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Making Money Thrifting at Goodwill & Selling on eBay!

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Making Money Thrifting at Goodwill & Selling on eBay! • JOIN OUR MENTORING GROUP ► https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci • SUPPLIES WE USE ► https://amzn.to/2CCEQVd • SUBSCRIBE ► https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo • OUR PUBLIC EBAY STORE ► https://ebay.to/2Gjs7am • RALLI ROOTS MERCH ► http://www.ralliroots.com/shop.html Follow us on Social Media to stay connected! INSTAGRAM ► https://instagram.com/ralliroots Video Description: we went to goodwill and bought thrift items that we can sell for a profit on ebay, we also listed some items that we recently sold on ebay for a profit. shopping at goodwill and selling on ebay can lead to legitimate income if done the right way! About our channel: This channel is all about reselling stuff online, ebay, amazon poshmark, mercari. You will find thrifting videos, thrift hauls, garage sale videos, ebay wholesale, amazon wholesale buying, how to make money videos. We teach people how to buy items and sell them for a profit online. Subscribe for more! https://bit.ly/2Nwv5Mo If you’d like to send us mail ☺ Ralli Roots PMB 526, 11705 Boyette Rd. Riverview FL, 33569 **** Music credit **** Song: Markvard - Perfect Day (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/dAlDN7J_kmw thanks so much for watching! We love you all ☺ ^some of the links above are affiliate links^ Video Keywords: ralli roots,thrifting, thrifting at goodwill, making money at goodwill, selling on ebay, goodwill selling on ebay, goodwill haul, thrift haul, thrifting at goodwill haul, what items to sell on ebay, thrift with me, thrift with us, trip to the thrift, paul cantu, thrift flip, flipping clothes for profit, flipping thrift store clothes, thrift shop haul, thrift shopping, reselling on ebay, reselling thrifted items, reselling thrift, reselling goodwill finds, rally roots
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Text Comments (234)
Dan Hill (1 day ago)
About The Simpsons dvd with Michael jackson... they discontinued that episode so its IMPOSSIBLE to find or watch unless have it on dvd ect. ;)
TheBrainyBrrute (3 days ago)
Hey guys just looking for some advice, I just picked up some Callaway X-22 tour golf clubs not a complete set I’ve got 5-9 they’re in good shape they just need to be re gripped. Would you recommend selling them together as an incomplete set or separate ? Also should I re-grip them with some cheap grips ? Also you guys haven’t posted in a week hope everything’s good can’t wait for your next vid
Jbird (4 days ago)
also guys, i only got about 200 items listed, ive had 4 ppl now in 3 weeks just not pay, or even respond to messages, and im super nice and professional with them, wtf is up with people?
Jbird (4 days ago)
Guys........i just scored last week a vintage rare wool hand knit polo ralph lauren dark blue sweater with a big white star graphic for 7 bucks. Just sold it on ebay for 380. Now lets see how long they take to pay!
Jbird (3 days ago)
Well they paid so hooray lol
AstroPicker (4 days ago)
I've actually called Sirius XM from a goodwill to see if a radio was a lifetime. They may or may not be able to get signal in a store.
Alli, you don't look happy anymore? I hope I'm wrong. Good luck to both of you.
That crazy blouse looks like one use to own in the 1980’s
Beth Blair (5 days ago)
For such a
Deb Mottaz (5 days ago)
No live stream tonight???
jorejaha (5 days ago)
I think they were going to Texas?
Indra Putra (6 days ago)
Just subbed :)
matt dareseller (6 days ago)
nice harley davidson sales. have a great week to come. Gn
Mickey Wheeler (6 days ago)
As a new seller, I'm afraid no one will buy my product cause i have no reviews as a seller.
SallyAks Bytes (6 days ago)
I want an advise ,is it good idea to buy new Halloween costumes now for $5 and sell them in the season?what do you think?
Johnny Funko (6 days ago)
Could you please be so kind as to let us (Newbies) know how you go about shipping a large DVD/VCR Machine like that for eBay? Typical cost, shipping service? Can it be shipped USPS First Class? I've contemplated getting one before, but held-off due to not knowing about the shipping. Thanks.
Kaleb Mulisha (7 days ago)
I got some really nice button ups in the brands that u guys said that sale well for you. I was wondering if you was email me to maybe make a trade for something you have for sale. [email protected]
Stephanie Toponce (7 days ago)
I've learned so much. Before your help I was afraid to venture into mens wear. I just made my first thrifting purchases in mens and I think I did pretty well. Got some Tommy Bagama, Affliction, Roar, Columbia hiking shoes. And a MarioKart8 brand character tshirt. Thanks to all of you!!
Resellers 4 Life (7 days ago)
Hey I'm not sure if you guys are members of Thrifter & Reseller World on Facebook or not but someone made a post claiming that you sell untested and nonworking electronics listed as working. I thought you might like to correct them yourself.
Resellers 4 Life (7 days ago)
+RALLI ROOTS yeah I saw it and I immediately knew it was complete bs. I've never met you guys but I know you're not some dishonest person trying to rip off your customers like they were trying to make you out to be.
RALLI ROOTS (7 days ago)
I saw it :) don't have time for people who have no idea what they're talking about. Thanks tho
Diana Morgan (8 days ago)
Brennan Rosenblumy (8 days ago)
Did you already give away the printer?
Spiny Lobster (8 days ago)
So glad to see you guys still doing your thing, I have been going crazy with Amazon, miss the eBay
Jill Rodgers (8 days ago)
I was in my local Goodwill this afternoon and I saw that bright ugly shirt! You must have been in my Goodwill!!!!!!
Carmin Laurens (8 days ago)
That shirt totally reminds me of the band Color me Badd - so their colors!
ed1577 (8 days ago)
Do you guys do "Buy Now" or "Bid Auctions" when selling on ebay? I've been going back and forth between the two. I dont know which is better since nothing is selling. Please help. Dont know if I'm pricing to high or what. Thanks love your videos
Snap Trade (8 days ago)
I have a great idea for a video. Take one of your mentoring student live video and coach them going through a store. I volunteer and will make it as easy as possible. It would teach and be fun to see what stores are like on the West Coast CA. Let's make it happen. :)
Capitalist American (8 days ago)
ALERT! EBAY WILL NOW BE GIVING PREFERRED PLACEMENT TO OTHER AUCTION HOUSES! New eBay Deal Will Screw Over Resellers to Help Big Business https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZ6oUaqxakQ Spread the word and give eBay your opinion as well.
Sandy Carpenter (8 days ago)
I want a bag and they're sold out!! More more more!!
Steffani Larrimore (8 days ago)
Great content. Thank You for all of your advice, following your suggestion I posted first fifty things on Sunday and Tuesday and have already had sells. Super excited to see where the journey takes me. Thanks again for sharing.
Shannon Phillips (8 days ago)
Is this the Ocala location? I was on vacation and stopped there and its huge!
Tana Reber (8 days ago)
Wanted to join your mentoring group, but do not know if my email for sign up was processed. I have sent two other messages through the web site but have not received a response, that is why I do not think it processes. Please advise. Email: [email protected]
RALLI ROOTS (8 days ago)
Tana Reber if you’ve submitted a form, we have your email. Sign ups are tonight at 8pm Eastern
D K (8 days ago)
You two are awesome! Love watching your videos! 😊
Kathryn Kay (9 days ago)
Not every trip thrifting is good.
Angel Barreto (9 days ago)
OMG! 😂 I just had a chance to watch this video. I didn’t realize you captured the footage of me scaring you. Too funny...😆
RALLI ROOTS (9 days ago)
Angel Barreto 🤣🤣🤣 I was so happy it was on lol
Kelly Plat (9 days ago)
I hope you got that 1980's shirt. People love those types of tops for 80's parties or halloween.
Christine Orozco (9 days ago)
Allie’s shirt is 😍😍😍
Jeannette Heritage (9 days ago)
I sent my email to you guys for winning a bag last week, still no bag :( Did you guys not get it??
RALLI ROOTS (9 days ago)
Jeannette Heritage sorry about that. The winning bags should have been shipped yes.
Asmr Claire (9 days ago)
The shirt at Goodwill looks like something Beverly Goldberg would wear. Have you ever contacted set dressers/wardrobe people? A friend of mine in the UK sold some vintage stuff she couldn't give away before at a vintage sale, turned out she was a wardrobe person from Call the Midwife and she sells to to her all the time now for loads of cash!
Andrea Davis (9 days ago)
please get more bags in
Matt G (9 days ago)
Dont be a negative Nancy Alli lol
JenniePlusOne (9 days ago)
Great video as always. Can you guys do a video(pardon if you already have one up) on how to ship big or delicate items like the helmets and the dvd player? have two very nice HD helmets worth a decent amount of $$$ that I haven't listed because I'm not sure how to ship them the best way. thanks in advance!!
ALEX DERMER (9 days ago)
Nice HD helmet and Jacket. I just recently found a ton of Harley Tshirts at a yard sale for a dollar each!
Kristen Graham (9 days ago)
Allies face at 4:15 omg. 😂 When you just go with it.
Mike Dancy (9 days ago)
at the @8:00 mark when you are looking at ebay, don't you choose the 'sold' and 'completed' filter so that you can see what they are sellling for and not jsut listing for?
RALLI ROOTS (8 days ago)
Mike Dancy we look at both
Stew 414 (9 days ago)
It's pronounced Fahv-ruh...
The_Outlaw_Hustler (9 days ago)
Has anyone used send offer option on Ebay? Noticed lately when using this option, if you have lets say 10 watchers but upon sending offers, Ebay indicates only 4. Can someone please explain???? This was not just on one item but several...
Mike Dancy (9 days ago)
these are my favourite kind of videos. fun quick story, I bought a couple of baseball gloves at a thriftstore which is attached to our local dump (yes, our waste professionals go through the trash and re-sell items that have value to keep it out of the landfill - it's fantastic since I'm big on the recycling part of thrifting) .. anyway, I bought these gloves for $5 each. I put them on ebay and sold one for $150 and the other is still for sale with 8 watchers. There is money in thrifting if you know what to look for .
Hustle Ninjas (9 days ago)
Thanks for the single stitch tip!
Promocynthia (9 days ago)
Question - you mentioned an Instagram page where you can ask for help on what an item is? Can you tell me that name please? I heard it on one of your videos and thought I followed it but apparently not. I have a Fendi top I found and can't find anything on it. And LOVE your videos.
Barbara Purvis Hunter (9 days ago)
Hi, Tell me more about the bags--I missed them!
Barbara Purvis Hunter (9 days ago)
Could you talk about your coffee in a vlog and the price--if it comes ground or in beans only. If beans only I hope you have coffee grinders to talk about.  Thanks for helping me.
RALLI ROOTS (9 days ago)
Barbara Purvis Hunter we may do more later, they sold out. You can see them at ralliroots.com/shop
Barbara Purvis Hunter (9 days ago)
Hi, Is your coffee organic?
RALLI ROOTS (9 days ago)
Barbara Purvis Hunter yes
Laura Sharp (9 days ago)
Have you guys already sent out emails for May mentoring?
RALLI ROOTS (9 days ago)
Laura Sharp May 10th at 8pm Eastern.
Jennifer Christopher (9 days ago)
The Traveling Family (9 days ago)
No need to feel bad for Callie, Alli, you guys DO pay her to work! 😊
Jbird (10 days ago)
Why not just charge shipping on the vcr thing? If I was buying it from you, I would want to see a lower price and pay a little shipping...........idk I’m tired, long day lol, goodnight.
Jbird (8 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS no I know, just figured some ppl would rather say they bought the item for less, and payed shipping, vs paying more, and free shipping, you know, just thinking about how ppl think psychologically. Not arguing, just wondering how ppl think when making a purchase.
RALLI ROOTS (9 days ago)
Jbird we make the same lol. Adding shipping doesn’t do anything for us. If an item is listed for $100 + $20 shipping, we’re listing that same item for $119.97 free shipping
Jbird (9 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS i just figured you could make a little more but you don’t wanna sit on it either
RALLI ROOTS (9 days ago)
Jbird because we add the shipping in. It’s not the shipping cost we’re worried about, the packing and testing the item.
Jbird (10 days ago)
Your goodwill looks like a boutique target compared to our shit holes lol.
Marisa k (10 days ago)
I have the same exact Lynyrd Skynyrd T shirt same size (XL) single stitch 1991 Concert Tee. Have had mine listed for a few weeks now and mine is listed for less on auction at $29.99. Can anybody tell me why mine would not sell when theirs did for more? I have very clear pictures with a light kit etc and measurements in the listing. Thanks for any info and thank you Ralli Roots for another great vid.
RALLI ROOTS (9 days ago)
Marisa k do you have free shipping? Best offer? Are you promoting it? How’s your title? Item specifics etc? There’s a ton of reasons
whutzat (10 days ago)
Oh my gosh!...could Mochi be any more precious?
Kerry Nihart (10 days ago)
I'm so new at this that I don't know how to look at a pair of shoes and figure out the model, so I have been trying to describe the shoes by saying, "Women's Liz Claiborne Penny Loafers with Stacked Block Heels" and feel stupid doing it that way. Is there some way to learn the particular name of the shoe to put in the listing, besides just stating the brand name and a description in the title?
Venus Bucci (10 days ago)
Moe is soooo cute ❤️❤️
Alison Cooper (10 days ago)
I live near Seattle and took my RR Bag on my last Goodwill shopping trip Monday. The check out clerk asked me "What is a Ralli Root? Is it a "root" like Ginger?" LOL
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Alison Cooper 😂😂😂
PG HoneyBees (10 days ago)
Love the videos! I have a question about selling a one of a kind shirt on eBay. I have a Taser shirt that was only worn by certain employees, not available for sale, killer embroidered graphics on the back. I “volunteered” for testing and was given the shirt. My question is how would you list this on eBay and how would I figure out a price? Thank you!
Monique Vanderpool (10 days ago)
Pool stick? Pool cue?
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Monique Vanderpool same same
Chris Sutton (10 days ago)
Last week. No more VCRs they are a pain to pack. Today, but we can sell it for over $100. Im a gonna cope it.
Lawayne Williamson (10 days ago)
Have y'all seen the sells of the new Orange Vanilla Coke on Ebay, two 12 oz can sold one for $200 and the other for $220?
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Lawayne Williamson really? Lol
ricorico2384 (10 days ago)
Dick Carlson (10 days ago)
Why was the Sony recorder hard to ship?
Dick Carlson (10 days ago)
+RALLI ROOTS Ahhhhhhh.,
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Dick Carlson just have to find or make a box for it
My local Goodwill just got a donation of $7,700 worth of brand new with tags Harley-Davidson for their grand opening this past week, and I thought that was really cool. I picked up two pieces for resell. :) If I had thousands to play with, I would have bought every single piece, as they were only USD$12-$18 a piece and would easily resell on Poshmark for USD$50+ a piece! But I don't have that kind of money to play with. I show a very quick glimpse of it in my latest YouTube video and show you my haul from the grand opening as well! :) Anyway, loved the show. Thanks so much for sharing. :)
Thomas Davis (10 days ago)
Ally dont worry you are fine
Dalia (10 days ago)
Could you guys make a video showing how to thrift at the goodwill outlets?
Mikey Darko (10 days ago)
Just found your channel yesterday....just want to say thanks for the awesome content ....this is what youtube is all about
Reseller Down Under (10 days ago)
Okay so i had to pause the video at 1:20 WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR FAN!! it's tripping me out hahahah. Great video
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Reseller Down Under haha :) two blade fans
Gloria Rosser (10 days ago)
“These ones”. Lol
Gloria Rosser (10 days ago)
I love the bins!!!
Aquagirl11111 (10 days ago)
The new bags need some color and maybe some of Alli's Unicorns Fist Bumping.
Vicky (10 days ago)
Paused 31 seconds in - Can you tell me what kind of tee Allie is wearing? My son Ryan's gf - also an April 18th baby ;) loves dinos and I'd love to be able to get her that top. It's so cute!!
Vicky (10 days ago)
Haha 2:22 it's Reptar! :D
John D (10 days ago)
Awesome video as always guys. I have a question I hope you answer. How can you tell a t-shirt is vintage or not?? Thanks
John Boudinot (10 days ago)
First time I've ever heard you mention the bins. Do you guys ever go to the outlet stores? I strangely love them lol
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
John Boudinot we’ve never been
BambiDoll (10 days ago)
YouTube News Official (10 days ago)
Hi just started selling... I have made 60 dollars in the past month
chance gamer (10 days ago)
Hey guys I'm the Manger of a bootbarn in Louisiana and we have overstock do you want it
NewEngland BettyBoop (10 days ago)
Hello GUYS 🤩🥰 That Good Will Is Fancy 😆 #gorugrats🦖
Cheryl Thomas (10 days ago)
Always love your videos❤️
Chris Bragg (10 days ago)
What is the monetary damage for your mentoring group?
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Chris Bragg very sorry to hear that. We lost a pet recently as well. Hard to deal with. We do have 400+ free videos on YouTube. I would suggest starting with those :)
Chris Bragg (10 days ago)
+RALLI ROOTS Your mentoring group is going to have be just a dream. I know why the group is high so I am not complaining but I just recently (well, just yesterday) had a death in my life. My best friend Pel died yesterday and I spent a lot in vet bills in the last couple of days...297 to be exact and she died anyways. Am looking at a few people for mentoring so don't feel bad. If God closes a door am suppose to look for that window. AMEN LOL
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Chris Bragg $347 :)
Chris Bragg (10 days ago)
Yea more bags but get enough for everyone
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Chris Bragg we thought 175 would be enough:)
Chris Bragg (10 days ago)
I want a coffee
J Shrky (10 days ago)
I’m sure you’ve mentioned it before but just interested to know why you do free shipping on (from what I’ve seen) most things you sell? Just wondering because most other channels I watch don’t do this 🙂
Ghia Ferrari (10 days ago)
RALLI ROOTS Would you advice this to new sellers?
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
J Shrky because it gives you a boost in search and that’s the way people like to buy. We’re not losing anything by doing free shipping. If another seller has the same item as us listed for $45 + $5 shipping, we’re listing ours for $49.97 free shipping
Susan Fontaine (10 days ago)
Do you guys ever shop at the Bins? Never saw you there on video. Thanks for all your great videos!
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Susan Fontaine we don’t :)
James Williams (10 days ago)
I don't see how to get involved in the mentoring program or any information on it. Am I just overlooking the link? Thank you.
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
James Williams ralliroots.com/mentoring if you fill out a form you will get an email on Friday from us to sign up.
Louis192 (10 days ago)
Hi, I created an account on ebay but my limit is set to 0 and I can't post items for sale. Any idea about what could be the reason?
Louis192 (9 days ago)
+RALLI ROOTS Thanks, problem solved.
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Louis192 that’s strange. Call ebay
Tall Barb (10 days ago)
Leaderboard for saying GUYS Ryan 15 times Allie 0 Winner Ryan
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Tall Barb lol 👌🏻
Zeps Toys (10 days ago)
I'm in the Uk. I noticed prices sky high in charity shop I always buy from. I had the guts to inform them nicely that you can't price items from active listings and that you need to see what the competed items went for as people can ask what they want but item may never sell. I felt better for having my say and I hope I taught them something xx
Kyle Mancuso (10 days ago)
Love you videos!! I’m a kid reseller btw keep up the good work👍
Pixelated Chidad (10 days ago)
I still have my Simpsons DVDs season 1-13. Looking to add but for the right price of course.
Fab flips, way to go! Have a lovely week! Jet🧡🎸🎶⚡️
Retro_Junk_1987 (10 days ago)
Another awesome video!! Thanks for using my Insta post! 😂
Josh Pickle (10 days ago)
Yo send me that hat Ryan 😉
LQD INFO (10 days ago)
Nice video! Great sales on cool items! My wife found a few nice pieces that I need to list this week! She picked up a large porcelain Japan vase, very nice for USD $4 and we sold it for $37 with shipping! We went to one of our favorite thrift stores 1 hr away from our home on Saturday and did not find much, but we spent about $25. One thing I noticed is that there are more and more people shopping at thrift stores lately! All ages groups! Then we went to another thrift store closer to our home and found a ton of items for $150, so there are items out there, just keep hunting! One more item I found was a American Constitution beer stein 1776 -1976 for $3, and they are asking $70 - 90 US on eBay...Another great find! Have a great sales week, thank you for sharing your story with us! Blessings! I will be sending you a package next week for sure! Joe B from Canada!
Erick G (10 days ago)
People that dislike Be HATIN!
Michael LaRocco (10 days ago)
omg - that reptar shirt is ignint af
Laurie Moss (10 days ago)
I was going to ask why in the world would Allie listen to music at Goodwill while you talk and she's looking for finds. Well yesterday I was able to go alone while my fiance stayed home with him. Long behold I put my ear phones in and listen to music. My thoughts were I can finally understand why Allie does that. I literally passed time so much faster doing that and didn't even watch the clock lol. As usual love the haul.
Jim Kroeger (10 days ago)
Can you tell me when you’ll be sending out mentoring emails? I don’t want to miss it! Thanks in advance!
RALLI ROOTS (10 days ago)
Jim Kroeger Friday at 8pm Eastern:)

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