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When You Miss Someone Badly, Is It True That They Miss You Too? Is There Some Telepathy Involved?

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Julia Gleason (12 days ago)
I miss this one person so much I can burst into tears just thinking about them
Mitch Finn (12 days ago)
I miss her so so much the only girl I could vibe with and we had the same sense of humour 😞 Worst part is she already has a boyfriend and she lives far away...
Queen of Swords (15 days ago)
The thing is we are energetically connected to each other unless the other person moves on or has someone else their focus is shifted because of energy shift . As long as there focus is you then yes it's most likely mutual feeling.
Mark Vargas (24 days ago)
She said she's never forget me idk about that, I wrote her letter, she had told me to take it back. But then changed her mind and said nevermind I'm. Keeping it forever, but now since she wants nothing to do with me I guess she through it away for good I should just kept it
Mark Vargas (24 days ago)
Well she told me she didn't care anymore and that she didn't want to be in my life, I asked if we'd ever talk again she said no and she told me to leave her alone please so yeah
Stupidity Last (28 days ago)
I miss these boys so badly that I just meet for a day and a half I can’t stop thinking about them I need to help to get them off my mind Any advice
Arex Oak (1 month ago)
Miss you :(
Michael Stefanski (1 month ago)
I miss them I don't know if I'm going to be sad like you said like you explained going on vacation
wıə fyzann (1 month ago)
Tell me this is true...i miss my friend so bad...he miss me too?
Jerico Gungap (1 month ago)
i miss her badly im going to almos cry in the summer break im crying pls someone cheer me up ):
asha bentur (1 month ago)
Hi it's nice video. I miss him continuesly right from first moment I met him in Uganda. Now it's almost more than 6 months I left that country but emotionally I hv not moved from him. I can't forget him. Pl help me sir. What I should do
the thing (2 months ago)
Is an Goose (2 months ago)
I fell in love with this guy in a behavioral hospital. We immediately clicked. We were separated to different units because it was obvious that we were becoming more than friends and we never got to say goodbye. He ended up going to a long term facility. Now I'm at home,a month has gone by,and I'm crying because I miss him so very much.
Zoey Siloka (2 months ago)
I miss you so much💔😭😑
Tokunbo Muraina (2 months ago)
Someone said I miss them but I don’t miss them lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤔
STEVEN PHILLIPS (2 months ago)
Some mornings I wake up and I I see his face .. I feel his energy😟.. I get worried like is he ok..🤔 I check his page line.. n he's out dinning someone else..🥂 smh. I quess my energy is all in my head🤯.. I'm just glad I didn't call..☎️🤦🏽‍♀️..
Sky Gabbay (2 months ago)
This is so true, i had missed someone so bad and one day i contacted them and they told me they missed me like crazy as well... anything is possible
Tammy Lawson (3 months ago)
I miss my nephew 😭😭💔 and they miss me and my brother and they can come over ON FRIDAY'S AND Thursday and I we stayed at there house then ours AND AND I MISS THEM THEY LEFT TODAY ;( THEY MISS ME 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔
Norman (3 months ago)
Good video
Ailee Georsua (3 months ago)
Err telepathy is just plain delusional that you are hoping they want you back
Marie Love (3 months ago)
Im missing him 😪
Bobby Mack (3 months ago)
I’m gonna miss my crush so badly. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Claudia A. Morales (3 months ago)
What does it mean when I tear out and I start missing him can he feel it to me and him we were together for years I was holding it down for him he is locked up I was good to him he knows I was and we broke like march last week we been through alot together but the fucked it up everything we started talking about our past he started it what can I do so i help him change his ways jealously
IronGollum (4 months ago)
I don’t miss someone in a romantic way I miss them in a friendly way.
Ancafelim (3 months ago)
xXkendra_madisonXx ._. (4 months ago)
I am in the middle of missing someone right now...he was so kind to me.the only person who really understood me...but he had to move to a different state💔
Same here atleast I'm not the only one😔
Slap Yomama (4 months ago)
Only thing I miss badly is food.
Nikita Kuznetsov (4 months ago)
Clearly not.
sound wave6 (4 months ago)
I know I miss him😋
cup of tea kpop (5 months ago)
Wait but i keep thinking about this person from day and night does that mean that he is thinking about me even if he has a girlfriend and he keeps given me singns he still likes me help
rose Norcas (5 months ago)
i love your massage thank you
wıə fyzann (5 months ago)
I miss my long distance friend so badly...i kept thinking about him evryday...even when im going to sleep...i keep missing him day after day...does it mean he miss me too
Isaiah Simmons (5 months ago)
I'm dying inside!! My girl kicked me out and she's pregnant & idk if she still is or...but we been together for about 10months living together. And we separated over assumption. 😭I lost my best friend overall losing my lover
mrityunjay singh (5 months ago)
Its called D2 relations. Dil se dil tak :)).when you think of someone you generate some energy which gets tranmitted through cosmic energy.
shaik shaik (5 months ago)
Relationships fake love fake trash all fake i hate my life I don't understand my life I hate my life long
siddiqa chowdhury (6 months ago)
I miss my cousin even though the last time i saw her was about 2 weeks ago, and then i miss these friends i had, who i havent seen in ages.
Monfared Tina (6 months ago)
actually this is so true when I end up with my ex and I used to tell him that I missed him and he used to tell me to even when we were dating we used to missed each other every day but now I think about him very rarely and he date someone else now I think so thats why I dont miss him like I used to like at the begging of our brake ups .
Roy Flores (6 months ago)
I miss her damn it.
LyidlStorytimes (6 months ago)
I had this best friend who was in 5th grade. I was in kindergarten. I had some sort of nightmare she died from something and ever since I woke up I can't stop thinking about her. She was super nice. Her name was Morgan. She is now a senior in high school and I can't believe how old she is now. I remember before I moved away, she gave me a necklace to remember her. But I lost it. I just want to be able to see her again. Hug her. I just want to be able to see her again. Just one time. She's probably forgotten me by now...
SeeknYeShallFind (7 months ago)
No, while u missing that person, that person somewhere fucking or sucking as u sitting up depressed and heartbroken, nah.......
Rosé (8 months ago)
I miss my crush............................ 👀 👀
Ajay Singh (8 months ago)
I miss my crush badly
Rosé (8 months ago)
Ajay Singh same
Lindsey Hebert (8 months ago)
I don’t know if they are missing me as much as I am missing them they asked where I was when they went live on social media the guy was like she wasn’t there I put true they thanked me for my true and loyalty look like they were being on the lookout that night I felt bad I was not there they eventually come but it was a little too far first time I miss out he was wishing I was there I don’t know if they miss me since I missed out but I miss them pretty much
Surya Ananda (8 months ago)
I miss her so much. It’s really messing me up
Lego Buildings Rewiew (8 months ago)
What?? 😂
Blueberry._. Ocean (9 months ago)
I miss my crush Logan we went on a date a couple days ago and we don't go to the same school anymore I hardly see him and I try to keep in touch with him but I don't want to annoyi him from texting or calling him but I never see him what can I do.
L G (9 months ago)
If you miss the guy text him what to lose
It's been two years since my break up and still I miss him
pisceanrat (9 months ago)
I surely hope so
complex lifestyle (9 months ago)
If they miss you too? Then they would call you first then!
Lana Banana (9 months ago)
We can't be togheter because we live too far away and we have to wait 2 years until we can see each other is ohhhh god I miss him so bad and I'm afraid to tell him because we broke up ( the reason was the distance )
Terence Low (10 months ago)
I MISS MY TRAINER IN CAMP SO BADLY please please help me to find her she could be in Tanah Merah please I beg you pls pls pls
christina (10 months ago)
I miss him badly, and I believed what we had was sacred, and we did not even date. He is in my pic to the left upper corner of this comment, and I think or I *know* he misses me because he is seen in the pic sitting in my chair in band. He loves his first chair, bc there where two of his fav girls sitting by him. One made him mad, said something about suicide, and I said something that made him rethink it and now I don't have any class's with him and I'm scared what if that happens again and I'm Not there...
Aregular r (10 months ago)
I really miss this boy who went to my school. He lit up the room and it was always fun with him around. He left our school to go to a school his family member works at. We both run cross country and I’ll wave to him at meets, but I wish he was still here. We probably won’t go to the same school ever again, and that makes me really sad. Damn..
Blackpink, Ateez (10 months ago)
I miss someone :(
Zziwa Messach (10 months ago)
I need you to help me on how to make him talk to you and express how he feels about you
Rosh breazy (11 months ago)
Even when she putted me in the friend zone?
Dimitre Smirnios (11 months ago)
Just thinking of her makes me love her so much more. Her eyes, smile... everything about her makes me miss her. I live in Canada, and she lives in Greece. I only get to see her for 10 days per year... it’s not enough. I miss her, and idk what to do. I can’t get her out of my mind, I hear her name and it makes me think about everything we have done together. She is the one I love. 365 days till I see the one I love again, how does that sound? Terrible. The way I show my love to her could only be done though a phone... there’s no way i could live like this... I love her..
Dimitre Smirnios be glad,...at least u will see her & talk to her in phone.....I'm frozen for the past 4-5 years....she will probably forgot me & here I am....worrying about her & missing her .....I know I will never find her again but, I'm stuck here with no where to go ....I'm a man & I always put tough face and I act like a strong man in front of families & friends but, inside I'm a weak person with broken hearts.....i don't know how I ended up in this situation...anyway wish u the best.
Dimitre Smirnios (10 months ago)
Gökhan Ö oh yeah sorry I meant his videos. But they sure do help
Gökhan Ö (10 months ago)
@Dimitre Smirnios You mean his videos? They are good yeah... it does help a lot.
Dimitre Smirnios (10 months ago)
Gökhan Ö thanks man, since i wrote that comment I’ve felt better about things. I’ve been watching some of ur videos and it’s been helping me out.
Gökhan Ö (10 months ago)
Stay strong bro, I know how you feel... I also was in a LDR... she lives in Greece aswell. Even though we broke up... I still love her...
City Spawn (11 months ago)
i dont know but everytime i am working i suddenly feel miss my childhood moment with my father.
Gratitude (11 months ago)
We met 6 years ago in passing . He reconnected with me 9 months ago and pretty fast walked in love with one another . There is 13,000 kms and 7 hours of time difference between us . We talk every day . We telepathically communicate as well . Today I had a little melt down . I cried a lot missing him very much . When he calls me I was ok but he sensed something is off. I asked him how his day was . Just busy, he answered quickly. I missed you very much and he looked away. Wiped a tear off his chin with his shoulder. I miss you too, I answer and lost my composure . LDR had been fun but it is getting hard as we get deeper and deeper emotionally involved.
victory rejoice (11 months ago)
Where have you been all my life? 🤗. Yes you.The one making this video. Lol.
C C (11 months ago)
I miss somebody else’s boyfriend
sam english (1 year ago)
I miss a person
chiki briki (1 year ago)
I wish she'd give me a chance. I'm not as religious as her but I'm a good person i believe in what comes around goes around.. I just wish she would stop with the eye contact i get it, can we just drop it and move on already?!
Cornell White (1 year ago)
I met my ex girlfriend after a week of no contact. But instead of enjoying dinner I was wondering why she wanted her space. She said I was still her boyfriend. I even asked if she cheated on me. Should I go back to no contact or could I text her to see how is she doing. Btw she has cancer to and it is growing.
Faeries_Xylia 923 (1 year ago)
I don't believe it's telepathic or anything that high up there.. I just think when you really cared about someone you're gonna miss alot of the memories you shared with that person bc they were once a huge part of your life and now it's gone. I missed the fuck out of people who weren't really thinking twice of me... So i just wasted a shit ton of my energy onto people who wouldn't have done the same for me.
TheHiddenArchives (1 year ago)
I miss her right now, she is moving on and that's okay. I have to let her grow
Aiman Harith (8 days ago)
Logan Nichols (1 year ago)
I do believe telepathic like emotional connections develop over a period of time.
Aiman Harith (8 days ago)
@cup of tea kpop me too
cup of tea kpop (6 months ago)
@Diamond Taylor hey umm so I was in a relationship with my ex for 6 1/2 months we broke up I dated a new guy but I could not get over my ex then my ex dated someone else and we both ended up breaking up with our partner and like I miss h ik m badly and I I ok not know if he misses me too or if there is still a chance of hope for us both what do you think I need help I know this is from 3 months but I seriously need help and advice from you I need help please respond
Diamond Taylor (10 months ago)
Sometimes it just naturally happens
Gökhan Ö (10 months ago)
I think so too...
TravelingDiva2018 (1 year ago)
Oh boy; I had one dream of him proposing to me with a wooden engagement ring, with a diamond in the middle and people were dancing in the dream. Then there was another dream of me telling him that I loved him, but didn't want to be hurt (which is true) and he told me that he loved me too; but didn't want me to hurt him either. I also cannot get him out of my mind! I told him to stop texting and calling 6 months ago and I still can't shake this dude. UGGGGHHH!!! I think my decision is pretty logical; because he wanted a sexual arrangement, which I was fine with at first; but quickly realized that my heart was throbbing for this man; so I let him go and told him that I'm jaded and have been through alot with men; which is true.
Robert Gowdey (1 year ago)
You know what sucks is that I thought everyone told me a it’s all good man by after Exemouth of time that I would get over it and it’s been over a year now and I’m still not over it and I wonder why or when this feeling of loss will go away
Kaitlyn H. (1 year ago)
I'm going through that right now!!!
freyy xx (1 year ago)
he flirts with a girl he's known 2 weeks and we were together wish 7 month but i miss him so much ;/ we talk at college and he flirts but its hard seeing him flirt with someone else. boys mess with minds i swerrrr
Dario D (8 months ago)
mind games all the time
freyy xx (1 year ago)
lol hes w her n in happy for him n happy in myself :))
David Patrick (1 year ago)
I got a friend at work place in Middletown do you think she miss me alot or not
Georgie Is MGTOW (1 year ago)
What type of question is this ?
there she goes . . . (1 year ago)
My response b4 listening to this Videoo is Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell No ~ U can Have a HuuuGe Mofo delusional stuck on u etc that u cah Neva see & jus bcus it like want think or evn misses ill u does Not meeean the feeling r reciprocated I kno that for a *FACT* . . . . I can understnd How people feel think ect & why but that dont / does Not mean theres telepathy n a connection kind of a way ~
there she goes . . . (1 year ago)
key wrds / 0:02 / 0:08 / possible & May ~ You shuda worded this in the May Not or possibly Not . . .
I miss my cousin so much i would cry to be with them but I can’t plzz help
Mrs.GotDRAMAbringit (1 year ago)
This is the most funniest videos I seen of you because you're very logical on your advice in regards to dating which I love because I'm not.😂
Elite Shots (1 year ago)
I miss my mom so much. 😢😭
yeet yourself (1 year ago)
i miss them so badly it hurts to breathe and i feel like im drowning. we werent even best friends we only talked for a couple weeks
siaty1 (2 months ago)
Same heree ugh. I'm just hurt. Really asking God to help me get over this
White Liner (5 months ago)
Meena J.L Wahidi damn that sucks
Anakin Skywalker (1 year ago)
10 years later and still thinking about her well it comes and goes but always comes back God why would you do this to me 1:33 makes me very Depressed even though she was a Friend, hell she probably forgot I exist anyway I know ill never see her ever again
Monfared Tina (6 months ago)
awnnn nothing is wrong with you lol I though 4 years is a lot but wow try to contact her maybe she remember you to the only way to maybe forget her is to recontact her maybe the false image that youre brain is creating for you will may change that what my social worker told me to do. So no worry it will the time that will take.And she seems to not care about stop every contact or else she will see you a needy person and a creep so be careful good luck! you will know if she looks interested she will try to continue the [email protected] Shekelstein
Monfared Tina (6 months ago)
Im sorry for what youre going through God plans are weird sometimes we dont understand yet but one day will be able to understand his plan.
Moon Maharani (7 months ago)
7 years here... and still love him like the first tim I realised i fell for him. I just don't wanna look for another guy anymore. I wish you happiness... and may you get your love one back... or find a new one
Rika Andy (10 months ago)
5 years for me. keep come and go. but still coming back. still keep thinking about him. secretly missed him.. wishing him okay. hoping him have a good life. I'm move on. I'm happy. but still he 'stay' with me. probably I'm the one who not letting him go😅
Anakin Skywalker (1 year ago)
Indi Genius she was beautiful natural blonde girl with sky blue eyes I dont know howxor why I remeber that about her God I have no life I need to see a psychitrist she most likely doesnt even remeber me anymore yep definitly seeing a psychitrist
Sunčica Paić (1 year ago)
I am really starting to hate guys.... Unfortunately, there is no third sex :/ All of the guys I like usually show me that they like me as well, BUT, they also like one other girl that even sometimes looks like me -.-' . It always makes me feel like I am replaceable to them bc they can always find another girl that looks the same as I do. Every time I try to start over and meet a new guy I end up with the same type... The last guy openly said to me he was hanging out with two other girls at the same time. The only difference was that he wanted me to dye my hair in black bc I have a blond hair and he did not like it amd his two other girls had black long curly hair. I am not with him anymore, of course.... And also, the guys I am just not attracted to, hit on me constantly. It is not that I am picky. I even try to be with guys I don't like, but they like me. However, I just can't fool myself and be with someone just bc he wants to be with me. Therefore, I really don't care anymore.... I don't know why I have no luck whatsoever. I really liked the last guy and he treated me like crap... I am starting to feel like crap sometimes. It is starting to seriously affect my self-esteem. I am better off alone...
go to church.
Muhammad Ishaq (1 year ago)
I didn't give her my proper time and i accept my mistake but it make her heartbroken...even my feeling was 100% true for her...but she get that i am ignoring her...but thats not true i love her... Sir my question is when ever i miss her badly, so she become online at the same time and i always shocked what is this? Sir can you tell me what is this? My second question is i want her, but she isn't listening me nor she is talking to me. A few day later i got her reply "hi" but when i reply she become offline..so what should i do... I am waiting for your kind reply Thanks
Hà Phương Nguyễn (1 year ago)
Just only thing i belive in is when i miss some one i same to crazy 😂😂
Killuminatisx blupp (1 year ago)
Lolla Mary (1 year ago)
We all love your videos !!!!! :P
Dylan Bryan (1 year ago)
Gday mate I really need some advice I was 14 and my ex was 13 when we met (im 22 now) which was in music class we practiced in same room and it was the only way to spend time together. At recess and lunch we had to hang out in different parts of the school due to strict rules all grades were to stay in their own grade areas and after school she'd walk with me to my bus stop and we'd hang til my bus came. I lived 40 minutes away so it was hard to organise things to do together but somehow we managed to sort out some stuff and whenever she had a family day out her parents always invited me to join them which I did i really enjoyed spending time with her family too. We stayed together for the rest of the year but when the next year came and we went up a grade I slowly started to lose the feelings for her somehow (I think it cause of the distance we started wanting to see eachother more often) and on the last day of term 1 or 2 I broke it off with her at lunch in front of her friends well not exactly in front of them i pulled her a side and then did it which I regret fuckin big time I felt bad enough doin it. After school I was walkin to a new bus stop with a friend who travels with me and I told her bout what happened and I got message sayin do not ever call, talk or text me again and my friend calmed me down just in time cause I nearly smashed my phone we never spoke since. Now come my reason for advice I messaged her on facebook last year and we talked for a while then few months later she blocked me and I messaged her on my fake file (which I made after college to get in touch with someone cause our friendship was destroyed by someone who i thought was my friend) and she said she didn't know that she blocked me and she said she didn't want to be friends again or whatever I can't remember and she's moved on I said I respected her choice and if she ever needs to chat bout anything im always here. Then I made a fuckin stupid mistake few weeks later I messaged her hoping we could have a nice calm chat but I ended up messagin her too much and she blocked me and I said out loud WELL DONE YOU FUCKHEAD ya'v done it now and since then we've never talked. I feel like I still miss her sometimes but iv given up trying to miss her and i dunno if she's still in love with me or she is but doesn't want to admit it I really need some advice anything Ps - The 2 best memories I'll never forget was her 14th birthday party (which her friends tried to throw me in the pool Lol) and when she stayed at my place 1 weekend and joined my nan and pops big Christmas party and lunch the next day I'll never forget those memories
Norma Deluna (1 year ago)
I love this video. I miss someone badly. It has been 3 years. No contact and I still think about him every day. Some one from church told me . You have a soul tie. Lo extrano :(
Clay Allison (10 months ago)
I miss her everyday, and she is on my mind a lot...It hurts, because she moved on, and I'm sitting here like an idiot, wishing/hoping for her to come back..
Saif Kayani (10 months ago)
Norma Deluna same 😭 I wish i could get her back somehow She is not gettin out of my mind i love her so much but . 😭
J Asghar (1 year ago)
Neethu Yeshwanth you are a darling 💓
Neethu Yeshwanth (1 year ago)
J A thank you so much I'll try to 💖 take care of yourself 💖
J Asghar (1 year ago)
Neethu Yeshwanth the psychology says that the intensity if love for someone remains red hot till one and half years and then it starts getting tappered if you remain out of sight/contact , which is a great blessing of God. Forgetting someone in such state is better for mind and overall health. I wish same for myself and I am working on it to make it happen. I am not sure about you though.
Karim Benzin (1 year ago)
interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about get your ex back over text try Attract Recovery Tactics ( http://attract.RecoveryTactics.com ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.
Redtan Sonyeondan (1 year ago)
didn't know terry crews has a youtube channel
Chazzy (5 months ago)
Lol 😂
Thanos (6 months ago)
he is titus o'neil
Grace (8 months ago)
I can see a little resemblance 😏
Alex J White (9 months ago)
Redtan Sonyeondan that’s just racist
complex lifestyle (9 months ago)
Redtan Sonyeondan oh you was wrong for that. 😅😂😆
Jorge Quirarte (1 year ago)
Please read... my problem with this girl is that she won’t talk to me and she is mad and i said sorry to her but she don’t listen to me but when we meet she said she kinda liked me and i told her i like her too but then she friendzoned me bc ig she got tired..but I think she still liked me but then she seemed happy still with me as friend until I told her that I need to move on bc I’m getting tired of her and I don’t like her anymore and my feelings are fading away then she said it’s “oh so ur good being friends?” And I was yes but then she started ignoring me everyday and I said sorry and I miss her everyday and she even unfreinded me on Snapchat and she is mad every single time I see her in the hallways...I miss her.. it’s been about 2 weeks since I actually had a conversation with her... please help me out 😢
Clay Allison (10 months ago)
No, don't ignore her. It seems, she actually really liked you. When you told her, just to be friends, maybe she got offended, because she really liked you? I honestly don't know what to tell you, but I would meditate on it, and see what your intuition tells you. Sometimes, the answer lies within... If you truly miss her, I would try to talk to her in person more, instead of by the means of phone.
Legit Pig (1 year ago)
KingGeorge maybe try to suddenly ignore her. Don’t stare at her or look near her. Seem to be happy and laugh a lot. When she sees you being happy without her, she may come back to you because she might miss you
julia's world (1 year ago)
yeah, i miss us too
jose juarez (1 year ago)
Is there a reason why this chick at work doesn’t talk to me but she’s ok talking to everybody else I kinda feel like an outcast
Krystal T (10 months ago)
i'm the girl version of you
Jesus Saves (1 year ago)
Am praying to God for this person to move out of my mind! 🙏
same here.
Darcy Marie Druck Tcb (1 year ago)
Paula boss (1 year ago)
Ok so me and my ex broke up on new years and we where engaged for 4 years he left me for his female freind who he felt head over heels for her how can i move on ? Im so hurt
I had a wedding tattoo and when I broke up with him, my tattoo started bleeding... it stopped eventually, but demonic Bondage is not to screw with. Go into your Heart, Forgive and move on. Inlakesh 💖💃☀️
Yes it's called Bondage. Get rid of it
pearlgenuine (1 year ago)
Thank u sir for doing these videos.
4 GOD (1 year ago)
Nothing's worth chasing thing's are brought together, meaning people.
Miah Love B (1 year ago)
I'm missing him badly, and I bet he doesn't care or even miss me. Why can't I get him out my system. I just want some type of sign that he misses me
Kaitlyn Chavarria (20 days ago)
Miah Love B yes girl I know what you mean, write it down throw it away... keep yourself busy , go to the gym ❤️
asha bentur (1 month ago)
I m also going through same situation. I miss him every second.
CYBER PUNK (2 months ago)
Same here.What should i do.
Chante Rose (8 months ago)
Terry Fisherman aa
no name (10 months ago)
Miah Love B hope ur doing better it’s been a year and I still have my bad days but keep ur head up
TasteTheRainbow (1 year ago)
lol "they might not miss ALL of u"
Corey Auer (1 year ago)
Vanity redd 1. I think your beautiful :) 2. That is very true because they miss some good memories, but that person can also be referred as the worst ex of your life in the end.

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