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5 YOUNG MEN'S Style Tips | How To Wear Chinos BETTER Than All Of Your Friends

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Text Comments (1043)
Sayed Mohamd (1 day ago)
Why this much noise ?
Rahul Somodder (1 day ago)
Bro when you say chinos bt accidently i thaught its thanos.........😃
Suhail Ansari (16 days ago)
John Pablo (28 days ago)
Hello can someone please tell me where I can buy the Chinos??
John Pablo (28 days ago)
Hello can someone please tell me where I can buy the black polo
Jose Orea (30 days ago)
Where do you get your shirts?
vikas R (1 month ago)
Seems like someone is coping your hard work https://youtu.be/i9etmKU3_Gc
Andrej Dimov (1 month ago)
*Skip Ad* 5:10
Pamela Guerra (1 month ago)
I bought my husband some Chukkas for Christmas and he loved them, however he mentioned he did not have jeans for them. Could you guide me as to what type of jean I should buy him? I want to surprise him with the perfect outfit for New Years celebration. Thank you in advance.
sam the music maniac (1 month ago)
Love ur presentation dude👍👍
Aquarium lover (2 months ago)
nice physics
philboytano (2 months ago)
bro you should be a movie star! lol
Fashion4We (2 months ago)
This look really depends on how old you are. Would I appreciate an older man wearing chinos styled like the middle pic in the thumbnail uh no. They would look like those ladies in their 40s that think they are still 20..but would I appreciate it on a younger man absolutely. But that's just my humble woman's point of view.
MrDikembeMutombo (2 months ago)
Hey, could you identify the model of chukkas seen at 1:23? Thanks
rawpilot84 (3 months ago)
Are Chino's dead?
Luca Vithani (3 months ago)
Chino in spanish is chinese
robpk84 (3 months ago)
This was helpful for me, I just hit 34 and I can tell I'm starting to dress like a grandpa. Good inspiration to sharpen my look a little. However, my dude comes off as a bit douchey, but I can see past it. Thanks for the tips mate.
Don Vito (3 months ago)
can someone please help me where I can buy the chino??
notellinyu (3 months ago)
You again. How did I get here
Shola Kurniawan (3 months ago)
Halah mboh omong opo
Alexis G (3 months ago)
Where's ma boi zuniga?
supa6692 (3 months ago)
This was a fucking awesome vid bro
Tito Real (3 months ago)
Thanks bro! Was scared of using my fancy black shoes with the chinos
sheikh rezaul (4 months ago)
চুদির ভাই কথা বলস বেশি
Pranjal Shelar (4 months ago)
green chinos with black leather jacket and white t ....not looking good😢
Guillermo Zavala (4 months ago)
Does anybody know what type of polo that is
Benselama Mohsen (4 months ago)
God, you are incredible
mr hadishcur (4 months ago)
I like you & ur style
Lq James (4 months ago)
I really love the way he dressed. Woah so fancy man !!
sun'sayid RAhsad (4 months ago)
V-neck's are blouses
Forever Trill (4 months ago)
how do ppl not wear socks?
Joe Gill (5 months ago)
What kind of shoes can i wear with a blue dress shirt and khaki chinos?
Marco Peterson (5 months ago)
What shirt is that?
Thomas Wood (5 months ago)
Who here are not a big fan of chinos? Because I got judged the other day for wearing thm :((
Bijoy saha (5 months ago)
LINE ON (5 months ago)
vag bokachoda da
kefkapalazzo1 (5 months ago)
You hate the best pants in the thumbnail lmao tapered pants look so much better
Mulualem Fedessa (5 months ago)
Fadil Karmally (5 months ago)
Batty man
Vince (5 months ago)
Alphas don't wear chino's. Especially colored chinos with those feminine ass boots smh.
GringoBrandon (5 months ago)
Wheres that black leather jacket from!?! Killer
Engr.Pet (5 months ago)
Can i wear white airforce one lows?
Priya Kapoor (5 months ago)
Priya Kapoor (5 months ago)
nice look
Alpha Allieu JAlloh (6 months ago)
Hahaha. You are the best Alpha.
kingfai lo (6 months ago)
Thx I love it
udaysaleen (6 months ago)
shirt stays are underrated
Mustafa A. H. Mussawie (6 months ago)
Thank you alpha and thank you kkandjay finally i can jump and spinn and kick people without having my outfit ruined
kartikey pathak (6 months ago)
1:30 Bhai chutiya lag raha tu
amlan dutta (1 month ago)
Tu hey chu chu susuu chutiya😂
Diwakar Bhardwaj (4 months ago)
Khud Ko to dekh le pahle....chaman
Hasan Raza (4 months ago)
Texas Fender (6 months ago)
This guy is smoooooooth
Seven of Nine (6 months ago)
Gentlemen, I need some advice. I'd love to freshen up my game by incorporating chinos into my wardrobe, but so far every brand I've tried tends to show too much "bulge", especially for a business casual setting. This is, by no means a humble brag, far from it. Does Aaron or any of you have a suggestion on how to avoid this issue?
Carlos Salazar (6 months ago)
Alpha, big fan.....can you mske a video on how to were timberlands ...
akash1229 (7 months ago)
Black doesnt go with brown. Ever!
Adults forever (7 months ago)
8 gf 9y
Adults forever (7 months ago)
Yc9 TV
Caintastico (7 months ago)
I like how he ends abruptly in almost all of his videos. Simple and easy
Teh Francis (7 months ago)
This Guy is so stylish that's nice Man keep making these videos for us
Priya Gujjar (7 months ago)
Chutiya h
MoDerN QAis (7 months ago)
u look hot in chinos
Michael Darby (7 months ago)
Ok so which one is cooler to wear like temperature wise lol
axon199 (7 months ago)
pls no more kk&j's :(
imnotwatchin (7 months ago)
Man, this nog could sell anything..!!
Marie Constant (7 months ago)
Peau Khaki ,God Designers...Mr LES Binjamin's
Ajay Baral (8 months ago)
HEY ALPHA I been watching you for a long and long time and trust me, you now a days, i dont k know what happened but you seems more like TMF ???
Edison Wap (8 months ago)
hey guys, want a "free" brand-new T-shirt or short pant from Amazon? Now we want some honest reviews and feedback for our products, you can select a desired one among our products, we will full refund you by Paypal after shipment, if you're interested, please reply to me in comments for more details.
iyeey Shariif (8 months ago)
Bruh How Old Are You?? (
Harjinder Bachhal (8 months ago)
You are so smart bro...
Make Major (8 months ago)
love the enthusiasm
diggythedog (9 months ago)
anyone else think school uniform is aidssssssssssssssssss and craaaaaaabs comment "daddy" if you agree
Mohammad Zafar (9 months ago)
Amazing style sir.... You are ummah.... Hahahahahahah
Shakil Ahmed (9 months ago)
really bro you inspire me
saddam hussain (9 months ago)
Very informative 👍🏻
Fabu lous (9 months ago)
i like chinos
matilde Infante Merlo (8 months ago)
me too
MadaMada _ (9 months ago)
omfg i just now realised why he called alpha *M*
Ivan Lara (9 months ago)
Aunque no entiendo lo que dice por qué no hablo inglés pero me quedé pendejo con las recomendaciones a love chinos!!!!!!!
Britney Jones (9 months ago)
*FREE SHIPPING* Men's Casual Cotton Round Neck Short Sleeves T-shirt http://tinyurl.com/yaxb82s8
Raaz Chauhan (9 months ago)
Nibig Life (9 months ago)
Ass gay
Amar Ganapathi (9 months ago)
You look and sound like ... Leonard from BBT. 🤔 Great tips! Would you suggest a dark khaki chino or light one, Most of the chinos you showed are beige. I wanna know whether that’s the go to chino?
Rommel Cruz (9 months ago)
Can anyone tell the brand of the chelsea his wearing?
Prashant Shinde (9 months ago)
Nice sir I like it & I try it it's best in Hw to tuck a shirt I like thanx sir
Sandixing (9 months ago)
ngomong paan sih? :/
Michael Salazar (9 months ago)
You're gay
Agent Orange Design (9 months ago)
Anees Raj (9 months ago)
Make a video how to remove hair from legs permanently without shaving
Anish Ahmad (9 months ago)
Beld ka naam kya hai sir
Gaurav Gupta (10 months ago)
Funniest fashion teacher ever seen
Shah Alam (10 months ago)
Contract with me. I will provide you very cheap price original spandex twill branded long pant. [email protected]
Bobby Basic (10 months ago)
The chinos in the middle looks the best. Aka the really skinny ones. Wide chinos or wide pants in general are disgusting.
Pradeep Soundalgekar (10 months ago)
Style Hacks Every Man Should Know: Man's Fashion Tips http://tfortrends.com/mans-fashion-tips/
كان عراقي هنا
nero fred (10 months ago)
verry nice, fashion, thanks
Deepak kumar (10 months ago)
sadman sakib (10 months ago)
Is it possible to wear chinos with derby shoes pairing with a polo?
Arvind goldy (10 months ago)
You are dinamic bro
Cooking with Piyush (10 months ago)
Thank for the tips
Prosper Huang (10 months ago)
Good idea
Suhel Arshad (10 months ago)
Nice look
saugat Jr (10 months ago)
Jay Vee (10 months ago)
Dude you’re the fucking man! You definitely inspired me on how to wear my chinos a different way... thanks bro
Marcelo Matiello (10 months ago)
I can´t stand wearing or seeing shoes without socks.

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