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Today's Thrift Finds 😊 Reselling & Shopping

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Just did some thrifting with my Dad and worked at our shop! • JOIN OUR MENTORING GROUP ► https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci • SUPPLIES WE USE ► https://amzn.to/2CCEQVd • OUR PUBLIC EBAY STORE ► https://ebay.to/2Gjs7am • SUBSCRIBE ► https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo • RALLI ROOTS MERCH ► http://www.ralliroots.com/shop.html Follow us on Social Media to stay connected! Instagram ► https://instagram.com/ralliroots Website ► http://www.ralliroots.com/ thanks so much for watching! We love you all ^some of the links above are affiliate links^
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Text Comments (302)
Dr Jan Simpson (3 months ago)
Good Morning and thank you so much for another video! Waiting excitedly to get the email today so I can sign up for your mentoring group! Great things ahead!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Haha awesome! We are excited for you!!
Dr Jan Simpson (3 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS I am so excited!!! I may have been the first person enrolled in your mentoring program!!! I watched my clock countdown until 5:00 PST. Did I mention how excited that I am???
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Dr Jan Simpson woohoo! Tonight at 8pm est :) you’ll be able to sign up right on the website as well ralliroots.com/mentoring until 75 the spots are taken.
Jesus here (2 months ago)
Is your dad Scottish ?
Jesus here (2 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 is my mother land
RALLI ROOTS (2 months ago)
Born in Scotland, raised in south africa
Rafael Trickett-Robles (2 months ago)
@ 5:58, regarding the embroidery. Are you referring to non product brand embroidery, such as if the shirt was originally purchased by a company, then had their event or company name embroidered on it, or are you referring to other types of actual brand embroidery.
Sara Cobb (2 months ago)
How much are the air fryers you sell on amazon?
Tempest Benoit (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing about what is fake and not fake.
Tempest Benoit (2 months ago)
Thanks for sharing .
Kay Nagh (2 months ago)
whats the best way to identify clothing ?
Pluma Lynne (2 months ago)
Goodwill prices are way too high.
dennis shelters (3 months ago)
Looked for you guys while on vacation in the area from WNY. Hit the SA and Goodwill in Wesley Chapel last Wed and the Goodwill in Lakewood Ranch on Saturday. Wanted to say thanks! That GW in Lakewood Ranch is EXPENSIVE!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Ahh sorry we missed you!
Louisa Evanger (3 months ago)
I have my first electronics pallet comming tommorrow, split into four shipments or boxes. I am going to film it for YouTube. I also have two other unboxing videos I will upload as soon as I learn to edit on my Macbook.
Anthony Claire (3 months ago)
Old blue label??! Fuckkk outtaaa here!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
;) said old not vintage my dude. Notice how I also didn't buy it. Tell your boy I said hi.
Lorri Bell (3 months ago)
Ok...probably answered this before, but best ROI at yard sales versus thrift?
2760db (3 months ago)
Your dad's accent is awesome!
2760db (3 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS I thought I detected a British-esque accent! 😅 That would be the Scottish shining through. Very cool indeed!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
That Scottish/South African accent 😉
chickrocker 77 (3 months ago)
Hi guys.. I'm slowly starting in on the reselling game and I noticed you guys use the Rollo label printer for shipping labels. Right now I'm just using our regular home printer. I found the same label printer as you on Amazon before I saw you used one . I was wondering if the rollo one is better to use then a regular home printer. Is there any better advantages? Is it a wireless and easy to use? My gf thinks theres no reason to pay that much for a label printer since we have the home printer so thought I would ask you guys for an opinion.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
chickrocker 77 it was definitely worth the purchase for us. It’s only down fall is that it isn’t wireless. You save on ink and time. The labels print so much faster 😜
Chris Kal (3 months ago)
I just finally just noticed the Eevee Pokemon tattoo! Fantastic 1:03
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Chris Kal 😊
Diverse Flips (3 months ago)
Get her a lift cart from Harbor Freight!
hobson (3 months ago)
@1:15 KEYS....IN.....HAND
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
marktz96 (3 months ago)
When you go on a road trip and buy clothing how do you keep it from getting wrinkled before you get home to take pictures.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
marktz96 we make sure to fold them 👍
Gina R (3 months ago)
Your Dad is sooo awesome!!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Aww thanks! You're sooooo awesome!!!
D Vargas (3 months ago)
Newbie to the reselling game here, Is it very important to add cents to my selling price? How does it benefit my profit?
Treasurefacts (3 months ago)
Another fine video. Nice finish, love the countdown reel and snippit at the end, adds warmth to an already interesting subject!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Thanks, I appreciate that 😀
TeamHutchens (3 months ago)
Thank you, totally appreciate the videos! Enjoy seeing you guys have a good time!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Glad you enjoy them. Thanks for watching 👍
Picking Treasures (3 months ago)
Nice haul video thanks for sharing!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Hey, thanks for watching 😀
Kelly Flaman (3 months ago)
Really like your video's, came over from Bargain barons
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Awesome, we love them. Thanks for checking us out 👍
BK Vending & Flipping (3 months ago)
Nice video and information about the different types of clothes to look for. thanks
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
No prob 👍
Melissa Schneck (3 months ago)
Goodwill has been crazy lately with prices, we were in our local shop this weekend and they are asking $8 to $15 for shoes!...nuts......
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Its crazy out there lol
BK Vending & Flipping (3 months ago)
Goodwill prices are going up around here too. It's crazy
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
ahhhh make them stop lol
Hustle Ninjas (3 months ago)
Love ya’lls house decor!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Thanks, thats ALL Alli. She knows whats up 👍
Ozzvaldo Ivan (3 months ago)
Hello have you ever made a video on helping followers with pricing?
Ozzvaldo Ivan (3 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS will do. Thank you!!! Keep up the awesome videos. I just started doing this, and both of you motivate me!!! 🤜🏼🤛🏼
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Check out some of our What Sold videos. We mention the purchase price and how much they sold for us.
Hey Ryan & Alli, I found 2 brand new w tags KEEN wallets $4 each and a new pair of Keen women's purple sandals $4, 6 pieces of Lululemon, a Lilly Pulitzer bag, a Johnny Was tank top & 5 Victoria's secret bikinis!! All in a quick 1 hour before closing sal army trip two nights ago! Learned a lot watching y'all! And even better I had a free $50 credit I used! Last month every 50 you spent you got $10 credit to use in March, so free money! Have y'all ever found Keen wallets?? Not much info for comps. They are nice!
@RALLI ROOTS learned from y'all!! 🤑🤑🤑🤑🧡🧡🧡🧡
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
OMG great finds!
doker bohm (3 months ago)
just so you know the program keepa does not work right in canada many people have posted how it screws more decisions up than helps with guess its not canada complient any others in canada having a problem with it tooo
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
hmm, that sucks
Toyradiation (3 months ago)
20 bucks for that it should of been $2.99
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Toyradiation would have definitely scooped it up for $3 😊
Justin (3 months ago)
Whats up guys!!? I started watching your videos a few weeks ago! I live in Ocala, not too far from you guys. I have been selling on eBay for several years. I always source from auctions or large wholesale buys. Since watching your videos I started going to yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores again! I appreciate you sharing everything you guys are doing! Anyways check out my store if you have time! ebay name: SizzlinDealsLLC
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
That is so awesome. We love hitting up yard sales 😀
Michael Blackburn (3 months ago)
Your guys goodwill looks huge compared to here in ky. Ours always has the same items and they keep changing the color tag in each item so the good stuff never goes on sale lol.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Some of them are pretty big here lol
jagger (3 months ago)
i think a great job would be to be the receiver of donations at a Goodwill . You would be able to see all items and intercept the valuable donations before they hit the shelves.
Gina R (3 months ago)
They don't allow them to shop. They are very strict. I am sure that there are some store folk that have something on the down low with an outside dude.
zach olson (3 months ago)
I just found an HP 11c scientific calculator at the thrift for 20$, selling for 100$ online.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Cha ching
Chelsea Daniels (3 months ago)
The embroidered gator is izod Lacoste. The patch is just Lacoste
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Chelsea Daniels if it’s not on an izod/Lacoste tag it’s fake. You can also tell by the stitching on the gator and on the tag. If it’s “wonky” it’s fake
Chelsea Daniels (3 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS so how do you tell the difference between the real embroidered one and the fake?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
the embroidered gator is FAKE. They did embroider on izod/lacoste yes but that one was fake, lacoste polos are always a patch
DSM Tool (3 months ago)
You guys are seriously adorable :)
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
You're seriously adorable :)
LOTUS DOLL LITTLE (3 months ago)
he had sour patch snacks !! what does ur dad like to buy
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Snacksssss 😀
LOTUS DOLL LITTLE (3 months ago)
dad went too lol
Handy Girls (3 months ago)
I was hoping that Mario Glass was only a buck or two! That is awesome, but $20?!?! Love your info. I am just getting my channel going, working in the fun and energy that you always have! Let me know what you think! ❤
Rita Sloniker (3 months ago)
Are you taking advantage of your Dad's senior discount?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
our goodwills don't do it :(
Rita Sloniker (3 months ago)
I watch your videos because no matter what, you are having FUN! Always makes you winners. Keep it up.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
It's not "work" if you're having fun 😀
Love your videos 😊 your wife reminds me of icarly 🤣🤣
Dave Row (3 months ago)
Just passed on a couple Ralph Lauren horizontal striped t-shirts with pockets. Now you have me wanting to run back out and see if they are still there! Comps did not look great though, so I will probably still pass. Also, google "Lift dolly" or "Lift table" and you will see what Callie asked about when she was loading up her car.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
lol always check comps 👍
Callie's World (3 months ago)
Dave Row I didn’t realize something like that existed lol 😂
Nesting Haven (3 months ago)
Interesting about the gator patch fake. Wouldn't have ever known to look for that.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Danielle Fry (3 months ago)
Great as always. Your dad is a cutie!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Haha thank you!
717outdoors (3 months ago)
Someone needs to get callie a capitals shirt!!! Ahaha
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Callie's World (3 months ago)
717outdoors umm gooooo Bolts
Q FromChi (3 months ago)
Hey y’all !!!🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Shane Shinner (3 months ago)
Hey dude, your wife keeps looking at me. What is up with that?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Chris Sutton (3 months ago)
Just started reselling part time, after 25 days I just hit $1000 in sales in my first month. Thank you so much for all the info you have provided!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Awesome job!!!
KayLetsFlip (3 months ago)
Do you guys ship the appliances in the boxes they come in?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
kaygunscawt you’d need to state the way you’re shipping in the item listing, we’d never ship a perfect item that way only the ones that already have box wear.
KayLetsFlip (3 months ago)
I have thought about doing that, I wasn't sure if it was acceptable thank you.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Sometimes yup
Joseph Woods (3 months ago)
Was that a Boston college jersey
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Nano (3 months ago)
Found the exact polo jeans shirt like last week
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Shaun Easterbrook (3 months ago)
Made it to the mentoring! I think it’s going to be a great investment for our business ❤️
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Can't wait!!!
Trish Morris (3 months ago)
My in laws were from SA I can pick that accent out ❤️😀👍
Almighty Binx (3 months ago)
Would love a video on styles of clothing. What’s a crew neck, etc... I’m new to the fashion game but want to learn so when I list, I know what I’m talking about. I don’t even know how to search a find sometimes because I dont know what wording to search comps with.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Thats a great idea!
MrsWorm2 (3 months ago)
OK cutie Patooties those goodwill prices are cray cray! At my Dallas goodwill's they run average 2-3 bucks for shirts.I'm killing it on my eBay sales because of your awesome pointers.you2 rock!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Ahhhh so jelly over here. Keep killin it 👍
Linda Pedigo (3 months ago)
I don't know about your Dad. Tell us!
Burd K. (3 months ago)
Great to see a your father.... Not wearing a leisure suit. That was the 1st time I saw a South Africanman wearing...
Antique Queen (3 months ago)
Awesome Dad!
Thrifty Trooper (3 months ago)
Alli and Callie need a netflix special lol with special appearances of Ben and Ryan obviously lol
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Lol you should contact them for us haha
Sigi Lamp (3 months ago)
Love you guys. Hate the change In eBay listing now. Used to be easier not now. 😞☹️
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Embrace the change lol You got this 👍
Damon Roark (3 months ago)
Boston College basketball practice jersey around 27$
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Damon Roark ehh I think we’ll get more
Agent Retro (3 months ago)
Do you guys get monthly 20% off coupons for Goodwill in Florida like we do in Arizona. Every time you spend $20 or more, you can use your digital coupons to get 20% off your entire purchase.
Agent Retro (3 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS Smells like a petition coming.... Don't worry I'm on it!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Agent Retro we don’t :(
Peanut Power 88 (3 months ago)
Sometimes I want to walk up to the register with something crazy priced like that cup and ask what they we smoking when someone gave that to them for free. Goodwill CEO lining his pockets lmao. Back to the bins I go!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Tyson Anderson (3 months ago)
Excited for the mentoring group to start. Thanks for all the help.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
No prob 😀
Cierra B (3 months ago)
4:58 I'm so curious about the rest of the shirt now.. did I miss it?! Lmao
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
lol, I put it in our instagram story ;)
Great one! I like Pappa Roots, that ppl will get mad if you reverse the fist bump, and the Lacoste tip!
john salvatore (3 months ago)
thanks for vid! why Fed ex over Post Office?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
price for heavier items :)
Dream Thrifter (3 months ago)
89 is the year I was born 😁
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Rob Rickard (3 months ago)
I found the same Mario cup at a local thrift for 2 dollars I got it posted on eBay now mint
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Toby Rodock (3 months ago)
How much you get for those Lacoste??
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Toby Rodock depends on the item $18-35
Thrilled Thrifter (3 months ago)
Oh my Goodness !! I just found your channel. I LOOOOVE thrifting and I love your channel so far !
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Welcome to the Tribe!! Glad you found us!! Thanks for watching 😀
James Mahoney (3 months ago)
Great Video!. Just signed up for the mentoring!. Cant wait!. Letss Gooo🤘🤘
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Letssssss GOOOOOOO
Janine Cox (3 months ago)
Funny that Mario mug was there last weekend and I loved it but 20 bucks is insane. I noticed the prices had gone up on quite a few things even shoes.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Its crazy
Captain Heawee (3 months ago)
Ooh I love your dad’s South African accent! My parents and older brother and sister were born in SA, and moved over when my mother was pregnant with me. The SA accent is such a lovely familiar sound to me. Love your videos!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Thats so cool. Thanks for watching!!
Kandis Glasgow (3 months ago)
The Jersey looks like a lacrosse jersey. They tend to be sleeveless and go over a t-shirt...
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Thanks 😀
reseller king (3 months ago)
Love your guys videos so glad to see people loving what they are doing keep up the good time videos
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Its not "work" if you're having fun 😀Thanks for watching!!
Cathey Bull (3 months ago)
I totally guessed 1988 on the Mario cup 😂 so close! Great video guys and very nice to meet your dad Ryan 💕
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Haha nice
Lot of Josh (3 months ago)
i think as resellers, we strike out A LOT more than we score when thrifting hahah. appreciate the transparency 👍👍
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
True lol
Jody Mitoma (3 months ago)
Thanks for another video, Ralli Roots & Pops. That was fun. :)
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching
Jason Kile (3 months ago)
Mario mug I brought a Mario t-shirt today lol
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Haha nice
Tech Worlds (3 months ago)
Great!! I sent three emails just in case so I won’t miss the signup. I did not see the amount of the program on the site .
Tech Worlds (3 months ago)
BOOm! 7 on the dot purchased! I’m looking forward to being mentored by you guys!!
Tech Worlds (3 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS fantastic! I’m shifting money across PayPal now to cover it! Beauty of reselling !
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Dre Gonzalez it’s $347 for everything. Emails tonight at 8pm est! 😊😊
Kathy Johnson (3 months ago)
It would be fun to see more of your Dad!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
I know, but he lives a few hours away 😕
2DogsDigs (3 months ago)
Love the videos team! Wish I could edit like you do! WOOF!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
natter man (3 months ago)
Were the tags on the fake the same as the real one?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
natter man no
Deana (3 months ago)
How well do kids designer clothes sell?
Deana (3 months ago)
@RALLI ROOTS Reason I ask is there is a small shop here down the road and she has racks of kids clothing and i seen Burberry, Polo, Hanna Anderson in there and everything is $1. Not sure it's even worth the gamble...
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Deana okay. We only mess with the high end brands tho.
J3R3MY (3 months ago)
The price on that vintage Mario mug was heartbreaking. I've been looking for one of those.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
J3R3MY yea definitely would have bout it if it was a bit cheaper
Irene Q (3 months ago)
I hate when I come to Costco or any other big store and find that item I want or my size is sold out. Now I know why … not cool
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Irene Q 🤣 they would have sold out without us I promise
Fortunate Adventures (3 months ago)
It’s always fun😊 watching you thrift,and a Plus when dad comes along.👋
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Always a plus 😀
Los Angeles Thrifters (3 months ago)
You have your fathers laugh.
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
haha nice
Buys Stuff and things (3 months ago)
What?!? No coffee intro?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Buys Stuff and things 😜😜
Brian Fidler (3 months ago)
isn't Bradenton (sp?) the town where a whole bunch of pro golfers (Tiger maybe?) live? That embroidery might not devalue the shirt much...not sure
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
hmm I'm not sure.
LQD INFO (3 months ago)
Coo video! Nice to spend some time with your dad! Family is important! I stopped by my mom and dad's place yesterday afternoon and had coffee with them and chatted a bit, so they don't feel left out! I tell them everything that is going on and it's great that they are 5 minutes from my house! Good advice on always looking for other sourcing to find merchandise to sell! Thrift stores, flea markets, retail arbitrage, estate sales, online auctions and other ways to find items to sell! It doesn't become boring either...lol Happy weekend sales! Joe B from Canada! Cheers!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Joe!!!! Cheers mate
Jerry Vinson (3 months ago)
Happy happy joy joy!!!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
javier gonzalez (3 months ago)
Hey you guys so I bought three vintage shirts, 2 polo by Ralph and a Malcom x shirt and cannot find them anywhere. What kind I do to see how much the resell for ?
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
javier gonzalez nice. Super wide range on those you’d need to look at sold listings on eBay
dauntie kay (3 months ago)
Love that style haircut on you, Ryan! It makes you looks so professional--Great video as always!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
dauntie kay thank you!! 😊😊
MrSolarsphinx (3 months ago)
cool items! that footjob polo was really neat!
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)
Daniel Barnett (3 months ago)
RALLI ROOTS (3 months ago)

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