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60 American Flag Tattoos For Men

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60 American Flag Tattoos For Men
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rav (1 month ago)
What's the name of the video song?
Geo Mondiale (3 months ago)
If I ever get a tattoo it would be the flag
Dominic D reseller (4 months ago)
I can't wait to get my first tattoo.
lIx Stryker xIl (4 months ago)
God Bless America
C R (9 months ago)
I'm willing to pay someone to help me find the artist of 0:38 ! I've been searching for a while now with no results! Can anyone help??
The Soviet Union (1 year ago)
0:22 im getting that
Greg Marks (1 year ago)
Would you happen to have a link for the eagle at 0:21?
FrostyFooy (1 year ago)
Yeah the one at 21 is dope, I want to get something like that. Turning my right arm into my patriotic arm.
oregonianNvegas (1 year ago)
I found this, https://i.pinimg.com/originals/94/ea/51/94ea51ccff46a260d43ada1488b0ce49.jpg
Leandro Silva (1 year ago)
Cada tattoo linda

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