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Julius Malema African Speech Putting Corrupt African Leaders on Notice

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#africanspeech #speech Welcome to the Great African Leadership Series where we feature great, inspirational Speeches and quotes from African Leaders. Julius Malema South African EFF Leader speech at the Oxford Union in the UK on Taking back Africa Music: http://www.bensound.com Subscribe for more videos -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching 2nacheki the best #Africa channel on Youtube for Africans to get the latest #africanews #africadance #africanmusic #africalist #africapolitics #africaentertainment & everything #African Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos & sponsorship -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (806)
That's RIGHT Mr MALEMA tell them because Europeans thinks that they are the only in this LIFE.
paul young (1 month ago)
Daniel Trokon Bestman (1 month ago)
Congratulations to the EFF the struggle of Dr. Edward Wilmot Blyden has gained decency in the eyes of Africa impeccable son, Revolutionary Fighter Julius Malema..
Alfred Asanba (1 month ago)
You are talking directly to dictator Pual Biya
Rahim Freeman (1 month ago)
Nice speech mr malema. we Africans need our freedom and they should treet ous with some #respect
Donovan Preddie (1 month ago)
We need more person like this in Africa and the Caribbean
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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ntsoaki angela (1 month ago)
Stop corruption and nepotism then you'll see Africa look like 1st world countries.
It's Me (1 month ago)
America paying taxes to europe too.
Africa Raisen (2 months ago)
It's time to come together and unite mother afrika
wang tie (2 months ago)
akili safari David (3 months ago)
I thank you Malema.
2nacheki (3 months ago)
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one love (3 months ago)
Very bold statement from the great son of Africa Amandaaa comrade..✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Willy Kikwete (3 months ago)
Malema J, you have indeed spoken something true that makes my heart shaken. I appreciate your stand that shows a truly African patriotic leadership against the Neocolonialism not only in the Republic of South Africa but all over African countries. When shall African countries stand and walk by themselves economically, politically and socially? Where shall we learn about? If mwalimu Nyerere, Kwame Nkruma,Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe and others sang that song you are recalling today Malema, Who will join you today to endorse that chorus of African dignity, land alienation, equality, discrimination and others? Our African leaders have totally forgotten the terms of our African unity, dignity, land acts against whites, our African collectivity and working together
Patrick LeBeau (3 months ago)
Africa problem is that those so-called African leaders are corrupt...
2nacheki (3 months ago)
Facts only...
Tankiso Sejake (4 months ago)
True African Learder,youth wake up and reclaim your land back via EFF.ANC failed us,they chased him away cz his is factual. Vote Eff
2nacheki (4 months ago)
We appreciate your sentiments and time. Thanks for watching and commenting. Please like and share with friends and family to support the channel
Yah Best (4 months ago)
This was Dream of Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Patrick Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkrumah, Winnie Mandela and Mandela before Prison. One day we shall overcome. ✌✌✌
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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M M (4 months ago)
I can't wait to see Malema as president. I love you brother. Damn Europe, hell to franSSSe.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Thank you for your view and comment
The Chosen (4 months ago)
Take back what belongs to you
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Thank you for your view and comment
Crowned ByHim (4 months ago)
Why do not black people have to be included in everything African people do? African people are not at all of non black meetings. It’s sad! We ha e to stop involving and inviting them to everything. Africa depends on it. We ha e had them interfere with us for so long. We still haven’t gotten anymore from that.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
We appreciate your time and comment... Do share with friends and family to support the channel
Zima Lesabe (4 months ago)
VIVA Africa VIVA 👏🏿🙌🏿 VIVA EFF VIVA ✊🏿 AMANDLA NGAWETHU. #bringbackourland
gene7arttech (4 months ago)
He is a Brilliant man. I love his speech and he hit all the points. He's speaking truth to power.
2nacheki (4 months ago)
We appreciate your sentiments
t1910j (4 months ago)
As a fellow African living in the USA I couldn't agree more with this guy. Bravo 👏🏾 perfect speech 👌🏽
2nacheki (4 months ago)
Thank you for watching... Please share widely
Bubacarr A K A (4 months ago)
2nacheki (4 months ago)
jj streicher (4 months ago)
Please that retard is the biggest fraud.
j j Cade (4 months ago)
Great speech very truthful also
2nacheki (4 months ago)
We agree. Please share with friends and family and ask for their comments and opinions
Lee Marlee (4 months ago)
your words will go down in history
2nacheki (4 months ago)
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The One Man Army (4 months ago)
OBrian Ramgeet (4 months ago)
Yes yes no more .
Mansa Moola (4 months ago)
South Africa and the continent of Africa needs more leaders like Malema to rid their lands of racism and corrupt leaders who can be bought.
Nate Nate (4 months ago)
God is taking down the European Gentiles. The Time of the Gentiles is coming to an End worldwide and this is the start of many movements. Run your own contient not the Europeans.
Adam Huber (4 months ago)
Your sins of your father's word that you reintroduce the world to the demon worshipping that was going on before the flood through your father ham and his sons mainly through Kush
Adam Huber (4 months ago)
The Africans who go back to the old ways of living in the bush and Hunting Fishing and small farms will probably survive but the rest of you so many of you will become slaves and slave overseers but you will never be masters of anything
Adam Huber (4 months ago)
Africans will be used as cannon fodder for the Chinese Communist Soviet Economic world take over. All the elite rulers of the earth want to kill off the africans but first they want to use you against the whites and anyone who resists them
Qui Nasir (4 months ago)
Black America for South Africa!
Theodore Robinson (4 months ago)
This conflict between Africans and Whites no matter how wrong, it is justified. Because of the fact that Africans sold Yah's children to the Whites they are BOTH UNDER THE JUDGEMENTS OF YAHS. So In this situation, BOTH SIDES OF THE BIG COIN WILL BE DESTROIED.
Xali Xalo (4 months ago)
Best man
Damon Cross (4 months ago)
For our children we strategize
LINDA B (4 months ago)
737 CAPTAIN (4 months ago)
I Love This Guy, I Hope He Doesn't Change When He's Party Has The Majority In Parliament?
737 CAPTAIN (4 months ago)
He's Well Informed
Ernest Chima (4 months ago)
I hope the western will not kill him like gaddafi they are evils?
Abdul jalil Maiga (4 months ago)
We are proud to be african
RobertsDigital (4 months ago)
God bless you Malema
Sam Tan (4 months ago)
the European act as if time make a difference, murder have no statue of limitations. if you kill someone in America no matter when it was they can punish you for it at any time. so stop acting like colonizing was to long ago to acknowledge the Africans claims on confiscation without compensation. land grab bitch!$
Abdulla ALI (4 months ago)
William Hughes (4 months ago)
So many of you Africans are corrupt it's a damn shame crooked Africans
William Hughes (4 months ago)
You want to follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela got into the hail Satan hail Lucifer
Respawn (4 months ago)
Do Not ask the enemy for support. They have no care or love to see you rise above and flourish especially without them honorable Sir.
Lindani Skhungu (4 months ago)
yes my future president i agree with you the is no nation without a land
Christopher Barksdale (4 months ago)
It's not all about leadership. It's about Africans mindset, all susess full nations have an attitude that white people are not better than them. African Americans have this attitude and appear stuck up to Africans who think they are equal to whites. Wrong lol
Rymzo1 (4 months ago)
This reminds me of Patrice Lumumba's 30th of June speech. I'm hoping that vested interests do not stop this movement. Amen
Idrisa Jalloh (4 months ago)
U are a real African,love u brother
SAM CLACK (4 months ago)
Shirley Tigg (4 months ago)
Black Africa..unite!
Rodell Williams (4 months ago)
I agree totally get rid of all the corrupt politician jailed them whatever I don't care they are parasite among the black community
Johnpaul Oruma (4 months ago)
It's time now for Africans also to be in the dinner table with the colonial ones ,But NOT African to be eaten by colonials like dinner .Africans no turning back for the whites Enough is Enough .
Win Win (5 months ago)
As an African American, I'll tell you right now - don't ask your oppressors to change, because they're not going to. Also, there's no such thing as equality - only winners and losers. Either you dominate or you become dominated. The African diaspora will only gain respect once we as black ppl control and dominate our spaces, resources, and products. Do not beg your oppressors to change. We can only change ourselves. Black ppl have been begging and waiting centuries for the white man to change and treat us like equals - only children believe in such fantasies - wake up black ppl and protect your own - this is how to get others to respect us!
queenyt4ever (5 months ago)
Loving this Black MAN!! May the ancestors PROTECT and exalt you.
Mylissa (5 months ago)
Just saw a video on Namibia, it was down right sad, sad that we keep allowing them to subjugate us, but then chase after them, instead of turning towards each other, sad just down right sad... The world needs Africa, but until we understand this we’ll all stay at the bottom, if one is on the bottom, then we’re all on the bottom!
lovelycars1 (5 months ago)
Many generations to come!!! What about now!!! What steps are.being taken now what steps need to be implemented starting now?
Gregory Worthington (5 months ago)
That's right, I would rather die! To hell with white supremacy! What makes anyone think white supremacy is for you?!
Chocolate Daddy (5 months ago)
diaby Mohammed (5 months ago)
Viv africa
Steve Benson (5 months ago)
One of the biggest secrets or lies out right now is that black racism doesn’t exist it is the biggest racist group in the world brainwashed by the media to divide us all
Steve Benson (5 months ago)
Sounds good, But some of the people commenting below are black supremacist there are a lot of black racist this needs to be brought to light
Ken Marcus (5 months ago)
All black people across the world needs to unite and form our own unions black power✊🏿
Miky Nabu (5 months ago)
Wow mr malema.i love your speach about africa.if i may ask if there's any group that stand and talk unite youth about africa new generation I want joined.thank you.your speach gives me hope.
Mosesveroo Matundu (5 months ago)
If all the African leaders stand up for what Malema is saying we can achieve this without any struggling.. Africa time is now!!!
big toe (5 months ago)
some leader,who lives in a mansion in soweto while his followers are in poverty,calls for the killing of whites,thats not a leader,thats a trouble maker
The Sage (5 months ago)
I would like to see a unified African continent with states. Only when you unite will you see great change.
Jon Beasley (5 months ago)
Wow, a leader who is PUTTING HIS OWN NATION FIRST. Weird concept.
Dragon Manifest (5 months ago)
Yes Yes it's OUR TIME to take Africa BACK !!!!
Delta Anderson (5 months ago)
Africa time is NOW
MUNYAO NORMAN Kioko (5 months ago)
Julius you are my leader ..come to kenya and give out a speech fighting corruption
Mthunzi Mchunu (5 months ago)
Im sorry if im wrong, if u take a look at all these speeches made everyday in different countries of Africa saying they wanna own Africa, for years African Leaders are saying 1 and the same thing but there are No Actions we are still boundered by colonial laws and colonial system that why we only witness the success of the speeches and no actions....... by actions i dont mean violence or any oppression but FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE as a whole nation... for Example consider wat happened in Germany during WW1 Hitler took Germany into another level from poverty. But hey, who am i ?
Aretha Rambo (5 months ago)
Yoruba, Ashanti, Igbo and Bantu are the Chosen People. Deuteronomy28.org . Long live Africa.
Paul nmn (5 months ago)
If these politicians were talking about Jews, they'd be dead by now.
chinky love (5 months ago)
take all Discoverers Name from with in the Pyramids cqaverns. next 50 years they will say white folks build the Pyramid
Emma Alfouns (5 months ago)
your special to us malema.God will reward for these inspiration words.
Hash Jamal (5 months ago)
Jamaa kama hawa huwa awana uanaharakati wowote vibaraka tu wanauza maneno tu
2nacheki (5 months ago)
Thanks for the comment. Watch our other great videos in our well-organized playlists here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG7uFJVZsxQRwDssom9Pavw/playlists
radiatrex17 (5 months ago)
Is this real or am I dreamingcan't believe this unity talkit's so unreal for blacks from suffering too long
Angela Lacon-Williams (5 months ago)
Brian Ted (5 months ago)
wow this is very touching. long live JULIUS MALEMA
Michael H (6 months ago)
At rallies in his country Malema like to sing "Shoot the whites" while mimicking shooting with his hand...
anta ndiaye (6 months ago)
God bless you for your love
millyionnnn (6 months ago)
It is time for all African nations and their leaders to reclaim all land and NATIONALIZE all natural resources for the benefit of Africa. The time of allowing Colonizing nations to benefit of abusing and enriching their countries on the back of AFRICA is over! The old way of doing thing didn't benefit AFRICA and it makes no economical or political sense to continue this doomed behavior. IT IS AFRICA'S TIME NOW...
african patriot (6 months ago)
preach brother
david smith (6 months ago)
a black communist suppremist,julias mamela ,your people are black communist Africans,owned by your white boss communist,you will never free black ppl you are a fraud and a strawman with money debt chains around your brothers and ststers necks,shame on you julias the commie legal fiction strawman ,you are a tyrant,no more debt slaves please.
Alberto Gutierrez (6 months ago)
Malema is serious. God help us. South Africa think about this.
Obinna Peter (6 months ago)
God bless you malema...
Last Greatest (6 months ago)
I might not have been born in Africa, but Africa is in my Heart. Peace and Love and Unity my Brothers and Sisters.
EM WEBB (6 months ago)
Excellent Speech
Madmar Co. (7 months ago)
We must protect this man. He is a gem.
DaioM (7 months ago)
Someone can explain me why the white people is there?? You never see the black people in EU meetings.
Panama Black (7 months ago)
Bryan mwamlowe (7 months ago)
MANDERAISM IS IN THIS GUY..............................................
Abdirashid Hussein (7 months ago)
As always, I appreciate the opportunity to bring you this report on what has been another busy and productive week some white, black lie dishonest,corruptions, self-interest hate, evil everywhere in the world.It is my honor to do this work on your behalf African, African-American worldwide leadership council.The Scramble for slave trade human trafficking in 54 Africa countries,other Middle East countries was the occupation, division, and colonisation of African,Middle East territory by European powers during the period of New Imperialism, between 1881 and 1914. It is also called the Partition of  Africa,Middle East countries other's world and by some the Conquest of now worse more ever in the world. In 1870, 2018 only 100% percent of Africa,Middle East was under European control; by 1914- 2018 it had increased to almost 90 percent of the continent, with only more control Ethiopia dishonest lie, corruptions,self-interest neighbors African countries now long way solutions Africa,Middle East countries no freedom (Abyssinia), the Dervish state (a portion of present-day Somalia) African,Middle East people's[1] and Liberia still being independent no economic freedom,insecurity,injustice worldwide. The Berlin Conference of 1884, which regulated European colonisation tax and trade in Africa,Middle East is usually referred to as the starting point of the scramble for Africa.[2] Consequent to the political dangerous and economic rivalries among the European empires in the last quarter of the 19th century, the partitioning, or splitting up of Africa,Middle East was how the Europeans avoided warring amongst themselves over Africa.[3] The later years of the 19th century saw the transition from "informal imperialism" (hegemony), by mafia military influence now are training rebel,tribal different actor's terrorists switch other's side like two year's old negative change 2018 and economic dominance, to direct rule, bringing about colonial imperialism unacceptable 2018 slave trade terrorists Libiya,Palestinians,Yemen,Somalia,Syrian,Iraq other's African,Middle East people's human trafficking steeling land now well organized who is making money now.
Marcus Freedom (7 months ago)
This brotha is true to the game, he is a righteous brotha, for all my Brothers & Sisters. Stay strong stay righteous 💯
Justin Morrow (7 months ago)
I hope he become the next South Africa President. He will make South Africa Great Again with the land grab with no compensation
Justin Morrow (7 months ago)
Make South Africa Great Again with the land grab with no compensation
simbasugu (7 months ago)
Amandla ✊🏾

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