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Ghanaian President Speech Exposes the West Controlled United Nations

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Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, addresses the general debate of the 73rd Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, September 25 – October 01, 2018). Subscribe for more videos -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching 2nacheki the best #Africa channel on youtube for Africans to get the latest #africannews #africatop10 #africanmusic #africadance #africalist #africatop5 #africapolitics #africadances #africaentertainment & everything #africa Support #2nacheki here PayPal: http://bit.ly/help2nacheki Patreon: http://bit.ly/support2nacheki Email us [email protected] for ads partnership, collabos & sponsorship
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2nacheki (2 months ago)
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Red Pill prime (2 months ago)
Another great video. I think Africans should learn Mandarin as a secondary business language. Feel Africans can do it. Because Africans have the strongest mental capacity on the planet. American Republiican party politicians always push for hatred of others, wars and intellectual illiteracy for profit. Africa can lead the world. White Conservatives always fear you.
BAH Chernoh Ibrahim (2 months ago)
2nacheki pls play the video of president Bio of SL
Colin Charles (2 months ago)
+Abdirashid Hussein .
David Harris (2 months ago)
I just subscribe to your channel. I'm A black man in America and one day I will join my brother and sisters in Africa. Us blacks inside America is been hurt and killed by whites. Most of don't want to be here but always felt we have no home to go. Let us all stand together to make Africa great again.
Abdirashid Hussein (2 months ago)
I have had experience information systems search and destroy Somalia people strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to terrorist's crime humanity everywhere in the world nothing new,obstruct, and small Somalia people horrible ideas to many flags rebells,tribal Somalia resist hater loser. The Senate must vote,world leader's has difficult time. State's of Somalia leader's Jubaland,Putland rebels,tribal Altahad,Raskanboni,Xisbu Islam,Alshabab,ISIS brotherhood's organization's business terrorist's are lying and cheating in public is a public offence, please convict those liars about acounterorist,second slavery new project colonies past get red, they are dangerous. Thank you Mr. President.Democrats just destroyed any and all faith I had in their party last night. As an Independent I try to stay open minded.Never give up Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire,President Farmajo, all Somalia people reunited power the Somalia people on Saturday spoke during a meeting with the Somali National Drought intelligence Committee agencies are not understanding what they are fighting for terrorist,crime humanity, insecurity, injustice, alack of opportunity recognize no one fix but we will fix it. The death toll he announced was from the Bay,Gedo region cross country innocent people unacceptable in the south-west,Northern East,East,West part of the country alone,Somalia President can't change world a lone,Some people will be need some help,l will fix it,We are practicing truth fear nothing.Because of a lack of clean water,a lack of opportunity, insecurity, injustice,a lack of respect in many areas small Somalia people are groups Altahad, damaljadid,Raskanboni,Alshabab some State's of Somalia leader's think horrible ideas to many flags rebells,tribals about false allegations, we are not a afraid to use our term to save lives,stop a terrorist save lives. We are finding the a global problems an insecurit,injustice, alackbof opportunity,we are finding few simple political solutions positive change but isn't easy, l can't change the world a lone, l am a one person, la m a African personality, l am a American citizen personal responsibility fear nothing,there is the additional threat everywhere in the world nothing new violating Somalia constitution's violating human rights and violating international law,violating U.S Constitution's of cholera and other different actor's names Altahad, Damaljadid,Raskanboni,Alshabab,Xisbu Islam brotherhood's organization's State's of Somalia former terrorist diseases now they can't treat dignity respect they need get out Somalia is not for sale, unknown experts say. Some deaths from cholera already have been reported eyes African news investigation's is going on well organized who is making money for Altahad, Damaljadid,Raskanboni,Ashabab,Xisbu Islam,Boka haram,ISIS brotherhood's organization's second slave,terrorist project colonies past State's of African stop a Self hate one Another. The Government has said the widespread hunger "makes people vulnerable to exploitation, human rights violation abuses,rebells,triballs Gedo,Bay and to criminal and terrorist networks from Kenya,Ethiopia relationship Muslim Altahad, Damaljadid,Raskanboni,Ashabab,Xisbu Islam brotherhood's organization's State's of Somalia leader's are Altahad brotherhood's organization's terrorist's is not different terrorist never end we'll organized". The UN humanitarian appeal for 2017 for Somalia is $US864 million to provide assistance to 3.9 million people lie,corruption, political dangerous N.G.O European contractors personal Millitary colonies past agendas Another terrorist programs second slavery project new colonies worse no better. But the UN World Food Program recently requested an additional $US26-million plan to respond to the drought false allegations against African resource,African homeland.
Daniel (7 days ago)
Great leader
duke william (10 days ago)
He is a smooth talker but a traitor to africa. He recently signed a packed with US millitary in ghana. He recently signed a packed with the French Imperial powers . Africans love speeches but don't like facts.
Amed Tchafa (12 days ago)
All Africans president are foolish. Why are you guys giving all jobs to China 🇨🇳. And Africans are suffering for lack of jobs fool's at 40
SaVaGe KIDDY (13 days ago)
Can’t wait for that my president makes us proud
BUSH MAN (14 days ago)
We will build a modern day Wakanda in Ghana
ABDUL SHARIF (17 days ago)
Alpnomad (17 days ago)
Well done
Prince Oke (18 days ago)
God bless you Nana and your family and Ghana long life Nana.
maya gurl (20 days ago)
Nana we love you ❤️❤️❤️🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭
Thanks so much sir, I this others Africans' president like Nigeria need to understand this too.
Emma A (21 days ago)
African dictators like Biya are killing and abusing their own people while your lots sit and watch. If you can't respect your own people how do you expect others to respect them?
Abiye Worku (21 days ago)
.... The role of UN.....out of poverty up to prosperity.....eco us.....it is the time to make modern UN!.... Modern imperialism and monopolism are affecting the world ever. Evidence, 1% of the world wealthiest people are with half of the world wealth. Development of nation is evaluated by the growth of most people and equality of all. Evidence, we check how the equal growth of people and the Global Human Development Index rank in nations. Global Index reports also should be realistic, reliable, truth, and timely manner. UNs don't cheat your selves! The 96% men and 6% women world top leaders can't able to be for our wellbing! We all world people are violated and slave at least mentally. Our ideal life is the fitest service life as an animals!! Yes this organization (UN) should be reformed and should be modern!! Black, slave, and disable US American man from Nevada
2nacheki (21 days ago)
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Jamal Al-aulaqi (23 days ago)
Great speech Mr. Present thank you,
Prince lucky Chigozie (23 days ago)
Best president in Africa now
Simply Florence (24 days ago)
White people and religious people and organizations should all be kicked out of Africa period
Michael Taylor (1 month ago)
Because all theirraw materials are extracted at low cost by multinatinaionals and africa lives on scraps Its disgsting Unfortunately policians are corrupt
Emily m (1 month ago)
Marilyn U (1 month ago)
What ever the Africans do they do but for you to run your mouth off to me and say the Chinese have a right to act because they need the resources you need to GTFO you Hominid Neanderthal cave dwelling hybrid. You Neanderthals need to keep your asses in the caves and stay there. You got bigger fish to fry with your low birth rate, Opioid drama, burning in the Sun asses. Don’t step to me running that stupid mouth of yours ok just go somewhere and figure out how to keep your kind from going extinct with your low birth rate statistics. The facts speaks for itself but you don’t hear about this on the news. It don’t matter because we know what’s going on and TMH is making sure that you people pay for what your wicked and demonic forefathers did regardless of what you think and what you say. You are going to be held accountable for the horrible atrocities that your demonic forefathers has committed period. So don’t step to me running that mouth of yours keep quiet and learn. There is nobody on this planet that is more corrupt than you Edomites ok. You don’t have room to talk about no one.
Klimax Music (1 month ago)
check this out https://youtu.be/ZKg41Fld1TA
Super Man (1 month ago)
Zambia is stuck in China's Western economic hole . Will leave China to dig holes all over they country selling all of they recourses to Weston countries . The last thing they want is for Africa to united . So they keep the president busy with China women and free gifts . Because if Africa unite it would make them a super power country .
Super Man (1 month ago)
Once your people in the economic Western traps they will make your country in to a slave plantation . Your country will not make money from the trade because of the free gifts most of the trade money will go to the western counties . Your president will be rich from the gifts but your people will be slaves in they own country . Africa is getting to smart for the western people to take over . But the western people still fighting Africa economic system to put African countries in to death . So they can take over they land with foreigners all over the place . And push Africans in the water for living and give them slavery for profit .
Super Man (1 month ago)
They do not want China free money or the Westerners free gifts . They know it's a economic trap .
Jackie Joseph (1 month ago)
Spoton Mr President Sir...Salute to your exceptionally Speech...We hear you from wherever "we" holed up in on this plant Earth... @ Jamal A...in answer to your question,Yes there is...& soo many have or are already in TRANSIT.WELCOME back Home Brothers & Sister...
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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Cameron Morrison (1 month ago)
A billion dollar loan to someone with very limited means of generating revenue is basically buying a gift for yourself but it has someone else’s name on it...”we’ll just keep it at my house...it’s like it’s both of ours”
Jamal A. (1 month ago)
Is there an immigration program to move from the US to Ghana???
Susan Apollo (1 month ago)
Please do as yousay Mr. President and set an example for other African leaders
Uko Ey (1 month ago)
Real talk! God bless you Mr President. Salute
czaro (1 month ago)
I think the president meant Israel but obviously he won't say it.
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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Barb Osei (1 month ago)
I did the wrong emoji lol I meant to do 👏
2nacheki (1 month ago)
Oooh. That's okay
Barb Osei (1 month ago)
2nacheki (1 month ago)
That's a confusing emoji
Man Le (1 month ago)
Whatever deal Africa will have with the West or East Asian.... ask them to throw in some scholarships for engineers and a few years on the jobs too...
2nacheki (1 month ago)
Good idea
Africa is making a big mistake with China. China is on a Colonizing move to colonize Africa for its resources. They making predator loans that's almost impossible to pay back,, and then they will take over once you forfeit on paying back the loans. This is their move to take over resources and lands. Don't be fooled by these wicked people,, they don't care about Africa or its people just the resources..
2nacheki (1 month ago)
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Salvadore Andretti (1 month ago)
These cowards are selling their countries off to China. Go to China and see how many African live there. You might be able to count them on your hands
Visionary0001 (1 month ago)
This man sounds like the Black WINSTON CHURCHILL, and I mean this is a good way. His speaking style, accent, and vocal delivery all sound like Churchill in his prime, during World War II. He's also very courageous, as was Churchill in his prime.
Party Favors (1 month ago)
Wow! What a powerful speech and very accurate...
Akosua Teye (1 month ago)
It's all reverse psychology...How can you expose the same people you work for
Africa should be BEGGING Western Blacks to come to Africa and run it. These people keep falling for the same white tricks decade after decade. We know their tricks
Leo Brooks (2 months ago)
Much love for this president. I want to move to Ghana but they are doing everything to keep us helpless so we can't move. But if I can get a heavy equipment operator job or a journeyman electrician job over there I'm out of here American is hell regardless of what the world thinks. Can one of my sister's or brothers help me find a job in one of those two fields???? I would deeply appreciate it
Terry Ogbebor (2 months ago)
The best president I have seen in Africa for now.love u sir
Akoben Adinkrahene (2 months ago)
It's fine to get help but the bottom line is Africa does not need any country to send workers. And all the things needed to build are already in the country. Send Advisors because anything that has to do with Paper as money in any form is the trap! The following story has to do with America, but the system is now world wide. http://yourl.geneticmemory.org/currency
amir shake (2 months ago)
Great speech by the president. Truly inspiring. Until people realise that the white man is not better than us, we wont move forward. Until we realise that Ebola is a bio-weapon, we wont progress. We must put in a place our own systems that work for us.
Mbravoification (2 months ago)
Cyril Ramaphosa(South Africa) should be thinking like this...
Juwe (2 months ago)
Another fancy rhetorics yet, Ghana under President Nana obtained 20million dollars in military aids, in kind offering uncle Sam a military base.Again President Nana voted for British prince William to become President of British empire Commonwealth... Mr President Nana, your rhetorics is a slap in the face..just talk, talk, more empty talks and sound bites.
alakazam fam (2 months ago)
Africa is the sleeping giant. And it won't sleep forever
Amir Benzarti (2 months ago)
l afrique -possede la riviere de nile sous forme horizontal de 7000 km qui possede temperature de 10 a 48 degres c a dire tous les type de fruit et de legume du monde sans arret peuve nourir tous la population de la terre -la grande desert qui possede plus que 40% de l energie mondial klk soit petrol gaz ou energie solaire ou eau douce profonde renouvelable qui finira jamais -les montagne d atlas comme les himalaya ki possede des minerai incroyable klk soit les matiere organique metal ou ceramic -les savanah et la belle nature avec la plus grand resource animal au monde pourra etre la meilleur destination touristique du monde -un pole logistique au centre du monde klk soit aerien ou maretine ou terrestre car il en a le croisement de la ligne d equateur et le linge de grinitch
Amir Benzarti (2 months ago)
if u insist to use american & european products using euro & dollar & learning their languages , nothing will change u will be always considired 2cd class the same for the asians & latin american, everyone who is not whity with blond hair & blue eyes considered a second class , thats already been prooved after 1945 & espacillay by their hollywoood movies
adam kimo (2 months ago)
I really like too see Africa helps Africa why we all have to go getting things over see I like Africa we all should help Africa great speech donle trump show see how Africa president speak
Arnold Jackson (2 months ago)
There are many of us so called African Americans here in the USA that have the needed skills and talent to help rebuild the infrastructure of major Africa cities. Let us return to the land from which we were stolen. We want to be with our family. Many of us are woke. We are here Woke and ready to do! Educated, Experienced and Prepared to shake off the imperialists and colonial powers. No more loans. No more foreign private security forces sent by multinational corporations. No more giving land to others. United African States with your sons and daughters home from the Diaspora. We want to go home. Open the doors and let sit and commune. It’s time!
Jon Jon (2 months ago)
You have spoken for Africa. Can't imagine that lifeless retard , Buhari in Nigeria stringing a few coherent sentences that would make a meaning
Gerrod Richardson (2 months ago)
Your not poor!!! Africa is the richest natural resource continent on the planet
Steven Mwamba (2 months ago)
I always admire this guy. He's brilliant. I saw the same when he shut it Macron's mouth on his visit to Ghana
Fallou sene (2 months ago)
President of UNITED AFRICA
Fallou sene (2 months ago)
Wish he was my President.....😰
mandalor-83 J (2 months ago)
Afrikans.... STOP TALKING and actually DO what your talking about, kick the Neanderthals out of Afrika and bring us into it and get rid of the corrupt leaders
Amayah Yah Shabazz (2 months ago)
Now that is a World Leader! Long live Mama Africa!
2nacheki (2 months ago)
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sonofasinner1907 (2 months ago)
About time let Africa work for Africa. Everything in one consonant that can stand alone. Stop the colonization and stand up to be great.
Trezmin McGee (2 months ago)
Voice of knowledge (2 months ago)
Perhaps he would prefer that ambassadors from the numerous corrupt African nations run things! He needs to get his mind right, and stop wasting everyone's time with his mindless blather!
mulat aman (2 months ago)
We know very well western countries are not interested in Africa change but what we do know they want our resources. We Africa people must focus on two things keep studying and keep fighting dictators across the continent.
keith Rayson (2 months ago)
Unite Africa. There should make the United States of Africa. pool their resources together to serve the indigenous people. For too long leaders have forgotten their people whenever they've gotten into positions of power. Africa should be and could be the wealthiest continent in the entire world but African leaders have either gathered all the country's wealth to themselves or sold the resources to foreign entities rather than making those resources serve its people.
Frank Hoffman (2 months ago)
There are always fine statements by African leaders. Then they go home and deal with tribalism, religious conflict, and, if they truly want to better their nations, corruption in government. Unfortunately, like this speaker, external influenced are emphasized, and internal issues downplayed. I am not stating that external influences have not historically been damaging. Only a fool would say that. I am merely stating that wonderful speeches are no substitute for facing all issues forcefully
Abdoulaye Traore (2 months ago)
May the prayers of our ancestors be with you Mr.President
UUGR BT STUDIO (2 months ago)
He has all the points Pals #hoo haah people wake up as he is trying to make you ! Soon expect something towards his acctions by the ones who dont like the #facts - so called pwerfall;freedom shuch shuch hoo haah#modern UN ----
GOOD MAN (2 months ago)
Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk no action. Tweaaa
Ọkaakaa Mmụọ (2 months ago)
fund in exchange for handouts. Something is so wrong with this paradigm..!
Kevin M (2 months ago)
In my opinion, president Nana is the next closest thing to Gaddafi. (He's a Gaddafi without gold & weapons)
Peter Kimani (2 months ago)
I salute you Mr President. Ghana is blessed to have you. We pray that your influence is bigger within the AU or that you take its leadership. Africa has all it takes to rise from the ashes of poverty and suffering. The answer is Leadership and Unity. I wish you God's speed.
Kelsey Tyler (2 months ago)
This man also let the US, the most racist and hateful country against blks set up a base and move into Ghana with the US military
Paul Irving (2 months ago)
"The West"!!! Not the East? Not the North? Not the South? Not the North East? Not the North West? Not UP? Not Down? etc
James Fasae (2 months ago)
#SLAVERY IS SOMEHOW RENAMED IN THIS NEW CENTURY. This Is A Needed Presentation To The World As At When Due, But I Will Be On The Opinion That The Un Address So Many Other Africa Countries That Are Indebted; "Colonial Debt" Must Be Addressed And Record Must Be Set Straight For Those Countries...Liberation Is When Don't Need Don't Have To Bargain The Differences Of Liberian Dollar To Others....
Henry Kris (2 months ago)
Black should know millions of Ghana black are burden on mr trumps country USA and on his govt don’t be burden man go back to ur country n do something good
Henry Kris (2 months ago)
Why blacks thinks they speak good English Hey black stupids his speach because some white school or somewhite person wrote is speach do you know your blacks were carnivals haha 😂
Henry Kris (2 months ago)
Why blacks thinks they speak good English Hey black stupids his speach because some white school or somewhite person wrote is speach do you know your blacks were carnivals haha 😂
AbdiLOC (2 months ago)
Africa is the future
AbdiLOC (2 months ago)
Africa is the future
Ali Omar (2 months ago)
I like this President
kofi sugar (2 months ago)
proud to be African...
MsMiscelaneous (2 months ago)
Really proud of my president!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
MsMiscelaneous (2 months ago)
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 yes we must get our population educated and trained...
MsMiscelaneous (2 months ago)
Right on! Some dont need to be poor for others to be well off...👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 there are enough resources in the world to make us all happy
Saif Shaikh (2 months ago)
Love for Ghana 🇬🇭 from India 🇮🇳
King Breezy (2 months ago)
What the so-called civilised West did in Libya is one of the biggest crimes in the 21st-century after the Iraq war..
God bless you sir
Cortez Hollister (2 months ago)
Respectfully he did not address HOW Ghana or other countries in Africa will move to DEFINATELY remove the threat of Chinese colonialism. They're hiring their own executives into the corporations, the areas surrounding these are turned into China towns to have the Chinese housed etc etc etc etc. The Chinese are not stupid people while afrika is stating that Chinese colonialism is a possibility, they're studying to have Chinese schools setup for the children of those that came to Africa a few decades(now) earlier
kwabe5000g (2 months ago)
Doesn't matter how smart he's sound's he still another puppet
Matthew Acheampong (2 months ago)
Proud to be Ghanaian💕
Sunz Rising (2 months ago)
Why did Melania go to Ghana not Slovenia... but since she's there remind her of history -Trump's trash & future- Africa's with China.
TROLL KING (2 months ago)
TOPSHOOTAS (2 months ago)
Has this speech been redacted? It doesn't seem complete...
ROBERT RUSH (2 months ago)
Gorr Yumbul (2 months ago)
UNGA = talkshow
ogaGentle (2 months ago)
Such a well-spoken and articulate leader. www.humansofnigeria.org , please take note.
Sparta side tv (2 months ago)
White racist Europeans are stealing africas wealth. And corrupt white slave politicians are behind it
Shadow (2 months ago)
he's a good speaker, that's about it
Nana Kwasi (2 months ago)
Nice speech, may God bless you
Nkosi O'Nombewu (2 months ago)
stand up Africa!!!
Mr626667 (2 months ago)
The stronger Africa becomes the stronger black people become around the world.
AncientAngelCosmic (2 months ago)
Why are we Africans always looking to other countries for help when we only need to use our own ingenuity, people power, and the natural resources to transform our native African societies into leading civilizations that are on the leading edge of all facets of the modern development of societies today? We are always claiming that we are "equal" to all other ethnicities, so why aren't we "doing" equal to all other ethnicities? And why are we relying upon the failed economic models of the European authoritarian heirachy of wealth/resource distribution based upon paper currency/capitalism/slavery that is slowly strangling and enslaving the entire world! We must develop these new systems of resource distibution, work, and governance! By being the wisdom of the world, we Africans are in a unique position that allows us to see the mistakes and problems of all other economic/financial/resource distribution systems of other nations, and develop much better systems that eliminate all areas of povert, disease, and lack! We can do this! We are the source of all civilizations! It is time that we start acting like it!... Great video. Thanks for sharing. PEACE!✌ OUT!👋
KEMAL JEMAL (2 months ago)
wow !what a leader for Ghanaian! you should be proud of him; visionary, determined, and educated...

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