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How To Crush Any Interview

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Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression: http://bit.ly/2FwTiMb How To Crush Any Interview These are great tips on how to crush any interview to get the job! One of the moments in your life where you are absolutely going to want your confidence and your charisma to be on point is when you are sitting in an interview chair because when you've arrived there, they've decided that you have what it takes to get this job but you still have to show the person across from you that you're someone that they like, that they could work with, and that you can communicate the skills that make you a good fit which is why in this video I want to show you exactly how to prep for and crush any interview and that includes answering specific questions like, "Tell me about yourself? What's your greatest weakness and tell me about a time when..." so we're going to jump right into it; I got a lot to say. The first piece is on mindsets. The number one thing that screws people up when they get in interviews besides having not prepped, and you're here so congratulations for that, is that they just get tongue-tied — their confidence is gone — because they're putting so much pressure on the situation. And in order to alleviate this, what I recommend you do and that they do is to zoom out. Imagine yourself at 90 years old. You're looking back at your life. You see the successes, the failures, the happy moments, the sad ones, and I promise you, as you do that and you scan for the most pivotal moments in your life that we're hyper critical, you will not see the interview that you have coming up; there's no chance. It's just not going to crack something that absolutely changes the inevitable course of your life 00:37 Your mindset during an interview will get you the job 01:51 Preparation before an interview is another key to get that job Connect With Us Further: Website: http://www.charismaoncommand.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/charismaoncommand Instagram: @CharismaOnCommand Or if you want to see our personal stuff (regular life + playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Instagram: @IamBenAltman
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Text Comments (393)
Emmanuella Frimpong (10 days ago)
Yo I'm just tryna get a job
Just Run (11 days ago)
What about video interview ?
cameron dempsey (18 days ago)
Hey thanks for this video last Thursday I had an interview and I got the job however if it wasn't for your video and explaining if I don't get it it's not the end of the world made me more relaxed and less nervous leading to a conftable interview
Charisma on Command (9 days ago)
~ That's so awesome to hear, Cameron! Glad to hear the video helped. :-)
Storm Mandigo (27 days ago)
Thank you for this. Watched this video before an interview. One of their questions was, “ What did you do to prepare for this interview?” I told them the steps you gave us, because that is what I did. Thank you!
David Caceres (1 month ago)
Love this video! As soon as I watched this video I went to Target, they interviewed me the same day, and the guy said I interviewed phenomenally and he gave me a job. This was my first ever interview and is my first ever job. Thanks!
Charisma on Command (1 month ago)
~ That's awesome David!
The Career Force (2 months ago)
Great video! I love your first tip to just chill out. :) It is possible to crush an interview without putting undue pressure on yourself.
Muniszz (2 months ago)
That 'Have you got any questions for me' recommendation blew my interviewer away - thanks so much!
Charisma on Command (2 months ago)
~ That's awesome to hear :-)
I have an interview coming in 16 days and i am so freaking ouuuuutttt i hope i get the job!!!!!
Ale Feh (2 months ago)
Watched 30 minutes before the interview and nailed it. The question at the end works like magic.
T M (2 months ago)
Awk lol watching this an hour before my interview
Animegal6 (2 months ago)
can i just say thank you so much for this video and the comments that everyone is contributing. i just had a skype interview and was looking at this video right before hand (oops) but i still managed to have a few stories in mind before it started. the interviewer asked me a question about getting work done under stress and i was able to tell him a recent story. i could totally tell that he was interested and believed me and we engaged a lot more more naturally and shared what we're passionate about. by the end of it, he said i was awesome and i got to the next round of interviewing
Fisher Theo (2 months ago)
People are going to have to stop sayin' CRUSH next year.
Uday Kolluri (2 months ago)
Love your channel. You are a genius
Alexander Aparicio (2 months ago)
Thank God this interview won't make me impotent...1:30...I was really nervous about that
Kat Wen (2 months ago)
Omg i have no work stories my life is boring i am doomed!!!!!!
Kade Markoux (3 months ago)
Thanks, that was super helpful, granted I am doing a 2 minute video recording interview answering two questions about "what inspires me to be involved in game design" and "what makes me a good fit for the team" but overall I think your video here is super helpful so you just earned another subscriber! :)
Charisma on Command (2 months ago)
~ Glad you found it helpful! Welcome to the channel. :-)
syeda rizvi (3 months ago)
What should a woman wear for an interview?
Irving Delgado (3 months ago)
Good video
Charisma on Command (3 months ago)
~ Thanks Irving!
yamlCase (3 months ago)
Sometimes the interview starts as soon as you drive into the parking lot. Messy car = sloppy worker.
SA Dashie (4 months ago)
Could have used this years ago!
clocked-in with joanie (4 months ago)
Wooow, I love this!! I wanted to do a video about interviews - I think I'll just say, "watch this other one!" and link to this!😆
Brooke Nicole (4 months ago)
Loved it!
Charisma on Command (4 months ago)
~ Glad you loved it Brooke!
kanyeblessed (4 months ago)
WOW this was so helpful thank you so much!
Charisma on Command (4 months ago)
~ Glad you're finding it helpful. :-)
Eder Ruiz (4 months ago)
I hate being a man
Eder Ruiz (4 months ago)
jobs are discriminating to me because im a man
Alix (4 months ago)
You sound like Tom cruise
H Mistry (4 months ago)
Just want to put this out there: Last week I had an interview for a big government agency. It was for a paid internship. To help me through it, I watched Charlie's video. I got to say, I feel like this was what helped me snag the position! Especially the slogan *It's not the end of the world if I don't get this job* So thank you Charlie, for the work you do, and the content you make. You really helped me bring up my own confidence.
Charisma on Command (4 months ago)
That's amazing - congrats!
SkylineZ (4 months ago)
LMAO he mentioned the DCF analysis that Im prepping for
"you wont remember this when your older" does not work for an interview to become a military officer
ConstantineAtByron (5 months ago)
I like your work but dude, you have a mouth like a cut watermelon. How did Heath Ledger get the role of the Joker with you around?
Bruce Bartup (5 months ago)
This video is wrong nd as an interviewer I'm fed up with people coming in to interview with this kind of bs. This is the first job you will ever do for your employer. Your job is to help them make the right choice. Which is their choice, not yours. Whatever brief they give you for the interview, come prepared with that. If they need educational or occupation evidence, bring it, bring all of it, up to date. If they say bring 3 evidences of identity bring 5 because they are bound to reject at least one. If they say tee ewill be a technical skill test, bring overalls, lab coat, float or whatever the ''tools of the trade' that each job might need an employee to provide. If in doubt ASK beforehand. If a technical knowledge test is going to be applied be prepared for your interviewer to want to know the depth of your knowledge, 5 levels maybe. Not just "my professor was X" "my first employer was Y" "my first project was Z". What is Z from a customer's p.o v? how does Z work? how did you solve or address the abc problem known to be associated with Z,?what other solutions did you reject and why? why wasn't that the cheapest option? and that's 5 - there could be an infinite number of 5's. If you don't remember some, say so. But come prepared for that. If they get to a stage where they ask - do you have anything else you think we should know? You might at that point say "can I actually pitch this to you? As though I were pitching an idea to the team or the company to a visiting customer" then use CHARISMA. not otherwise. Some employers might assume you have come to 'CRUSH it'. Some may not. If you prepare as for doing productive work you should not go far wrong. I repeat some things in life are under your control, a job interview is not one of them. It's your interviewer's job to choose the right candidate, not yours.
Javier Rodriguez (1 month ago)
No. Its the interviewee job to manipulate the interviewer's so that he can get hired.
xxWEJxx (5 months ago)
I watched this the morning of my interview and it helped me do so well they called me an hour after and offered me the job! $140k, a 30% raise over my last salary! Thank you SO much!
Andrej158158 (5 months ago)
Thank you!
Ralvin Sanchez (6 months ago)
I asked my boss, what she would say if someone had asked her the question you posed at the end. "What would I have to have done for you to realise this was a good decision?" Her immediate reaction was, it was wrong, rude and overconfident and would kill the interview straight away. Is she wrong? Or is that a common response? I personally thought it was a great question, but seeing it in practice makes me question whether or not I should use it at all.
MX Hockey (6 months ago)
A very awesome video!
Charisma on Command (6 months ago)
~ Thanks!
Tyler Reis (6 months ago)
Instructions unclear, building burnt down.
Helvegen (6 months ago)
10:00 about this last question... I saw this video while preparing a job interview Ive had a couple of weeks ago, and considered if I should ask it (wasnt feeling 100% about it), and when the moment came i said screw it and I did. Interesting enough, the first reaction I got from the interviewer was that she went and said, "what, do you want me to tell you how to do your job?". Fortunately we both laughed it off (the interview went pretty good all along) and she kind of refrased my question and asked something like "do you mean what do we value most in your position?" and I said yes and she told me. Its funny because the reason I wasnt feeling really 100% about asking that question was because I was afraid that I would get pretty much the same reaction she actually had. But since you were so convinced about it I went and did it anyway. Do you know some similar cases?
Mike B (6 months ago)
Used Charlie's Q at the end of my job interview today and the head boss literally overheard and said "WOW. What a great question! Don't you think?! to the 2IC that was interviewing me". Also found out later on (today) that I got the job. Woot thanks Charlie haha.
Charisma on Command (6 months ago)
~ Congrats!
Gabo13M (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video Charlie! It´s great!
Charisma on Command (6 months ago)
~ Glad you liked it!
Charlotte M. Ellett (6 months ago)
Can you talk about interviews of the non-job kind, like being interviewed for a media piece?
Tora Chan (6 months ago)
I wish I watched this video before failing the biggest interview in my life
Raul N (6 months ago)
I had an interview on December and I asked to the interviever "wheter you hired me or hire someone else how will you know if you made the righ choice" and she said "RESULTS, OR WILL GET YOU FIRE"
Gary1q2 (7 months ago)
my interview is in 3 days omggg
Giantdad Lives (7 months ago)
Just got done with my interview today, thanks so much for the advice it's really been a big help. Fingers crossed I teach English to Chinese kids in 4 months time.
Charisma on Command (6 months ago)
~ Best of luck. :-)
Kelsey Brennan (7 months ago)
How have you not made a video about cover letters yet? Written charisma is important too! I would appreciate one so much xox
bob bill (7 months ago)
Well um, I clicked on this video not because I am expecting to have an interview in the future but because I want to know what I should have known for an interview I had a year ago.
Diego (7 months ago)
His excessively big mouth is giving my anxiety.
Waterwave37 (7 months ago)
do another jordan peterson one! i <3 those :)
Chris Roberts (7 months ago)
Do the Peterson thing
Denis Hriaznov (7 months ago)
Thanks for this video. That's helpful.
Colton Bentley Marvel (7 months ago)
100% disagree with the first point. Most of the time jobs are so crucial to get, that you need certain ones and if you don't get one of them, that could be the hinge of your own success.
Skruiler (7 months ago)
Do you have advice for me, my friends tease me that I get girls because I'm rich (I'm really not that rich) I dont like they do that. How do I make them quiet?
shooting star (4 months ago)
Skruiler killlĺ them
matan sisselman (7 months ago)
You have to do a video about Raymond Reddington from the "Black list" would love something like that keep on the great vids, thanks (:
Emilie D (7 months ago)
Man I had an interview today and just blanked on everything
I'mposs ible (7 months ago)
Number one - remember you are a slave Neo. You were born into bondage. The person infront of you controls you. You don't need to crush any interview - just break free.
roidjones (7 months ago)
Who the fuck goes into an interview without preparation? Also good point about an interview starting the moment you walk through the door, people forget this point, chewing gum in reception, not being friendly, looking at your phone etc can lose you the job before you have even begun to the formal interview phase.
Bryson Adams (7 months ago)
This great video made me subscribe to you
Charisma on Command (7 months ago)
~ Glad the video brought you in! Welcome to the channel. :-)
Fish Dives (7 months ago)
Thank you !! These tips are amazing, your video helped me a lot :D
Charisma on Command (7 months ago)
~ Glad it helped!
Elaine Green (8 months ago)
You're the bomb! I love your videos. You have such a fresh, comprehensive view on life. Thank you : )
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Appreciate it Elaine!
Lucienne (8 months ago)
Shannon B. (8 months ago)
You look and sound like Roomie, are you two brothers?
Self Made Millennial (8 months ago)
Charlie, I interview people day in and day out, and truly all I want to hear are stories of them being passionate, earnest, and kind. But very few tell stories, even when specifically prompted! Thank you for your video.
Magnetic Speaking (8 months ago)
Thanks for sharing such great content!
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Happy to share :-)
Frederick0220 (8 months ago)
This vid is phenomenal! Thank you, bro!
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Our pleasure! Glad you dig it. :-)
vanessa jurado (8 months ago)
Video idea: how to stand out at a job fair? (Or maybe that video exists already?)
Dian Iliev (8 months ago)
Amazing, as always, Charlie! Thanks! I'd say vids on !!!!Jordan Peterson!!!!, GoT, the Avengers etc. are of great interest, because it's a breakdown of familiar archetypes and concepts and it helps in the day-to-day life to have thought such through. It's a treasure, really! Keep it up!
Polabear (8 months ago)
Elitsa Ilieva (8 months ago)
I love it how you talk abd explain every detail of every topic but I can't focus and lose you at some point. You can make as you did before. The animation, the examples through shortcuts of other videos. I guess this will help your channel too
Joshua Pineda (8 months ago)
Do Black Panther’s M’BAKU
ISppsd Official (8 months ago)
Hey, please add subtitles, I'm just starting to learn English and I do not even know how to write this sentence, I just translated into Google
roidjones (7 months ago)
Youtube has subtitles, just turn them on
Thomas Kegel (8 months ago)
Hey, man. I'd like your advice for situations I find myself a lot in. Especially when I'm with new people or with old friends who cannot be more different from me, I get invited to new places I don't feel comfortable with at all. Especially when I get dragged into clubs I cannot seems to enjoy myself as I tag along with whatever my companions are doing. Do have any advice on how to avoid this "Please let this evening end quickly" mindset and stay positive whereever you get yourself into?
Matthew Furman (8 months ago)
Love it. You are amazing. Keep up the great work 👍
Batınsu Ayaz (8 months ago)
Hey, can you make a video about Ryan Reynolds Charisma??
DUUDONE (8 months ago)
Hey . tell Sherlock Holmes charisma please
Rasha Nassar (8 months ago)
Would love a video about Jordan Peterson ,please !
Adrian Cires (8 months ago)
Gave up YouTube for lent, so I’m late for the party.. but does anyone else remember when Charlie first gave the imagine me in a year line and said he was gonna end up flooding the job market? Haha I wonder But that was a while ago and since then your channel has grown a lot. Keep up the good work because it does genuinely help a lot of people Anyways I’m very thankful to you Charlie and I hope you see my comment even though it’s about 6 days late because you’re the reason I broke out of my shell, and for that I can’t thank you enough P.S. good luck and I like what you’re doing with the responding to comments things
bmxion (8 months ago)
Roger Allan (8 months ago)
Amazing video and tips are on point and some I look forward to testing. One point I would like to focus on and stand behind 100% is the " interview starts when you walk in" and you never know who the boss will go to for opinions. As a sign spinning brand ambassador and local guerrilla marketer for Liberty tax for 7 years now, every year we have tax classes to staff our stores. And recruits rarely think of the guy in the dress and crown spinning and dancing as someone who has a say, but every year the Bosses ask what I think, do they fit, if so where and why..it is a part of the season I always enjoy and the fact that rarely to any ever think I am part of that interview keeps them more honest. Have a big interview coming up a couple of weeks and these tips could be game changers. Thank you and look forward to successful updates. Have a safe and wonderful Easter, my friend
Hallie Harmon (8 months ago)
Please do a vid on Alexa Chung, I think she's one of the most charismatic people out there! She always knows how to steer a conversation.
TheOllieO23 (8 months ago)
I love you man! Got a job interview coming up and this is just what I need!
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Good luck :-)
Taka Brute (8 months ago)
You have.... very white teeth
THECHI7LDUDE22 (8 months ago)
Do a Charisma Breakdown of Jerry Seinfeld, there is really nobody quite like him personality wise
Muhammad Danyal Khan (8 months ago)
Cover Charisma Aspects of LINKIN PARK's Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda! Also of NIGA HIGA
Ondrej Hlavenka (8 months ago)
Thanks for great video. Really helped me. Do you have any tips for job interview where one works externally and would like to get permanent position?
shira raz (8 months ago)
I saw that only now, and i had an intrview two days ago. I dont think i got in. "I dont remember" that was the sentence i said the most.
OneKing (8 months ago)
why don't you guys analyze 6ix 9ine's interview on the breakfast club, he handled himself with such confidence...
Pera Casian (8 months ago)
Good tips, time to implement them tommorow at an interview... Jordan it's a cool guy , bring it on :)
Sylvia Shipman (8 months ago)
Do you have advice for group interviews?
Boston CUP (8 months ago)
More interview stuff !!
Klompe2003 (8 months ago)
An example wouldnt hurt
Anthony Kelly (8 months ago)
Before you return to Jordan Peterson, I hope you reflect on some of his views regarding women and certain races, as well as his following among the Men’s Rights community
Nick Heath (8 months ago)
Min R. (8 months ago)
Ah Charlie ♡ You're the best!
Sean Taitt (8 months ago)
My comment isn't on topic of this clip but have you ever made a video about the charisma of Jon Stewart?
SHUBHANKAR NAIK (8 months ago)
Why ONE DIRECTION was so Successful Or Harry Styles Charisma breakdown
Adeel Irshad (8 months ago)
Thank you.
dandagrons (8 months ago)
Hey, can you make a video about Steve Harvey and his charizma? There is plenty of videos with him on youtube.
Wolkify (8 months ago)
One of the best books on this topic is "pitch anything" by oren klaff. Cause what is an interview if not a pitch of yourself? I learned a lot about frame control etc from this book, definitely go check it out! I will soon post a summary of it on my channel as well.
21HeartSong (8 months ago)
Charlie, my favourite video to date. Brilliant concept and you've addressed it so well. Wish I had someone tell me this back in college. Thanks immensely!
Charisma on Command (8 months ago)
~ Glad you're digging it!
Unity (8 months ago)
Do a video on RossCreations charisma

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