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6 Types Of Charisma Women Find Irresistible

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Thank you to our sponsor Audible! Get a free audio book download with a free 30 day trial by signing up at http://www.audible.com/charisma or texting "charisma" to 500-500. Watch the playlist with every video I mentioned: http://bit.ly/2Ee7RSG We show you all the six types of charisma in MCU that seems so irresistible to women. One of the most common misconceptions of charisma is that one size must fit all. The truth is that while there are some high level tips that everyone should follow, there are lots of different styles that you can adopt for success in charisma and in dating. So in honor of the release of Avengers Infinity War, we are going to look at six types of charismatic leading men and the pros and cons of each style then you can decide which style suits your personality best. A few caveats before we begin. One, yes, all of these guys are extremely handsome actors and absolutely, women will be drawn to them because of their looks. Still, there is value to be had for the rest of us in analyzing their personalities because they really are some of the most charismatic people I've seen. Second, I am NOT saying that each actor is always the type shown in this video. It's more about the habits that I've frequently seen in their interviews; and three, these aren't the only types of attractive behavior. There's others but I couldn't find MCU actors that represented them well so we might get to them in other videos 00:58 Robert Downey Jr being The Cool Guy 02:30 Chris Evans being The Giver 04:02 Chris Pratt being The Goofball 06:43 Sebastian Stan being The Suave 09:04 Anthony Mackie being The Attention Grabber 11:07 Tom Holland being The Storyteller Connect With Us Further: Website: http://www.charismaoncommand.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/charismaoncommand Instagram: @CharismaOnCommand Or if you want to see our personal stuff (regular life + playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Instagram: @IamBenAltman
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Text Comments (3752)
Chocolate Cake (1 day ago)
I love a suave guy😍
Mitchel Tillman (2 days ago)
Well I’m none of these no wonder I’m still a 18 yr old virgin
Mark Bartels (2 days ago)
4:55 most fake laugh while still pretending to look like you try, its horrible and funny
Gavin's Friend (3 days ago)
Whatever type Mark Ruffalo is, that's my type lmao
Tyler Sizelove (3 days ago)
You forgot about the strong silent type
Max Martin (4 days ago)
Sebastian reminded me of Tom Riddle lol
Incognito (4 days ago)
I’m cool guy, giver, and story teller.
James Hedrick (5 days ago)
Well, the problem is with the giver you come off as a nice guy, with the goofball you'll be less appealing to women who need you to take them seriously sometimes (all women do eventually), the suave guy can come out looking creepy, the attention grabber can come off arrogant or annoying, and the storyteller won't help you if you don't have a degree of charisma to begin with. The cool guy is the way to go. Just make sure you have enough elements of the others to still be funny and kind when it's called for.
anoniem (5 days ago)
could you pleasseee make a femalen version?
FartingFighter (5 days ago)
but did he pee himself?
r- Kane (6 days ago)
I feel like a mixbag of everything and it never works😂
Makda Wolday (7 days ago)
I’m not attracted to Robert Downey jr, but he i definitely 100% cool guy
Isaiah James (7 days ago)
Well I'm me, don't change for others. I seem to have all charismas, but mostly the suave guy (edit) I'm not the attention grabber tho, but I have some of the traits.
Fang (7 days ago)
I'm like a mix of 3 or 4 of these, but I wouldn't say I fit into any specific category.
The MMonster (8 days ago)
You should make a Charisma video on Gal Gadot. That woman is so endearing it should be illegal.
Felipe Deihle (9 days ago)
Dont be boxed into a type of charisma. Don't try to be someone else. Be your own person.
JaazBandJaaz (9 days ago)
oh tom 😂 i never realized how often he tends to share an experience
The Apparition (9 days ago)
Do a video on the Charisma of the Joker
Sean Kobi Sandoval (9 days ago)
If you combined characteristics of some of those types, will you just come off as a douche (in the sense that you seem like you are lying about who you are)? If you choose to use certain types of charisma on certain people then does that make you a liar for who you really are?
Shubh Thakkar (10 days ago)
I am a part giver and part goofball. I guess that explains why I don't get a lot of respect 😅
MrEdium (10 days ago)
Orkun Akman (10 days ago)
Be attractive, don't be unattractive.
Goodvibe - (11 days ago)
Chris Pratt is the only likeable one. The rest are so cringey. I had to skip the suave guy schtick and the attention grabber was annoying.
Marlon Moncrieffe (8 days ago)
What is wrong with The Storyteller?
Limerence (11 days ago)
You forgot Tom Hiddleson's charm. The gentleman. Make the girls go wild!
Limerence (11 days ago)
It doesn't just depend on the type of guy you are, it also depends on the woman your trying to attract. For example an introverted quiet woman might be interested in the confident talker who gets everyone's attention but would feel very uncomfortable with the attention grabber. Introverts would stay away from loud people because they are overloading to the introverts social battery.
Cameron (12 days ago)
So, I’m the goofball occasionally the guy around the cool guy, and the storyteller. What weird crossbreed does that make me?
Cameron (12 days ago)
When you mix all of these together perfectly god will appear to bow to you.
queerchoreography (12 days ago)
Just be yourself, and people will like you, DORK
Well known (6 days ago)
Hahaa.. exactly! If those people don't like you, hangout with the others groups who appreciate you for who you are.
Chloe Kennedy (13 days ago)
Chris Pratt eating that muffin was disgusting, and made me like him a whole lot less than I did before I saw this.
Drunken Hamster (13 days ago)
I'm part Goof, part Giver, and part Suave. Mostly Goof and Giver, though. Sometimes StoryTeller. But I'm also a damn hermit, so, who REALLY knows, right?
Malvin Silva (13 days ago)
Ypur video doesn't ake by sense... almost all guys fall into one of this categories
Darko Danell (13 days ago)
02:40 - Am I the only one who thinks that Chris Evans and Robert D. Junior are on ecstasy in this scene? and that's the reason why they're wearing sunglasses xD
Senseless Nonsense (13 days ago)
Chris Pratt is #1!!
Young Onyx (14 days ago)
Chris was rapping like froggy fresh
Brendan O'Brien (14 days ago)
I think I’m a little of: giver, goof, and storyteller. Guess I gotta figure out how to focus on each.
Miss B (14 days ago)
Tom Holland’s cariama is so attractive 😍😍
Jack Ryan (14 days ago)
Whelp. When you're none of them cuz you're anxiety is your strongest personality trait. Feels bad man
Kaytlin Kerry (14 days ago)
But what if you're a Loki fan...
Paul Daehee Park Chung (15 days ago)
10:53 fuck I thought this was like a father-son thing and then I realised it was just Tommy and Sherlock
ibuprofenPill (15 days ago)
I'm not any type, which probably explains it.
xxlCortez (16 days ago)
Tom Holland is a spoilerteller, not storyteller.
Will Bolinger (16 days ago)
Is that Sharon Stone with Sebastian Stan? I cant tell. Who is that? This show has so many English actresses that I don't recognize, IDK.
Marlon Moncrieffe (15 days ago)
...Yeah, it IS Sharon Stone.
Komal Sharma (16 days ago)
My type goes from deadpool to cap
Iffy Edem (17 days ago)
Time to be sexy
Jose Rodriguez (17 days ago)
Jesus, I do like all these things
LiteralShoppingKart (17 days ago)
I find myself a strange mix of the giver and the story teller. Strange
RockyTop23 (18 days ago)
The reason that people love Tom Holland is because he’s young, very good looking, and most importantly British. Am I jealous? Absolutely.
Gimiki Gamer (19 days ago)
you: which one r u? me: THANOS!👊
PhantomLord88 (19 days ago)
Amazing, I'm impressed, I possess none of this traits.
The Suave and Storyteller
HardDie (22 days ago)
Extremely well done and presented
Maart En (24 days ago)
1:09 No I definetely wouldn't hope for them to like me. I hope they'll stay cool and awesome, that's all.
I'm a combo of each just mainly depends on the situation I lean towards Giver and attention grabber.
Dino Koprivanac (25 days ago)
can a person change into another one. Ive more of the goofball, id like to try another one
Nathan M (25 days ago)
And Im the kid in the corner playing with my Nintendo Switch
B Rabbit (27 days ago)
I'm a story teller I think. I just alot of the time feel like questions are too complicated for one word answers
toseeornot2see (1 month ago)
This is all a bunch of jumbo jumbo lol be yourself...and respect everyone’s comfort...become a friend before you become a lover...
Batuhan İnalkaç (1 month ago)
What about depression guy
alexandriusgirl (1 month ago)
RDJ most likely just has ADHD and that's why he looks a bit aloof..
Tsar LJ (1 month ago)
its officaly i fall under both Attention grabber and goofy
Julia Luca (1 month ago)
Step one: act for a living
Sarosh Sohail (1 month ago)
You should discuss their characters. People find characters more interesting. Cap. is quite sober in movies.
RiCEcooker Escada (1 month ago)
*search up naked hulk in porn its better than any marvel movie*
Stark Studios (1 month ago)
Boys like RDJ is what I'm looking for.
10:00 strives in group sex
Dajita g (1 month ago)
Sometimes I start doing more than once, like not really paying attention and then cracking jokes and it’s just super awkward sometimes
Tony Cornea (1 month ago)
How about johnny depp's charisma ?
mimi (1 month ago)
Hmm、would you be able to do one of these videos with women?
Juko (1 month ago)
I’m kinda all🤦🏽‍♂️is that bad?
DivingHawker (1 month ago)
I'm a giver but I'm not comfortable with touching, is it bad?
Marlon Moncrieffe (1 month ago)
Roberto Lopez (1 month ago)
How about you guys, what charisma type are you
Roberto Lopez (1 month ago)
Well, being nice come's natural to me and I tend to be goof often, so I guess I'm Chris Evans charisma type
Kusangi Thakkar (1 month ago)
Can you do a video on charismatic women? Touch, communication style, dressing, confidence - all of these would help.
Haseeb Arif (1 month ago)
FU** these imma be my self
Papa Auvinen (1 month ago)
I think I'm a mix of all Chris'
vinny carr (1 month ago)
Iron man for me
Bethany Wallis (1 month ago)
I honestly prefer either the goofball or the suave guy
Daryll Abraham (1 month ago)
What about the socially awkward guy??? lol Like... I like lamp....
- shooketh - (1 month ago)
chris evans is gonna laugh too hard one day and just morph into the floor
Loki Laufeyson (1 month ago)
There is only one type of charisma that I worship. Loki's.
Bad Decisions (1 month ago)
Yaaasss, Sebanthony !
carolina (1 month ago)
this is so funny to me, men really do not understand women.
wwwdots (1 month ago)
none of these i like in terms of personality types. i prefer men who are reserved. those that speaks little not due to shyness but choose to remain quiet but can be quite witty and funny when they do speak.
Mad Luna (1 month ago)
Seb the suave guy and mackie the attention grabber are my types in the mcu
Mort (1 month ago)
Im a giver
Thiago Wutzke (2 months ago)
Apparently i'm a giver
The Dark Knight (2 months ago)
yourtub (2 months ago)
Macho macho macho macho macho or macho? Zzzz
J Town (2 months ago)
I like your videos, but please incorporate more diverse examples in the future (I have seen Hemsworth jab at Evan's lack of nuance too many times now lol)
Milk Boy (2 months ago)
I'm basically a giving goof ball
John 117 VS Arbiter (2 months ago)
I got tricked by the Title 5:08 cringe laugh XD
Graceus Udaku (2 months ago)
How would you describe Chadwick Boseman?
Jade (2 months ago)
Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian
MrJNebula (2 months ago)
So basically be a marvel actor
Monstergirl13 (2 months ago)
I think the main take away here is, guys just take a public speaking course. What these guys have that you don't is just confidence that comes from experience and knowing how to speak to people. Not fidgeting, keeping a level voice, injecting humour, carrying on when you falter, ect. Are the basic skills you'll pick up for speech and debate. Gimmicks push you into weird boxes and people who use them come off as disingenuous because peers can tell they're always being calculating. It's why work shops like this come off as creepy it's all about manipulation which is never sexy. Women are not easily fooled bags of hair and strategically placed body fat. even if you trick her she will find out and you'll go from a guy she didn't notice to a douchbag ex as soon as that happens. Just once I'd love to see one of these workshops talk about how to show yourself, instead of how to MAKE people see you.
Brigid Flanagan (2 months ago)
This is really funny for me to watch as an aromantic girl
Mani Sefas-Loos (2 months ago)
I’m a lesbian but okay
Kathlyne Guillot (2 months ago)
okay im a chick but id say im like a mixture of storyteller, attention grabber, and goofball (based on my personal opinion of myself, and what a lot of my friends and peers tell me they think of me). i always tend to take things that could be really short answers and make them into some sort of story with background and stuff (ex: ask me a place id like to visit and instead of just saying "i think ___ is nice" ill dive deep into what i love about said place, why i wanna visit, etc). then theres me being known as probably the most weirdo in my friend group. alotta times the question people ask me most is "what are you doing?" cause im always just like goofin off and laughing and cracking jokes wherever i can, and i feel like this ties in with my subconscious need to be the center of attention. im inarguably the loudest of my friend group (my friends have told me that they have been able to hear me halfway across the school) and im always just doing grand gestures and being weird and stuff. so yeah, congrats to whoever sat through this lmao
S A D - E G G (2 months ago)
can u do one for women so I can get more dates lmao
Pink Noodles (2 months ago)
I definitely relate more to the storyteller but I usually just get into a conversation and make jokes about it especially about things that are more serious?

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