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What Does Deathball Mean? | Overwatch

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Throwback to one of the OG strats in Overwatch that's still being used today. You love to see it, you hate to be against it, that's right; it's the deathball. Want more Akshon? We're now on Discord! 😎 Join us for live game discussions, content suggestions and more! 👉 https://discord.gg/tSymunh You can catch the official stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/overwatchleague Connect with us for more content: Overwatch League: https://goo.gl/inJERD Behind the Akshon: https://goo.gl/o8Aouc PROFiles Videos: https://goo.gl/fqMp7e Follow us to stay up to date with our releases! Website: http://www.akshonesports.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akshonesports/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akshonesports/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/akshonesports Our gear: Microphone: Rode Portable Studio Recorder (NT1AI1BUNDLE) https://amzn.to/2HK7uB2 Camera: Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR https://amzn.to/2sRqaKv Video credit: - 1 minute of "WOLOLOOO" - Call of Meme - Gordon Ramsay: An Idiot Sandwich - Rowby - Overwatch - Season 1 Placements - 10/10 (Mercy) Erzz197 - CS:GO - TOP 8 GLOBAL ELITE RANKUP REACTIONS! - I HIT CHALLENGER TIER IN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS WOOHOO! - Pants are Dragon - Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void - Ladder Revamp - Starcraft - Starcraft: Brood War - Zerg Mission 10: Omega + Ending + Credits - Kebooooo - Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings - CuteFloor Music credit: Jamie Berry - Sweet Rascal - Electro Swing (Non-Copyright) - RafcoNator You can catch the official stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/playoverwatch #overwatch #overwatchleague #esports
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Text Comments (167)
patthemightymat (2 hours ago)
And then goats existed better than a lucio
GeckoGiver56 (4 days ago)
so it just goats but faster
number1woofer (6 days ago)
No deathball is when you gather all the mobs into one location sot hey can be aoed faster
Hint Of Sarcasm (9 days ago)
Death ball = goats
Macar00ni Gaming (10 days ago)
When brig ults I always thought she said I like thin men
Shaun (11 days ago)
Once I saw the team composition right here 2:25 I thought he got confused with goats.
Robin Ruttner (11 days ago)
Azrily Rhul (12 days ago)
Damn hoplites.
Fabian Gonzalez (12 days ago)
I hate playing against Aussie drive-by it actually hurts my soul
CMSonYT (17 days ago)
deathball the only thing bronzes MIGHT understand
andrew levin (18 days ago)
A+ pacing a editing, love the style of the videos
Zeli Qian (27 days ago)
deathball= whoever loses the first guy loses the fight
Mike7998 (1 month ago)
GOATS is a problem. That finally got solved.
Kristian Pagan (1 month ago)
2:13 Isn't this GOATS comp?
Jonay (1 month ago)
Why do you make the footage so small? Great editing and video in general though!
Paul Hendeson (1 month ago)
Please expand the videos. I’m watching on mobile and can’t zoom.
Insty CZ (1 month ago)
deathball in nutshell: rei, lucio, zarya
Schwabbel (1 month ago)
I was expecting Hammond
Michael Williams (2 months ago)
Will you be doing bunker?
yeet yeet (2 months ago)
Then whats the difference between dive and deathball?
Alex Coffman (3 months ago)
That wire border is really annoying
Kenyon Clark (3 months ago)
Your border on this series makes it painful to watch on mobile
Akshon Esports Overwatch (3 months ago)
Thank you for the feedback. We will take this into consideration for future videos to ensure a better viewing experience for you guys.
KieferPlayzFTW (3 months ago)
My favorite setup is rein zarya Brigitta mercy DPs doesn't matter if the first 4 is good (Brigitta is my fighting buddy, I bubble her, she shield me) and mercy is a great healer and can rez, rein for the protection, cc, high burst
B Bull (3 months ago)
New strat 6 torbs
Doncroft1 (3 months ago)
Burst, not bursted. Bursted is not a word. Love the videos.
MaxN'Motion (3 months ago)
What does "CC" mean?
HI THERE (3 months ago)
GOATS "This is going to be fun to cover in a future episode"
zen (3 months ago)
Good video that actually is useful. Subbed.
And i thought I already knew what it meant!
The Bionic Bee (4 months ago)
4:23 As a Reinhardt main, that is the most dumbest shit I have ever seen.
Casey Walsh (4 months ago)
Actually, classic deathball always included Rein, Lucio, AND Soldier as Soldier was the strongest DPS in the game at the time of deathball's rise to META. Pharah wasn't a strong counter because of Soldier being so strong and Pharah having weak mobility when she moved in the air as her buff wasn't patched in to give her faster movement in the air, also even before that McCree was basically a sniper and could deal with her even more effectively. Usually, in a textbook deathball you would run Rein, Lucio, Soldier, and Zarya as the must-picks, then Ana would become must-pick for DB after her release and buff, the 6th pick was always the flex pick being either a 3rd tank or a flexing DPS to counter whatever they would try to run (Usually Genji by default) and the team fights would always focus on wearing down the Rein's shield so you could start dishing out the real damage, otherwise focusing on getting your Zarya's grav before the other team did and get a team-kill and winning the fight quickly after. The META shifted into dive because of the Soldier and Ana nerfs in Season 4 and effectively removed 2 of the 5 must-pick deathball heroes from the META, killing off deathball.
Cringe-Kun (4 months ago)
Why the picture in picture in picture framed thingy
Ya boi Victor (4 months ago)
Rein is one of the most importat tanks, and his ultimate is game changing.
Ya boi Victor (4 months ago)
Im a Reinhardt main, you can bet i love it.
Boba Fett (4 months ago)
Loved the star wars reference
ShiningLeopard27 (4 months ago)
Your voice so so boring mate, good video otherwise
Grenix (4 months ago)
The best way to mitigate that verticality weakness is to run a Symmetra combined with Lucio's speed boost, will allow your team to get anywhere quickly, regardless of hero choice
I’m hiding in Turkey (2 months ago)
Grenix no sym is a trash hero
Edward Dickson (4 months ago)
Who thought of dragon ball because of Freiza
bersi raw (4 months ago)
The amount of white space is giving me a headache. Why limit yourself to such a small gameplay window?
lGold lGold (4 months ago)
Yeah bish Lucio mains. <3
Disappointment (4 months ago)
ive played games with this strategy for a while including overwatch and ive always heard it being called 'grouping'. great video though! keep it up
Jerome Anthony R Santos (4 months ago)
I call deathball Blitzkrieg for some reason
love singh (4 months ago)
A suggestion for future videos in the series, please use full screen videos for the next one. It was very painful to watch on a smartphone. Otherwise gj.
Jason Baterna (4 months ago)
I thought death ball was attaching Symettra turrets on a basketball.
Ludvig Olofsson 7B (30 days ago)
well youre not wrong..... i guess
Jaden Kirby (2 months ago)
Gia Princess it doesn’t work like that. The sentry turrets on the ball will be destroyed when they hit the ground.
Gia Princess (2 months ago)
Jaden Kirby she can just punch it
Jaden Kirby (2 months ago)
Jason Baterna Yeah it was. But now we can’t do that since Symmetra can’t bring the basketball with her because her primary fire is different now.
Gia Princess (2 months ago)
Jason Baterna it kinda is
Evan Fanara (4 months ago)
Well you my good sir, just got yourself a sub
HolyRolyPoly (4 months ago)
I love videos like this. This is why I follow this and Akshon
陈厚邻 (4 months ago)
4:22 Who does that? What kind of reinhardt does that??
Rayb0b (4 months ago)
deathball will become more literal with hammond.
Dkyguy1995 (4 months ago)
"Why won't they die" basically what I say anytime I go against a good zarya
JAJAJA (4 months ago)
Delete Dive.
recoilgenerator_OW (4 months ago)
i miss the beyblade meta
Manuel Brod (4 months ago)
Bro deathball by far wasnt the longest lasting meta by far, we had dive for 2 years almost
Basil Schmid (4 months ago)
Nice vid bro👌
That One Pickle (4 months ago)
I always thought Deathball referred to a team centered around Graviton, where once a successful grav was pulled off the team could capitalize more than normal off of the ult.
Barbashop _ (4 months ago)
I literally wstched this video and watched raddekans spinning in the 90's video and saw another one of your comments
IMBayu PATTEN (4 months ago)
#Blitzkrieg Make deathball called Blitzkrieg
death recon (4 months ago)
5 years later WELCOME TO SEASON 95
Dante2831 (4 months ago)
I remember doing something like this but I didn’t know what it was called. It was at the time when Ana got nerfed with her nano boost. The one where is removed the movement speed. I told our Lucio to speed boost me as I was rein and Ana to nano boost me. We won the game.
HypeRplaya (4 months ago)
Do more videos about compositions and strategies like this please!!!
Pujan P (4 months ago)
Awesome video! Educational, nostalgic and well made
Pachimari_Zero (4 months ago)
I prefer calling it moriameatball
Doncroft1 (3 months ago)
I loved that title.
SupermarketHobo (4 months ago)
Ana is coming back big though
Daniel Gonzalez-Aldana (4 months ago)
I'm so glad you do these videos, being plat and not knowing this is terrible for me lmao
Justin A (4 months ago)
ChiefCrispyNips (4 months ago)
Such a great series
BestGameREEviewer 2249 (4 months ago)
Wrecking Ball > Death Ball
Fite-4-Ever (4 months ago)
Meta reguarless I've always preferred a 3 tank 2 heal 1 dps comp
over matched (4 months ago)
fuck goats
Zald The What (4 months ago)
Dive will be a long video then.....
Matteo Marchesini (4 months ago)
Best ow video and series of the year
Goldendino14 (4 months ago)
My team uses goats and I need that video next pls
Peanutchocolate (4 months ago)
this is the video on GOATS
AlertPlatypu s (4 months ago)
In Australia it’s a drive trough not drive by
jaber Ahmad (4 months ago)
Dallas  lmaooo
Dallas (4 months ago)
Drive by means shooting out of a moving vehicle, not stopping for food.
JT Wei (4 months ago)
oh thanks. I was waiting for a video on different seasonal comps. Never rly knew why they were so preferred.
ghostfighter21 (4 months ago)
Loving this, keep up the good work. Edit: I missed the beyblade song being used. So good.
Akshon Esports Overwatch (4 months ago)
Lawrence Tider (4 months ago)
Hey, just explain to new players what Flick Shots are. I personally want to know why they actually work at all.
Travis O'Rourke (4 months ago)
Eye of the Kaiser ❤️
Travis O'Rourke (4 months ago)
Eye of the Kaiser ❤️
Al Zhang (4 months ago)
Super high quality content!
Santa Hoh (4 months ago)
Why won't they die that killed me
Julian Schmilinsky (4 months ago)
Last strat is goats
Julian Schmilinsky (4 months ago)
This meta is pretty old. Ur late 13 seasons too late
Ryan Holcomb (4 months ago)
?Deathball is still being used today with great success.
Yo. I'm Dirk (4 months ago)
I love these explanatory videos of yours! Thank you =)
Spider-Gay (4 months ago)
1:52 “ in season ten” ???
Jabari (4 months ago)
This is impressive. Probably the cleanest OW video I've seen yet.
PowerEhre (4 months ago)
So complicatet I doesnt understood this
Jozlin (4 months ago)
love these videos :)
Jozlin (4 months ago)
No problem man, keep up the great work!
Akshon Esports Overwatch (4 months ago)
Thx for support!
William Ying (4 months ago)
Heh, my six stack of friends can always destroy death all because my zen always kills the Moira the first 30 seconds or the Lucio because of my aim
thadex (4 months ago)
Deathball meta will never die
The Nugget God (4 months ago)
I love your guys' videos high production a and great content
Khajonsak Jermprapai (4 months ago)
The most underrated strategy in Dive-bias Community of Overwatch.
chris gouw (4 months ago)
Brilliant production quality, the use of memes was brilliant in the way it was amusing, but relevant to the point you were trying to explain. And the explanations were simple and easy to understand if you are pretty experienced in this game but just lack the game sense knowledge to run a strat like deathball. Great job!
Akshon Esports Overwatch (4 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words!
BrandenDaAsian (4 months ago)
Ouch I miss Beyblade meta. Reaper, Zarya, Lucio, Ana, Dva, and a misc. DPS was the best thing to grace this game since "I need healing".
Avona Starsurge (4 months ago)
The second reason pharah counters deathball is because of her AoE damage...
Neil Wiggs (4 months ago)
D.Va counters pharas ult. Healers are strong (brigette+lucio+moira= more than a direct hit rocket healed per second). Add the D.Va, Rein and the Zarya and what exactly is a pharas going to do without an equally impressive dps and tank with her?
SunBro \[T]/ (4 months ago)
Age of Empires damage?
Kaheim (4 months ago)
Kawaii sung no it’s not, it’s because of her verticality.
Kawaii sung (4 months ago)
Avona Starsurge it isn’t that bad. A good pharah can easily carry to masters.
Luvex (4 months ago)
I hate brigitte
AJN EUROPEAN (4 months ago)
great vid again! goodjob.
theacp127 (4 months ago)
Great video, now if only people knew how to play Lucio correctly.
Illicitbike278 (1 month ago)
Lucio is a healer and people say "Oh it's there to balance him out" if he wasn't a healer then he wouldn't be there but he is and have to heal no matter what. People don't know how to play him and it's frustrating to even see them and act like he's only good for speed
sans undertale (4 months ago)
screw the team, speed in there and take out their zen before the game even starts
Neil Wiggs (4 months ago)
Playing lucio for team is run because FAST AS FUCK BOI
Aura_Owl 05 (4 months ago)
I something being called bad lucio looking back, I wish I know how to play lucio teamwise
disLudo (4 months ago)
idk why people constantly will nano boost tanks who deal nothing compared to dps.
Silentmelodies (4 months ago)
Cus DPS will just miss their shots 4Head
osaka199 (4 months ago)
The only DPS who's worth nanoing on damage alone is Bastion tho. Pretty much every DPS is less consistent in damage than an off-tank, and only worth nano-ing to combo with an ult. On the other hand, Tanks can build up an ult faster with the damage boost whilst having a higher tankability. Also, for the record, max energy nano Zarya has on the ballpark of 275dps, in a hitscan-like beam with no recoil or spread. You get the high energy Zarya nano'd and the enemies literally flee the point, I've seen it happen.
Ruben Ramos (4 months ago)
i assume it would also be so tank can get ult faster too
andy zhang (4 months ago)
Sometimes, you will need to clear a point full of enemies. A resilient presence on point, a close range damage threat, and a tank ultimate all can be massively helpful in that endeavour. Nano helps with all 3.
A Mad Hatter (4 months ago)
Well their are a few reasons: 1) save the tank in trouble e.g. D.Va with 50% damage reduction + Armor + high burst damage + mobility = a pain to deal with (although I wouldn't want it as D.Va but its not horrible either) 2) the dps wasted it before which causes Ana to lose faith in that players ability to use nano boost correctly (yes I've had it before give the Solider nano boost and he flops, yeah I won't give him nano boost next time if he flops that bad) 3) a mistake how do you think Boostio became a thing LOL
Sabu D. (4 months ago)
just found your channel! excellent content mate!
Draz'Gul (4 months ago)
You can't drop that Reinhardt cinematic death scene ;__;
HSeaW (4 months ago)
I'm glad that GOATS are getting their own video. <3
Aaron (15 days ago)
+MoonZee goats and deathball are not the same thing. This video doesnt really do a great job of explaining it, but back in the day, deathball was essentially a 222 comp with focus on team staying with a Reinhardt. Once people started experimenting with triple tank comps, the term deathball pretty much died and we all just started saying 222. Deathball's importance as a term wasnt so much about composition, but more of a playstyle, as at the time, western and eastern metas looked very different. Where as here in the west our meta typically was people all grouped with their Reinhardt, in Korea they had what we called a brawl meta where 2 or 3 skirmishes would happen simultaneously seperate from each other and D.va was a popular tank because of her mobility to move between the skirmishes. Once the eastern and western philosophies for this game merged we got actual metas, and both deathball and brawl became obsolete terms. Once western players started playing more with koreans that's when we saw the early stages of dive comp. They saw how high mobility was being utilized and thought, what if we made a deathball with that high mobility, and the rest is history. Theres a famous match from way back before we even had hero limits of one of the proto-dive comps where we saw triple d.va single support (lucio) (a comp that was considered to be an automatic loss) completely walk through valskia on attack in less than minute, to me, that was when deathball as a term died because we required more accurate terms to describe things such as 222, triple tank, ect ect.
MoonZee (4 months ago)
HSeaW that’s what I thought this was, but I’ve never heard it called deathball before.
محمد الأحمد (4 months ago)
Do a video about goats 🌚

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