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GOODFELLAS- Don't Joke Around With a Wise Guy

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Clip from the classic 1990 gangster film Goodfellas. Full "spider" scene shows how you can never bust a wise guys balls....they might take you serious. Tommy played by Joe Pesci goes a little too far when Spider misunderstands what he was saying, also Karen Hill gets out of line in this scene and Henry Hill has to put her back in her place which goes to show why you don't mess around with gangsters, even if your joking.
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Kevzete (10 days ago)
The guy shot you in the foot for fun and then you tell him to go fuck himself in front of his peers. Bad move.
Adrian Flores (14 days ago)
The fuck cares? I’ll dig the fuckin hole. I don’t give a fuck. What is it, the first hole I dug? Not the first time I dug a hole. I’ll fuckin dig a hole. Where are the shovels?
God damn this guy is scary. 😂😂😂😂
Hop Off (16 days ago)
Tommy had a serious case of “Little Man Syndrome”😅
Nav.igator.bisht.PRO (19 days ago)
"he's dead" "good shot, what do you want from me, good shot!"
Death Rager (19 days ago)
Dope Beats (19 days ago)
are you stupid or what? i cant fucking believe you hehehe
david king (23 days ago)
This is for u u r not boy , This boy got lots of balls .....
david king (23 days ago)
U gonna dig the hole ,
david king (23 days ago)
U let this little punk get away with that , whats the matter with u what the fucking matter with u , what the world coming to
david king (23 days ago)
Give us a little bit striptease ^^ u little prick
david king (23 days ago)
hey spider , bring US a drink , u fucking mumbling little brick , I thought I thoiught ^^ hahahah dance dance u little cunt . u fucking mother fuccker dance yahooo u little prick now he is moving yeahhhh dance dance hahahahaa little prick
illa buppy (24 days ago)
Christopher in the Sopranos - the alternate universe where Spider survived
Deshawn Loc (26 days ago)
He came from a long line of rats his pops was a rat his bloodline is all rats
Bilal Hussain (26 days ago)
"why don't you go f**k yourself Tommy"
Jacob Pleggenkuhle (26 days ago)
Tommy was my favorite character up until this scene. After this, I cheered when that guy blew his brains out in the end.
sum body (1 month ago)
Karen Hill later became a psychiatrist so she could treat other mobsters.
J Lock (1 month ago)
"Don't get me upset, now!" (After shooting the guy in the foot)
Roses Flowers (1 month ago)
Is that the gorgeous Imperio. 😜
simeonflake (1 month ago)
You can't miss at this distance...
john nicholson (1 month ago)
"Now he is moving"
xerxeslord1 (1 month ago)
💭💥🔫That's what the fuckin' world is comin to ! how da ya like that ?? How's that ? Alright ??.. 😂😂
Adam Markman (1 month ago)
The look on Henry's face at 3:59-4:00 (eyes and mouth) showed absolute horror! He shouldve gotten out right then and there, get into witness protection with no problem because he wasn't involved with drugs then, and maybe would've had no problem living a normal life as long as he stayed away from casinos and clubs, and worked a regular day job somewhere on the West coast.
Aaron Armstrong (2 months ago)
When he said ‘go fuck yourself tommy’ I actually winced out loud, I couldn’t believe it
G. T. (2 months ago)
He is an interior decorator.
Ben Lawver (2 months ago)
This scene truly scared me when I saw this for the first time
Anthony Shunnarah (2 months ago)
3:20 Not to sound like a crazed killer, but MAN sometimes I wish I could just pull a piece out and take down an asshole, lmao. For good though, not bad like big Tommy, hehe.
B.Roberts (2 months ago)
Nah your not alright spider you've got alot of fuckin problems 😂
JR Flo (2 months ago)
This gotta be the funniest scene on any mob film..
Armando Perez (2 months ago)
@4:13 Good shot it was a good shot. Hahahahha
CuteblondStacy72 (2 months ago)
Karen is a bitch, she throws his keys out the window? real mature, not!
john nicholson (2 months ago)
Bro, you just killed Tony Soprano's kid. You are fucked!
Randy Bailin (2 months ago)
One of the more disturbing scenes. Some guy shoots me in the foot, I'd tell him to go fuck himself also.
fooloof (2 months ago)
The brilliance of Pesci in this scene is how embarrassed and humiliated he looks. That is real acting in the moment.
fooloof (2 months ago)
It's an accident. Fuck 'im.
Gabriel (2 months ago)
The jokes in this movie are fucking great, some are the best I’ve ever heard in my life! Bill Burr said each joke was the equivalent of a closing joke at a standup show.
Wesley Hobbis (3 months ago)
What, you got me on a fucking pay no mind list kid?
Upelayo Pelayo (3 months ago)
I dig the fucken hole, where are the shovels? Classic!!!
Jc40k (3 months ago)
"You gonna let him get away with that?" God dammit, Jimmy. If you had just complimented spider and let everything slide it would have been fine. Why did you have to provoke tommy?
Kakarot Lifted (3 months ago)
Spider had balls.
chris edwards (3 months ago)
Stupid ass spider you dont diss a man who already shot you in the foot
Eddie Suttle (3 months ago)
Tommy: so what he got shot in the foot is it a big Fucking deal!!!! 😂😂😂
Abi Assi Raymond (3 months ago)
"would've grew up to be a rat" With the camera on Henry looking sad, nice one scorsese !!
fbrieden (3 months ago)
I didn't know there were 7 shot revolvers available at the 'time'. (first shooting scene)
Cöcö Vïnz McMürphy (3 months ago)
Nice fuck'n game... Nice fuck'n game...
wrmaldonado (3 months ago)
So glad tommy got shot at the end. Poor spider
Benny Pacheco (3 months ago)
"Alright so he got shot in the foot what is it a big fucking deal?" Lol
KiSwordsman (4 months ago)
Now if someone shoots me in my foot over a drink, that will teach me to *NEVER* Tell that person to go fuck themselves.
PalestineATW (4 months ago)
You know every line after the kid says why don't you go fuck yourself Tommy is improvised? This is why I love this movie
LATVERIAN1 (4 months ago)
Tommy; the ultimate wiseguy sociopath.
Wesley Wood (4 months ago)
Lol literally classic
j2times2006 (4 months ago)
This is for you!! Thata boy!!! Don’t take no shit from nobody!!!
rabin basnet (4 months ago)
i think the other guys are responsible for spider death too
MrWeman26 (4 months ago)
So this is really funny because in The Sopranos, Christopher shoots a civilian in the foot too and for a similar reason, the guy made him wait.
WEPS 89 (5 months ago)
'Dont get me upset now' 😂
Cultured Monk (5 months ago)
only Jimmy Burke could call Tommy "sick or what" and "sick maniac" and get away with it.
mrmoo (5 months ago)
Probably should have got the fuck away from there when the dude was waving a loaded gun around
Ali Choudhry (5 months ago)
4:10 - 4:13 most gangster vibes of all time ...
madbear3512 (5 months ago)
Spider has some balls to do that
Dark Demonik (5 months ago)
If Spider is a real person he died like a man and Tommy most likely cried like a bitch as Gotti and his crew ripped him into pieces. I have tons of respect for spider he knew what Tommy was and how crazy he was
Bull3t Ho3LZ (6 months ago)
Emīls (6 months ago)
Giuseppe di Stefano singing :)
hostile blueberry (6 months ago)
1:10 Shane? "Oklahoma ki- ...shane" They must've had such great banter filming this
iTechmen1 (6 months ago)
Ian Sorola (6 months ago)
“Good shot, wadda ya want from me?”
Master Chief (6 months ago)
3:57 to 4:04. Sidious' reaction when he saw me lying on the low ground, being almost dead, missing 3 limbs and being burnt to a crisp....
VladimiR PutiN (6 months ago)
Fuckin' rat anyway. His family's all rats. He would have grown up to be a rat.. tommy is one funny guy
Johnny Frye (6 months ago)
he said where's my fucking drink
Johnny Frye (6 months ago)
this is my favorite part from Joe Pesci favorite actor
Dogquack (6 months ago)
he wasnt joking around, he stood up for himself
dell kach DZ (6 months ago)
spider has 8 legs
unfortunatebeam (6 months ago)
Poor Spider. It's awesome when he tells Tommy to go fuck himself though, one of the best lines in the movie. He went with at least a little bit of his dignity back.
FZM Studio (6 months ago)
I thought I though-, you've been doing this all night to me you motherfucker! Lmfaoo
Paul H. Kircher III (7 months ago)
I think you just caught yourself the Golden Dragonfly award.
MCMLXXVI (7 months ago)
4:25 i think DeNiro muffed his lines when he says 'you're gonna dig the thing up'' he was confusing it with when they dug up Billy Batts.
Enigma of Fear (7 months ago)
My patience is like Tommy’s
Aaron Soto (7 months ago)
Tommy was a true gangster. The slight sense of disrespect would set him off. That be scary being around someone like that.
Tyler Wedell (8 months ago)
Fun fact about this scene when Tommy shots Spider and he falls back and you hear glass breaking he actually cut his hand on the glass
april maryland (8 months ago)
"good shot"
Kyle Aarsen (8 months ago)
Cold blooded baby
David Alvarado (8 months ago)
You would think after the first 3 shots hes done, 3 more.. 6 shot tommy lol..
Overrated stupid movie
Joshua Bates (7 months ago)
So is Groundhog Day
88feji (8 months ago)
Its a great movie don't misunderstand me but are they running out of tomato sauce in the movie ? There are very little blood flowing everytime guys get shot in the movie ..
Dustin Martin (8 months ago)
"Why don't you go fuck yourself Tommy?" "I can't believe what I just heard. Hey Spider, here. Here this is for you. Attaboy. He's got a lot of fuckin' balls. Good for you, don't take shit from nobody."
Frank Castle (8 months ago)
That bar needs an interior decorator. It looks like shit.
Al_Pacino's_Stuntdouble (8 months ago)
pimp lord (8 months ago)
Can believe this actually happened
Jay Blair (8 months ago)
Im so glad that prick tommy got lit up
Chris Peplinski (9 months ago)
TOmmy is one deranged bastard.
floyd thomas (9 months ago)
spider was just fuckin around and tommy didn't have to fuckin shoot him
Eddi Hazel (9 months ago)
Nice fucking game....................nice fucking game.....👍
John W (9 months ago)
My favorite part of this whole f****** movie is when Tommy gets shot in the face. HAHAHA
Pranesh Poojary (9 months ago)
After all this, Jimmy was concerned about digging grave for the body.....
Shinichi Kudo (9 months ago)
To be honest, Spider was a little annoying. He kept explaining himself like a rtard. Did he deserve to get shot? Of course no. But he is a mouthy, smartass kid who doesn’t know when to shut up. He should have known his place. I mean, what did he expect talking back to an insane mafia killer.
Brown Samurai (9 months ago)
Jimmy is the hype man that forces you to do something looool
S M (9 months ago)
even spider in this movie must nominatet for oscar
guitar lover (9 months ago)
He's a real Fredrick Zoller at that range
yo Momma's Drawls (9 months ago)
You Jew mudda fuhka you!!
Chuy 500 BLOCK (9 months ago)
Good shot what do you want from me
Kate Wright (9 months ago)
I think Karen needs a shrink, she should call Dr. Melfi

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