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Thabang Mokhele (6 hours ago)
Zimbabwe is not smarter than south Africa and it will never be. everyday people are striking in Zimbabwe
Vinny Kr (4 days ago)
Who said where's Nigeria, those people they don't no how to speak properly English
Ummu kulthum Rasheed (9 days ago)
Then Mugabe did a good job
Bridgette Kekana (9 days ago)
I m South African but Zim all the way
SA #3 like srsly???? Tts so unbelievable n untrue lyk SA priiiiz
Abu Haruna (13 days ago)
Fake list
ColleaM4 (20 days ago)
I am from Zimbabwe and thank you for noticing us.
Alexander Aiyudu (21 days ago)
please what of Nigeria , we are highly educated far more than the number one , for it a shame to the people that did it
me Mtuk (30 days ago)
Lesotho though???i don agree
maxisecurityctr 011 (1 month ago)
Yes Zimbabwe is number one but distroying they countrie with they education
Abdulaiibaba Ibrahim (1 month ago)
If they did not mention Ghana or Nigeria this is lie's because their ascent is very Good and they don't even have national language except english
Eddy Otieno (1 month ago)
Not true
Wafula Namiti (1 month ago)
Kenya is the most vindicative country with a good learning whim,we're the cream of learning.
Thabo Sethipa (1 month ago)
West Africans and schooling(Edu cation) are not same whatsapp
cleopas moyo (1 month ago)
zimbabwe yes but south africa NOooo
Mrs Mahfudh (2 months ago)
Kenya is the best as usual.. coz we dooo national exams proudly to be a kenya LOVE KENYAS
Taz-on-the-loose Yusef (2 months ago)
Zimbabwe is no 1, it is my neighborhood country I'm from Botswana and I can be a witness to that,
Justine Gichana (2 months ago)
I agree with research,am from kenya if zimbabwe is number one then kenya should be two,I dont believe noall in all i love my country kenya.anything you search about africa you cannot miss kenya.
Insert Name Here (2 months ago)
How is seychelles not there and zimbabwe is first
KENTRO CITIZEN (2 months ago)
I think this video is bias and been partial.even zimbabwe cant stand Ghana or nigeria
Joe Omonghibo (2 months ago)
If you see a video of the most educated countries in Africa, your country name is on it and Libya name is on it and you're happy. You are very very dumb. Nobody care about education in Libya. They're not in top 50 in Africa.
Joe Omonghibo (2 months ago)
+Popkiss Afrika If you are the one that make this video delete it. I visited Libya before the war started. If you see their behaviour , nobody need to tell you nothing like education there. The time they real Libya citizens wake up is from 11 o'clock in the morning.
Popkiss Afrika (2 months ago)
Have you come across any Libyan who can't speak and write Arabic? Education is not about knowing how to speak English, French or Arab without knowing how to write........thanks for watching
Joe Omonghibo (2 months ago)
92% of Libya citizens don't even know how to read. Who ever make this video is a goat. Many don't even go to school accept monsch. They end up in military or terrorism.
Joe Omonghibo (2 months ago)
Libya is the must dumped country in Africa intense of education. Who ever that make this video is 100% idiot.
Moha Raja (4 months ago)
Have mensioned a few tribes
Moha Raja (4 months ago)
You talk people educated,And say kenya!!!!masaai,turkana,samburu walalo who still sleeping
Moha Raja (4 months ago)
This hopeless
BEE JAY (4 months ago)
Fake video
Raul R. (4 months ago)
I would like the Central African Republic to be on the list of most educated countries in the African continent.
Maureem Maureem (4 months ago)
This is fake list Uganda most be no list hw comes Kenya is on list nd mi mother land Uganda is nt on list. U pipo this list is nt real.
vincent c (3 months ago)
my friend, iam Zimbabwean and been to Uganda. its true you are educated but the % is around 70 and in Kenya they still have tribes like the Massai who cant read and write.
Kalahussein Ismail (4 months ago)
Where is Uganda,then this is wrong list
Dan Mburu (5 months ago)
80% of the comments are Kenyan, yes we are educated because we have the power of information too. South and East of Africa only lacks leaders, otherwise the region would achieve a lot.
PAUL MAPHOSA (5 months ago)
Zimbabwe stand up😀😀
gods boy (5 months ago)
Still you africans could excel
Charlencia Mbazuvara (5 months ago)
Namibia 😅😅😅😅
AMOS MOYO (5 months ago)
Zimbabwe is even more than that!
Cherry Tee (6 months ago)
Proudly to be a zimbabwean # zimbabweisthebest
Genius Works (6 months ago)
where are Ghana Egypt Nigeria Seychelles and Swaziland you should have some research I will make this video
Genius Works (6 months ago)
Seychelles are first with about 93 percent. Upgrade this video even Gabon is after Zimbabwe
Kobby Owusu245 (6 months ago)
Where is Ghana. God bless all of you🙏
Â.G Dê Rêâł (6 months ago)
Am not from Kenya but Kenya should be number 1
Tshepo Moshoeshoe (6 months ago)
Yes Zimbabwe I’m from SA
Mariam Nabutele (6 months ago)
Proud of uganda even though it's execusive.
Esther Jomiloju (6 months ago)
What?? Where is Nigeria?
aboaboyah ciciniko (1 month ago)
Pls u will heae ur name when we are counting the criminals.
Idowubello704 (6 months ago)
This list is not accurate
Big lie
Patience Chikuhwa (6 months ago)
Zimbabweans are educated that's my beautiful country
Mish Beib (6 months ago)
Mish Beib (6 months ago)
Proud Kenyan 😍😍😍
Mish Beib (6 months ago)
Proud 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mish Beib (6 months ago)
Proud 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Pie John (6 months ago)
In 2015, adult literacy rate for Botswana was 88.22 %
Rosseita Keita (6 months ago)
This is so wrong, what of Ghana Zambia camero Cameroon Gabon..
aboaboyah ciciniko (1 month ago)
Are you a Ghanaian pls?
H F (6 months ago)
crazyyyyyyy video, Tunisia and Algeria or Morocco? And you put Zimbabwe instead of those places where the level reaches the 90%? What funny video.....
Nabs Nze (7 months ago)
Surprisingly the countries with high literacy rates are not on this list. Owner of the page must be illiterate him or herself.
Rufa Ruma (7 months ago)
Nigeria exclusive!!!!Uganda not on the list yet it's known in east Africa it's the best people from Kenya go to Uganda purposely for education.Make more research.
Yzo OG (7 months ago)
Keep it up 🇰🇪Kenya, I'm proud of ma country
Juliet Sekitooleko (7 months ago)
More research needs to be done. How could countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Angola miss on the list?
aboaboyah ciciniko (1 month ago)
Juliet are u Ghanaian or Nigerian?
vincent c (3 months ago)
my sister, Nigerians are around 180 million. If 100 million are educated, the percentage will be around 60 70 hence that list
Edgar Maita (7 months ago)
Zim the best
Boere plaas (7 months ago)
dumb blacks will never be able to get educated. They burn their own schools down. Typical African mentality. Lets brake everything down and live like peasants.
Karl Pato (7 months ago)
Wea z Uganda???? The pearl of Africa, with the best English accent in the continent... You guys seem to be joking here😕😕😕
Absalom Abby (8 months ago)
I am from Namibia.. And Zimbabwe will always be number 1 And Kenya number two. those two countries they are most educated countries in Africa... And they are all over Africa
munira mahero (1 month ago)
that's very true
munira mahero (1 month ago)
now its 87% educated in kenya
Absalom Abby (7 months ago)
Lucy Ngigi thank you for your understanding
Lucy Ngigi (7 months ago)
very true
HORUMARKA DALKA (8 months ago)
South Africa is not in that position. the literacy rate of South Africa is 76%, do your research next time.
Medalia Leon (8 months ago)
Oga is going home ...lol Only con-ning that’s the best they can do...lol
Tina Trey (8 months ago)
Proudly Zimbabwean
Cathy Nakato (8 months ago)
80% of Uganda's girl child drop out of school, due to early marriages, poverty, lose of relatives. & boys still traditionally are seen as a privileged compared to girls. So we still have a lot to complish Ugandans questioning why your not here. Go back & see how many girls graduate from villages mostly it's those few girls around town, the pain of attaining a good education are still high, some have to pay for themselves & their siblings, elder men marrying off girls in promises for supporting them to school along the way they drop out. Incest with uncles becasue they pay their fees which emotionally disturbs the girl child. This is a call for more attention. However, DRC had a lot of challenges in the last 10years am kind of surprised it's even mentioned. How they managed with the wars in the past. This rating is also questionable. My opinion.
XeddieM (8 months ago)
Zimbabwe yeah👍
Azah Elodie (8 months ago)
Nice but I think Nigeria is suppose to be among the countries even though am not a Nigerian.
Tecla Kugas (8 months ago)
Proudly Zimbabwean i love my country
Eva 911 (8 months ago)
Kenya 💪
lolo thatha (8 months ago)
Nqobile Treasure Smith (5 months ago)
lolo thatha wow talking about your country like this sies
Kemi Gbeleko (8 months ago)
Zimbabwean that re against the one who made it possible....
D1 Prop (8 months ago)
.....Man, check which African country is over represented in world top universities - Harvard, Oxford, Stanford etc.... Also Check which African country disproportionately attain globally renowned awards like Nobel, orange etc.....Research which African country over representively top in UK schools. Answer : Nigeria /Ghana. Just Google or research and do it over and over again!
Patrick Mkarie (8 months ago)
That's wonderful Zimbabwe keep it up.
Tinotenda Sakubani (8 months ago)
+D1 Prop over representation doesnt mean u are literate. its according to literacy friend
D1 Prop (8 months ago)
Patrick Mkarie....Nope! I have never heard of any Zimbabwean in an ivy schools viz Harvard, Stanford.....Just research " which African country is over represented in Havards"
Patrick Mkarie (8 months ago)
Zimbabwe is the best .May God bless all Zimbabweans .
Patrick Mkarie (8 months ago)
Me l'm coming from Zimbabwe .But now l'm here in S Africa and l support my country Zimbabwe .We are the best in Africa .love you all Zimbabweans
D1 Prop (8 months ago)
Patrick Mkarie..... Just Google the top universities in the world, then check which African country is over represented there.....Answer : Nigeria, then Ghana, Egypt. Best and first and only English literature author with Nobel price winner is a Nigerian (Soyinka) ....Have you heard of Chimamanda Adichie?.....she is presently the reining English author from Nigeria.
Albert Khusu (8 months ago)
I like my Lesotho too much as I belonged
James Brawn (8 months ago)
I think all those countries are unedicated
D1 Prop (8 months ago)
James Brawn.....Yep. They should research which African countries disproportionately gain admission into ivy rated universities like Havards, Yale or even Oxford. Nigerian, Ghana & Egypt certainly top the the list!.....it is not about being a local champion in your country but how you are over represented on global stage! Research, the African Nobel winners in English!
linny nangila (8 months ago)
Proudly Kenyan
Memory Chagwanda (8 months ago)
Yaaaa its true 1zimbambwe
miamo gellah (8 months ago)
Hahaha Zimbabwe? That's why they are all bum cleaners in UK? Smh
Constantine Murefu (1 month ago)
miamo gellah
Irine Mapeto (8 months ago)
like it or not Zimbabwe is number 1 kkkk, judging from the English that Mudhara pours out irregardless of his blessings of many years of existence . Haaaaa zvimwe zvinhu tendaiwo please.
Irine Mapeto (8 months ago)
I give thanx to H.E former President R G Mugabe for putting my Country Zimbabwe on number 1 ....May God bless you, I feel proud to be a Zimbabwean
Irine Mapeto (8 months ago)
No two words about it, surely Zimbabwe is number 1, I love my Country mxaaaa
Obed Mwakalonge (8 months ago)
Zimbabwean are so educated that the cant even solve their political and economic issues...could not even feed their own people....so much educated....MEANINGLESS.....come to Tanzania and see how things are done
ticharwa gwenhamo (8 months ago)
Proudly a Zimbabwean thumps up fo motherland Zim . Wish my country the best of all . Ticha from Zimbabwe .
Tddd Fdt6 (8 months ago)
Gideon Hey (8 months ago)
Zimbabwe... No wonder Mugabe was the most educated president in the world.
Mwasakamo Amanyisye (8 months ago)
Tanzanians we are coming soon on that list just wait in few month coming
Monicah Okumu (19 days ago)
Tddd Fdt6 (8 months ago)
Mwasakamo Amanyisye 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Salma ssentongo (8 months ago)
More research, how comes Uganda is missing
Mbeng Guiste (8 months ago)
This is not the real results. Please you need to do again.
Anthony Woli (8 months ago)
Totally fake research
Jieng Bor Media (8 months ago)
Before I watch the clip. I think Zimbabwe will not miss no. 1
Fordjour Adu (8 months ago)
Do your research well
Homer J Simpson (8 months ago)
Uuummm what about Nigeria?
Nevanji Agness (8 months ago)
Yes Zimbabwe zvakaoma kudaro
Gwen Shoniwa (8 months ago)
ZIMBO I agree that the literacy rate in Zimbabwe is the highest in Africa. But where does Zambia come. Surely their literacy rate is higher than some of the countries mentioned in this rating
edwin terence wabushi (8 months ago)
Remove S.Africa going to school was for the whites put Kenya at 3 Uncle Bob at least u passed Kenya and all the Kenyan doctors were coming to your country to work in the 80s where did the Kenyans miss out now
Nqobile Treasure Smith (5 months ago)
edwin terence wabushi the hate y'all have for S.A. is Buffling have you been to their schools to confirm what you talking about??
Olajide Fabunmi (8 months ago)
I'm surprised no one took note of the fact that the literacy rate for the top 2 countries were lower than the 7th overall
rungamirai tembo (8 months ago)
But to be honest Zimbabwe is the best and South Africa should not be there. We all know they do that stupid easy Metric curriculum. And kids don't like to go to school, too much magwinya on the streets and cheap alcohol and they are number 1 South Africans in violence against there fellow black brothers from neighbouring countries. Nxaaaa.
Nqobile Treasure Smith (5 months ago)
Argh fuck off man 🚮 are they talking about Xenophobia here?? no wonder your country is not here you lack the thinking capacity (brains)
Pie John (6 months ago)
Mompati Modukanele.  In 2015, adult literacy rate for Botswana was 88.22 %
Mompati Modukanele (7 months ago)
rungamirai tembo where is Botswana? education is free up to university level
rungamirai tembo (8 months ago)
Kenyans runs in the marathon and we Zimbabweans we do books, proudly Zimbabwean!!!!# and yes we deserve it!!
Thembi Nkiwane (8 months ago)
Yes yes excellent Zimbabwe,pure English,Cambridge,they once said if u want strong pure British English go to Zim
athumani simba (8 months ago)
Don't be fucked up with other nation language!why don't you proud of your mother language like Shona,ndebele etc.You are still enslaved with colonial mindset. Immancipate yourself from colonial enslavement. Fu****ck you!
Pauline Sue Mazano (8 months ago)
Proudly Zimbabwean..thumbs up for our Zimbabwe
D1 Prop (8 months ago)
Pauline Sue Mazano.......First and only Nobel price winner in English comes from Nigeria.....Nigerians are renowned to be Africa's best academics of global scale. Disproportionate number of Nigerians are over represented in worked best universities like Havards, Oxford, Stanford etc. .....just Google Africans in world top universities. It's all about Nigeria, Ghana & Egypt

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