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Your Ex Boyfriend is Being Really Mean Towards You, Why Is He Hurting You So Much

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Text Comments (139)
Shania Rose (24 days ago)
Im more than hurt im physically sick because of him and depressed i have a new man but hes not being nice so it brings me back to thinking about my ex and thinking no one loves me
Monala Neutral (30 days ago)
I don't care if he's mean bcuz I don't have to have no connections to him, Only if we have ties together #1 young child/children #2 property other than something like that he can get lost FOREVER especially if he's going to be mean to me.
MissH Doe (1 month ago)
Yes and I will tell you this: when you are fed up, it’s like the demon in them let’s go of them, and then the reality hits in with them and they are a complete mess instead of you. So this is my experience for two or three times now in my life. It’s like I will alway’s end up the same. Exhausting in a way.. But now I know, they don’t like it either, but the power of those evil demons are more powerful to some people then love is. God is love. 1 John 4:8 But we people often rather choose the devil above God. It’s a choice. But if karma comes along, we finally sort of wake up and then realise how f.ck.d up we were by treating people like shit. They say ‘karma’, but in fact it is God Who is opening our eyes by giving us the results of our own evil deeds. In other words: He is giving us the punishment of not choosing Him, but instead choosing the devil. But in the end, they will not get away with treating people like shit and be mad and stay mad etcetera.. Being mad is humanly, but stay mad is from the devil himself, and it will eat you alive..
Smokey Wolf (1 month ago)
I broke up with my ex and asked if we could be friends, he said yes. He ignored me for about a month then he started spreading rumors about me. Now he's asking if we can be friends and that he misses me while his friends, who believe the rumors, are jerks to me sometimes. What should I do
Yanna Monroe (2 months ago)
My ex was so mean to me even to the point after 5 yrs he denied to his new girl that we never were even together
Candy Cane Pie (2 months ago)
Well ain’t this the bleeping truth😬
Arlene Schag (2 months ago)
Southern Honey (2 months ago)
I never dated him but I told him I didn't want to talk to him bc how he acts and he started post ex qoutes and shit??
Andreana Cobbins (3 months ago)
I haven't reached out to my ex in almost 2months. I left him in Nov 2017 bc he didn't come home for a week. I didn't want to end it but I just had to so he can see that it was not okay. For the past year I begged him to come back let's work things out but he moved on I called and called and called...no response as soon as I stopped calling here come the text from anonymous #'s like I miss u I still love u, I want to see u (he say it wasn't him ....but KNOW it was). So I call him asked him was it him playing on my phone he said no called me all type of bum bitches and then here comes his girlfriend harassing me (calling me crazy when she shouldn't even be talking). I just changed my #, blocked him on all social media and now I'm seeing what kind of hoops he'll jump thru to reach me now. Either way he is history. This situation was motivation to do better, find someone better, and just move on. I will prevail...I always do😉 you guys will get over it...it just takes time...
Ross Clabburn (3 months ago)
EX are only mean because they are hurt or they know they messed up but cant change what happen they like to feel good about themselves when really they are hurt
Crystal Mitchell (3 months ago)
And I thought he was God sent😢😢😢😭😭😭
Catchyourgucci (4 months ago)
When he rejected me it really hurt me, but when I finally got over him and he realized that I didn’t care anymore he wanted to hurt me even more.... psycho much?
Odell Hea (4 months ago)
Wow !!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Caroline Keller (4 months ago)
Hi. I just broke up with my ex of 2 months because he was violent towards psychologically and physically and kept swearing at me...still had his badoo account open, that’s where we Met. I felt like there was potential for cheating and I just didn’t trust him. He said he loved me but I wasn’t feeling it . He said I could be the mother of his children but I wasn’t feeling it . Anyways tonight I decided to end things text message style and he started telling me how so many women wanted him and how he now had his eye on someone else. That really hurt. I wish he could have been more like please stay please don’t go but instead he just ended up being mean . He knew it would hurt. Maybe that’s how he thinks I won’t forget him, though I must admit my feelings are deeply hurt.
Tawana Snell (4 months ago)
I know my self worth is really low. I knew my ex bf/best guy friend for a year. Had heart transplant surgery Aug 2018 and he did not come to see me after surgery. I still got into a relationship with him because he called me daily/ face time me, said all the things a girl wants to hear after that major procedure, but it just never set right as to why he did not come. He had every excuse in the book, no money, do not want to drive car two hrs away, car broken. I offered him to catch a bus and my mama would pick him up, and he said no to that as well. Long story short I cried for weeks behind this fool to where I called him on yesterday and say fuck you. I regret ever meeting you, you have been a disappoint to me and really hurt me. He started texting me very nasty words and said, that's why no man is going to ever want you because of your mental health/ emotional health, and special needs; In real life I don't. He also said, I would never mess with a person with mental health again. I said good luck with that because once a woman finds out more about you... It was very painful to me to have the only man in my life who I thought I knew and trusted to be there for my transplant surgery and after not be there. When I first met him he was so nice and there for me during normal checkups back home. He also called to make sure my child arrived to school on time and I made it back home safely. At times, while friends, he came over just to watch a movie with me being I was not able to go many places before transplant because my heart was very weak. l cry til this day....
ShiLo D. (5 months ago)
i kinda agree but i feel in my ituation hes fucking with me on purpose to get me started which will make him hate me more so he dont have to feel bad for me when he did what he did
Star Whitlow (5 months ago)
Here i go again. Hurt again...i just cant find no good man. Yes i broke with him. But it was his folk. He think he can come home the next dat around lunch time when he got off work at 12:30 that night but want make it home untill 12 rhat afternoon
Laurie Reynolds (5 months ago)
Yeah, Lucas. I've read about what you're talking about...the Stockholm Syndrome.
Yvonne Nguyen (5 months ago)
Thanks for this, but then what do i do now? How do i get out of it without needing him to take back what he said? I broke up with him and still wanted to remain friends and he reacted in the way that you describe and now i feel terrible because it hurts me to see him hurt and to say those things to me
Charmekia White (1 month ago)
That's because you are feeding his negative attention. Leave him be if he really wants you he will be back. If he comes back shut him down run fast!
Animal Lover (5 months ago)
Same here . The more i reach out the more arrogant he will be
Krystal T (5 months ago)
Congrats you're a jerk.
KeyaVlogs (6 months ago)
What a mean thing to do!
chlo chlo (5 months ago)
But he broke up with me ;-; Edit: I unfriended him and moved on even have a bf now. If he’s this complicated why stay? He’s an ex for a reason whatever that reason is and if he’s trying to do this to you he’s immature. So fuck it. Let him go. If someone likes you they shouldn’t make you feel bad about yourself.
Deleted account (7 months ago)
Tell me why my ex randomly called me a bitch. I didn't do anything
Rayonnaaa X Kamarie (7 months ago)
Well what if I don’t wanna feel🤨I Already am depressed because he’s dating the “just a coworker”
Human Nature (7 months ago)
Wel iT fucking worked. I wasnt in too him in that time but now i feel Like i am the loser. But yeah god has the right person fore me waiting. Hahah
S ESTRADA (8 months ago)
Thank you so much for posting this I’m actually in that situation right now. He left me and he has someone else but yet he likes to brag about his life how wonderful it is without me and he’s so mean right now. I blocked him. But I was still feeling very low
Paris Angel Aryan (8 months ago)
Why? I never get hurt because I don’t care but why he is doing that , trust me is 3 years he try his best but when he see me calm and relax with no need of him , no argument, he try a lot to heart me but because I don’t have strong feelings about him I forget quite He tell me I am so calm and I never get upset 😡 And he just hated he can not control my emotions My emotion is for me not him My heart is for my self and I don’t give to no one I am in love with my self so he need to learn self love 💖 Unfortunately he is still act like stupid kids I do meditation every day to keep my self in peace with world I don’t eat animal product as I am in peace with world For me is better to die from hunger then kill animals and eat their meet The only way true to peace and growth spritely and mentally is but being-kind to your self and the world around u . In this case no one can heart u as u don’t care any more
Leo Casi (7 months ago)
Yeah ,people who think like you Paris are the ones who only think about themselves no about both ,"oh my future" but what about him ? I think it's just egoist and this is the type of person who will seek someone else once she/he is bored of his/her partner ,I dont think its childish to think about your other one because isn't it teamwork?
RvnFeathers (9 months ago)
Jasmine Sayed (10 months ago)
Can someone help me ? So there was this guy I used to talk to before, and we were best friends, and then it turned into more than that, I didn’t want it to, because I knew the guy and his nature, he’s a player and I was scared of getting hurt, so I broke things off with him even tho I still loved him. A year later, he added me on Snapchat (present) and he started to snap and text me, and I did the same, I was glad we were friends again. And then when I told my friends they said no, not today and never, he’s just gona hurt me. I could see that he was starting to like me again, because he was smiling at me in school, flirting a bit. So I started to ignore him, I didn’t want us to get to that again. So he texted me asking why I’m ignoring him, and I just said we can’t talk anymore. And he said fine okay, and I told him I’m sorry, and was so mean to me, like I can’t explain, he told me to unfriend him on Snapchat but I couldn’t. So then he said yeah leave it. So we don’t talk anymore, but I still really him, I’m just scared. Last night he snapped me on Snapchat, sayin he doesn’t know what to watch, so I replied by saying memes, and he said oh sorry I meant to send that to someone else bye👋 Honestly that hurt me. I don’t know what to do... like I wanna talk to him so badly but I’m scared he’s mad at me. He’s being a real asswipe tho
Chels Angel (7 months ago)
Jasmine Sayed he likes you! A guy did the same thing to me before as well- invited me out to drinks at a bar in a completely different state- he knew where I was- once I responded he was like, “oh wrong person”- some mess but he just wanted me to hurt and be jealous because he wants me to feel a deep connection to him even if it is a negative one. He can’t stand you moving on- he will never admit it either. The best thing for you to do is to move on! It hurts like a bee sting but you’ll be better than ever!!! 😊
Caramel Gazelle (10 months ago)
This is so stupid My ex is doing this now. I'm just ignoring him bc it's ignorant. If you want something just ask We are after all adults. Who wants to do this stupid shit? Not me
Candyce Miller (11 months ago)
We mutually broke it off but he kept doing little things to hurt me. He's really just an asshole.
MAHMUDA RAFIQ (1 year ago)
You’re right! You’re the best! Keep up the good work. God bless.
My ex can’t be mean he is fucking dead
Stalkerx13 (1 year ago)
Ok so if my ex is acting really cold and hostile towards me why does she want me to hurt? Does this mean that she regrets dumping me and maybe wants me back or what's up with that? I don't understand why she wants me to feel hurt.
BeautyBeholder (1 year ago)
You’re soOoooo goood!!!!
Krystina (1 year ago)
Yup almost sounds like a narcissistic game..
Caramel Gazelle (10 months ago)
It is!
Sadia Ghani (1 year ago)
Thank u ur right
Nicole Sabetti (1 year ago)
I'm the one who is mean, I get frustrated with him or hurt, then I try to talk to him and understand situations and see where he is coming from but he tends to get frustrated to or ignores and avoids me, then I het angry and go back to thinking he's a douchbag, I just want to stop thinking about him as a douchbag, not sure if that will ever happen ... but Sometimes, he does feel like talking about things and then, I can get some clarity as to what's going on and where he is coming from... but it's difficult and he likes to play head games I think, he's fun too talk too and I don't wish him ill, but he seems to like to drop huge chunks of surprising info. about things and then, I react with,shock and curiosity but blurt out,stuff that I'm thinking but shouldn't say.... if I have to be honest, everything between us is 50 50 the good and the bad ... and all the misunderstanding in between, lol. ... needless to say it's alot better being friends now, then dating ever was... that's just life
Drew Williams (1 year ago)
This guy is smart!
/ (1 year ago)
you are very handsome and smart
Enisha English (1 year ago)
I’m in a situation where the “Ex” comes back EVERY MICKEY FICKEY YEAR....He’s a FLIRT. He ‘NEEDS THE ATTENTION OF THE FEMALE SPECIES’, to feel validated. I’ve accepted this TRUTH, but he HAS NOT. I’ve tried to keep it “Platonic” and then he works on my weaknesses.....’Buying My Attentions’. More like servicing my vehicle and taking me grocery shopping, paying my mobile phone bill.......I’ve almost graduated from the Hard Knocks Life Academy of raising 3 children after a divorce. He steps in every year, but there’s ALWAYS some low level energy involved.....Like , last week, he failed to mention he’s ReMARRIED this time and STILL hitting me up. I would appreciate a CLEAR perspective, although I’ve obviously ended the CONnection........He purchased an I Phone for me this month and paid for the service,but his out of the blue WIFE messages me and then cancels my service. I’m Self-Sufficient and chose to let him handle this because he BEGGED me to to.......What’s Your Perception???? I’ve ended it, but now that his WIFE, has found out what’s WHAT, he’s acting like I am the one that’s Guilty Of DECEPTION.....As much as I FOCUS on remaining ALONE, a male will surface with intentions.....I miss TRUE CONNECTION with the male species,but I’m doubting it.....What’s YOUR PerCeption......I’m fine alone, but miss the unbridled passions between male and female. What do ya think?
M Brontë (1 year ago)
it's going on 4 years and I don't respond to him and blocked him etc...but still finds ways to say some sh*t to me. so I made a police report and so far that has worked.
Pui Lau (1 year ago)
omg that is so ture....
Azalia Heredia (1 year ago)
So does it mean my ex want me back? Because my ex has tried to bring me down but texts me everyday.
Camerof Drew (4 months ago)
+Ruby I'm going through same shit💔 idk how to move on
Shevette Jackson (9 months ago)
Azalia Heredia Yes he wants you back.
Ruby (10 months ago)
Azalia Heredia dear I'm so confused, he texts me but sooo rude words, when I'm ignoring then he's more rude & says you don't reply see then blocks me 5times then unblocks he's going mad
Isabel Izzy (1 year ago)
On point!!
Pinhead Larry (1 year ago)
My ex got really mad because I started to kinda have feelings for his friend. I'm not dating his friend and I dont plan to, but He's been bitchy.
Kobe Bullock (1 year ago)
my ex was being sooooooooooooooooo mean to me since we broke but you broke up with me so whts the problem and he be jealous of me the boys i talk to
DAWN (1 year ago)
I am too old for these pathetic mind games and drama. Staying single! Great video, as always. What you described was Stockholm Syndrome. Beware of anyone using these tactics....typical with Narcissists - run for the hills!
kanatapaw (8 months ago)
amen to that
PENELOPE STRAW (1 year ago)
pari sariI think my ex is narcissitic too, I just want to shake him :(
pari sari (1 year ago)
LOL so accurate. my ex is a narcissist.
Tracey Hughes (1 year ago)
My ex enjoys breaking my heart. I am done with him. This is sick..I hope it was worth it.
marissa pierski (1 year ago)
all my ex's hurt me
Sea Anderson (1 year ago)
Thank you
Angela Bolton (1 year ago)
A X is a X for a reason. MAY all my X grow old and Prosper . Good bye!!!!
satan jungkook (1 year ago)
My ex hate him.....
Regina Essilfie (2 years ago)
I broke up with my boyfriend about two months ago and I till want him even though am in a new relationship. last week I sent him a funny videos and then I made it look like it was a mistake. I told him I was actually sending it to someone else and I mistakenly sent it to him. And since that day he ask been chatting me. asking I am because when I go out I take new pictures and use them on my profile expecially on my of days. Today told me he wants to see me. I asked him why is it that suddenly he want see me.? Then he replied never mind. am confuse. how do I handle this. How do I get to know his intension?
Victoria Absalom (1 year ago)
The same happened to me. He would text me out of the blue and then the next day he will tell his confused and he will stay away from me.
X Wang (2 years ago)
So would you please share the solution toward this MEAN action please???
X Wang (2 years ago)
OMG !! I Cannot believe that i am hearing this now. YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO RIGHT!!! Thank you so much for sharing this, truly thank you!
sarah jenkins (2 years ago)
my ex said I never existed and I'm nobody
Kirsten Olson (1 year ago)
Kim Michaud my ex said the exact same thing after months of us not talking.
sarah jenkins (2 years ago)
so true
Deathstars Sweden (2 years ago)
💦😰i miss him
Nakela Osborne (2 years ago)
thank you
Super S Patrick (2 years ago)
Was no contact, and had been getting hang up calls from blocked number. He finally called just to leave a message that I was ugly and to get a life at 5 am, and don't bother him. That was 3 days ago and have been so confused as I hadn't said a word to him in any way for weeks. Thank you for explaining, I was heartsick and hurt from it. I did the breaking up, I didn't want to, but he wasn't treating me nice. I still want him back but will not respond to him being so mean. I was wondering if he still has feelings....
Yokiko The Snow Hamster (10 months ago)
And even EX Boyfriend can hurt you or harming. Killing & Stabbing you to death.
Love Books (2 years ago)
I don't care what kind of emotions caused him to act that way, he wasn't treating her nice to begin with, and if she fell for that whole "well he loves me and that's why he did that," then he'll just keep doing it for years. It's a toxic cycle with these guys. And the only reason he is calling you and telling you mean things right now is because he means them...get that truth. He MEANS them...I stayed with my husband for so many years because I thought he only said those things in anger and that he truly loved me, but really...the things that made me think he truly loved me were the fake things and the things he said in anger were the true things. The mean stage comes right before the "break down and can't live without you" stage...that's what they do right before they break down and start acting nice again, which is all an act. He really wants to make you pay for breaking up with him and meaning it. He thought you meant it by not calling him for weeks. And I'm sorry about that just hurt his ego and pissed him off. He wanted to break up with you at the "right time," on his terms. Not be broken up with when he wasn't ready, and he wants to make you pay. I hope you didn't fall for it.
Deathstars Sweden (2 years ago)
Adeel Amjad you got that right!
Adeel Amjad (2 years ago)
Yes he feels for you and the reason he left you that message at 5 am is that he was thinking about you Whole day long PLUS nights 24/7 and you didnt bothered to text him for weeks. He wanted you to approach him but you didnt reacted the way he expected you to do. His aggression's gonna ultimately eat him up. you'll see...
Deathstars Sweden (2 years ago)
Super S Patrick no offence to you i know you love him but if say some shit like that fuck him
Marissa Pierski (2 years ago)
wht if your ex is like really mean to u my ex calls me nasty names and he is just rally mean to me idk why
Sehrish Butt (2 years ago)
how do you accept that my ex broke up with me and its happened twice and move on from it
Maddison MacDonald (2 years ago)
This same exact thing happened to me and we ended up getting back together. Everything went great but then when he started school again, it was like he completely forgot I existed. It hurts a lot because i broke up with him again over text, he read it and now ignores it. He played me so ill give him credits for screwing around with my emotions. After all, he is a fuckboy. See this is why I shouldn't date attractive people.
Len Kagamine (2 years ago)
can I stab my ex tho?
Sherrie Howard (1 month ago)
Well that escalated quickly lol 😂
chaueun (1 month ago)
Len Kagamine I feel you
chaueun (1 month ago)
Len Kagamine 😂😂😂
Manou Plinck (2 months ago)
axelashu (3 months ago)
Amber Marie (2 years ago)
thank you my ex is doing this right now really being mean and not trying to work things out. I'm finally letting go.
D girl (10 months ago)
Amber Marie did it ever work out
Mars McCullough (2 years ago)
My ex wqs so nice and lovong when we were together, and I treated him like shit when we were together and I realised. So he told me we would go on a break and he would come back and tell me if he wanted a relationship with me again. A couple of months later it was Christmas and I bought him some presents because I still viewed him as a good friend. I thought we had agreed to meet up, only for him to tell me he did not live where he was living and refused to give me a clear answer as to why he wouldn't meet up with me. Turns out he was dating another guy behind my back, which I wish he had just told me so I could move on instead of being left hanging on a false promise. He was always honest with me when we were together so why would he suddenly start acting passive aggressive and refuse to just tell me the truth.
Xavier H (2 years ago)
I'm not an expert, but I'll give my two cents. I was in a similar position as your ex. For my, there is an ex that was the first and only person I fell in love with. We've both felt it to that magnitude and it was even understood that I'd marry her someday. During our relationship, I caught her cheating and she treated me like shit. I left. We had on and off conversation for a few years and then last year was really beginning to reconnect. I still love her dearly, but she NEVER addressed what she'd done or gave a heartfelt apology. We wanted to progress, but I couldn't let go of her complete lack of remorse, respect, and consideration for me. So yes... I was extremely mean on purpose. I even admired to her that I prayed for her to hurt. Not just to be hurt: hurt so that she understood what that level of pain feels like and never does it to anyone else again. That's usually why
Guen Joy Pagute (3 years ago)
💜💜💜 it helps me a lot . . thank you
Sam Cassidy (3 years ago)
so true. Don t want him back but he has always been mean and it's that power thing. can be nice but then goes back to being an add lol. sooo gonna keep on going. still fresh the breakup but hard to when you are things on social media and would block but can't so may have to close my pages down - argh or turn a blind eye.
Marissa Boatwright (3 years ago)
My ex jason Speegle threaded to kill my family
Mordecai Tha'Warrior (2 years ago)
Marissa Boatwright *Threaten
Cjwolf Aj (3 years ago)
thank you my ex in school he kept on saying mean things lieing about me saying I'm making rumors and he makes me loose some friends and this is still happening!! but I told my dad and watched your video so it helped a lot thank you
Joe Thomas (5 months ago)
I'm.going through the same thing rn
Lilly Bug (3 years ago)
My ex sometime he will be nice like he would says hi to me sometime when I walking or I would says hi. But sometime he will be mean/ignore at me. Also when I talk to him he just like whatever. So why is he doing this to me ?
Fatou Jeng (3 years ago)
Lysa Wade (3 years ago)
Dang this is so true. I ended the relationship, then I told him I wanted to work it out a couple days later and he told me "I made the decision now I need to live with it" and that I should just move on. I told him I'll move on if he just tells me that he doesn't love me anymore and he wouldn't say it. Last time I talked to him was 3 days ago over text message and he said he still wants to be friends but he's not ready to be back with me because I showed him that I didn't care. And I said I don't want to befriends with him, and that I'm just going to move on and that he should to, and that he would never hear from me again because I'm going to delete his number. He never responded, and I'm honestly getting over him. I do love him, he's the first and only guy I've ever loved but he's the one who fucked up and blamed me because I broke it off so I won't be contacting him. What do you think?
Your Top Charts (2 months ago)
Same situation. Blamed for everything and now he's acting like a complete jerk. Total change of 180 degrees. Now flirting with other girls and shoving it to my face. But still keeps on ignorning me and treating me like crap. I'm moving on, he's not worth it.
Michaela Pineda (1 year ago)
Did your first love every comeback tho?
Miss Chaney (1 year ago)
My life with my ex. Almost to a T.
Lysa Wade (2 years ago)
+S Davis lol smh I've gotten engaged and broke up with that got too. I don't talk to my first love anymore and it's OK because I'm over him. I started to fall for a man who is in the air force and over seas but that didn't work out either so I'm just focusing on myself and my career because apparently I don't know how to pick then 😂😭
Love Books (2 years ago)
Lysa Wade That's what I think. It's a year later. What happened?
Melissa (3 years ago)
My ex is doing this to me right now . I'm trying to just ignore him .Any advice on how to deal with this situation?
Miss Maria Adams (3 years ago)
Wow, I am really good with understanding men and how they move. I watched your videos before.However this video you got this one 100%. Felt like a light went off in my.mind. Never thought of this angle or perspective at all. Thank you for such great insight on this subject!
sarah A (3 years ago)
Thank you. The power is all mines.
miracle_ artz (4 years ago)
My ex is doing this to me.. help sir.. what shd i do ?
Brandon H (4 years ago)
Damn this video is on point! 😳
VelvetGal5 (4 years ago)
I've enjoyed watching & listening to a lot of your videos. You've provided a lot of good insight with your thoughts, comments, and advice. I appreciate. it. What you said in this video is what I've been going through the past two months with that ex-boyfriend. More than anything in the world - I want that ex-boyfriend to be nice to me, to be soft, affectionate, warm, kind, gentle, loving to me. I want better communication & caring from him. I truly want the ex-boyfriend and me to be on better terms. The way he has been acting has been weird. I cried so much the past two months. I feel like I wasn't able to focus on home projects and work because of the emotional stuff and how I felt the ex-boyfriend was being mean with his actions and behavior. Yeah, I was being mean to him in return because I felt he was being mean to me and that he neglected me for a long time.  And you're right with what you said in this video. More than anyone in this world - the person I want to hear kind words, positive affirmations, nice, warm, affectionate compliments, etc. is from that ex-boyfriend. I could talk to a hundred people - but in all complete honesty - the 100 people wouldn't equal the weight of that ex-boyfriend apologizing to me, repairing, mending our friendship, relationships, etc., and just being warm, loving, affectionate to me. For the longest time, I wanted things to return how it was like the first year we were in a relationship. I want to see the warm, kind, soft, gentle, affectinate loving side to that ex-boyfriend again. It hurts me deep down in my soul that he's talking to other people. The thought of that ex-boyfriend being with another woman kills me & hurts me. Right now, we're not talking. I honestly would prefer it if he talked to me, but maybe it's best for that ex-boyfriend to calm down and think about things. I still love him. I still care about him. I still think about him each day and week. I will always care about him. Maybe he doesn't think that right now because the both of us have been hard on each other the past two months - but deep down, I still love him and I still care about him deeply. And I still think about him each day. I can't forget about him. It doesn't matter how mean he can be or what kind of bad behavior he engages in - I still love him. I honestly don't think the love I have for him will ever die. The silence between him and me right now is killing me - but I've never bothered him when he was gone for long periods of time. I'm not the type of person who bothers people when they are wanting space or don't to be talked to. But the current situation is NOT what I wanted at all. What I wanted was for that ex-boyfriend to talk to me and for us to work on things and repair things. And for us to be saying positive, warm, affectionate, encouraging, supportive things to each other. Yes, I want that ex-boyfriend to be my friend. The one person whom I wanted to be there for me and to be my emotional support through all of this medical stuff, etc. I'm going through was him.  I think he's only seeing my hurt. I'm seeing my hurt. I wish that ex-boyfriend would get past his hurt, etc. and just see how much I love him. And see that I still care about him. And for him to stop acting bad and being mean to me like he has the past two months. I want us to start working on being supportive of each other and being warmer, kinder, affectionate, nicer, loving, etc. to each other. Meanwhile, I'll be trying my best to focus on my home and work project. The way I feel - it doesn't matter what other online people and friends say to him and me behind the scenes. What should matter is how he feels about me. And how I feel about him. What other people say is just feedback. But it doesn't mean that he or I should do what other people tell us to do. If we truly care about each other, it should be only up to him and me -- alone - to decide how to deal with communicating with each other and what to do with our friendship, etc. The only two people that matter are him and me. Yeah, many people have given me feedback, but at the end of the day - it's up to me to decide what to do. And the way I feel is that I still care about him and love him. I still want that ex-boyfriend to try to be on friendly and good terms with me. I don't want for him or me to throw in the towel on our friendship, etc. That's how I feel. That's what I wish and want. The way things have been going with my life - so many things have gone bad or haven't turned out the way I expected or planned. The one thing I wanted to be there was that ex-boyfriend. I honestly could use his friendship and support. I've known him since 2012, and I honestly don't want this guy to turn his back on me and throw our friendship away. That's how I feel. But yeah - what you said and described in your video is what I've been dealing with the past two months. I don't want him or me to hurt each other anymore. I want him and me to start being better to each other and to work on things and to become supportive of each other. Anyways, thanks for your video. Have a nice week. 
Gabi S (4 years ago)
My ex-husband/son's father is nice one day, VILE the next. We're divorced 7 years. He's remarried with another child and I'm getting remarried in November. I think you're 100% on point, this video summed up exactly what I was suspecting.. I'm sure some men are aware they're playing a "game" but I don't think my ex consciously does this. Do you agree that some men might not even be aware of why they're being so mean? I believe that he still has feelings, negative and positive, and doesn't know how to deal with them properly.. Also, can you tell me how to break this cycle and not let his words hurt me?
Kristen (1 day ago)
+Gabi S I hope things are better for you. Best of luck to you and your son. I wonder what his current wife is thinking. I wouldn't be able to live with him if I were her!
Gabi S (2 years ago)
S Davis, funny you should ask but I was never able to get his verbal abuse to stop. This April is 10 years divorced, our son is going to high school this August and I FINALLY blocked my exes cell number two weeks ago after saying some really horrible things to me. I tried forever to co-parent and I finally said "enough". Our son has a phone and is old enough to talk day to day stuff himself. I told my ex that if he wants to talk to send me an email. He's having a fit because I cut off his bullying behavior but I refuse to continue to be his narcissistic supply. He will have to get over it but I'm sure he will try to find ways to get me to talk to him. He's big on gas lighting but I have to be strong and resist the urge to defend myself and ignore.
Love Books (2 years ago)
Gabi S Great question. Sucks he didn't answer it. Can you update us what happened? Were you able to stop allowing his behavior to hurt you?
baabaaboobies (4 years ago)
this is so true..i broke up with him because he moved in with another woman after we had dated for 5 years. he promised me we would move in and get married. he said she was just a friend. i wasn't having it. i was angry i broke up with him and he didn't contact me anymore unless i contacted him.i acted nice we had laughs together still..but months went on and he just stopped responding. so i acted a fool. i called i cried i tried so hard.. but all he did was get angry at me and eventually said i don't love you anymore. it broke my heart..this video spoke to me. thank you. this is what i needed to hear
Chioma Ononiwu (3 months ago)
Move on! He don't love you. Yours is quite simple
Melissa Patterson (4 years ago)
really great.  i like your non-judgmental take
Ela Y (5 years ago)
Wow, you're really good!! :))
Tiffany Weasby (5 years ago)
Wow u know your stuff. The crazy part I'm not even talking to anyone else. I've been on a few dates but 100% losers. Plus I'm not in a rush because men come and go in this lifetime :-)
Tiffany Weasby (5 years ago)
ce Okay your advice was really great me and my ex no longer together..its been since last year of OCT... And now its Jan in the beginning he was being nice but now I'm getting less response from tex messages even. once I get off work I tex him to tell him I'm off and he doesn't respond to at least tell me he's on the way. before he did this but not anymore we make eye contact but its like a dull look. why is he being so mean???
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
He just doesn't want to be in anything serious with you right now. He has been there before and may want to be free at this time. However, he still has some feelings for you but not as strong as the feelings you have for him. You have to decide if he is worth keeping in your life. If he is giving you more questions than answers in your life through his erratic behavior, he may be more of a burden than a benefit.

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