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How Do You Know If A Guy Wants To Approach You That You Do Not Know

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Text Comments (75)
E GIBSON (1 month ago)
"The Friend is not a threat" lol how do they know tae kwon do? I know most of your advice is for younger people but a lot of adults really haven't matured past high school either. Men should have no fear approaching women, they are not a threat. If a man is scared it is because he is a coward. No woman wants that. If what a stranger says to you can do damage then you are a weakling. Fix and invest in yourself, other people cannot do that for you. Approach anyone you want , who cares of the outcome, do it to enjoy yourself.
Ebby C (1 month ago)
"staking me out..." So that's what that is. Bloody hell. 🤦 Love this channel.
Ayyzie (2 months ago)
but, what if it's all in your head?
camilla de vivenot (3 months ago)
The guy I like cares about working all the time
NotUR averageChic (4 months ago)
How long do they stake out, its been weeks and a friend brought it to attention that when he passes he looks towards my direction. We have now from from smiling to saying hi but he still has not approached.
King The Fairy Guardian (4 months ago)
This is legit true....how do I know?? I’ve been doing it to my crush lol
guys who look at woman from afar in car are called STOLKERS, dude
Mattie Davis (4 months ago)
So this is what it's called? Staking me out? Wow. A guy at wrk has been doing this to me since April 2018. I was wondering why he was doing this everyday. Now I know. Thank you.
Iki n (5 months ago)
Had a very attractive guy near me at a clothing store , he was constantly near where I was even when he moved away he came back , BUT no eye contact or looking at me that I noticed .. so confused , can't read men 🙄
mwendapoleee (6 months ago)
Watch the wild life animals its exactly the same.Lol
sound wave6 (6 months ago)
I always look at him when his back is turned💜i imagine hugging him from behind..when hes talking to other people💜i stare at his lips💜 when he's looking down💜HEAD😂 when he walks away💜I imagine him naked going to take a shower..CRUSH
shan4883 (6 months ago)
He approached me before and we just stood there emotionally making eye contact with each other until I went into my work building all frustrated and had sexual tension with him. I was upset that he disappeared for 2 weeks after I accidentally rejected him (after he confessed he has a crush on me and I froze since I have a massive one on him) and he said that he cares and doesn't want me to be upset. 2 weeks later he was looking sad, frustrated, than ignored me at times and now he's back standing around like he's waiting for me but he never speaks, just looks up at his phone and I think that's why I'm so nervous to talk to him. I'm left with confusion ,guilt, and anger towards myself. I feel guilty that I'm too shy to say hi but he did honk at me when we bumped into each other last Friday after midnight as I was going home from work. He came out of nowhere and it made my night. I wish we could get up the courage to talk. Its pretty sad since I really want to get to know him better especially after we first made an intimate connection and it was very intense a month ago and it was ruined by me. He works across from me and I finally got him to come back out to have his breaks at the tree again like he always had and I admired him from the distance for 8 months. Now its back to being normal again but awkward. I don't know what to do and if he even still has feelings for me,or what? I don't know how he can stand not speaking to me.
Alexa Arrah (6 months ago)
Yep...but I was surrounded by my guy friends...and he
shrushti More (7 months ago)
Hey, I have seen many of of your videos.. I notice one of the guy who doing this to me for a long time... However I have just started noticing it. He stares at me continuously, lingeringly... When I catch him doing so... He changes his viewpoint.. And after sometime keep on doing the same... It becomes very obvious that he is unable to take off his eyes from me. Many a times he walks past me. He keeps on looking at me from a distance but never says anything about this. However while discussing something professional.. He avoids such things. He knows I'm in deeper commitment.. And older than him by atleast8 years. His behavior puzzles me... I keep on. Ignoring him or his looks to the extent possible.. But he nowadays occupy my. Mind when I thinking.. I think why some one young and desirable guy would be interested in women who is older than him and committed. I'm p
Azemina Ay (7 months ago)
Oh my God you have the best advice😭😭😩😩😊😊❤️❤️
Niki Simone Gene (7 months ago)
omg so true, it happens to me many times. 😳 oh my my im shy 😳
Niki Simone Gene (8 months ago)
damn so true 😓 i hope this guy tell me anyway 😌
sonnia eleo (10 months ago)
What if when he saw me he look nervous n avoided me? Means likes he don't know where to go? What means?
marina m (1 year ago)
i understand
ReginaK.C (1 year ago)
This dude is always at the food court every time I am as well as the dining hall
Baddie52 (1 year ago)
Annika Emilia (1 year ago)
This has been going a while now. Is he ever going to come to me or should I make the move?
P (7 months ago)
+Gabriela Jones why do you regret it....maybe it was not worth it if the guy didnt like you enough to actually approach you...maybe he just liked you mildly....
Gabriela Jones (8 months ago)
U should make a move if he stil hasn't or else u will loose you chance honey trust me it happend to me and i regret it
TAZADAQ ZAYAN 2 (1 year ago)
Tirzah Mcafee (5 months ago)
Hmmm prayers going up for your life what race are you if you don't mimd me asking im israelite from judah
Cheaffs Death (1 year ago)
Please do a video on why does my crushes friends usually look at me ?
DIY Fun (1 year ago)
There is a guy who did this to me in the gym, i was working out on a machine and he came next to me leaving all other machines available.. We also had matched on tinder like a month ago, we havent chatted or anything.. He unmatched me later and now im seeing him in the gym.. i feel awkward and confused whether he likes me or not..
Jeanette Craft (1 year ago)
I have this guy he stares at me but never approach me,he seems to be everywhere I'm at grocery store eat.When I see him he makes sure he a distance away,but he tries to hide when he see me.
ELVIS APARICIO (1 year ago)
Im not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out 3 ways to make a man love you try Avyanna Attract Tactic ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbor got excellent results with it.
NiftyTheLynx (1 year ago)
This dude is cool I wanna be like this guy.
Kayla Espo (1 year ago)
What should I do! My friend told my crush I like him. He doesn't really know me either. I'm worried😔
Kayla Espo (1 year ago)
Teresa lol thanks for the advice 😁
Teresa (1 year ago)
Kay's Ways I've been there! What you do is pretend you don't know he knows but look hot as hell every time he sees you.
DashOfMagic (1 year ago)
I Walked into a room and this guy he's 12 and he was watching TV and he kept on staring at me and I smiled and he smiled and he looked back at the tv... Then I went to the restroom and he went and followed me I came out and he came out 5 seconds after me and I was getting water and he smiled at me! :) Is it a sign?
gosh! I was so clueless. He stared, and watched my every move, here I took it as creepy or stalkish-type attitude. Attractive guy just a bit intimidating. Strangely we really had a deep connection our first eye contact. I was just to afraid to pursue it any further.
Rae Love (4 months ago)
LOL! Ur comment (even though it a year) is the story of my Life! So on point, and I too so missed the mark. O'well we live and learn.
Genevieve Roberts (2 years ago)
this guy likes me and wants to talk to me but another woman keeps standing close to me just so he won't why won't he come even though she keeps doing this
Genevieve Roberts (2 years ago)
this guy likes me and wants to talk to me but another woman keeps standing close to me just so he won't why won't he come even though she keeps doing this
Genevieve Roberts (2 years ago)
this guy likes me and wants to talk to me but another woman keeps standing close to me just so he won't why won't he come even though she keeps doing this
Hela Goddess Of Death (2 years ago)
so true...we like to study our potential prey
23sbesoain (2 years ago)
I don't know what to do because I like this guy named Colby and he said one time when me and my friends were running and then bumped into him he said you stupid 6th graders and then last year he liked me and I like him and don't know if he likes me or not so what should I do I am scared to talk to him for some reason we look at each other sometimes but have never talked to each other so tell me what to fo
Kristen (8 months ago)
The real question is why a 6th grader has a YouTube account!
23sbesoain (2 years ago)
What to do
Karaniah Rolli (2 years ago)
kiss your hand 10 times say your crushes name 15 times post on another video
Shabnam Ray (2 years ago)
My crush saw me alone I think he want approached me and walk near me but since I was with my guy friend he lost his chance lol
Jasmine Compean (2 years ago)
thank yu ssm it helped what yu said
Mrs. KN (2 years ago)
When I notice guys looking at me, and checking me out, I pretend like I don't see them. I will not smile, nor make eye contact. I've seen guys with their woman keep looking at me. So disrespectful in my book, so I pretend they are not there.
Ana D (2 months ago)
That's because that's what us real women do! 👍🏽
Sunbulah (7 months ago)
You’re a hero
anonymous_stranger - (1 year ago)
Mrs. KN omg same! 😅
Bonità Ez (2 years ago)
Аrе уоoоu mаking thеsееее mistаkes with yоur mаan? https://twitter.com/d978f65ab88cb195e/status/804693412402241537 Hоw Dо Yоu Кnоw If А Guуyy Wаnts to АААAррrоаaсh Yоu That Yоu Dо nоt Кnow
Lakita Butler (2 years ago)
well I have men that do that to me often when I am out or the gym but I am not into games so if a man doesn't ask for my number I pretend to not notice or look at them then break eye contact, I feel a man who is really interested will always ask for your number.
Shontavia Wade (2 years ago)
haha..... guys do a stakeout
Mae W. (2 years ago)
he defianely does this. its like he hesitates. I actually see him making the decision and then he just walks on lol l...he's so shy..I am too lol
BadandBoujee x (2 years ago)
omfg meaning my shy guy crush been doing staking out fr 2-3 months now...seriously😂😭
rudegyaloving me tooo mine is at the gym
habiba aldin I'm at 6-7 months now with a guy at my gym hahaaa
Syeedah Mckenzie (3 years ago)
soooo true
Literally, everyday. 😂
The Cross Family 2.0 (3 years ago)
That is so amazing because I am currently in this situation and everything you said is so true
LaLa R (3 years ago)
stakeout YES
Gisele (3 years ago)
I just discovered your videos yesterday, and I have to say they are great!!  You are extremely helpful in understanding men's signals, communications and true intentions.  (It is also great that you can be so helpful in such a short video.)  Keep up the good work!  I honestly wish I had found you sooner.   You could have saved me a few heartbroken years of wasted time with a potential partner who could not seem to commit all of the way.  I have since ended 'this thing of ours' to find the partner who is right for me.  Thank you again!
Varvara .Varvara (3 years ago)
Thank you, i needed to know what this guy has been doing for the past...hmm...six months :) we see each other once a week and after class he use to hang around me, but not approaching. he does the pass by and slowing down thing too. Well, i know now that he is trying to approach.
P (1 year ago)
Varvara .Varvara did he approach you.....plzzzzz reply! 😃
Cayla Graham (4 years ago)
he makes it sound like boys are sharks or somthing lol...this guy is cool though he gives really good asvice
OnAmission8 (3 years ago)
+Cayla Graham I believe men have shark instincts lol!
Oh Auly (4 years ago)
This guy i have a crush on is really like this. But, I am so awkward, he's awkward... we don't make a connection. But i really like him, what should I do!!!
blazenradi4nce (5 months ago)
mwendapoleee i have someone that likes to stare while i eat! Now that freaks me out!
mwendapoleee (6 months ago)
Same here but he seems to be going steady with somebody but he Freaks me out with his gazing eye contact!
blazenradi4nce (6 months ago)
“Grab him! And take him.....like that!”- Conan the destroyer
Lorenzo (8 months ago)
Miss Oli did you approach him?
teemo (4 years ago)
Lol i love you so much. Great info

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