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How to Tell if a Guy Likes You

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Text Comments (106)
Lucas Hume (5 days ago)
What if he's not my friend
Ayat Ali (15 days ago)
Thanks for going directly through the point 👌
Jammy Jay (19 days ago)
So true....if he doesn't communicate with you or doesn't even try with you, he's not interested. He should be making some effort... even if he is shy.
kimmi (25 days ago)
So he doesnt like me
Hunna Ferdinand (1 month ago)
Or he can be super busy
Holly GoodHead (1 month ago)
Thank you for this!
Kez THE FAM (1 month ago)
Help !! There is this guy that stares me all the time when I visit his work it’s been going on for years if he isn’t there one of his relatives ring him to let him know I am there. Last time he asked me about my family he seems interested but I don’t know what’s really going on could you tell me what I should do ?
Cheryl Smiler (3 months ago)
What if he say hello few times a day or if he wave from the distance or when he sees you from the distance and come closer just to say hello?
IheartMariah (3 months ago)
If he looks at u and communicate with u and wants to know about u and ur family he likes u
Maye VB (5 months ago)
I rather listen to a guy’s opinion then women trying to advice women lol, guys are straight forward
NanA 4EVA (6 months ago)
What if he is trying to talk to me, but gets nervous
I just like Memes (4 months ago)
Hes shy aww
bongokhrusha (4 months ago)
of course
Anne Johnson (6 months ago)
Okay 👍 he calls me everyday even on his lunch break and after work we talk 2-3 hours after work. He texts me love songs all say and plans outings for us❤❤❤
Kelly Lewis (6 months ago)
i have known a man for almost a year. we only see each other at work. He is my supervisor. Lots of great times..laughter..joking...but we never cross the line with each other. I once told him I liked him and he looked down at the ground and smiled as if he were thinking to himself. I accidentally pocket dialed him. He purposely spoke to my pocket knowing i could hear him and he heard me talking to a co worker. i realized he was on the phone so i hung up in panic mode. then felt like an idiot hanging up on him and when i called him back i said im sorry over a million times and told him my phone dialed his number and he laughed so hard i didnt know how to respond. About 10 minutes of talking i realized he was driving but he kept on talking to me even though i wanted off the phone. whats this mean?!!! not to mention eye contact...he stares at men to ward them off...and so forth....copies me when i brush my finger across my nose..he does this without knowing it. he watches my every move its crazy...
nofy bn (7 months ago)
NO guy talks on a regular basis, BS on that!!
I just like Memes (4 months ago)
Actually some guys do. My guy friend talks to me everyday lol if i dont msg him he'd msg me lol its cute ik he likes me hes just shy i think
Fatimah Farah (4 months ago)
nofy bn LOOOOOL that’s not true g
April Williams (8 months ago)
He done these things but i think he has a girlfriend
Margaret Mccafferty (8 months ago)
You have a great smile dude , do it more
Emily Johnson (11 months ago)
Okay so my crush will talk to me one day, then the next day he will just stare, then the next day he Will talk to me again. What does that mean?
I just like Memes (4 months ago)
Hes nervous bcus he might like u and scared u may reject him. Just talk to him
Jonatan Svendsen (6 months ago)
Emily Johnson, it depends on the environment
Moose Squad (1 year ago)
I need help guys, he always smile at me and looks at me, and I had friends ask if he liked me and he said idk, but I'm not sure but in the halls he always looks at me and says hey but nothing back, he knows nothing about me, and one day I was pretty sure my sister and him were talking about me, and I was gone for 2 days and It was lunch time and he was smiling but when he looked at my table of friends when I wasn't there he stopped smiling, so I had another girl ask him if he likes me but he said no to her then someone else said so and he said idk then I had one more girl ask that and he said he wouldn't tell her because he knows that she was going to tell me, and when we first met he called me cute, and one day I cried at a dance and he said he liked me (when we first met he said he only did that to make me happy) and asked me to slow dance, so does he like me or not?
SnowboarderNOTB (1 year ago)
I asked out this kid sophomore year, 3 years ago.. when I did he didn't try to walk faster than me in the hallway, I'm 5'2 he's 6'0 .. he listened and I explained how my friends and his friends harassed him and told him I liked him, and that I was sorry, but that it was true and I liked him, and I just wanted to know how he felt, and I said okay?... Zac?.. he didn't look at me, and walked straight into the bathroom, he walked with me the whole way there .. But when he turned left and was in the bathroom it kinda made me say "what just happened?" Lol. So fast forward. Junior year, I am dating his best friend and he seems to tease his friend around me.. And always tries to one up him.. And also. During assemblies he sat next to, beside, in front, or behind me every year (after I graduated I realized this). Senior year we were in the art room, and I cleaned my stuff up and waited at the door for the bell, I had my Beats on and it was skrillex.. loud, I couldn't hear a thing.. next think I knew everyone's lining up and Zac stands right in front of me.. 2 inches away from my face so I backed up slightly and realized he wasn't facing the door.. But facing me, I didn't know if it was my headphones too loud, or him talking to me.. so I looked left, then right, then up at him and took one headphone odd slowly.. he looked kinda in a haze or something and said quickly 'did the bell ring?' Before I could answer it rung and he ran lol. I didn't think it was strange until after I graduated. Then at the assembly for the yearbook (which I pretty much put together) I was at the top of the bleachers, top row, where the stairs end right before it. And I was looking around, (my bf has anxiety and doesn't go to assemblies btw) and i saw zac.. and he was looking around and i kinda was staring and was like 'i wonder who he's looking for.' Lol then his eyes caught mine and he kept staring, I got embarrassed cause I was caught, but for some reason knew he'd sit near me.. Then when every seat was full around me I was sad.. people started to sit on the stairs, and his friend ended up at the bottom of the stairs and Zac and him said like "byes' or whatever to see Each other at the end of the assembly, and he came all the way to the top of the stairs and sat right in front of me, on my right, I swear we both knew he was there. And I was where I was sitting.. like.. subliminal, Idk and he turned and was like 'hey' and I said hi Anything I talked about hed answer, or talk or chime in, hed do this alot not just this assembly, then when I had to go in front of everyone, cause I was part of the year book group he was like 'good luck' and I said haha thanks, Everyday I swear id catch him making direct eye contact with me, but i would ignore it or call myself crazy, He had a class to help in the office, office aid sort of class that was an easy credit, and he's not one to smile, I walked in and he lit up ear to ear, and I got nervous and looked down the entire time, I couldn't tell why he smiled at me, I tried at all costs to avoid the office during his class period there as to not get blushy and nervous for no reason Also, to note, our humor is the same almost, sarcastic and we seem to go off of eachother humor easily, I really love people's humor, it really draws me to them. He told my bf and his friends that at parties he's turned down girls, apparently really hot ones, I suspected when I asked him out sophomore year that he would say no, like he did another girl that I thought I looked like (I dont) and weighed as much (I had low self esteem I wasn't half her weight) he turned her down and I think told her she was gross, I expected the same, but when he didn't even look at me when i told him my feelings and stood straight with his eyes straight.. it was embarrassing, I remember the next day I think in the hallway he was walking past me and i think he was trying to talk to me but I slid past the lockers and ran past him.. I didn't want to be rejected (suposidly) verbally after he didn't even give me the decency of a no.. just walked in the bathroom.. it really hurt, I gave been told sophomore year, scary, puberty, the unknown.. embarrassed, but he said no to another girl.. But nothing to me, I kinda felt even less than her, like maybe he threw up in the bathroom After we graduated I went to his party for ing away to college at his house and all his friends were sitting on the sofas and chairs, I was on the floor just wanting to go hang out with my friend but she wasn't at his house yet to get me, so I was txting her and other people A few days before on Facebook I posted that I wanted to go to the movies and see Kubo, that claymation that came out 2016, and during the party Zac said hey --- (my name) how was Q-bo? I was confused cause he pronounced it wrong so I started at him, then he was like cubo? Kubo? That claymation movie and I laughed and said oh haha it was good and ya Kubo I think is the way to say it, then he said ya I saw your post and I would have went with you but I saw the post too late My heart skipped a beat, and my bf was sitting right next to him and he said nothing just kept playing with this marble game thing .. And I just said ha, ya Later during the party I showed one of his friends my tattoo and was like "Ya my bf ------ doesn't like it" Zac literally cut everyone off and was like "who gives a fuck about ---- retarded opinion" I was like oh.. okay.. in my head lol, and my bf said nothing... Then later on during the party, Anthony threw a marshmello him and his friends were melting and eating when said I didn't want it, next thing I knew Zac threw a water bottle at him, and it hit the wall.. Anthony ignored it completely.. like it didn't hapoen.. it was a hard throw top it bounced off the wall.. if it hit Anthony it would have def/ hurt.. everyone went quiet and then one kid picked it up and made it a game.. it was.. weird? No one commented on why or what or who threw it.. strange.. Also I sent him a Facebook request 2 weeks before graduation. Literally the day after graduation he accepted it immediately and that was exciting. I remember fights with my bf and id txt my 2 best friends, and now him cause I had him on Facebook messenger, id tell him stuff and worries and really mean stuff my bf did, he never answered, but also never told me not to txt him, hed read it through and through each one, never blocked me or said to stop.. answered some stuff, and when I texted normal and not stiff bothering me he'd txt me, as if the night before I wasn't balling my eyes out txting everyone frantically, kinda like him walking in the bathroom sophomore year, then 2 years later is all confident - sometiems- talking to me. Also side track thing.. he'd do this. .. whisle... weird w hisle, and it got my attention each time, and sometimes when he walked past me, hed do it, and one time I was at my locker, he was walking towards the office down the hall, he starred the w hisle, and I hid behind my locker door and watched him sort of look over his shoulder in a way. Idk to see if I was watching? Weird weird I know haha. Also I messaged him one time about my art and what a character in a game was called, and he said 'I'm sorry, I was in class I would have texted sooner, the character is --- " and told me my artwork looked awesome, and texted me that time, as if I never texted emotional stuff.. like when I had break downs kinda stuff, and when he came and saw my apartment and Anthony was there and their other friend, Idk don't you think if you didn't like someone, and they asked you out years ago you wouldn't try to initiate convos? He would and has always initiated convos, except for like a month after I asked him out he kinda avoided he and seemed embarrassed. When they came over I was sitting on the sofai had just bought popcorn box, and I out it next to me, and he was like 'hey ---(me) was that always there?" I said what the popcorn? Nah I bought it and he was like 'phew thought I was seeing things' that sounds like a 'hey what day is it's just to make convo.. does it not? Maybe I'm crazy, Idk . Also he uses my nickname.. haha, which i usually only let kids, my mom, boyfriend, and brother use- cause it's Ari.. And it's kinda childish sounding so I wouldn't want the average Joe to use it, Arianna sounds more grown up lol Lemme know what you think, I hope this novel wasn't too much to handle hahahaha
Erin-Nicole (1 year ago)
My crush and I talked for like 4 hrs on the Facebook chat is that a sign he likes me?
Remi Seabury (1 year ago)
I have this boy I message all the time and I mean all the time. We hang out aswell out of school and he comes to my house. But my friends have tried to ask him if likes me or not and everytime he denies he does I'm so confused
Charity Griego (1 year ago)
He is inarticulate in the past couple of videos and working algorithms for search results and not giving much advice
Dia Night (1 year ago)
Actually there are some guys who are interested but are too shy or too nervous to talk that much with a girl. That's what happened with me
kyle wood (1 year ago)
Discovered your channel love it😍
ILoveMomo NoHomo (1 year ago)
He talks to me and texts me everyday but that’s because we’re best friends and we also hang out a lot so what does that mean?
Mehwish Owais (20 days ago)
ILoveMomo NoHomo according to this dude he likes u hence he’s your friend
marishkaspirit (1 year ago)
what if he asks many questions about me and if i need something he's helping me next second and putting the effort, but he doesn't communicate on regular basis, in fact quite rarely cuz he says he's not the type to do so..does that mean he still likes me?
Hey man I want to thank you for everything you have been like father to me since my father never was around much I learn everything I am from you thanks keep doing a good job
Abigail Vickers (1 year ago)
Yay I think he likes me omg omg omg omg skreeeeee
Texana Batey (1 year ago)
I have this guy at my school he is ok when we're in the luch line or stuff he Sars at me and when I turn a round he looks away I'm very tall and he is a little short and I don't know his name
Jennifer Mendez (1 month ago)
Look his picture up the yearbook(s), that's one way to find out what his full name is. I did this once in the past and found out my crushes full name. Hope this helps. :)
Joy E's Life (1 year ago)
Texana Batey me too I saw him like for like 3 months and don't know his name but haven't seen him in like a year I can't even remember his face.
Dyfrig Shandy (1 year ago)
Navya (1 year ago)
I love how these videos start
Fabric (1 year ago)
I love these videos straight to the point and no bullshit.
Kiley Noelle (2 years ago)
What if he's deployed and in the navy ?
Kim (2 years ago)
My crush talks to me a lot but never texts me. What does that mean?
Dyfrig Shandy (1 year ago)
white well then he is the real men maybe
Anasztaziya Wan (2 years ago)
That he only talks to you when you're in front of him, maybe. That, or he's too shy to text you
Salena Culpepper (2 years ago)
what If he makes time for you?
Dystany Shiaka (2 years ago)
If he's the first one to watch my Snapchat
Emily Smith (2 years ago)
he used to text me and call me everyday but now he doesnt... i always text him first because i get worried that he has someone esle in his life now but i have changed my mind am not going to text me i wanna see if he really loves me so basically get his attention
Anasztaziya Wan (2 years ago)
Good idea. If he doesn't text you, he probably doesn't care XD
jhusmarie (2 years ago)
There is this guy, he's actually quite but he often looks at me,he likes holding my hands but then at times he shows me that he isn't interested. So am confused I need help plzzz!😢
emmemm (2 years ago)
😩this makes so much sense....
Nia Carter (2 years ago)
Is there anyway you can contact me? I need your advice on something please. #NewFan
Chydova (2 years ago)
What does it mean when a guy calls you "silly"?
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
he's flirting with u and he likes u
pranay pradhan (2 years ago)
dis guy rt fo all d girl
dev bachu (2 years ago)
he does but busy
Destiny Batchelor (3 years ago)
What if he stares at you? He is not in my class, but I see him during map testing. He looks at me. When I see him looking at me, I look at him and sometimes he don't be looking. But when I act like I don't see him, I actually be peaking and looking at him and watch him looks at me. Oh, I almost forgot, when the teachers announces us to go somewhere, he waits until I get up. Then he finally decide to go. Please tell me if that means he likes me!!
destiny love (1 year ago)
Destiny Batchelor yeah it does in a way
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
yes he does like u and a lot of shy or normal guys do that because they want to be close to a girl they like so yes he likes u but know this be friends with him first and get to know him and he got to know u so prove your friendship with him ok
Alenka Love-you (3 years ago)
I hate when my crush is stare it at me but he is ignoring me I dunno know what that mean....
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
he likes you and trying to get your attention go talk to him and be friends with him
Keiko Cabral (3 years ago)
Non of those things he does to me so I'm probable guessing he doesn't like me
Gabriela Jones (6 months ago)
+Atid Mata BenIsrael awww
Queen Directioner (6 months ago)
I feel you. But prob cause he has a gf/wife or shy or whatsoever. Because my crush does not do these things but I feel his liking towards me. Idk y. It is annoying😭
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
or he might be shy who knows?
Lizzy Angel ™ (3 years ago)
please may you help me there is this guy and he stares at me alot and his friends does to and once his friend helped me and i bumped into his friend once but when i say hi he hardly replys what should i do?
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
he's shy so try to get to know him bring your friends to talk to his friends and then u go ahead and go up to him and say ''hi, how r u'' or ''what are you doing'' something like that and tell your friends to go to his friends to go out somewhere to the mall or somewhere fun idk but do it so that u and your friend and him and he's friends can go and hang out and then the both of u have some space to talk to each other and get to know him a little more and most of all don't go real fast on getting to be his gf or something like that be his friend for now and get to know him so that when the time is right one day u can go ahead and then marry him so prove your friends with him and he got to prove his friendship with u
JElayne9 (3 years ago)
My manager and I have been dating for a few months. He claims he is so in love with me and shows all the signs that he's attracted to me. He recently said he wanted to marry me soon. However I hardly ever hear from him outside of work. What could be going on. If hes with someone else why would he mention marriage and tells everyone at work he wants to marry me?
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
that's fake sis, don't believe him just break up with him if he doesn't talk to you and hang out with you when the both of you are outside of the job then don't even dare to get with him just move on he's lying with u and playing with your head and he maybe got with another woman idk but don't be with him ok
Thecanadianwitch (3 years ago)
this guy lives close and crossed him a couple of times on the street between my place and the corner store close to his place, every time he talked to me, at some point he told me where he lives exactly. Wednesday i stopped outside by his place, he was outside with his dog, we sat down beside each other, chatted and told me i could come back in the evening..as i had to go.. i went back and told me i could come back tonight (thursday) so i went again. i dont know him much, he's intriguing me. Yesterday he brushed hands a couple times while exchanging lighters of hands, tonight i caught him looking at me pretty much from head to toe but also caught him gazing at my lips and my breasts, but not too long not to make me uncomfortable. Gave me chocolate, again hand brushing. said i can come back when i want... you think he's interested? he was tired tonight when i arrived but when i suggested i should go as he's tired, after 30 minutes, he said i didnt have to go right away, so i stayed.
Musicalight (5 months ago)
I need help guys.......What if you were on your way and you see a guy who locked his eye with you and was jogging but suddenly he stops jogging and suddenly locks his eye with you.....he tries to jog but he can't......he just stares you with a little opened mouth.......cause this happened to me day before yesterday and the same guy was waiting on the same street the next day, he was just hoping that he sees me and then I approached there I see him and there was a thought suddenly running inside me that omg it's the same guy.....I don't know him at all nor he knows me... we are completely unknown to each other.....I have to go in the same way caz I need to go to my highschool......I am confused y cant he stop staring at me and is there waiting for me even the next day on the same street....he was with his labrador the next day.....I am really confused as so y was he waiting for me......pls can anyone remove my confusion......pls reply
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
i advice u to stay away from him because he seems fishy to me and he's plotting on something and the more u go to he's house the more closer he can get into your panties and rape u or just have a one night stand with u so don't go to he's house anymore don't trust guys like that because he can plan on doing something bad to u so stop wat your doing and just leave
Dia licious (3 years ago)
hi Dating logic! I know a lot of people ask you about their issues with liking guys\girls, but had just a question. Long story short, this boy at school knows I like him. I just don't know how to approach him. we throw out signs that we're feeling each other, but how do I talk to him?
Jeff Morgan (3 years ago)
what if he like um follow u
How R and S see it (3 years ago)
I need advice. Ok so my Friend who I used to date was texting me yesterday. And he told me to come outside (I live across the street from him) and told me he had a surprise for me. So I asked him what it was and he finally told me that he wanted to kiss me. So we did. Then later that night I text him and he apologizes for kissing me! I thought he was going to apologize for being horrible to me but he didn't. But when I kissed him it made me happy and we had a lot of fun too. But when he apologized he said that he got his feelings "mixed up" and that He misunderstood what he felt even though he said he never stops smiling around me in the same sentence. I love this kid and I know he loves me. But I think his friend is trying to pull him away from me and telling this guy that I'm not good enough for him. Because he has before. I don't know what to do :( help.
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
that's a hard advice to tell u but if he really loves u he'll do anything to come back to u no matter what but if he's a player then leave him because to me it sounds like it's 50 that he's playing with u or 50 that he loves u but he's lusting after another girl idk but i advice u to stay away from him no matter what just to see if he would come back to u and ignore him and don't talk to him and have fun with your other friends and talk to another guys and be friendly with them that's all so don't get close to him nor talk to him got it
Leyla Shams (3 years ago)
Perfect explanation.
libra rising (3 years ago)
But,What if I have never spoke to the guy neither him, but i feel that he stares at me.What does that mean?
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
+Lukeni it's just your thoughts your mind can think a lot of things so just ignore it
Jorgia Gute (4 years ago)
Hi theres, thanks for making these vids. I have a question. We aren't close friends but we do have a couple of classes together and do group work together. What's it mean if he's usually asking me about uni assignments or getting me to check his work when he could email the teacher for clarifications? Also whenever we're in class talking, he tends to talk a little softer than usual and I hate how I have to lean in just to ask him to repeat the qn. Why does he do it? It's so annoying! Is he trying to hint something or just taking advantage of me? Thanks in advance
IminlovewithJakub (4 years ago)
Hmmm.....what about being jealous when I talk to other guys, and talks to me in person, and asking what I'm doing later on then he tells me he is just gonna chill out later?
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
Guys can be territorially competitive with other guys. Not necessarily because they like the girl in question but because they want to be seen as "The Man" by their peers. That may be what happened in your case. He doesn't seem to be that interested in you, just territorial, hence the jealousy when you talk to other guys.
ROMP Duo (4 years ago)
By communicate do you mean text/call? Because he's in half my classes so I speak to him a few hours a day and he seems really keen but he doesn't make an effort to communicate beyond that.
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
Text/call or in person. As long as there is communication going on. 
Brittany Walker (4 years ago)
Awesome! The communication on a regular basis thing got me to get the hint on a few guys
mtber75 (4 years ago)
Dudes are often sporadic in the communication so I wouldn't say he is not interested if he communicate once or twice a week. He just might be shy. 
SXTH BOYS (1 year ago)
mtber75 true shit lol
OneLovee53 (4 years ago)
There's this guy I see once a week at a college event Every now and then at the event, we would exchange words (mostly hi and bye with long hugs). Once in a blue moon, we would talk for a while and actually have a small discussion. I notice he stares at me from a distance when I go to this event and he doesn't look away when I give him eye contact. This guy I'm describing is really confident and talkative. I think he likes me but he doesn't really do any of the things you mentioned. So is he not interested?
OneLovee53 (4 years ago)
Oh ok. So if it's a game, the best way to play the game back is not feed in to the flirting right? Just leave em alone.
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
Yes, some guys do flirt with females for the heck of it. They don't really care about being misleading. It's about the thrill of the game.
OneLovee53 (4 years ago)
Ok, Thanks for your response. He flirts with me sometimes too. Does that just mean he's a flirt? Do guys flirt with females for the heck of it, if they aren't interested in a woman? Wouldn't that be misleading to a woman that does like him?
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
He is not interested. Sometimes a guy will look at you from a distance just to admire and not necessarily because he wants to start anything. Also, being that you know this guy is really confident and talkative, there is no reason why he wouldn't have made a move by now.
ChocolatelovesCookie! (4 years ago)
hey I have a question. Alright. So there is this dude that I know and he went up to one of my friends and said oh so your joining band or whatever and you shuffles his eyes and me and blushes at my friend. BUT HE IS SO SHY! does he like my friend? he's talked to her a bit I mean not a lot. but ya know
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
u go ahead and ask him when your friend is not there and say ''hey do u like my friend?'' that's all
ChocolatelovesCookie! (4 years ago)
ok so I want to ask him if he likes her... how would I do that with out making it seem like that my friend likes him? because I just gotta know!
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
If he blushed at your friend, he may like her.
Da'Naisa Love (5 years ago)
Your voice smh why ???
JPM42 McCartney (4 years ago)
What do you mean?
Angie Doss (5 years ago)
Yay!! I have all of this!! I'm sooo happy! 💗
butterfflyess (1 year ago)
did you get married?
Sabine Alex (5 years ago)
like your expression very much, thanks
Dina Marie (5 years ago)
Well this is so unbiased lolol Not necessarily true a guy doesn't like u if u goes M.I.A a couple of days, he could be busy or have life issues lol ijs a couple days a week is not a big deal...maybe 2 wks he doesn't say anything then duhhh lol
Dina Marie (5 years ago)
lmao ikr
Erin Lane (5 years ago)
arent u a little old to be making this its kinda creepy and desperate
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
what do u mean?
NaturalNiciea (5 years ago)
Very good advice

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