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Why Can't I Stop Thinking About Her?

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Gloria Musoke (3 days ago)
Great information
it'svenom bro (4 days ago)
yeah I was like this before but after what this girl did to me she was just playing around I always care about this girl at my job and we always talk and she's always asking me why do I come early to work truth be told it's the reason why I come early to work so I can talk to her she really made me so upset and said I'm a nice guy if you get to know me and there is this new gay guy in our job she has been talking to him lately a lot and it's very sad for me because I have antisocial problem and ADHD and it said I felt heartbroken
wail vlog (14 days ago)
I can't talk to her Beacause iam fucking ugly and loser
Jacob Tracy (27 days ago)
I. Can’t. Stop. All day. Every day. No matter what. All. The. Time. I try to stop, if only makes me think of her more. I feel like I can’t live without her. No other girl feels the same. I need her.
Daz Ridgway (28 days ago)
How to stop thinking of girl who has ghosted you for no reason.
AquaticPath12 (1 month ago)
I literally can’t sleep at night and when I do I’m dreaming about her
ford mustang (1 month ago)
I really like this girl and she did stuff like give me her number without me asking and she would tease me and stuff then when I asked her if she liked me back she said no :( I really like her and it's making me so miserable
Jonathan Collado (1 month ago)
if u thinking of a girl because u like her body than it's just a crush if u like her for her personality than u really do like her I like this girl because of her amazing eyes smile and personality
Henry Thomas (1 month ago)
Haven't seen her in 17 years...was a young enlisted guy in the Air Force; she was a pilot and we were in the same unit, and I had the biggest, goofiest crush on her. She got transferred to Arizona back in 2002 and I haven't stopped thinking about her since...
Donald Trump (1 month ago)
Haven't seen her 3 months already! Still miss her((
JT NEVILLE (1 month ago)
I'm glad I saw this. but I want it to stop been split up for 2 years now and my god is she still there in morning. "There's a pain my heart and it just won't go away" I need help
hanako jamir (2 months ago)
Gosh I miss her 😖... I been a month without contact with her.
TheEditor107 (1 month ago)
Damn I don't think I could really survive that, there is this girl who I like and she likes me and we both know but I haven't made a move, but whenever she's away it sucks so bad
Paddiewack (2 months ago)
Today is the two year anniversary of this video
Chris A (3 months ago)
One morning not too long ago I woke up and suddenly I realized that I was attracted to this person. He was a doctor mine. And of course I will not cross the lines it's not ethical. We just have a connection but he's from the Middle East I live in the Middle East for 10 years. I am sure that it's just me one sided. It has been a long time since I felt attracted to anyone. I'm thinking that perhaps it's because I'm clinging to every word he says I don't know he doesn't say anything and professional I just wanted to vent
Alan Walker (3 months ago)
You man always talking about me ☺☺☺
Kenneth Kariuki Githinji (3 months ago)
shes a long lost lover and I still think about her
Jude Wilson (3 months ago)
Legit so helpful, this is all true... Thannk you! God bless you!
Aaliyah Janis (4 months ago)
How can I cope without being around her? She's out of my league and I can't stop thinking about her.
hostile blueberry (4 months ago)
This guy speaks wise words
Meggo The Tomato (4 months ago)
I'm a straight girl. Why I'm I watching this lol
NewStatus MIA (4 months ago)
Meggo The Tomato EST Side US, you wanna get to know me babe? I’m down. I can be a blessing to ya 😘
Meggo The Tomato (4 months ago)
@NewStatus MIA Shit. I'm so done with this 😂😂😂
Meggo The Tomato (4 months ago)
@NewStatus MIA I have no idea where you are in the world. But good luck lol.
NewStatus MIA (4 months ago)
Meggo The Tomato You excite me, now I can’t get you off my mind 🥰😘😍😂
NewStatus MIA (4 months ago)
Meggo The Tomato Playing hard to get huh? You look pretty today babe 😘
Phonetics Music (4 months ago)
Thanks helps alot
Abdulrahman Omar (5 months ago)
Don’t know if people see this but i need help. We have been dating for 2 months now, but she’s not ready for a relationship, we are constantly hooking up and i’ve been sleeping over at her house many times. She’s hot and cold all the time, one day we fuck right and the other day she doesn’t wanna answer me for a long time and almost never speaks to me
Frankie Flowers (6 months ago)
At this point all I wanna do is just sit on him, and wrap my toned legs around him while he’s sitting in his chair. Put my arms around his neck and just feel him breathing on my neck.
jason pabon (7 months ago)
So how can I make her feel the same?
zvhil (7 months ago)
Fuck it I'll pour my feelings out here. Don't know if anyone can relate but I was at a party with a girl that likes me and I liked her WAYYY more. We ended hiding and making out and its honestly been the best thing in my life. She wont get off my mind to the point where its unhealthy.
zvhil (7 months ago)
She's everything I look for in a girl and I fucking hate myself for loving her
IamVee (7 months ago)
Can this happen to a man who is already in a relationship? Can he be attracted to another woman to the point he cant stop thinking of her?
stylie (4 months ago)
Great question & what would this indicate?
D payne (7 months ago)
Damn u bitches excite a nigga
sound wave6 (8 months ago)
This is how I feel 🐻 it's weird and cool at the sametime
CesarPlays20 (8 months ago)
So.. what if this girl is stalking on you for 2 months then she stops, looks you a little bit now, less than before, and you can’t stop thinking about her, does it means you like her or what? Because it’s happening to me now
CHLOANS ! (4 months ago)
CesarPlays20 u just miss the fact knowing someone was obsessed with u it’s ok you’ll get over it
Team Breezy (8 months ago)
I don’t see her that much but I know I’m in love with her I fancied her since 2014 and been in love since 2017 but me and her can’t happen and she can’t never know I want to forget about her even if I’m sleeping with someone else I think of her she’s the last person I think about and first person in my head I often dream of her and it’s always sexual it gets to the point I think of committing sucide and I’m trapped and can’t escape
CHLOANS ! (4 months ago)
Tahj is that u ???
Ana D (8 months ago)
Itachi Uchiha oh. Maybe you should just stay away from her and figure out why you even like her in the first place. Where does this stem from? Because Its obviously not healthy. But you shouldn't feel like killing yourself for it. It's not worth losing your life.
Team Breezy (8 months ago)
Ana D She is my second cousin
Ana D (8 months ago)
Itachi Uchiha also I'm curious as to why you say it can never happen??
Ana D (8 months ago)
Itachi Uchiha oh man dude you need to just tell her how you feel. You need to let it out because holding it in will only make it worse. Tell her how you feel just not in the way you wrote it on here lol and at least you will feel it is off your chest and then you can see what reaction she has. If it's a good one then good if it's bad then you have to just realize there will be someone else that will eventually come along. But dont think of suicide. You not getting it off your chest is making you obsessed. That's never healthy. Wish u the best.
tsai alex (8 months ago)
damn we used to talk alot and now she just ignoring me
Dnator (8 months ago)
We had something serious going for us, had been sleeping together multiple times, but at one point she stopped answering me, and she stopped looking at me, and everything slowly died. I always sent her texts, which would be left on read, and there was just something inside of me that slowly started dying. Not a day went by without me thinking about her, looking through the pictures we took together or the fun times we had. I still remember her words, like ''I can't stop thinking about you'', or ''I just want to be with you 24/7''... Now we haven't talked for a while, and it is killing me inside. Mostly because a part of me still believes that we can be something, whilst the other part just constantly keeps on reminding myself that we probably won't, and if we were, it would never even be remotely the same...
Maxell Rogers (9 months ago)
I miss her
Crysiz 5280 (9 months ago)
Been over 2 years but although we never dated or kissed we always had a thing, a special connection and even after all my exes I've been thru after her I still think of her every single day, this pain grows bigger everytime. I'm in so much fucking agony. Everyday I wake up and try my hardest to become the person I want to be, the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up at 4:30am is her, when I get home when the sun is already out, when I go to sleep shes the last person I think about. And the only reason is because I still hope I can see her one day and be the person she believed I could be.
Niki Simone Gene (9 months ago)
a man liking you so many years, checking you out, coincidence ...then now, no moves to tell his feelings ufff dont me 😒
Will Walker (9 months ago)
Lol I'm going through this right now. I can't stop thinking about her 😀
Skop Skiet en Donner (10 months ago)
Man i like this girl a lot like more than anything the last few days But she has a boyfriend but i haven't addressed that i like her and it hurts like hell She is also the cutest, most beautiful girl in school and i dont know what to do next plz help me im really not good at any of this
3028547 (8 months ago)
Are you friends with this girl already? Or do you just kinda talk to her occasionally?
Xavi Ortiz (9 months ago)
Tha ImORTalPhill relatable😖
capital W (10 months ago)
I've been thinking about my best friend even though I have a gf. She has really pretty eyes and she does get me but so does my gf can someone help me on this subject?
capital W (8 months ago)
@Ana D I broke off my relationship with the one girl a week after this matter was discussed because im not emotionally stable enough to be in a relation ship
Ana D (8 months ago)
capital W hmmm if 1 had to walk out of your life which one would u choose to stay along with you?
Mari Thorne (10 months ago)
Hes the man
Vulnerability Gaming (10 months ago)
So true
Traci C (11 months ago)
I love your channel and agree with your statement but what happens if you act on that excitement and cross that line , and now you both cant stop thinking about each other ?
Nathan Coleman (11 months ago)
I can't stop thinking about this girl Laura where I used to work. I know she is married and it's wrong, but dam I had the hots for this woman, and she was a woman, not a little girl. Anyway, I hope the best for her, her husband and family...
Ana D (8 months ago)
Nathan Coleman just curious did you like her because you couldnt have her? Or did u genuinely want a relationship with her?
Döpest Ghøst (11 months ago)
I like how u just went straight to the point, no shitty pointless, "hEy gUyS iTs yA bOi" intro
UKCHEEZ (1 year ago)
This channel has helped me through many woman problems. 💯
Faeries_Xylia 923 (1 year ago)
I've been with my boyfriend for 4 year's now, and according to his friend's I'm the ONLY girl he's ever settled for.. He had 2 other serious relationships before me but it was highschool and he only dated them both for 11 months. He hates being away from me, when he does anything he likes to have me around. I love him and we both are very in love and attached to each other.. We hate being away from eachother. We can never get enough of eachother, we really are inseparable. The way I feel about him, I don't get from anybody else. The chemistry between us is just that strong. ☺
Eritrea is my Country (2 months ago)
What is the connection with the topic?
halojimmy7 (1 year ago)
im in that situation cant stop thinking about her. she told me to stay be friends and not dating relationship because of her Daughter not comfortable with guys is so im heart broken dont know what to do
Ana D (8 months ago)
halojimmy7 if you really like her be patient. If she sees your persistent with her maybe that will convince her dating you will be a good idea. Especially if she has a daughter maybe she doesnt want to upset the daughter, she probably just wants to be sure your the right choice.
You're correct my friend.
The loffikilli (1 year ago)
This girl like 2 weeks ago i dreamt of her 3 days.Now she's 2000km away from me that's sad 😢
London Eliot (1 year ago)
The girl I'm in love with lives in France and im in Canada and I met her for 4 days and il never see her again
London Eliot (1 year ago)
FTS Productions (1 year ago)
I’ve literally screamed and hit myself for constantly thinking about her, it’s that bad.
Alex Summers (2 months ago)
This is called "one-itis" there 3.765 billion with a B more out there just like her. Nothing gets you over the last one like the next one. Time to hit the strip clubs and night clubs. You need a palette cleanser. Just bang as many chicks as you can and remember. YOU ARE THE PRIZE! NOT HER!
Seb Dunleavy (4 months ago)
NKL it’s not that easy man
Jefferson Hayward (5 months ago)
Like Tourettes?
sk8ergangsta2003 (5 months ago)
Thats probably not healthy. Do something positive with that energy.
NKL (9 months ago)
it can get annoying but just dont keep thinking about her
punisher white (1 year ago)
man i love you your videos make me alive .... thanks😀
Elena Jonson (1 year ago)
I have one question please. can you like someone in eight years without talking each other only we stare longer
Muhammad Tarik (1 year ago)
There's a young lady I really like. We say hello to one another and often I notice the look in her eyes are​ definitely warm when she looks at me. She did have a boyfriend but I haven't seen him around lately. Out of respect I kept only speaking; just hello when I saw her. well recently she stopped speaking or looking in my direction for that matter. What have I done wrong?
3028547 (8 months ago)
Jasmine C I agree
Jasmine C (1 year ago)
Muhammad Tarik you're welcome
Muhammad Tarik (1 year ago)
Jasmine C , thank you for that in put I really needed that. I will do just that. Thanks for the help!
Jasmine C (1 year ago)
Muhammad Tarik its wat you haven't done, mate. I did the same thing to this guy. He kept looking and showing interest, I smile and return the look. But if you don't make a move she will think that's all you want from her. You need o speak talk to her. Find out what she likes, how her weekend was, what did she get up to. That will show you if the boyfriend is still in the picture and if he's not. At least you know where to take her lol good luck mate.
F. Joel Price (1 year ago)
I had a connection with someone, and I've not heard from her in two months. Cause after everything she did to make me feel alive, now it makes me miserable. Can't stop thinking about it, so annoying.
Alex Summers (2 months ago)
If you haven't heard from her it's cause she can't talk to you with another guys c*ck in her mouth. Sounds harsh but true. She's got another guy. They never wait.
Amador (1 year ago)
God I wish I’d get over her I have to be straightforward with her tell her what’s up weather it’s bad or good..
G Slite (1 year ago)
is a*
G Slite (1 year ago)
Amador...Then reach out to her. If you don't try, you will always say what if I had....A good women us a great listener.
IMARRRK (1 year ago)
Thank you. This helped
Bonecrusher 90AB (1 year ago)
V I I P E R (1 year ago)
I know this girl and I really care about her
G Slite (1 year ago)
Show her you care
Bob Steins (1 year ago)
wtf dude 101 dick got stuck in browser??
Dud M (1 year ago)
Your tone is really good, thanks for explaining how I’m feeling so well.
DaiDai _TvTM (1 year ago)
I really appreciate this video and the other one exactly how I feel at the moment I just have to shoot my shot
klazzikk (1 year ago)
i want her soo bad.
Alex Summers (2 months ago)
This is called "one-itis" there 3.765 billion with a B more out there just like her. Nothing gets you over the last one like the next one. Time to hit the strip clubs and night clubs. You need a palette cleanser. Just bang as many chicks as you can and remember. YOU ARE THE PRIZE! NOT HER!
jugh022 (3 months ago)
same friend. i know this feeling
Jefferson Hayward (5 months ago)
Focus on improving yourself first before you focus on improving other people.
itsurboiak (6 months ago)
i feel you bro
ArAtH 213 (9 months ago)
Same bro same we were talking in my friends party god damn she showed feelings towards me and so did I. we go to the same school we have different classes but i see her in the halls and other parts of the school. she's been on my mind since i really talked to her in that party... Only 2 girls ever has made me feel this way and she is the 2nd one, and no it is not lust. The first girl that i thought about a lot i actually flirted with her and she fell in love with me until my friend decided to start talking to her because he was jealous i she was boutta be my gf and he completely stole her from me but anyways have a blessed day everyone reading this chase your dreams and achieve em'. bless up 🙏
hayder al-shemmari (1 year ago)
soo all the points you make are valid, how can i stop it? it is basically consuming me, i literally have thought about her for 4 months now, no other girl seems interesting for me after her..
With Expectancy (1 year ago)
Gökhan Ö (1 year ago)
.... It is exactly that.
Jacob Schubert (1 year ago)
I have a question for you does it mean anything if she says don't be surprised if I start distancing myself please help
G Slite (1 year ago)
Jacob Schubert .....This is a hint for you to know that she wants more from you than what you are offering her.
John k (1 year ago)
Thoughts on girlfriend hanging with an ex and not telling you?
G Slite (1 year ago)
You might loose her since you know what's she is doing. If you want to change things do something.
Papa Bless (1 year ago)
John k sus af
E-Live Da God (1 year ago)
LMAO!!!! It's happening to me now.
Alex Summers (2 months ago)
This is called "one-itis" there 3.765 billion with a B more out there just like her. Nothing gets you over the last one like the next one. Time to hit the strip clubs and night clubs. You need a palette cleanser. Just bang as many chicks as you can and remember. YOU ARE THE PRIZE! NOT HER!
CaptainBravo (2 years ago)
I really like this girl. And I just can't stop thinking about her. It's driving me crazy and I had my chance to ask her out all year. But now I really feel like I can ask her out but I can't. Cause it's the summer and I don't feel like asking her out over text message and she's going to a new school next year. I think about about her at least 3 times a day. Please help!!!
Adriano X (2 years ago)
I couldn't stop thinking about this girl at school, so i finally decided to talk to her and it went way better than expected, she was smiling the whole time, and i just felt happiness inside me. I wanted to do that for a long time. Now what? what should i do
Abanoub Abanoub (10 months ago)
Hmm just don't feel so happy now coz this happiness may turn to same amount of sadness
Hol up (1 year ago)
Adriano X Fuck her
إيمان (2 years ago)
Ladies what do you think I should do ? This guy and I who I believe has feelings for me, has become somewhat close to me. He's a Sagittarius and I'm a Taurus , which in the zodiac world says we aren't compatible. He acts like a player but the past few weeks he's been acting more like the committed type and he will wake saying he is thinking about me and misses me etc, and I'm on a current break from my boyfriend . Should I try with this guy? Even though we haven't talked in 2 days because I feel I made it awkward when I panicked over something, but he's still viewing my snaps , and no longer talks about other women just me
إيمان (2 years ago)
Wow you're so wise and sweet , thank you so much. My boyfriend has to heavily work on himself , he's very unapologetic and immature but at the same time we've been in a long term relationship for so long, and we don't know where we are at right now. I guess there's no harm in getting to know Mousa better
Clíona Sheridan (2 years ago)
Ameenah Iman Alahmadi You're on a break with your boyfriend. You can build a friendship with this guy and get to know him on a deeper level to see if it's worthwhile knowing him. A break does not constitute cheating though, so as long as it's not a romantic relationship, it should be fine. But keep in mind who your true feelings belong to, him or your boyfriend.
Anthony Plus (2 years ago)
This is straight Facts I always wondered by I use to ask myself am I crazy for thinking about her in this way
slick dreams (2 years ago)
yooooo what a coincidence this is what i wanted to know and bam u unloaded it thx
GrooveMetalBruh\m/ (1 year ago)
slick dreams ‘unloaded’ XD
Adriano X (2 years ago)
slick dreams ik wtf, this guy posts shit i need at the moments, and he seems to do so and posts what i need at the same moment same time.
secrets212212 (2 years ago)
what if you have clear sexual tension with someone, they shamelessly flirt and seem lustful, but they shy away from any real deep meaningful conversation
Zoe Smith (1 year ago)
Their a woman that is using you for their own gain a manipulative woman might be for what you can do for them money fame career (their a user )
Melody Montana (1 year ago)
OMG... I am dealing with this too..a co-worker. We both shy away from conversation but stare from a far.. even from yards away... LoL.. it's kinda strange that it's mutual but I say it's because of the super intense connection and trying to manage not looking terrified. It's there for sure..why not explore
Talks with Josiah (1 year ago)
Then they sound really shallow
Sunethra (2 years ago)
@secrets212212 Ya I know what you mean. I kept it toned down for couple months. This month he seems to be taking more strives. We actually spoke today and it got physical. But I have made my intention clear and he knows if he fucks up I'm out. He is going through things, I have given him space to figure himself out. We had talked previously and i actually cut him from me for like 8 months or so. He felt very bad. Love is so stupid, when we lose things people realize. Maybe give it time, don't be physical initially and see if he really wants to know you. I'm finding this guy I talk to doesn't know how to talk in a relationship and I see that but I'm giving him time to figure it out. He says this is progressing so that's a good sign but I'm yet to see more from him verbally. He is secluded so bleh, but I like him and will see I guess.
secrets212212 (2 years ago)
Sunethra K it's like they enjoy the physical connection but want to keep you at arms length. ive had more meaningful banter with coworkers, but this guy is all about the physical connection it seems. doesn't want to share much about himself personally either. it feels really superficial, not sure what's going on
fluffy penguin (2 years ago)
I have a question why does it hurt so much when someone breaks ups with you and why do you feel guilty when u tell them to stop talking to you. I recently went through a break up yesterday and he broke up with me for another girl.
Abanoub Abanoub (10 months ago)
Ok ask ur self u want someone who leave u for another girl and think if u had not made any mistake he leaves u for much better girl on his eyes would u accept this
Spinal TheDJ (2 years ago)
fluffy penguin simple you still have feeling for that one person you don't want to move on because you had Interesting and fun times hanging out with each other he was the one that filled that Gap in your hole he was Everything to you so when you broke up with him you thought you could move on but have a tiny spark of those moments and you feel guilty because you used to date that person telling them that is strange but you'll get used to it what I got to say is move on and you will find someone better someone you can trust btw there's another reason why as well you gave him your trust and love and time and he took it for granted that's what I hate about relationships when they cheat on you etc. trust me your better off with someone else and he will know how stupid he was and what mistake he made when he broke up with you
canaisis (2 years ago)
now the other question is how can you get over that person that you felt so special about? I keep thinking about a quy even though the breakup was a year ago already.
Azan Ali (9 months ago)
im a philosophy and science student. i have research over this topic from every angle. we want someone because we have hope (either sub conscious level or consciously). if you really want him, go back to him. tell him that you still want him. i know it maybe silly or awkward bcoz he is with someone else now. but even if it is silly or awkward , this mistake worths trying. such silly mistake worths trying for "yourself". do something for yourself. it is the only thing that matters in the end. if he is also missing you, he will have his time to come back to u. but if he does not want to come back. you better let him go. because you dont want him to be unhappy, that is love. so move on with no regret. by doing such thing your mind(which is the home for all emotions, feelings and memories) gets it clear answer. your mind(allegorically Heart) will not bother you again start a gym life style to cope with pain (if you have), never surrender to drugs.
Abanoub Abanoub (10 months ago)
Just leave ur city or live in place u cannot hear anything about him believe me this help and never try to walk in place u might see him in it
London Alan88 (11 months ago)
canaisis then go bk him if u miss him
542mixie12 (1 year ago)
Shit can we be friends im in the same shit
Outlaw Justice (2 years ago)
I think there's more vids on that.
Milund M. (2 years ago)
I use to think about this guy a lot until one day he asked me Mimi don't you want to turn me on? My mouth open wide and froze I wanted to say yes but my mouth froze then he said just kidding I ment turn me on with the remote. He made me feel stupid because I want him all I think about is him making love to me but he ruin it now.
Anthony Plus (2 years ago)
Mimi M Nah you good flirt back with him strike while the iron is hot
Sunethra (2 years ago)
Mimi M That was the signal to pounce lol. It's ok, it will mend and if he wants to try again he will depending on your body language and what you guys talk.
The DBZ Collector (2 years ago)
this one girl I liked a few years ago, at one point I couldn't eat. we were friends with benefits but I wanted more but she didn't b/c I didn't have a job or doing anything with my life like furthering my education. I was trying to get a job but had no luck whatsoever. we never became more than F.W.B.
Into the View (14 hours ago)
@OpThugClans so basically fuck buddies?
Alex Summers (2 months ago)
This is called "one-itis" there 3.765 billion with a B more out there just like her. Nothing gets you over the last one like the next one. Time to hit the strip clubs and night clubs. You need a palette cleanser. Just bang as many chicks as you can and remember. YOU ARE THE PRIZE! NOT HER!
OpThugClans (5 months ago)
Friends with benefits 😂 Friends that have sex without having a relationship
NKL (9 months ago)
fat white bitch?

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