quran for everyone (3 months ago)
Pretty Fabulous Designs thankx a lot , 👍🏼 can you please tell if they usually do it easily or not.
Pretty Fabulous Designs (3 months ago)
Hi Faiza: That's basically just saying you're going to get it delivered direct to you instead of having to pick it up from the shipping yard. XOXO Lisa
SleeplessinOC (4 months ago)
I don’t know why it’s so hard to communicate with the suppliers . I click on inquiry or quote on the product page yet what I get back are quotes for different things and one I got a reply back asking me for the picture of the product I am talking about . I don’t get it. How do they not know what product I’m talking about when I made the actual inquiry from the actual product page?? Is this going to feel like pulling teeth for all communication like this with them ?? Someone help me please .
SleeplessinOC (4 months ago)
Pretty Fabulous Designs can you address how to even go about finding them ? Googling the product did not turn up any US manufacturers ...and another question of you don’t mind please. If I purchase the products from the manufacturer and convince a store to carry them and have them buy from me. And let’s say it sells well. What is to keep them from them buying from the manufacturers themselves after they run out ? Since they can get a better price especially with the buying power they have? I appreciate your replies thank you .
Pretty Fabulous Designs (4 months ago)
Hi there - Yes, it can be challenging to work with suppliers overseas. I think the marketing materials used to create their product pages may not always be the most up to date on what they are capable of offering. It might make more sense for you to go with a US supplier or production facility. There are many great options locally as well. This video just addresses Alibaba only.
All Things Nisha (4 months ago)
Thank you for this. I'm just starting my business and this helps a lot!
Jack R (2 months ago)
+Haris Siddique I bought it and liquidated almost everything. Would you like a vibrating alien dildo?
Haris Siddique (2 months ago)
Hey! Hows ur business doing?
Pretty Fabulous Designs (4 months ago)
Awesome Janeene - so glad to hear that!
Zara Devjiani (4 months ago)
Are alibaba stuff good quality??
Calvin Hodgson (4 months ago)
It can or can't be. That is why you should request a few samples that you buy.
Ayan Rahaman (9 months ago)
earn a subscription by telling it in short
Pretty Fabulous Designs (7 months ago)
Hi Ayan - Thanks for your feedback. I try my best to be short and to the point but this video is an excerpt lesson from a paid course just so potential students could get a feel for the bonus interview content.
Pretty Fabulous Designs (7 months ago)
Hi Ayan - Thanks for your feedback. I try my best to be short and to the point but this video is an excerpt lesson from a paid course just so potential students could get a feel for the bonus interview content.
AfroTris (10 months ago)
'Preciate this! Trying to get as much information as I can on Alibaba. Haven't looked into Amazon Fulfillment yet, I'ma check that out. Nice meetin' yall as well 😎
Pretty Fabulous Designs (8 months ago)
Hi Elizabeth: So Alibaba doesn't actually print anything for you. Alibaba is just an aggregator site for different vendors to sell their products, just like Amazon or Etsy. So the trick is to find a vendor that can print books for you. And yes, there are many. So in the Planner course I point out the ones that I've worked with and recommend. https://lisasiefert.thinkific.com/courses/premiumplannerdesign
Elizabeth Laurenzana (8 months ago)
Alibaba can print books as well??
Pretty Fabulous Designs (10 months ago)
Awesome - yes, you should totally use Alibaba. It's so easy. Sounds scary at first but totally do-able. And great meeting you the other night!
Tarot Collectibles (1 year ago)
Awesome video. Very informative :)
Sangamayya shevind (5 months ago)
Bipin sangamayya .How to buy fittings for Turbo Hyundai Matrix CRDI 2007

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