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High Volume Hair for Men | Hanz De Fuko Review

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Check out Hanz De Fuko! : http://www.hanzdefuko.com Use Coupon Code CAMERON2 to receive 1 FREE Deluxe Mini Kit with any order. Well guys I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle tutorial and a look at Hanz De Fuko quicksand. I am really liking this product, its great because it adds lots of volume, it acts as a dry shampoo and provides great hold with a dry matte finish! A+ for Hanz De Fuko! ***Subscribe for new videos every week!*** Last Video: https://youtu.be/FMidVmdCOX0 **Vlog Channel** https://www.youtube.com/CameronAlexTv **Group Channel** https://www.youtube.com/classactcrew **Instagram** http://instagram.com/camcretney **Twitter**: https://twitter.com/camcretney **Facebook Page** http://bit.ly/cameroncretney Music: Stay- Otis McDonald- YT Audio Library Love you guys! Thanks for all the great comments and likes! Appreciate it!
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Text Comments (188)
Metodej Cerny (1 year ago)
Does quicksand dry my hair? is it suitable for everyday using? Thanks for respond :)
Amirul Ikram (1 year ago)
you remember when youtuber treat hdf like a god. old pepperidge farm remember
Metodej Cerny (1 year ago)
I have thin wavy hair and I want to like structured fringe bed look.Do you think quicksand is good option? I have heard that I will achive a of dry finish and it is good only for 2nd hair. Is it true? Thanks for respond:)
Nikhil Ahluwalia (1 year ago)
Hey cameron! did you find it easy to apply quicksand to your hair? what's the best way to apply it without any sort of pulling or tugging?
Surf Bradster (1 year ago)
What is the best holding hanz du fuko product
Matt K (1 year ago)
Surf Bradster Claymation is the highest hold then probably quicksand
Surf Bradster (1 year ago)
And highest holding
Anthony Goly (2 years ago)
His hair is same
Third eye Gospo (2 years ago)
Your pretty fruity. you need a dad in your life to man you up a bit
Adrian Bedolla (11 months ago)
Danny Rider god you’re retarded
Donuts With Sprinkles (1 year ago)
Steven Gospodarek wow what a bitch
NerfFPS Mods (2 years ago)
it's a dry shampoo?
FreakyDiquey (2 years ago)
Every video I see the wax holds up until you walk outside and there is a slight breeze lol..
Evan M (1 year ago)
FreakyDiquey I can confirm this
Juan C. (2 years ago)
Could you iron your hair while the product is in your hair ?
Landon Eaves (2 years ago)
I wouldn't.. heat protectant before, product after.
Matthew Streacker (2 years ago)
Matthew Streacker (2 years ago)
Cola Soda (2 years ago)
this is the best i used guys. if you want one get it! but its a bit too dry.
Ray Fagen (2 years ago)
nice style but i think you tried too hard to sell the product
Mathew Osorio (2 years ago)
I have thin wavy hair, should I get quicksand or sponge wax?
Albi Snow (2 years ago)
Quicksand for messy, dry, beachy look with lots of volume. Sponge for neater, lower volume, semi matte. I actually cocktail the two together coincidentally. Love me both.
wawan berlison (2 years ago)
Please reply what is the name of that hairstyle???
GucciGangCoco (2 years ago)
+WiLDxCaTz it*
Alif Berlison (2 years ago)
What is your hairstyle name at the video? Please Reply... i really like that hairstyle
shooterbro2008 (2 years ago)
Will this help keep my hair from getting greasy cause I use Sebastian potion 9 it looks great the first day but second day comes gets all greasy and flat and loses its volume
Mauricio Huamán (2 years ago)
Totally perfect for my thin unmanageable hair! I think i'll order one
Heyu Hiyu (2 years ago)
Heyu Hiyu (2 years ago)
+J Kellan then go killl yourself u gaylord
J Kellan (2 years ago)
+Heyu Hiyu It's funny how fucking stupid you are
Heyu Hiyu (2 years ago)
+Jimmy Ryan you have to wash it out, just because it acts as a dry shampoo doesnt mean you dont wash it out. my point is that its hard to completely wash it off and if you dont it will give you product buildup which will weigh down your hair
Jimmy Ryan (2 years ago)
+Heyu Hiyu I use claymation and quicksand and it comes out after like 2 washes but i only condition and shampoo every 2 to 3 days so i don't damage my hair becuase hanz de fuko acts as a dry shampoo. Over washing can cause more damage than before. And dont worry im not trying to be rude, just stating my opinion and what happened with me and just tryna help.
Jimmy Ryan (2 years ago)
daasa380 (2 years ago)
Do you use heat protector or does the product already have it in it?
ruBii - (3 years ago)
lmao, I watched this video today because I was bored and I love your channel and you're a fun guy. And when you said ya better be getting yo damn haircut, I felt like you were talking to me because I am getting a haircut today. How did you know Cam?!
Sergio Salgado (3 years ago)
Is it also like a heat protector
Chris RA (3 years ago)
My hair is really thin and i want to volumize my hair as much as i can and with strong hold , what hanz de fuko product best suits me ?
Amirul F. (3 years ago)
Satya Yaya (3 years ago)
claymation ,quicksand and dynamite clay ?which one the most comfortable in your hair? which one has the strongest hold?
Albi Snow (2 years ago)
+Paaschii hell no not quicksand. I love the product but with claymation you don't even know it's there and the hold is much higher.
Paaschii (3 years ago)
+Satya Yaya Quicksand
Amirul F. (3 years ago)
Jose Lim (3 years ago)
Claymation or Quicksand in your opinion?
Mike Capalungan (1 year ago)
Tyson 632 could you still use quicksand for thick hair though? even though it's recommended for thin. Bc I'm trying to decide between buying quicksand or gravity paste for my thick and kinda uncontrollable hair.
Tyson 632 (3 years ago)
+Jose Lim Claymation is for thick, uncontrollable hair but quicksand is for thin hair which will textures, volumize and still give an awesome hold
andres rivera (3 years ago)
Hey does anyone know how big the samples for hanz de fuko are?
Pg-13 (3 years ago)
Original by Blumaan vs Hanz de Fuko claymation?
Albi Snow (2 years ago)
Claymation if you have the following hair types: thick, wavy, curly, medium-long, hard to manage, unruly, coarse. The hold is much better. Blumaan is really just for prestyling.
Mikolaj Lukasik (3 years ago)
+adz mvm original isn't even out yet
Pg-13 (3 years ago)
+adz mvm Thanks m8
adz mvm (3 years ago)
+Pg-13 hanz de fuko claymation, original by blumaan its shit.
Christina Minenna (3 years ago)
that stuff made my hair feel like cement i cut it all off a while ago so its short and tapered but longer on top and i didnt like this product at all
Shoeb Khan (3 years ago)
Help me out I am really confused between quicksand and claymation as I am ordering international a 17$ is the shipping cost
Ali Hussain (1 year ago)
Quicksand is good for that because it gives a very matte finish with a lot of texture. I find it will also give some fullness to your hair if it is thin
Metodej Cerny (1 year ago)
I have thin wavy hair and I want to like structured fringe bed look.Do you think quicksand is good option? I have heard that I will achive a of dry finish and it is good only for 2nd hair. Is it true? Thanks for respond:)
Ali Hussain (2 years ago)
Hey bro depends what you are looking for What hold/shine are you looking for?
John Paul Tuscano (3 years ago)
You could also sell it to the Philippines to ever get my hair too
John Paul Tuscano (3 years ago)
You could also sell it to the Philippines to ever get my hair too
John Paul Tuscano (3 years ago)
cameron cretnay You could also sell it to the Philippines to ever get my hair too
John Paul Tuscano (3 years ago)
cameron cretnay You could also sell it to the Philippines to ever get my hair too
Mine (3 years ago)
How long is your hair? I've recently gotten my haircut similar to yours. However, my the long hair that border the part doesn't come over the top, instead it either sticks straight up or falls over the side. How can I keep it in place?
Niels Mantel (3 years ago)
so it is a good volumizing prestyler as well??
andrew alvear (3 years ago)
This Code still works if anyone is wondering lol
TehIndianGamer (3 years ago)
just got it this is so much better than claymation  at least for my hair! amazing product
Cristhian Cabezas (3 years ago)
Damn you got a lot of samples. I ordered 4 things and only got 1 sample
King Gaming (3 years ago)
Hey where you buy hanz de fuko? Because I really want some but I just couldn't find any I've been looking everywhere
jake herron (3 years ago)
How many inches long is your hair in this video?
Robin (2 years ago)
How long is it in the back?
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+jake herron I would say 4 inches
xD (3 years ago)
NO By Vilain!!!! ***Hanz De Fuko***
Aaron van Zante (3 years ago)
Hello Cam, What product do you prefer? Golddiger or Claymation?
Blu-Deeds (3 years ago)
How do you you make your looms natural but not damaged at all after washing products off your hair? Please help!
emir danial (3 years ago)
Hey!!....i want buy a product which have strong hold...and which is better betwen HDF or VILAIN?
Malcolm X (3 years ago)
hanz de fuko claymation has a good hold.. and by vilains, gold digger gives your hair extreme hold.. but by vilain dynamite clay gives you strong hold and boost your hair ☺
Karim Mashriqi (3 years ago)
What's a delux mini kit?
Patrick Kendrick (3 years ago)
If you have really thick, coarse hair... Do NOT use Quicksand. It will make your already dry hair look awful, and it will feel like you literally have sand in your hair. Not an appealing look (not to mention the smell wasn't that great either). After all the rave reviews the product has received over the years, I'm sure it's an outstanding product for fine, thinner hair types (it certainly adds some body to the hair). Not really knocking the product per se, just offering a word to the wise: make sure you have the proper hair type before purchasing Quicksand.
MultiEchoWave (3 years ago)
EVERYONE HELP. Ok I'm currently on American Crew Fiber. Ok cool. As I let my hair grow out a little more it's super thick and almost like a lions mane..will quicksand and or claymation work better?
Johan Pena (3 years ago)
+Shoeb Khan Try Kms California hairstay dry xtreme hairspray. Just a light mist over hair adjust style if you want let dry and add a light second pass if you want
Shoeb Khan (3 years ago)
+MadFlavaHeavyFlow81 thanks, I ordered quicksand and claymation both and got a free pomade. I also had an issue as in previous products as I apply them for volume plus hair spray hold and the look stays for an hour or two after that my hair kinda fall flat. I have sides buzzed to guard 4 and on the top it is 4 inches. Plz help me out.
Joseph (3 years ago)
+Shoeb Khan Unless you have super long hair, 2 oz will do you a good month and a half maybe longer lol. Quicksand will give you amazing volume and Claymation will give you good volume but a stronger hold. They're my two favorite products from hdf, but I like Quicksand a little more. If you have the money to spend, I would recommend you either get both or get the sample size box on their website. Hdf also has a new product called "Gravity Paste" dropping by the end of august and its supposed to have amazing volume and the strongest hold they have. If you want to wait until then i would do that. I'm super stoked for it. 
Shoeb Khan (3 years ago)
+MadFlavaHeavyFlow81 please help me out I am confused between these two products claymation and quicksand my Idea is to create a voluminous look and sometimes a messy fringe look. As some people say it is only 2ounces so should I order two packs. Pleas help me out I am doing a international order on their site and shipping cost is 17$.
Joseph (3 years ago)
Claymation & quicksand will work much better, but don't use quicksand every day unless you shampoo & condition every day. Quicksand will dry out your hair over a period of time, but claymation will hold your hair all day & even into the next day if you don't shower that night.
Leonardo Hernandez (3 years ago)
What kind of hairstyle can a spike guy can do
Sean O'Reilly (3 years ago)
Got the quicksand definitely not a fan. I can't use as much as you do it just makes my hair feel so gross. I've noticed that if I use it as a finisher on my hair it does a lot for me.
kirk presbitero (3 years ago)
Is this the clash with cam Chanel I've been hearing about?
eddie krawczykowski (3 years ago)
Hi, ok I have about medium size length hair on top and short on the sides! Ok so I have tried every product known to man and my hair stays styled for like 10 min and then goes down all over. It goes flat basically! It does not stay up.. Does anyone have any helpful hints for me? PLS HELP!!
Panchito Villa (3 years ago)
How long did it take you to grow your hair from the top?
exodus24 z (3 years ago)
What smell does it have?
Getrogo (3 years ago)
Which has better hold? Claymation or Quicksand?
Dean Paler (3 years ago)
versteher1986 (3 years ago)
+SportVideos MM Claymation
Trillz VL (3 years ago)
Does hanz de fuko shampoo volumize your hair also?
Melvin and Milton (3 years ago)
Hey Cameron! Great video dude! We love your style so much! Also we have used Hanz De Fuko too. Its a pretty good product! Have you ever tried the Gatsby brand? We have been using it and loving it!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+MC2 Thanks dude! I haven't yet but going to soon!
roli fabian (3 years ago)
Hy Cam ! How many times wash your hair a week?
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+roli fabian 3-4 times with soap and conditioner. The remaining days I just wash with water.
eddie krawczykowski (3 years ago)
I have a question! What products do you use to wash your hair? And what is your routine for washing it?
eddie krawczykowski (3 years ago)
Super awesome video! I love the hair style and I think you convinced me to go buy the product! I just gotta wait for my hair to grow back in after a terrible cut I just got last week!! Lol but seriously I'm gunna pick some up!
Fernando Roman (3 years ago)
how about tec italy hair products review?
BaelemKentER (3 years ago)
Hey can you review Johnny B products since there aren't many videos on them?
Ahmed Alazzawi (3 years ago)
Hairbond moulder or hanzdefuko de fuko quicksand
Ahmed Alazzawi (3 years ago)
Sean Michael (3 years ago)
These are two different products. Moulded is closer to Hanz De Fuko's Spongewax than it is to Quicksand.
Stefan G (3 years ago)
Hanx de fuko is 27 a jar. Its very expensive.
Sean Michael (3 years ago)
What's the hairstyle your after and the texture of your hair. Pending on the hairstyle you want to achieve, chances are you will have to cocktail two of hdf's products to get he result you want but let me know.
Stefan G (3 years ago)
+Sean Perez I'll check it out man. My hair is pretty long. I still do the comb over and i use gel and hair spray.
Sean Michael (3 years ago)
$27 a jar is actually standard retail for a high end hair product. The beauty with HdF is their products are potent which means you don't need a lot, thus they do last a while. It's taken me up to a year to finish a jar of Quicksand & so for $27 a jar, it's quite an investment.
MyOG (3 years ago)
Please dont make hairstyle videos again
DiLLZGFX (3 years ago)
Since it's organic could u say that it's "good" for your hair ?
Sean Michael (3 years ago)
All the ingredients in Quicksand will help keep your hair healthy.
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+DiLLZGFX Yes because there are no chemical preservatives that can damage your hair.
DenalPvP (3 years ago)
Atleast something is made in the USA
Abdullah Shabir (3 years ago)
U can never go wrong with Hanz De Fuko
babyDragon (3 years ago)
u like pork
dbocc88 (3 years ago)
Hey Cam - when Class Act Crew starts up, will you continue to use this channel? Great video as always!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+dbocc88 Yes of course! Don't worry!
Juan gonzalez (3 years ago)
He's got a left piercing right? o:
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Juan gonzalez Haha yes I do!
cammy1885 (3 years ago)
I've always done my hair the other way, dampen it, blow dry it then apply,product, gonna try this method
Rainista Style (3 years ago)
Very good info. I will try them out with your code.
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Rainista Men Style Great! Thxs!
Eli Cruz (3 years ago)
I like your hair a lot.
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Eli Cruz Thxs Eli!
Angel Garrido (3 years ago)
Can u give me a shout out i was ur 20 subcriber
Alex Po (3 years ago)
Hey Cam! Can you review the ByVilain producsts?
KryptonZombie132 (3 years ago)
My hair is longer in the front and like more than half the size in the back , will I be able to pull this hair style ?
Roarn' Styles (3 years ago)
Excellent cut and style, I like the Claymation, a really good product !
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Cruise Monkey Thanks!
Mr.Hatrick (3 years ago)
Mr.Hatrick (3 years ago)
Yo cam can I be in one of your vids I can review on Baxter of California clay pomade
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Mr.Hatrick HELL YA! haha
soccerjj2525 (3 years ago)
Hey Cam, love the video. So i was wondering if you'd ever do a review on American Crew Fiber. Also, do you get highlights in your hair, or is your hair just naturally both blond and black? Thanks and stay fresh!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+soccerjj2525 Going to be reviewing it very very soon! With in this month! I had highlights before, but my hair kinda has natural streaks.
Mc Cm (3 years ago)
+soccerjj2525 yeah pls review ac fiber :)
nick petsch (3 years ago)
Hair looks sick and the review was spot on, good work :)
Mc Cm (3 years ago)
Hey cam ! Dope vid :) I am thinking about getting the same haircut but I really like to slick my hair back, so I would like to know if you still can do a slick back with your most recent haircut :)))
Keno (3 years ago)
Amazing vid cam, i just want to ask you a quick little question. Should I either buy Wax from by vilain (dynamite clay) or hanz de fuko? What do u find better? Would be sick if you answer that question. Greetings from germany dude
blynch923 (3 years ago)
I enjoy the hold of quicksand but I'm not a fan of the beach texture. So I stick with Claymation and Sponge wax
Sean Michael (3 years ago)
Claymation is actually a combo of Sponge Wax & Quicksand together ;p
nick petsch (3 years ago)
Same here mate , quicksand just gets so clumpy like it gets tough trying to run your fingers through your hair
Sean O'Reilly (3 years ago)
Would love to see your thought on Morris motley
TheSalonGuy (3 years ago)
+Ryan Peters should have used my code SALON4 for 10% off
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Sean O'Reilly Going to get that soon for sure!
saif mahmood (3 years ago)
Which products are better Hanz De Fuko or By Vilain?
Zero Cooper (1 year ago)
Blu maan
LoligeAktion (2 years ago)
+Theplanbsk8r99 vilain de fukko
Daffa andira (3 years ago)
+Theplanbsk8r99 best comments
Theplanbsk8r99 (3 years ago)
Hanz de Vilain
Brian Tee (3 years ago)
Try to regulate your volume a little, so that your voice and the intro/outro or any songs played will be more or less the same volume, if not when it changes abruptly it's too loud! Great video though, your hairstyles is always improving (Y)
x x (3 years ago)
Looks awesome Cam and its very useful too which makes this product even better definetly gotta have it =)
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Ramiro van Belzen Thxs, yeah it sure does its great!
Victor Morales (3 years ago)
Great video man! Love it!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Victor Morales Thanks! Appreciate the comments!
Benny Jordan (3 years ago)
Do you like quicksand or claymation more?
Benny Jordan (3 years ago)
+Cameron Cretney Thx for your answer;)
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Benny Jordan Its not that I don't like one of the other, they serve different purposes. Claymation is a product if you want it to stay all day long and not have to touch it. Quicksand is a volumizing product so its great as a pre styler and if you want a all natural look to your hair. Great question tho!
Kevin Karnoto (3 years ago)
i want to ask something to you Cameron Cretney  if you don't mind to answer it. What is the best products between  by villain ,hanz de fuko and hairbond? .   I already used by villain silver fox, hanz de fuko claymation  and not sure to pick up what product after this. Thanks
Kevin Karnoto (3 years ago)
ah i see, thank you very much. Really appreciate that 
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Kevin Karnoto If you would like to try another product thats comparable, I would try Mr. Pompadour Natural Beeswax, Hairbond Shaper, and Baxter of California Clay pomade. All those products are great and very similar.
Jomari Angeles (3 years ago)
Nice 👌🏼
Ethan Bone (3 years ago)
Your hair is so nice, this product looks great as well I might check it out
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Ethan Bone Thxs! Yes give it a try, I highly recommend it!
Paaschii (3 years ago)
Awesome video and thanks for the review :)  keep up!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Paaschii Thanks for the comment!
Eero Ojala (3 years ago)
Should I gibe this product a try?, my hair is not very thick and the same lenght as yours.
Eero Ojala (3 years ago)
thanks for telling bro!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+ernestikoikka If your hair isn't thick I guarantee this product will do wonders for your hair. Its great for volume!
tile late (3 years ago)
What are your thoughts on claymation vs quicksand and claymation vs Mr pomps natural beeswax?
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+tile late . Claymation is a product if you want it to stay all day long and not have to touch it. Quicksand is a volumizing product so its great as a pre styler and if you want a all natural look to your hair. Mr Pomp has a different texture in your hair, it will have a little shine too it but the holding power is very similar to claymation.
Chiannon Vautier (3 years ago)
I always watch ur videos there amazing
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Chiannon Vautier Well thank you very much! YOUR AMAZING!
Vaishali Nathoo (3 years ago)
Hey cam cn u supply me with a coupon for byvilain. U doin great @cameron_cretney
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Vaishali Nathoo If I ever get a coupon code, I will let you guys now, as for now I don't have one with By Vilain! But check out Hanz de fuko!
Matthew Layon (3 years ago)
3rd lol
lew9777 (3 years ago)
Suh dudes Suh dudes (3 years ago)
I'm in love with this product! Amazing video bud!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Red Banks Thanks dude, I officially am too!

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