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Will He Come Back? Do Guys Usually Come Back?

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Text Comments (112)
Not crazy but he cheated she removed i.u.d to get pregnant they have it not as easy as he thought we been married 24 years will he come back
Georgie Is MGTOW (9 months ago)
Do girls ever come back ? Only when the they realize grass is not as greener on the other side as they thought.
Amanda M. (8 months ago)
Amanda M. (8 months ago)
George Is Straight Elite no this one.
Anita MacKinnon (9 months ago)
He's back after 35 years. He texts me every week.
Shex B (8 months ago)
Anita MacKinnon wow
Stoica (9 months ago)
Anita MacKinnon 😄🤔🤔
j4Rose (9 months ago)
Why would you want to wait months or years?
Libra8410 (10 months ago)
I love how he has 81K subscribers are his videos are 2 minutes long 😆
LoveofVelvet (6 months ago)
Ikr??!!! Love how he puts the "effort" lol!!
Grace (10 months ago)
Mentally unstable lol I’m screwed
Purr and Fur (8 months ago)
You can do damage control and than don't speak to him anymore.
BALDE BALDE (1 year ago)
I have toooo much pride to ever take a girl back.
Soniya (1 year ago)
this is when the guy leaves the girl dummy
Why Me (1 year ago)
Does getting mad and saying horrible things cuz your hurt define as crazy or violent?? lol 😂 you need to define it better because I'm pretty sure lots of people get made after they get broken up with and gave there all to a person
La Sirene (1 year ago)
Mine won’t come back. He hates me and is stubborn.
snezana kohlbacher (4 months ago)
mine too, plus I was going crazy at the end, hahahah
Hollie Jane (1 year ago)
Hmmmm my boyfriend won't answer my calls texts from today I know he's at work tonight but I think he's blocked my number I have a slight feeling that he done want I did to him block him and cut him outa my life but then I came back I have no idea what's going to happen but tbh I love him even tho we live quite far apart I wouldn't turn down any offer to go see him
Fast2Fab (1 year ago)
Rose McGinnis (1 year ago)
They all come back even if you were crazy, the problem is that I normally have no room for these "goners", no love and emotion, I just offer them friendships.
foranimalwelfare (1 year ago)
ALL of mine have come back!
Irene Maina (1 month ago)
Same here...
Vero Essn (1 year ago)
From an unavailable attitude on the first day we met to a growing desire by him to see me so often over the last seven months with intensity growing in the last two weeks, then suddenly- “we cant continue, we are not compactible” . I just need rationale minds to analyse this for me. Now listen to this:  We spent two weeks chatting and calling and fantasizing about seeing each other after about 5 weeks (cos he travelled ) and he invited me over to his place last weekend and unknown to me , it was going to be the final day. He served me the best meal, we had wine together, had very nice intimate moments, went for a walk the following day. There is no scientist or soothsayer who could sense any premonition in those texts and watsapp messages. it came from his heart. A little misunderstanding and he came out real- WE ARE NOT COMPATIBLE, WE CANT CONTINUE, LETS BE FRIENDS.  It was the sword put through my heart. I tried explaining everything , trying to persuade him, I didnt cry, I wailed, I grieved but he was too decided in his thoughts to listen. As he drove me back to my place that evening, i could see him struggling with conflict of emotions, looking at me from the rear of his eyes and from time to time holding my thighs and arms when the traffic wasn’t much. The Big question: Will he ever show up? Will he ever reconsider his decisions? Will he contact me again? I have already started the non-contact rule and i am confident about myself in leading it on for a while. I am good at no contact.
nakeisha miller (2 years ago)
what if he keep staring at me while his gf there nd keep watching my snaps
CrumbleCrumbs (2 years ago)
Define "unstable" after the break up lol
Mackenzie Meadows (2 years ago)
why do boys break up for you for no good reason
JE ENN (2 years ago)
Was I crazy? I sent this breakuptext after he was ignoring me for a half week! "Why are you so mean and exit what we had this ignorant way!? Okay if we only had been on a couple of dates but not a dozen since August and you lately led me to believe we had something Going on, that it was good between us and you wanted to meet. I don´t understand how you can act like this after all. I had much higher thoughts about you than you being this coward. You are not man enough for me, so I delete you everywhere now. Goodbye"
Ketan Nagra (2 years ago)
dude can u made a vedio on signs that she is flirting with u
Ketan Nagra (2 years ago)
drac464 thanks
drac464 (2 years ago)
I'll tell you signs that she is flirting. She touches you or tells you, other than that she's just being friendly. By touch I mean without provocation. A friendly hug if someone died is not the flirty touch or a high five for a job well done. I'm talking about grabbing your hand and holding it when your in the car or holding onto you somehow longer than 30 seconds for no reason. Often men think too deep and see friendliness as flirting, I guess women do the same. You also can always ask if you are unsure.
Raquel Li (2 years ago)
they DO I had an ex come back after 10 years!!!! But he came back at a bad time I was pregnant and engaged
Faeries_Xylia 923 (9 months ago)
Raquel Li did he really think you were gonna wait for him after 10 years? Lol
Intelligent Dating (1 year ago)
pikapoo18 (1 year ago)
Raquel Li lmao
Mrxdeliciousx (2 years ago)
He left me because of the navy and so much more in his mind it's gonna be two months I bet he left over seas and he left me with no reason and the last time we saw eachother he gave me the best day ever and treated me like a queen then the next morning he texted me breaking everything off I cried until my eyes burned and I still cry I could say I wonder if he would ever come back he left without a reason we both respect each other so much and I'm 100% sure there wasn't another girl. Can someone help me with any opinions please???!!!
Signorelli 98 (8 months ago)
Mrxdeliciousx mine left me for the army even if we stuck together during his basic training before (in my country basic training is obligatory and he decided to make it his career)
Alexandra Astor (1 year ago)
Mrxdeliciousx mine was Air Force.
Sidelle Sydney (1 year ago)
I think he’s gonna come back it sounds like he did that to not hurt himself
Camille CE (2 years ago)
Mrxdeliciousx the best thing is too leave him alone until he realized what he miss out , so don't stress over it !! just keep yourself busy and move on too , keep yourself health too !! I have the same thing going on with me its not cool ...
Amira Bunymin (2 years ago)
mine is in the navy too....
safier321 (2 years ago)
Hahahaha at 0:10 .."as long as you are not crazy and mentaliteit stable.." Hahahaha
safier321 (2 years ago)
+emma _. Blm hahahaha 👍😂
safier321 (2 years ago)
Oh "mentally"
Abby Normal (2 years ago)
this kind of contradicts your other video about exes coming back.
Vkei+fitness (2 years ago)
He blocked me and deleted the app we usually talk on but I don't feel like we are broken up just a rest for now doing the no contact and meanwhile keeping myself uplifted and feeling that our relationship will get better because eventually we will have to communicate again we shared too many connections to not
Doomer (4 months ago)
this kinda gives me hope... someone i was so sweet to, and treated well cut me off, and deleted and blocked me everywhere. i found out he secretly met someone else but after 3-4 days of dating i think he broke it off with her. they dont follow each other on ig anymore. i hope he messages me back. everything hurts
Mrxdeliciousx (2 years ago)
+Vkei+fitness hey girl well idk if that's good or bad but just know your worth so much I hope everything worked out for the best!😘😘
Vkei+fitness (2 years ago)
+Mrxdeliciousx thanks he already been back a month ago :3
Mrxdeliciousx (2 years ago)
Stay strong he will come back specially if you treated him with respect all the time
Riema Dia (2 years ago)
They do, I am a living proof but once I am done, I am done :)
Karen Martinez (2 years ago)
I feel you, I stood by my ex through all the ups and downs and I put up with him and his behavior but after a while it gets old and I was done with him and the whole relationship
Em Garcia (3 years ago)
What if he acted crazy lol. Psycho. I broke it off with him. But. He blocked me on whatsapp. I can't get myself to block him.
Well its kinda true except if you are dating him only weeks but if you date him for months or even years there s huge possibility he will be back even only one single message HI or a friend request on fb. I broke up with my ex of 7years and after 2months he tried to reach me and called me and said he missed me eventho i was the dumper one. Then i dated this guy for only months and he left me (im not sure how long because we broke up and got back for so many times during one year) and after 3months he came back. We started dating again and brokeup (mutual) and after 2months he came back again. These past 3years hes always the first person who congrats me happy birtday (today is my bday) even when we dont chat at all for months he suddenly chat me at 12am just to say same exact thing (happy bday lol) and we will continue chatting. So yeah. Even hes n emotionally unavailable guy but he comes back pretty much as well. lol,. The next one is my last ex bf we were together for a year and on sept he dumped me and after 2weeks he came back begged me to take him back. And again he dumped me 16days ago and until now we dont talk at all. Im not sure will he be back or not. But i found out hes always be the dumper one in all of his relationships. So yeah let see. It hurts me to know he doesnt even say happy bday to me and i remember on dec i celebrated his bday with my family and we even made a short movie. So yeah its breaking my heart into pieces when he doesnt even care about me. lol
Mikaela P (3 years ago)
Well I acted a little crazy hmm and it was our second time trying so I'm not sure
snezana kohlbacher (4 months ago)
+okaygirl141 the same. 4 months of NC nothing. maybe cos I ve packed all of his presents and put them in front of his door, and than bloked him everywhere, hm, still feeling sad, and miss him
okaygirl141 (2 years ago)
Just move on and learn from it. I acted like a psycho with two of my exes when we broke up. Maybe I'm happier single
+Mikaela P same. 2weeks ago we broke up and i act a little crazy. I didnt scream whatsoever but i cried like baby. Im not sure he will b back pretty soon. 1st breakup he came back nearly 2weeks after but now its been more than 2weeks and today is my birthday and he doesnt send or call me. Well we dont talk each other after breakup actually.
hello kitti (3 years ago)
I'm a little mental unstable you could say, because I have Anxiety disorder. But he knows that and he understood. And he loved me. We were together on and off, but mostly on for 6 years. The last month I was going thru alot and my anxiety was worse than normal and we bickered alot. But we would make up and cuddle like we usually do . we were suppose to move back in together but then all of a sudden he broke up with me. He took me back after I pleaded with him, but he was distant. Then I texted him that i missed him and our cat and he said he moved already and him and my cat are happy and in due time you might see us again. After that i freaked out and texted him pleading again and he changed his number. We haven't talked since. I was messaging him on his Facebook. He reads em but doesn't reply. His best friend just died too Thats why I messaged him saying I'm sorry for ur loss. I also pleaded and begged some more. I feel foolish. But I cant help it. With my anxiety Thats just how I react. And he knows me very well. He knows how I react to things. He still has our pics up on his Facebook. I'm sticking to the No Contact Rule now. But he races thru my mind everyday. I miss cuddling 28th him and my kitty cat. I miss him so much. I dont kno what to do. Im afraid ill lose him forever.
Phoenix Léa (11 months ago)
How r u rn?
uperiju (1 year ago)
how did it end? did you get back together?
J OneLife (3 years ago)
Its been 5 weeks Im giving up! I don't have his number, I left him a facebook message but he rarely goes in there, just saying hi whats new, not freaking out, never asked if hes with someone....
Shayla D (2 years ago)
+Massiel Acosta Marchena Lol that's so funny how guys comes back.
+Diamond Hargrove Girl in my case its been 6 months he started dating some1 else and denied it to me so he tried to reach me 4 months ago but I ignored him cuz he acted like a jerk and never apologized 4 it plus text me with his new gf pic on his profile....then he blocked me 2 weeks later.
+J OneLife has he tried to contact you?
J OneLife (3 years ago)
Doesn't sound like u liked him much I really loved this man like I could see myself marrying him. I mailed him a Christmas card which he should get in 2-3 days with my new phone number so will see its been 2 1/2 months since I have seen or talked to him...
Riz de los Reyes (3 years ago)
your so right
ShortNanxious (3 years ago)
Awww, why do you got to start off with the negatives words like violent, crazy, unstable. Lol. It sucks, but I think, I was pretty crazy and unstable for months after my break up, two years ago, he called to say hi once in awhile afterwards, which through me for a loop. until I finally had my last argument with him and I said Fuck you! I blocked him and started crossing days off my calender to show myself how long it had been. After a month I felt pretty good. After two months I was casually dating my manager. Lol. Then after four months I was single and loving it again.
drac464 (3 years ago)
A man has to love you more than you love him.. That's what keeps him thinking about you and wanting to come back. If he knows he got you and your sad over his absence, especially if he did you wrong, then he will not be back. He needs to know you won't tolerate his crap and are living life just fine without him. It's not about finding a new man and falling in love, it's about falling in love with yourself and pampering yourself the way he should have when he had you
Stoica (9 months ago)
drac464 thank you for the clarity that you share with us.
Faeries_Xylia 923 (9 months ago)
drac464 absolutely! I once really liked a guy over 4 years ago and he definitely played my feelings, all he did was lead me on to then telling me that he can’t see us lasting if we did date and that I needed better then him and that he can’t jump into a relationship bc he was hurt so badly before by another girl and that he really likes me a lot and has such strong feelings for me but is going through a lot. There be times I wouldn’t hear from him for months bc he chose not to talk to me, I cried and waited for him to see that I was worth it, I finally had enough of it all and let it go and moved on I never reached out to him again, I was dating again, meeting new guys who actually really enjoyed my company and thought I was beautiful. I got into a relationship, and 2 Months in my relationship he hit me up again telling me he wants to see me and misses me and still really likes me. Haha no thanks. I quickly shut that down and told him i was dating someone and wasn’t interested anymore. They only come back once they see your happy with someone else instead of crying over them. Lol guys really suck.
Aasmsh Sohbat (10 months ago)
On point
Shevette Jackson (10 months ago)
drac464 You are so right.
Sophia M.S. (1 year ago)
WOW you solved my life
drac464 (3 years ago)
If the sex is /was good they always come back, even if you were crazy.
drac464 (2 years ago)
+J OneLife again, don't put all your eggs in one basket until you have a solid commitment. You are giving a man too much power by being enraged when he never owed you anything. As for in line dating I was saying to use it as a distraction, not to actually date. It can be a good distraction to just keep your mind off of someone
J OneLife (2 years ago)
He is long gone. I met rotten men on dating sites a lot of hurt and lies they only want to see u once. I got off all sites and now Im working on myself to improve my life in allways to make me more attractive. I remeat a man in my building we hungout last year and were just friends then he started breaking plans I got mad and stopped talking and I had changed my number. He ran into me again 2 months ago- pursued me flirted, we hungout and he and I get along great think a lot alike, no kids, same age, like sports, like music etc then again he promised me the world and started pulling back, breaking plans, teting less...he was suppose to come for a romantic evening that we started over test and did not come! I was enraged. Then he said he only wanted friendship...then again was flirting with me, then went to contact dwindled, he made more plans and I told him its your last chance im fedup, he said we are not in a relationship; so after this I said I will consider whether to keep you in my life; he came around asking me out again, apologized and promised to be more trustworthy- went to 2 music festivals but Im very attracted to him- hes never kissed me or made a move, but he is old fashioned...he said he likes trust to build first as love takes time not 3 dates, which I agree....so just see him when he has time hes busier than I am, he thinks im a cool woman and stated he wont use me for sex as a lot of men would try- hes classy that way......I respect him just wish he could be my boyfriend........
drac464 (2 years ago)
+J OneLife from experience, don't ever tell a man you are pissed that you haven't heard from him. It makes you look like for 5 weeks you have made him a priority in your life. The most attractive thing to a man is a woman who lives her life with or without him. It's too much pressure for a man early on to feel like he has the ability to make you mad. Also Google the push pull dating method. It works but do not put all your eggs in one basket if a man hasn't committed. Use online dating if you have to, not to date if you don't want to, but it's a good way to communicate with the opposite sex and get attention, which is what we as humans ultimately crave. Hope this advice helps!
J OneLife (3 years ago)
Thanks so much. This man comes from syria and his culture is very different from mine. He may want a syrian woman first and maybe likes to play with the white girls. I heard many arabs do this, they only marry their own..he has been here for 30 years. Today I kind of told him off over facebook (I was too nice to him til this point) and said this is 5 weeks since I saw you and I am pissed etc.....hes also sad about his country being bombed...his ex is trying to take his home (hes in court against her)..they are already divorced...I felt a very strong attraction to this man that I have not felt for a long time!
drac464 (3 years ago)
+J Marquis well every relationship has fights and/or break-ups, then men look to the past before they look for new women. Men will always take the easiest route for the most part, easier to call an ex, then start with a new chick trying to get her contact info and win her over.
soma taufeeq (3 years ago)
What if it's not the first time Iv broken up with him?
Claudia Bobadilla (3 years ago)
dude, my friend needs your advice! would you be willing to help her?
Senada S (4 years ago)
Amen !! I love your videos. So realistic.
HwoarangtheBoomerang (4 years ago)
Guess its too late for me. In a fit of emotion after our break up(still not over it), i wrote a long letter that ended with me telling him to not talk to me. He wrote back a short reply and i havent heard from him since july of last year. Yes ive tried apologizing and contacting him. But no dice :(. After 1.5 years together, i thought he would know that i was speaking out of hurt not hate :(. The worst part is, i prayed 3 months before i met him for someone with his exact description. I did everything wrong while we were together, now im alone, wretched, hopeless and with no closure. I only wish that he were more honest.
Nimco M (1 year ago)
HwoarangtheBoomerang You sound like a smart person. Glad you got over it! Dont delete, it gives girls/boys in similar situation hope that they will get through it one day aswell.
HwoarangtheBoomerang (2 years ago)
+drac464 Oh I'm past all this now. 20/20 hindsight. May delete this post.
drac464 (2 years ago)
Two things.. never pray for a description. Pray for what you need and second thing is if you write a long letter and tell someone not to talk to you it's contradictory. You write that letter looking for a response otherwise you would have never reached out if you truly did not want contact. All men suck. All women suck. Learn that abs stop having expectations abs you'll find the perfect person for you.. yourself.
LaoSoftware (3 years ago)
+HwoarangtheBoomerang      Don't worry about him.  Life's too short to cry over a man.  Just enjoy yourself and make new friends.
HwoarangtheBoomerang (3 years ago)
+Diamond Hargrove  Good you got out. Don't let it happen again.
Sydney Soleil (4 years ago)
I called him a liar because he said he lost his phone when I knew he didn't after ignoring me for a week.  I expressed my feelings to him clearly and said im sorry and I think I might be in love with you  He didn't care at all.... its been 12 days since I texted im sorry n he still hasn't replied.  Will he come back to me ?? Im heartbroken:(
amysorel12 (1 year ago)
Did he ever come back?
Star Light (4 years ago)
Hey, I watch ur videos and they are pretty short and to the point.  I am a bit "crazy" about him and us getting back together and it's because we get so so close to almost moving in and almost getting married that when our communication doesn't end up clicking the way I'd like it to, things start going "crazy" in my mind.  We use to be happy, we aren't now and here is the cherry on top of the icecream....He is in another state far from where I am... We use to live in the same state, he's gone...I still want us to work out.  I just pushed a little too hard and I don't know how to recover from it all..  Last monday I broke up with him, but in the same sentence told him I still want to be with him... new years eve i told him i was sorry and i was mean and it was uncalled for and wish we could work it all out.. He said it's all good and told me to have a good night...that is absolutly the last thing i heard from him...  It's now Sunday and I just want to cry!...It's so upsetting to me...  I have not tried anymore since new years eve...no contact, but i am seriously missing him!.... Any ideas?  Thank you!
Esteban Soto (4 years ago)
Its been 8 Months, He is with someone else, after 3 Years He broke with me . . . I dont think He will come back ! But I Hope so
Mrxdeliciousx (2 years ago)
Hey listen if it's meant to be he will come back sooner or later and for you its later when he seems u being happy with someone ealse he'll realize he did wrong
silk s (2 years ago)
Did he come back?
amysorel12 (2 years ago)
I assume that he never came back? Since this post is from one year ago.
DatingLogic (4 years ago)
+Esteban Soto Make sure you don't sit around waiting on him and putting your life on hold. Keep living your life to the fullest come what may.
Serena Incendia (4 years ago)
Thanks man... I shall wait for my lover ^.^ and try not to cry. He will come back to me..
Atid Mata BenIsrael (1 year ago)
U see always prove a friend then if u don't do that u get fucked over and thank u cuz a girl that I liked broke my heart and she slept with someone else and we never been bf and gf but she always be staring at me and whenever I talk to her best friend she always wants to buttin and hear what I have to say
Serena Incendia (2 years ago)
he did come back. but this is a warning to other girls. if they leave you, you do not want them back. you should not have to fight for love. you should have to use psychological tricks to win them back. you should not have to watch videos like this one. you should move on, and find someone who truly loves you, that does not need convincing. Because taking him back was my biggest mistake.
Atid Mata BenIsrael (2 years ago)
don't say that because maybe he'll never come back guys always come back once your in a relationship with a guy that makes u happy
JE ENN (4 years ago)
+kaloyan kalchev keep it up girls. I'm doing the same <3 our men will come back, we're to good for them not to. I think when men leave for no good reason other than they weren't ready somehow I think it's a matter of time before they want us back... it must be that way. I feel "too perfect for him" that he will find another better fitting woman out there.... or he seemed to have find one but I can't belive he will want her as wife. She is barely beautiful and also got kids... I saw her on a vacation with him and I'm starting to move on but I still hope they will split and he will realize how great it was with me. We had no problems other than i think he wasn't ready at that time + perhaps needed some other constellation of relationship... for instance both lived at home and I know his new girl(friend) has an own apartment and he complained about that we don't got place to hand out on but perhaps in future things will be different... I'm holding on to the tiny hope but trying to build on my own life now until then...
kaloyan kalchev (4 years ago)
Keep it up Serena! I am with u nd I am doing the same as well! They will be back! :)Great video!

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