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Kids Say The Darndest Things 3

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SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE #KYOOTSQUAD!: http://bit.ly/kyootkids Kids Say The Darndest Things! That's why we're all here, right? We've posted two of these funny kid compilations already, and you guys are LOVING them. So today, we're giving you another installment of our brand new Kids Say series. There is no doubt that kids really do say the darnedest things. Don't believe us? Watch this compilation of hilarious kids who are adorable, sassy, witty or a sweet combo of all three. These are some seriously funny kids, and we're here to laugh! Like the kid at 2:53 who says, "Or not..." Like this compilation if you are LOVING this new Kids Say series! Comment down below with your favorite clip from the comp. Mine has to be the one at 9:18! You'll never call it a, "cupcake," again! LOL! Kids Say The Darndest Things 3 Kyoot delivers your daily fix of LOL kids clips and premium original content for kids of all ages. Come visit us to see all of your favorite cute baby laughs, funny kids, and parenting fails!
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Kyoot (24 days ago)
BEST OF KIDS SAY is now up on my channel! comment KIDS SAY 🦄 on the vid for a chance to get a shout out 🎉🎉🎉
Michael Krasava (15 hours ago)
lol 😂
"Touche".....that got me.
shivon lewis (1 day ago)
melissa reese (2 days ago)
Sheila N (27 minutes ago)
Love batman :D)))  https://youtu.be/WKEtCMZLNZs
Mario’s Twin (1 hour ago)
Shi Pugly (1 hour ago)
I honestly can’t say anything cause I did the siping on sauce thing when I was little
OnlyTheOceanJJ (2 hours ago)
“There’s a yard sale up there, mom!”
Team F2 (3 hours ago)
3:15 Whenever I get my paycheck
IVAN JEAN BAPTISTE (3 hours ago)
you can never get mad in the end
Swordchild001 (3 hours ago)
Why not? lol
xXCRYSTALWOLFXx (4 hours ago)
3:17 Aunt:so what do you do for a living Me: I sIp On SaUcE!
RiskTheNugget 23 (4 hours ago)
Dad: i pity the fool Kid: i peed in the pool THE WAY SHE SAID IT I DIED
Gaming Ocean (4 hours ago)
Melody Smith (6 hours ago)
Your robin kay 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Drag0n 2908 (6 hours ago)
Kyoot and kids make me cringe
Camda Beast (6 hours ago)
5:30 I need a personal trainer like that
Mohanad Megahed (6 hours ago)
i aint saying nothin, roses are red vilots are blue your hairline is dodod
TTV_DrewDrop_YT (6 hours ago)
Very triggering and very funny...
cats and dogs luna (6 hours ago)
my brother said oh s*#t when he dropped his ipad pro 9
Ryan’s Tv (7 hours ago)
Marcizz (8 hours ago)
3:17 I seep on sooce
Fabiola Aguilera (8 hours ago)
Fabiola Aguilera (8 hours ago)
Lilly Petersen (8 hours ago)
This kind of makes me want kids
Carmen Peters (9 hours ago)
Couple of minutes in the corner will cure that.
Albinodachsund 900 (9 hours ago)
Blessed B Thy WiLL (9 hours ago)
Put the egg down... cracks it and drops it .. lol
Valerie Ramirez (9 hours ago)
Lol the confidence when she says helicopter 😭
Violet Daderpy (10 hours ago)
Happy birthday your old 😂😂
Logan Campbell (10 hours ago)
Savage baby 😂😂
Crazy Vlogger (10 hours ago)
Yoshi yes evil Yoshi no (11 hours ago)
3:15 I sip on sauce
Yoshi yes evil Yoshi no (11 hours ago)
0:55 - 1:01 my favorite
Yoshi yes evil Yoshi no (11 hours ago)
0:03 you're old
Waffle Boss (12 hours ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue No one new THAT I LIKED MY OWN COMMENT
Youtube4play (12 hours ago)
fun video, please visit us too
smal turtle (13 hours ago)
And then we can dye *i dont want to d i e*
mysteriosmell (13 hours ago)
1:51 to 1:54 i cannot
Sergio Corona Palazuelos (13 hours ago)
5:22 *D E S P A C I T O*
Wolf Sky (13 hours ago)
I accidentally click the video but I sure like the vid
Hampuff Stuff (13 hours ago)
That kid dancing with his pants pulled up high got me crying 😂😭😂😭😂
paul bartlett (14 hours ago)
In the car in driving mama crazy
Carmelo Limun (14 hours ago)
TheLegitDogeXD (14 hours ago)
they protect they attac but most importantly... they roast back
Kaylee Stickler (16 hours ago)
1:43 😅
Fat ass OAF (16 hours ago)
3:15 this kids lit 🔥
Jose Martinez (16 hours ago)
8:31 Cant Stop Laughing
Samuel Stalder (17 hours ago)
2:00 That kid's going to be a CEO or something when he grows up.
Jose Martinez (17 hours ago)
5:21 Despacito 5:42 Bad Blood
Alexia Mason (17 hours ago)
Prasant Bhujel (19 hours ago)
HOWW DO I STOOP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
WinkedOutKat 09 (19 hours ago)
3:09 that’s some advice for me! I’m turning 10 next month
sandralee burke (19 hours ago)
The third one,she didn't say anything darn,she didn't know what dye mean
Sebastian Adame (19 hours ago)
😊😂 What's your problem... I'm not playing that game anymore.. 👱Lil Anakin Skywalker 😂
Emi20 66 (23 hours ago)
CrystalGacha (23 hours ago)
They need asian parents 😂 i said a bad word when I was a little and didn't know what it meant and my mom locked me in the bathroom
josy bab (1 day ago)
Who else wants to be a helicopter I want to
Zana (1 day ago)
He will choke & die🤣
Infury (1 day ago)
2:17 ummmmmmh
Kat Gamez (1 day ago)
Cece is old.
Retrac (1 day ago)
Original Slimers (1 day ago)
MoMmyz Fatttt
Kerry Wilkinson (1 day ago)
Your an idiot
Aslan Esperat (1 day ago)
kind smart and inportant i am beautiful am perfect mommys fat
Aslan Esperat (1 day ago)
this or that this or that thats thats why your ruining my christmas am not ruining your christmas its not even christmas yet touche
Angela Westerman (1 day ago)
Say love you Or not 😂
Josh the ice king (1 day ago)
“Mommy’s fat” ok we’re done people we did are job anger go away you just did your job now it’s my turn
Illusional Horse (1 day ago)
What are you eating? Butt cake... lol.He was tearing it up
zuya cutie (1 day ago)
What is your father name .?? (Daddy)🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michelle Young (1 day ago)
Michael Horton (1 day ago)
* 5:23 Alexa playing Despacito *
Rochelle Spencer (1 day ago)
Sings “I’m perfect, mommy’s fat” like she‘s Broadway🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 I could not stop laughing
Jehanuman (1 day ago)
Girl: I like cups Mom: oh ok do you like mommy Girl: Uh no.. I don’t think so
Jehanuman (1 day ago)
3:36 when your teacher gives you more maths homework
visionz O_O (1 day ago)
TheeIcePanther (1 day ago)
Normie humor
jaylee torgerson (1 day ago)
lol thay are so funny
Majo (1 day ago)
" i don't wanna die " FAVORITE PART AJAKSJKAS
Tony Rogers (1 day ago)
Necro (1 day ago)
*I WaNt To bE A HeLiCoPtEr*
andreapink1 (1 day ago)
Ian Pezzotti (1 day ago)
*I ain’t commenting nothing*
Ahmed Dahir (1 day ago)
I want to eat cookie dough does it taste like cookies
Colton Johnson (1 day ago)
Lacy Bug457 (1 day ago)
5:48 - 6:03 girls having a breakdown because they can’t find nothing to wear
SpectraLuna (1 day ago)
She identifies herself as an attack helicopter, please respect her gender
WaywardRobot (1 day ago)
0:56 Neutral Good 4:30 Chaotic Neutral. 2:00 Chaotic Evil 3:43 Lawful Evil
TheBitterness (1 day ago)
"There's a yard sale up there, Mom" Lady, you raised your daughter right. Applause.
*Wapes away fake tears*
Slayer Frankenstein (1 day ago)
This kids are so SAVAGE 21 Savage shoulda take notes
milk and cookiesTM (1 day ago)
*"touche"* *ME*
Gush 35z (1 day ago)
I hate when I’m typing something while I talk to my parents and then I accidentally type what im sayiok I’ll have chicken for dinner
Smiley's Life (1 day ago)
"Why'd you do that" "Why not" I'm so weak 🤣
Eby (1 day ago)
00:26 savageeeee 😂😂
Emma Tomlinson (1 day ago)
7:48 omg me
Slim Shady (1 day ago)
what are u eating? butt cake
Zombie Virus (1 day ago)
7:16 what she said
AnqshusxX (1 day ago)
3:22 I guess he’s lost in the sauce
Abby Goodrich (1 day ago)
The yard sale girl had me WEAK
Nariman Mansoor (1 day ago)
The boy that drank the milk was so funny

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