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A Beautiful Reminder of Today’s Problems; Top 2 Venezuelan Fashion Designers

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The creators of this video are Mariana Pozo, and Mirua Garcia. Together, we plan to explain and illustrate in a six to ten minutes video, as part of our weekly Venezuelan news program named, Venezuelan M&M’s, a small part of the fashion history of our country, Venezuela. With this project we plan to catch the eyes of people who are interested in the top 2 Venezuelan fashion designers and also, how they have reached a worldwide beauty contest named Miss Universe with their own designs. Also, we are aware that our country Venezuela is passing through a rough time and we would like to remind the people in the world that besides the problems that any country can have, there is always another side that shows us the beauty, the good qualities of a society, and its talents. We have decided that a catching title could be, “A Beautiful Reminder of Today’s Problems; Top 2 Venezuelan Fashion Designers.” The reason why we have chosen this topic is because we want to highlight Venezuela’s fascinating history for people to know more about our people’s talent and expertise in fashions, and forget for a little the social-political problems that our country is undergoing.
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