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How to Wear a Navy Suit 5 ways | Men's Style & Fashion Lookbook

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How to Wear a Navy Suit 5 ways | Men's Style & Fashion Lookbook By Carl Thompson, Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger. Every man's wardrobe should include a navy suit, it's easy to style and suitable for all occasions, from work to wedding. There are some colours that work well and some not-so-well. So if you are heading to the office or want inspiration for what to wear at a wedding then this video is for you. My channel offers men's style, fashion, lifestyle & travel advice plus general vlogs on the inner workings of my life! Navy Suit: From Hawkins & Shepherd 100% Wool Range: http://bit.ly/2v0OuIo All Shirts: From London Shirtmakers Hawkins & Shepherd: Look1 - White Pin Collar Shirt - http://bit.ly/2v8U7IA Look2 - White Tab Collar Shirt - http://bit.ly/2tV0peT Look3 - Blue stripe with white collar Shirt - http://bit.ly/2w1gTm6 Look4 - Red Business Shirt - http://bit.ly/2i4ayR1 Look5 - White Button-Down Shirt - http://bit.ly/2uOgeR8 Remember to subscribe and follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hawkinsandshepherd
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Text Comments (46)
Florian N (15 days ago)
love this first tie. which brand is it?
sanchit srinivas (2 months ago)
Simply dapper 👏👏👏👏👏
Moshe Semenya (3 months ago)
Check IG: suits2suit_jhb mobile boutique
LucK Liam (3 months ago)
i just need one for war
John Carlo (3 months ago)
# stop abusing the camra man
Gladiator vivin (3 months ago)
Plz comment the song u used in d video im crazy about d music
Naima Saoudi (3 months ago)
*Un guignol* qui se croit mannequin 😂
SHAH IMRAN (4 months ago)
Leekirkley Kirkley (4 months ago)
Cud u tell me where to get the tie and pocket square from .the first suit thanks
Crearesiteweb Ionut (5 months ago)
Hi all, someone knows first suit in what collection can be found? Thanks
Aplus_Nerd (6 months ago)
Atleast tie the tie to the appropriate length, above the belt line.
slmeucalesa1 (6 months ago)
On point
ryan hearne (7 months ago)
Omg that's the street where I did my IOC exam 😂 most stressful day ever - love the style
Ajesh Kumar (5 months ago)
Carl Thompson really look good please tell which brand is this ..
Dj Valak (7 months ago)
He has established that we're fools.
Anand prasad (8 months ago)
Which color shoes are perfect for Navy blue suit please suggest me......
akshaye anand (5 months ago)
Anand prasad Dark brown looks better!
Anand prasad (8 months ago)
Carl Thompson Thank you
Idris Barakat (9 months ago)
Hey Carl-Could you please tell me where did you get your pocket square from look 5?
Idris Barakat (8 months ago)
Hi Carl Thompson, thanks a lot for reaching out.
sam core (10 months ago)
lot of mistakes i noticed
SCD Observer (10 months ago)
A smile makes such a difference. Do smile more. Great production.
Emmanuel Wu (11 months ago)
He looks like Tony Stark’s long lost brother
Lucas Simon (2 months ago)
Gladiator vivin (3 months ago)
Ur right
gimmiepig (11 months ago)
Well aren’t you fucking cool!!!
Minatozaki Sana (11 months ago)
Black belt dark brown dress shoe. Hmmm u sure bout that?
Kushal Chauhan (2 months ago)
Minatozaki Sana as sure as your father is your real dad
Arone Titong (3 months ago)
+Federico Rama Nugraha okaaay
Federico Rama Nugraha (3 months ago)
Arone Titong i know manny of the fashion content creator said that . but still there is nothing wrong in fashion .
Arone Titong (3 months ago)
+Federico Rama Nugraha cause they said that if the color of your belt is black then the shoes needs to black too
Federico Rama Nugraha (5 months ago)
Minatozaki Sana why not . style is free
westfield90 (11 months ago)
All very nice
frank lamanna (1 year ago)
Where did you get that tie in the first look!!?????? Love it
Aathavan Subakumar (1 year ago)
Didn't know I was gay
Jonathan Montalvo (5 months ago)
Shuceeb Hassan (8 months ago)
Jay RYU (1 year ago)
I like the first one
Aron (1 year ago)
Do you buy suits and then have them tailored or do you get your suit tailored for you when you buy it?
benz m (1 year ago)
Carl could you please tell me where did you get this frames?
benz m (1 year ago)
Carl Thompson thank you very much. Im big fan :)
Lakendall Madlock (1 year ago)
Hey carl Thompson im a big fan. Your lookbooks are amazing. Keep them coming
Human Research (1 year ago)
Ace work, clear, crisp looks! Be good to have some commentary.
Yvonne Keeley (1 year ago)
Just fabulous! Capi di tutti capi of looking the bomb! 👍🏻😃
patch (1 year ago)
Noice...loving the 1st and last looks.

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